Today’s the day – the Pandora Autumn 2016 collections are officially out today! With a lot of sparkle, brand-new Floating Locket charm necklaces and some beautiful country exclusives that are worth tracking down, there may well be a lot to tempt you. There are also releases for the Pandora Rose and Pandora Essence lines today, with some stand-out new beads for the Essence collection in particular.


I’m celebrating in my usual way with a round-up of live shots from various retailers on social media and some commentary on my favourite pieces! I’ve included links to all the different collections released, too, so you can get a comprehensive sense of what’s on offer from today. <3

Pandora Autumn 2016 Release

The Pandora Autumn 2016 collection offers a lot of sparkle, primarily in pastel pinks and purples – offering continuity with the previous Spring collection from this year. There are also a couple of darker, more Gothic pieces. For full previews & further live images, please take a look through the Pandora Autumn 2016 tag!

My favourites, however, are the plain silver beads, including the Heart of Freedom, the Charming Owls and the Love Reading charm. I know a few people have found the owls’ eyes creepy, but I find them just adorable. ^^

There are a number of country-exclusives this time around, too, including an adorable silver Origami Crane and a much-coveted Russian-exclusive Fairytale Fish:

I actually got to see some of the new pieces last weekend, including the new floating lockets. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the size of the lockets in person – they weren’t too chunky and the little charms inside looked quite delicate. It would be nice to see some more character petites, as the detail in miniature was really pretty! (Click the image to see more detail)


Next up, we have some shots of the accompanying jewellery, including the new birthstone rings:

Pandora Rose Autumn 2016 Release

The Pandora Rose Autumn release for this year is just a small one, with a handful of new charms and rings – but there are two brand new bracelets, including a Pandora Rose bangle! For a full overview of the new pieces, please check out my Rose preview here!

pandora rose autumn 2016

My favourite of the new pieces is undoubtedly the new Rose heart-clasp bracelet, although the bangle looks gorgeous too. I was (and still am) so tempted to start another Rose bracelet with the new heart clasp – but honestly, I have four bracelet projects on the go and I really really shouldn’t…!

Image by Pandora at the Falls
Image by Pandora at the Falls

It would be great if they started putting a bit more thought into producing charm designs exclusive to the Rose collection, or even just more of them – I’d be much more tempted to start that new Rose bracelet if there was a bit more variety in what’s available. I don’t want to build the same bracelet twice!

Pandora Essence Autumn 2016 Release

Pandora often seems to knock it out of the park with their autumn releases for the Pandora Essence line, I feel; I have loved every single one to date! <3 There are some pretty new mosaic beads coming out this season, and two new button-style charms, if you fancy something a bit different from the uniformity of the existing Essence beads. For a full preview of the new Essence collection, head over to my post here!

The mosaic beads are actually smooth in person, so there’s no risk of pieces breaking away or getting lost.

I saw the new cerise enamel Freedom bead in person and was a little disappointed by how bright it is – I felt like you couldn’t see the pretty detailing on it that easily, it was a bit swamped by colour. It was still nice, but just not quite what I wanted.

Image by Pandora Orchard Park
Image by Pandora Orchard Park

My Comment

My wish list is getting ever longer, having seen a lot of the new pieces in person and all these pretty pictures! My must-haves are the blue and white Essence mother-of-pearl mosaics, and then the Love Reading and Charming Owls beads from the regular collections. I’m also quite tempted by the Fairytale Bloom! Then, from the country exclusive offerings, the Fairytale Fish and the Origami Crane are also calling my name – so my list of beads to get is becoming quite sizeable already! I liked the Floating Lockets in person, but they’re quite pricey and I’ll wait and see what other kinds of ‘petites’ they bring out before making a decision on whether I need one or not. ^^

If you’re in the UK, the new Pandora Autumn 2016 collection is available from authorised retailer John Greed!

Just as an aside – I’m aware that I have a lot of comments to reply to on my previous post; I have had a bit of a busy week, and haven’t had a chance to go through them properly. I will sit down and reply to them all tomorrow or over the weekend! <3

Have you been to see the new collections yet? Which are your favourites?

