Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all that’s coming up for July 2016 – and beyond! I often include a collection of rumours and additional sneak peeks in these posts – and there is actually quite a lot of news this time around, including a sneak peek at a new Pandora Essence bracelet and the Mrs Claus charm coming out for Winter 2016, so do read on!


I’ve been on holiday since last Friday, and will be until this coming Sunday – which is why replies to comments, etc. have been a little patchy and will continue to be so this week :) Posts are scheduled to go up as usual, including further previews etc.!

Pandora Winter 2016 Mrs Claus Charm

In my Pandora Winter 2016 preview, we were missing a stock image for one charm in particular – Mrs Claus. She appeared in a live image, but we couldn’t get a clear look at her:

Image by youyourwedding
Image by youyourwedding

I now have a stock image for her, pictured below. The picture is a little blurry – but the charm nevertheless looks adorably detailed! She has a delightfully crotchety-looking face, a red enamel red dress and a little gingerbread man in her hand. She could be quite a good charm for a fairy-tale-themed bracelet, too, I think – luring Hans and Gretel away with gingerbread for example! ^^

pandora winter 2016 charms

She was missing from my original previews as she is going to be a Jared exclusive bead in the US (which means that Canada won’t be getting her, unfortunately). I’ve updated my original Winter 2016 preview with this bead now.

Pandora Essence Gold Bangle & Updated Preview

Next up in terms of updated previews – we have an image of a gold Pandora Essence bangle, due out with the rest of the Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 collection! I’m not sure why it was missing from my original preview, so we will have to wait and see where it comes out on the 1st of September. This is way out of my price league, but oh-so pretty!


I also have better photos of all the new Essence charms available at my original preview as well: doesn’t the patterning on the cerise Freedom bead look just beautiful? Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Pandora Children in Need 2016 Charm

children in need logo

Yep, the rumour is that Pandora and CIN are teaming up again to produce another UK-exclusive charm for this year’s Children in Need fundraising. No photos yet, but I’m told that the charm will be Pudsey again, but this time a full-bodied charm, again with the enamel and CZs to represent his bandage.

For the uninitiated, Pandora released a UK exclusive limited edition Pudsey charm in support of the British charity Children in Need last year:

pandora bbc children in need

For more info, please have a look through the Children in Need tag.

Pandora Promotions for August 2016 and beyond!

North America: I finally have some info on what’s coming next in terms of promos in North America.

First up, there will be a Pandora Essence event coming up in August, running from the 18th to 31st (or so I am told). I have not been given the details officially, but I’m told that you will be able to get a silver Essence bracelet/bangle and a plain silver Essence charm ($35 USD / $40 CAD) for $75 USD or $80 CAD. I’m not sure what the equivalent spends will be in the US. This is a great starting deal for someone who wants to try Essence.


Next, I can confirm that the promotion event for September will be a ‘spend and save’ kind of deal, with bigger savings depending on how much you spend. The credit you get will be to spend on any kind of jewellery, but you do have to use it at the time you make your purchase, from what I understand. The spends look to be higher than in previous bracelet events they’ve run for the US & Canada, and the savings less. I can imagine that a few Pandora shoppers are not going to be best pleased, but it’s still an opportunity to get some money off the new collections in September!

rings promo

Australia: I hear that there will be a 3-for-2 rings event for Australia & New Zealand this month, starting from around mid-August. I don’t have the details on that yet, but that should be something to look forward to!

I haven’t had time to track details on more promos, but if you know of something going on in your region – it would be great if you could leave a little comment and let everyone know :)

My Comment

I kind of love the new Mrs Claus charm, she’s so detailed and grumpy looking – so cute! I am running out of room for all my cute Christmas charms, however, so I will have to think as to whether I can fit her in or not. ^^ My love affair with the Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 collection also continues, although I certainly won’t be able to afford the bangle!

In terms of blog news, I still have more posts on the Autumn/Winter 2016 collections coming up, including Winter jewellery (yes, you have waited very patiently for that one!). I’ve not bought that many Pre-Autumn 2016 pieces, so reviews might be a bit slow going forward (unless anyone is interested in some more articles about pieces that came out earlier in the year – I still have Maximus from the Disney Spring 2016 collection left unreviewed, and the Spring 2016 Shimmer muranos).

I actually tried to track down the Koala here on holiday but the new collection doesn’t seem to have hit stores yet :( Perhaps he and I were not meant to be! ;)

What do you think of these latest sneak peeks and the Pandora promotion info? Does anything stand out to you?

87 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for August 2016

    • Hi, that’s so nice of you! Thanks very much for the offer. Happily enough, I popped into store again yesterday and, while they didn’t have any of the rest of the Pre-Autumn 2016 collection in, I just spotted the little Koala on his own amongst all the Summer 2016 charms! How lucky & strange that they had that particular one :D

    • Not sure why this comment got marked as spam way back in the day – this is some time after the fact, but I was just checking through my spam filter and found it. Sorry about that! <3 Pudsey is very cute!

  1. Hi Ellie,
    I’m so excited that there is going to be another Pudsey CIN charm. I was so desperate to get the last one, I made my husband go out on his lunch break from work to get him for me. I will definitely be getting the next one, can’t wait to see some photos when they come out. Have a lovely rest of your holiday.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Agnes! Aha, that sounds like me and my OH! I like the sound of a full-bodied Pudsey this time as well :) I will probably get this one as well, as it’s such a great cause and Pudsey is adorable!

      Thanks, Agnes – it’s been lovely to get away for a week or so!

  2. The new Essence bangle is so pretty, wish I could afford gold! I like the look of Mrs Claus as well, I would have to see her in person though because I find charms with faces on can be a bit creepy, according to how they are done – although charms with heads but no faces can be alarming too! Perhaps I’m just too nervous, haha! Please do your reviews on Maximus and the muranos Ellie, I would be really interested in reading your opinions!

    • Ahh, definitely – there’s such a fine line between adorable and terrifying when it comes to miniaturised people! ;) I think that Mrs Claus leans towards adorable for me, especially if you run with the idea that she is intentionally a little scary and put her on a Hans & Gretel style bracelet haha.
      Okeydokey! I will look at doing those reviews too :D

  3. When are you going to have any prices? Also since I am new to pandora and only recently started collecting this yr I do not quite understand the September bracelet promotion. Could u be a little more thorough?

    • From what I understand it’s going to be a tier discount code with $200 something off of purchases $500 or nore being the highest the lowest will be $25 off of $135 or something like that. Kinda like Victoria’s Secret.

    • No idea, unfortunately – I get what I’m given! Prices never showed up for Pre-Autumn, so perhaps I won’t get them for these collections either. Pandora didn’t put them on the pre-release NA catalogues I saw.
      Okay, so – with the new promotion, this is new to everybody as Pandora haven’t done something like this before. If you spend a certain set amount (don’t have the spends to hand), then Pandora will take some money off your total bill, as Peanut explains.

      • Thank you Ellie for getting back to me. I really appreciate it. Especially about the September promo. If u spend a certain amount and get a certain amount off that’s not bad. Then at least you can get more for your money. For all the money we spend on Pandora it should be well worth it. I already started putting some money aside for the nxt promotion.
        Do you have any ideas for the date in September? I am thinking they will probably put perhaps the 1st or 2nd,week of September.
        Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  4. I was at the pandora shop last weekend and enquire about the ring promotion. Was told will be somewhere this month. I have my eyes on the bow ring with pearl, the infinity silver ring and the aquamarine birthstone ring. Hopefully i can have all three. The koala is very very cute but a bit on the smaller side. If your brother still in Australia, you should tell him to get it for you. Today I saw the blue effervescent murano on sale at my local jeweller. Do you think it will match the Elsa murano? Im thinking of getting one to match it. I’m surprised to see jolly Santa, whole bodied Santa, holly muranos and the Christmas stocking on sale too. They are all so new.

    • I heard the same – I heard sometime around mid August. The bow with the pearl ring is beautiful, that’s a really great choice. Happily enough I found the koala in a store here even though they had none of the rest of the Pre-Autumn collection :D He’s adorable – although very shiny compared to other silver animal beads I think.
      The regular blue effervescent murano? It’s a fair bit brighter than the Elsa murano, but they would probably contrast very nicely together :) There are loads of new beads on sale at the moment. It seems like PAndora are being pretty ruthless when things don’t sell and getting rid of them quickly :(
      Btw, I think I have a couple of messages to reply to you on FB – will get around to checking my FB page when I am home! <3

  5. I also purchased the libra zodiac charms for myself and am quite disappointed. You can barely tell the charm says Library on it and it’s so tiny. I am going to keep it because I think Libra is a great sign and I love the month of October with the weather in the us. However I don’t think I will be getting any other signs for that particular collection.

    • I quite like the new zodiacs (not that I’ve seen them in person yet) but am not that into the whole zodiac thing, which is why I won’t be getting them. The writing does look tiny on them though so I can understand that that’s frustrating!