75 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2016 Collections Debut

  1. You’re right on schedule Ellie! Please add photo(s) of the new evil eye protection murano too when it gets around. Much appreciated??!!

    • I have not written before. This collection has many pretty beads that catch my eye. I have a rose bracelet
      I have not yet filled, but love the two new bracelets.I’m a real fan of the fairytale fish and the koala’. The children’s aid charm is close to my heart too. I am here in the US. If there is a way to work with some or one of you, I would be willing to buy for you, if you could buy for me. I have a good rating on eBay for minor stuff. I started my Pandora last July and am up to 8 bracelets and uncountable charms. So far not into rings and earrings. Just addicted to bracelets and charms.

  2. I was so pleased to see some of the new collection AND the new catalogue in the shop yesterday! We don’t usually get that before the release date in the UK do we? I was only going to have a look but .. I came home with the mother and baby owl! They are so sweet – I think the mother owl’s eyes are closed, so I don’t find them strange looking, which is good cos I am usually put off by creepy face features! They have a lot of lovely feather detail and you can just see the outline of the mother’s wing placed protectively around the baby. I love it when Pandora make a charm with lots of tiny details. I really want the new two tone clasp bracelet as well, and the opulent heart and fairytale bloom are lovely. I loved the colour of the new dark purple murano and I am very tempted to start a new bracelet based around that, lots of purple, silver and sparkle! Thank you for the lovely pictures Ellie and I hope everyone has as much fun looking at the new collection as I did!

    • I’m really hoping that they’ll give us more choice of free bracelet when we finally get our free bracelet promo over here ;-). I want the rose heart one (which I can only find as a bundle so far :-(), the two tone signature clasp and the starry night, and I’ve been saving up so I’m fully prepared to spend enough to get those for free, if anyone from Pandora is taking note, lol ;-). If not I’ll just get one and hope for better luck next year ;-).

      • Yeah that would be nice – the bracelet promo is normally much stricter here in the UK than it is in the US or Canada.

    • No we don’t! Apparently this was a special early release to tie in with the August bank holiday. It was so nice to be able to write up this post having seen some of the pieces in advance. ^^
      Aw, glad to hear you got the owls! I loved the detailed beads as well, especially the animals. I don’t know why, but just seeing the detailing on the bottom of paws or feathers etc – it’s just so cute! I’m looking forward to getting the owls, and don’t find the eyes particularly creepy, even if they are meant to be open.

      You are welcome Debbie! So glad that you enjoyed this post and the new collection itself.

  3. Hi Ellie,

    As I said in an earlier comment this morning on your previous autumn preview post, I made a quick stop at my local pandora store and get the new catalog. I’ve also have the chance to take a quick look at the new. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous : allure vintage, nature radiance, fairytale bloom, and the love reading charm….And now I saw these in person, my wish list gets bigger and bigger….. It will be a problem and I need to re-think my budget plan :-) for the autumn/winter collection….

    • Hi Valerie! I love the Fairytale Bloom and Love Reading beads as well. The Nature’s Radiance was also gorgeous in person, I just don’t have a use for that one currently. Which is good, as my budget doesn’t have room for it haha. I think there are probably a lot of Pandora collectors who are furiously working out their budgets after having seen the collection in person haha. :)

      • Hi Ellie
        Today I went to my Pandora store and took a closer look on some new pieces : the love reading, the fairytale bloom, the allure vintage, the charming owls charms, the shinning path clips and the alluring cushion spacer…. No doubt I love all of them except maybe the charming owls It is really cute but I found it not so thin I thought it would be… Anyway, I could not resist and I bought the love reading dangle. The others charms are absolutely gorgeous but for now, just like you I don’t have a use for them either…. And yes, this week end I worked on my budget like crazy…. haha…. and find some solution :-)

  4. Have been in store today, what a gorgeous selection! The opulent heart is gorgeous, and have brought the lovely small locket for my bracelet. The detail on this collection is exquisite.