  6. Dear Ellie
    Thanks for all the news
    I live in North America and for the first time in 4 years I am NOT looking forward to the September promo. I always purchased a lot in September to get the free bracelets to give to my friends so they can start collecting Pandoras. I also liked the promo where you got a free charm but I do not think this coming one will attract lots of clients.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves.

    • Same feeling for the new promotion policy in Sept, nothing urgent like limited edition to rush for it, I rather get some retired discount charm in outlet store in Toronto.

    • Hi Monique! I have my reservations about this promo too, mainly as the credit seems to be less than the value of a free bracelet, so I guess technically we are losing out. But still – some promo is better than no promo, and if this one doesn’t work maybe they’ll just go back to the usual bracelet promo!
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  7. Thanks for all the updates Ellie. I’m looking forward to the winter jewellery preview and I really like the look of the mosaic essence charms on the new, more detailed pictures. I think at least one of those will have a home on my bracelet! Not sure about the September promo in the new format yet, will have to wait for details of spend/save limits I suppose. To be honest I’m quite happy with any free bracelet/charm or money off, ha ha, although I realise it won’t suit everyone and being more restrictive could well end up disappointing more customers. It will be interesting to see how their promos go in future. Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

    • Yes, the Essence charms look even better in the HQ stock images don’t they? :D I’m planning on getting three, depending on the prices & available funds haha.
      I feel the same as you! I know I will be taking part regardless, and it’s fun to have money off – but inevitably it will disappoint a lot of people as, on the face of it, it doesn’t appear to be as good a promo as the regular bracelet promo.
      Thanks Jennifer! It’s been a lovely week!

  8. Thanks for the updates Ellie! I’m interested to see the breakdowns on how much you spend/how much credit you get for the September US promo. Enjoy the rest of your holiday :-D

  9. I’m looking forward to more previews. It would like to see the maximus review.
    Hope you enjoy rest of your holiday.

    • Glad to hear it! :) More previews coming shortly, and I will get working on more reviews.
      It’s been lovely thanks! I’m sad about going home soon haha.

  10. Hi Ellie, Mrs. Close is beautiful, now is a must have with santa’s home. I’m very happy with the essence promo because I want the bangle and some essence charms. About the spend-save promo it’s ok for me, in my country we have almost the same promotions of US, and I always take part because the prices are higher so I can’t lost the opportunity of save money. I love the Pudsey bear, it’s nice to look a big company taking care of special causes, but it’s so difficult for me to get UK exclusives charms, the last year I tried to find Pudsey Charm in eBay but they looked as copies or looked good but the price was very suspicious cheap. Enjoy your holidays!!

    • Hi Priscilla! I agree, I think she’s very cute! <3
      Aw, it can be tough to find country exclusives but there are usually lots of ladies who are happy to help! Joining the right groups on Facebook helps. Let me know if you are struggling this time around and I can help point you in the right direction :)

      Thanks Priscilla! I'm having a lovely time <3

  11. Did you notice the recent price rise in the uk? one rose ring has gone up £15! As much as I love Pandora I’m disappointed by this :0(

      • Oh where do you buy from? How do you get the Disney ones too. Can’t find them online here ? Enjoying your blog!! No it’s various products across the whole range that have increased. I’d say half xx

  12. Hello! Thanks for the updates :) I’m wondering how the September promo will work in North America. When you say the credit can be used for any jewelry, do you mean ANYTHING Pandora sells, or does that somehow mean the “other” jewellery – necklaces, rings, earrings? It would be great if the credit could be used for anything. Buy a bunch of beads, use the credit for more beads! That would be ideal for me! Actually, i would think that would be ideal for anyone (depending on the amount). If it was bracelets you wanted in the promo, get the bracelets with the credit. If you wanted charms, get charms, if you wanted anything else, get anything else. If i’m understanding it correctly, that is (which i very well may not be! haha). Do you have any idea when you might have actual number breakdowns for this promo? I’d love to start planning ;)

    • I agree I don’t understand how this works do you spend a certain amount and they take so much off your purchase or do you spend a certain amount and your get credit toward a new purchase during the promo?

      • They take it off the purchase you make at the time, I think – so you spend $150 USD, and they take $50 off, taking it down to $100. That’s what I understand, anyway.

    • Hi Katherine! It can be on anything. Basically, when you make your purchase of $150 (I think – I will check the spends and update the promos page when I’m back from holiday), Pandora will then take $50 off that total. And your purchase can be on anything!
      Hope that makes things clearer! :) And Sarah posted the spend for Canada below, not sure where you’re based!

      • Hello! Thank you, I am based in Canada :)
        Ok, that’s good to know. I don’t suppose it’s $50 off of every $150? If i spend $450, will it only cost me $300? Or are they limiting it to on per customer like past events? (i’d really prefer not to have to drive around to several stores to take advantage of the deal! haha)
        OR…. can i be even more optimistic and wonder if maybe you spend more, then the discount is even bigger?? (or is that just wishful thinking? haha!)

        • Hello again! Never mind, i see that you have updated the promotions section, so i got all of the information i need from there :) this blog is a life saver!!

  13. Like Katherine, I think this promo sounds okay. It does sound like the credit may be a little less than before ($65 bracelet), but since one can use the credit towards beads, bracelets, or whatever, it gives the buyer flexibility. The new Essence beads are pretty and I hope the Pudsey bead is cute! Thanks for the updates!

    • Exactly! I like the flexibility of this promo too. You’re not really limited at all! I will have to get planning my purchase. I know that I’d like two Rapunzel murano beads but I’m not sure what the third item will be ^^ Will have to see US autumn 2016 prices I think!

  14. Hello Elliie!

    Tkanks for the updates and pictures. So nice of you to keep posts coming even though you’re away on holiday. Hope you are having a nice time.

    I really like the Essence Autumn release. The mosaics are so pretty and I do like the rose colored cz charm. Wish Pandora had used the rose color for the new Radiant Hearts instead of opalescent pink. Makes me want to start the Essence line now.

    I’ve had absolutely no luck finding out which charms are up for retirement in my region or when they will be leaving our stores. I’ve resorted to checking online retailers to see which charms are listed as retired. I’m more interested in the two toned charms. It seems Pandora is replacing them with TT paved charms these days and I prefer my TT to be pave’ free.

    Very interested in more specifics regarding the September promo. Wonder how much we will need to spend to max out the discount?

    Glad you are getting some time off and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    • Hi Emily! You are very welcome haha. I usually make sure I have some time on my holidays to come and check in on the blog. And to make sure I have posts ready to go before I leave!

      I agree, I think the new Essence beads are just divine! Pandora always seem to knock it out of the park for me on the Autumn Essence releases. Those have consistently been my favourites!

      Yeah, I’m hearing bits & pieces of info but nothing definitive. It sounds like the fairy-tale beads are going (the older two-tone ones) and a fair few lovely muranos as well. The only plus side is keeping an eye out for them on sale on Rue La La I guess :(

      I’ll update when I’m home with spends for the promo! Check back to the promos page at the end of the week if no one else has posted them before then :)

      Thanks again Emily! It’s been a really fun week. :D

        • I would like to have the castle for my fairytale bracelet too. Don’t know why I’ve waited so long to get it. The castle is listed as retired with authorized dealer online, so I’ve put it at the top of my list.

      • Thanks, Ellie, for the heads up regarding the TT Fairytale charms. I’m quite surprised so many are being retired. Some of my absolute favorites. Thankfully, my fairytale bracelet is almost complete.

        Glad to see you were able to get the adorable Koala on holiday! It’s so cute.

        Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a safe trip home.

        • Thanks Emily! <3 The koala is soo cute! I'm going to try and get a review done this weekend :)

  15. For the Dutch readers: there’s a small promotion going on at the moment. If you purchase any pandora at a pandora dealer you’ll get 5euro discount. There’s no price point and it counts for the entire collection. This promo runs from 18juli till 28august.

      • Your welcome:) I just forget to mention that you may need a special voucher/card with a stamp from your dealer. Don’t know how strict they are, maybe they’ll give the discount anyway.
        How’s your holiday so far? Having a good time?

        • Thanks Eva! <3

          Sorry for the delay in reply, I totally missed checking this post for comments. I had a wonderful time thanks! The weather was mostly nice and it was so nice to just disconnect for a week. Hope your week is going well <3

  16. Hi Ellie,

    I’d love to see a review of the muranos. I love the essence and will probably get all six.

    We will have to wait and see for the promo, I guess…

    • Hi Lisa! Okeydokey, I will plan some more reviews. I have the little koala to post about too now, so my review schedule is looking a little healthier again now ^^

      The Essence beads are gorgeous – all six sounds ideal! ;)

  17. The way the September Promo will work in Canada is that, if you spend $150. on any Pandora product, $50. will be taken off that total. I think it will be fun to try something new, not always the focus on the free bracelet with charms. They make so many lovely pieces of jewellery, so it’s an opportunity to try other things for a change.
    I love the idea of the Essence Promo as well. It will be an $85. cost for $110. worth of product.There are 6 charms to choose from and all of them are beautiful.