  5. Thanks for all your posts. Im a little upset that I cant find the threadless necklace here in the U.S. Not to mention you sparked my curiousty with the new textured bracelet.

    • Really? Perhaps it didn’t come out there or perhaps it’s a winter release. I seem to remember them being in at least one North American catalogue so I’m surprised by that.
      The textured bracelet is apparently coming out next year.

  6. I’m glad to see the small locket really is quite small. Based on the pictures, I really like the opulent heart and fairytale bloom, but I also like the small floating locket and the owls. I think the intertwining radiance beads are nice as well. It’s going to be tough deciding what to get! Thanks for the live images. I’m hoping to see the new collection tomorrow.

    • It is tough with this collection! I kept promising myself I’d keep my wish list small with this collection, but it has somehow grown.. just like it always does ^^ I really like the Fairytale Bloom and the OWls, too, but I’ve persuaded myself that I don’t need the locket at least ;)

  7. Thanks for all the new posts this week Ellie, I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading your comments. I’ve not seen the new collection yet, hoping to get into a store this weekend. I’ve been a bit disappointed with my initial pick, Fairytale Bloom, after noticing the central stone doesn’t appear to sit flush with the rest of the charm in pictures so far. I think that would bother me, so that one might not be for me after all. It’s the Essence mosaics I’m really interested in this time though, like you, the grey and the white. I was concerned about the texture of them so thanks for letting us know they are smooth so sections won’t fall off! That had already worried me! Ha ha. I have to say the Owls look so sweet in the live pictures and I love the detail on them :)

    • Thanks, Jennifer, really glad you enjoyed it :) launch posts are always fun to do, especially as I had actually seen some of the pieces already this time!
      Oh, that’s a shame. I’ve ordered the Fairytale Bloom myself, so I will have to see what I think of it when it arrives. It’s one of the more beautiful pavé pieces for me, at least from the stock image! :D I will have to do a proper review and let you know what I think of it!

      • Oh yes, I’ll look forward to your review of the Fairytale Bloom later. I had a quick look in store yesterday and managed to see quite a lot of new pieces, but no sign of the Opulent Heart or Fairytale Bloom yet, or at least not that I noticed. The new Essence charms are really lovely though, even the two button style which didn’t particularly appeal to me online. I managed to leave with a white mosaic and another plain silver, but also had a good look at the grey mosaic and will be adding it to my wishlist for now :)

  8. Thanks for the live pics Ellie!! I stopped into one of my local stores yesterday and it was sort of a bust. I had my mind set on getting the mini floating locket charm and the dazzling poetic droplets earrings. Well they had the medium and large lockets but not the small. She had no idea what I was talking about. They did have the earrings but she was so pushy in trying to get me to buy one of the larger lockets that I just didn’t feel like getting the earrings. I also asked to see the new colored CZ clasp bracelets. All they had was the blue and pink. When I asked about the purple one, the manager gave me a strange look and said it wasn’t coming out until Christmas. That went against everything I read on your blog. Then I looked online today and the purple one is available now on the US website. I think it’s funny that because of your blog, I know more about the jewelry than the managers of the store!! Plus they didn’t have the catalogs yet either. I left the store feeling pretty frustrated and disappointed. I did call a different store looking for the mini floating locket charm and she did know what I was talking about but said they might not get it until next week. I guess they get the new stuff in several shipments. I am going to go there next week to see if I have better luck. I want to pick up the purple CZ clasp bracelet during the promo so I hope they get it in soon!!

    • Same thing happened to me yesterday they didn’t know the details of the Sept promotion. I viewed the new fall collection and I asked about the pre fall collection she had no idea. I knew the names and prices better than the employee. They did not have the purple cz clasp either. They had no catalogs in. Overall they are nice and go out if their way but I think its odd I knew more than the employees.

      • I think it depends on the store and on the SA. I’ve sometimes had amazing conversations with an SA who really knows and loves the brand, and others where it’s clearly more just a job for them. ^^

    • I often find that I know more about the charms and new releases than the store salespeople do. I find it odd and disappointing that pandora’s training for their salespeople is so poor. It’s almost as though they don’t want the salespeople to have the information so they won’t reveal too much about releases, especially future ones, to their customers. If so, that is ridiculous because there are so many other places we can get the information, including, in no small part, from Ellie’s blog. When I ask questions about future releases, the concept store staff pretend to know nothing. It can be a confusing situation, but I think Pandora likes the secrecy. I don’t think it’s helpful to their business at all.

      Back to the fall collection, I love how the bracelets with various clasps are stacked in the pictures. That is my favorite way to wear bracelets. I haven’t seen the locket pieces yet; none of the stores around here seem to have them. When I asked about them, the staff told me they were delayed at least one month, which obviously isn’t true…

      • Yep thank to Ellie’s wonderful blog I am always surprising the sales staff with my knowledge. Seems to me that the sales staff are just there to sell what’s in store and not given any info at all about upcoming releases.

        • It totally depends on the training they have at each store, Pandora provides all the tools to each store so they will give the customer the best possible experience. I work in a Pandora store and believe me I knew all the products a season in advance. I love this blog because it gives me the insight of Pandora around the world, like the Asian charms per example, and all the stuff we don’t even get to see in the US. Hope you find all your products, I love this blog ladies!!

        • Aha, thank you very much both! :D It’s hard to tell how much info Pandora actually gives to the stores and how much each store tells their employees – I think it varies quite a lot by region or even by store within a region. :)

      • I think you’re right that Pandora often encourages a little mystery – or that stores aren’t sure how much they can reveal. It probably puts the SAs in an awkward position a lot of the time, especially with upcoming promos. You can tell when they’re just not sure of what to tell you!

        I love stacking bracelets too, but not so much when they’re full of charms. I love putting bangles and Essence bracelets together!

    • Hi Jackie! Oh no, that sounds a bit shambolic – it does seem like there’s a lot of confusion with this release, and the various country exclusives – or pieces not being delivered to stores on time. :S Last year’s autumn release was also quite bad for that, I wonder what it is about this time of year haha.

      Oh, now, that’s weird about the purple bracelet – as you say, it’s definitely out in the US & Canada so it’s odd that she’d tell you that! :S I hope you have a better time next time you go, as that sounds like rather a let down after you were so excited. Our stores in the UK actually seemed to get everything on time with minimal confusion, which is a very nice surprise! Normally something gets delayed or mislaid, haha.

  9. Thanks for the lovely live shots. I’m going next week to buy a essence bracelet and the new appreciation charm. I will look at the other essence charms to see which I want to get in the future.
    I’ve put my fairytale bloom charm and alluring cushion spacers together and there with the ice crystal from the winter collection last year. The fairytale bloom has lovely detailing.

    • That’s so exciting! I’m sure you will love your Essence bracelet. Especially as they keep bringing out such pretty new Essence beads with all the autumn collections ^^

      Sounds gorgeous – I have the Fairytale Bloom on its way to me and I’m planning on putting it with my Jasmine pieces! Think the teal and the sparkle should look really pretty together!

      • I bought the snake chain essence bracelet, my very first one. I also bought the new appreciation button style charm.
        I want to get the crystal appreciation and crystal loyalty charm at some point in the future.
        You’ll love the fairytale bloom charm, it’s lovely.

  10. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the live shots! Can’t wait to see everything in person. After seeing the HQ images and the live shots today, my list keeps growing. Anything new regarding the textured bracelet?

  11. Do the floating lockets come with a chain? I love reading your blog. I, too, feel more well informed that some of the pandora staff. Maybe they should make it mandatory training to read your blog.

  12. Thanks Ellie for your hard work putting up all these beautiful pictures. Loving your blog. Provides us Pandora addict with so much information that we are more well verse than the staff!

  13. Oddly I liked the new essence passion. For the very reason you didn’t haha. I liked the subtlety of the pattern. I got the dark mother of pearl too, just too stunning not to. I thought I would like the princess face charm.but totally did not. We didn’t even get the locket necklace.