    • It is not bad 33.3% off for new collection but not as good as free bracelet 37.5% off, especially there are many new bracelets coming in Fall.

    • I agree that it’s good to have focus on all Pandora’s jewellery, Sarah, rather than just the charms and bracelets :) I’ve recently discovered how amazing all the rings are and I’m building up quite a little collection of those!

      • Do you know how the discount will work if more is spent? Would they honour $50 off of every $150, or do we have to go to several stores to take advantage of the deal more than once? Or might there be an even higher discount if more is spent? I’m really excited for this deal! The actual value might not be as high as their usual bracelet event, but i’m very excited that we’re not limited to just a bracelet! I am much happier to take a slightly smaller discount but the freedom to get whatever i choose. I have enough bracelets for the moment :)

        • (Disregard, as mentioned above, i see that the promotions section is updated, so i have the answer i need! thanks again!)

  18. Still waiting for more news on Disney charms for winter! Have you heard anything about Disney parks collection????

  19. Not sure about this collection I do love the little house those it so cute and something very different for Pandora. Hope you are having a good holiday.

    • Hi! At least you like one charm from this launch – I just have to have one charm I love and then I am mostly happy ^^ I had a lovely holiday thank you!

  20. Hi, thanks so much for your blog. I have a question. I have searched and searched for the RED shimmering droplets bead and I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know where I can purchase it? You posted a photo of it in the Summer 16 collection. Thank you so much.

      • That’s right – thanks Lisa! The original image I had was a photo of a catalogue, and the bead looked more red than honeysuckle pink, which is why that mistake happened :)

  21. Hi! I just got to know about your blog and i already love it! Thank you so much for your reviews and news!
    I am so thrilled about the christmas collection! Got to pick up the xmas kitten for sure! And maybe the shimmering gift too :)
    I have a question for you as i asked my pandora customer service but they were unable to answer me clearly. I am obsessed with the turquoise blue droplet ring. But i can not find it on my estore (french one) only on the german, uk, spain ones…and i can not order on the other estore beside mine…. I asked them if it will be released later in france. But the only answer i got was to check time to time on the estore. I know it was part of the spring collection and i do not want to miss it. I do not understand why it was not released in france…. Even the cashier in my store was not aware about this droplet color….do you know something about that? I guess the only way is to get it online but i am not so confident with ebay or amazon. I am so afraid to buy counterfeit…

    • Hi Kelly! Sorry for the delay in reply – I think I forgot to check this post when back from my holiday :)

      I love the Christmas kitten too! Will be uber cute with my xmas puppy charm from last year :D

      Um, the only thing I can think of is to try and find a retailer who will ship to you internationally. Usually I would recommend trying, but they are offline and redoing their website currently.
      The Belgian Pandora store look to have it, however, I think this is the right one?
      So you could try ordering from there?

    • Hey, perhaps I can help if you ‘re really interested. I am from Spain and could get easily get it for you.
      Currently I’m in Germany ( no promis or discounts here either!), but will be back hom at the end of the month.
      Just let me know, ok?

  22. Hi Ellie! I am very pleased to learn that there will be a September promo after all! The tier discount concept seems fine to me. I definitely have to purchase the new celestial bracelet! I am obsessed with the celestial theme and am absolutely thrilled to see more charms being released in the Winter collection! I’m not that enthused with the Autumn collection, but that’s actually a relief because somehow, there are always numerous charms on my never ending wish list! Oh, and I am also very excited about the snowflake bangle in the Winter collection too! :D

    • Hi Carol! Sorry for the tardy reply, I missed checking this post when I got back from holiday :)

      Glad to hear you’re okay with the new promo format! I’m sure I will be taking part :D I have a few beads I like from the Autumn release, but think I will be focusing on Essence primarily. Winter has lots of cute christmas beads and I think I will get a couple of those :D My wish list is sooo long at the moment as well, so I feel your pain, but I have had to let it simmer for a bit as I’m still being good after my holiday haha!

  23. Hi all of you!
    Although I’m quite new here I’ve been followin you for some months now. Thanks to you I’ve learned that Pandora seems to do some wonderful promos everywhere but Spain. We have never had a free bracelet promotion that I’ve heard of. Neither a 3×2 rings or charms one!. And we all know that you can only order from the webpage of your country ?
    You seem to know how to take advantage of promos running anywhere in the world. So my question is: could you tell me please how to do that?. I’ve read there is a page called Pandora Angels(?),whose members help other people to have access to promos. I don’t know, I would be grateful for any idea. Pandora Spain is really mean!!!

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