    • Haha, well, I’m glad to hear that you did like it! ^^ I didn’t dislike it exactly, it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting/had in mind for my Essence bracelet. The MOP beads were totally gorgeous though, and exactly what I wanted! I will definitely be getting those!

  14. I’m also surprised that the Disney Parks exlusive charms haven’t been shown yet I mean it almost fall & they still haven’t shown what’s coming out yet last year we knew what was coming for fall and winter 2015 in summer of 2015

    • Yeah, I’ve seen some pre-release images but no overall definitive preview so I’m trying to hold off until I have more info. It is strange!

  15. I didn’t see that snake style bracelet. But they have a new one with czs all around and an adjustable/sliding clasp.

  16. I went to a store looking for the floating locket necklace, but it was a type of store that didn’t receive those pieces, so I ended up with the anniversary charm and the Loving Sentiments charm (it’s my 22nd anniversary tomorrow, and the hubby was actually in the store with me, so I can convince myself that he got them for me). I also got Miss Hedgehog and the Fairytale Book (retiring) because, why not?

    • Aw, congrats on your anniversary! What good timing with this new collection and the anniversary bead.
      And you picked two lovely retiring charms. I’m so sad that those two are going, particularly the fairytale book. That one is so delightful!

      • I was really shocked to see so many pieces retiring, including many that came out within the past year or two. The fairytale book is definitely a must have for me. I haven’t done the Rue La La sale for a while, but I will definitely partake in it when they offer the newly retired pieces, as I have a healthy wish list of these.

  17. I adore the origami swan, fairytale fish and evil eye murano. what countries are all these exclusive to??
    fish = russian
    origami swan = ??? (i can’t find it in any pandora estore)
    evil eye murano = ??? (i can’t find it in any pandora estore)
    please help because I think I am just not seeing it

    • Hi Laura, it’s all very fragmented this time around so I can’t give you any kind of definitive list. Some countries in Europe got the Evil Eye and Origami Crane, and Asia… Australia got the Crane.

    • Great picks! My first two buys have been the Origami Crane and the Fairytale Bloom. But you can guarantee that I’ll be back for more!

  18. The latest charms that I need is both the I Love Reading and Shopping Queen which will look terrific with the Sunshine Diva charm or place them together with the Honeysuckle Pink leather bangle or the Sterling Silver bangle. A great combination for fashion jewelry I will look forward for both the charms.

  19. Hello!. I´d like to ask you a question if you d0n´t mind. For some time I´ve been thinking of buying into the Essence collection. At first Ididn´t like it at all but little by little I came to appreciate the daintiness of its design and the colourful little charms and … well I kind of fell in love with it. a few days ago I went to my Pandora boutique decided to buy my first snake style Essence bracelet, which would be follow for the chain style one, hopefully in a near future.
    To my surprise the smallest size was a little too big for my tiny wrists. I learned that day that Essence bracelets should be only 1 cm longer than your wrist ( mine are 14 cm). Of course I asked about cutting it but the SA told me that Essence snake style bracelets couldn´t be cut because they´re so dainty. I kept trying and sent an E-mail to the official Pandora page in my country. They´ve just answered me telling that, of course they can be cut and that my local Pandora store/boutique/ retailer has to sent it to them to get it done!!!!!!
    Do you know whether they can be altered or not?. I´m all at sea!!!!!

  20. I did make it to another one of my stores today and I had a much better experience!! I purchased the dazzling droplet clear CZ ring and the new ruby July birthstone ring. The new birthstone rings are so pretty!! I also got the radiant hearts cerise crystal charm and the alluring cushion clear CZ spacer. I also got my look book for the Autumn/Winter and I’ve already circled everything I want, lol.

    I’m still looking for the mini floating locket charm. They didn’t have it in the store and the girl at my store said it’s at select stores and I’m not sure which ones those are. Does anyone know which stores have it? Thanks so much!!

    • The store I shop at has the mini floating locket charm. I’m in North Carolina and if you need help obtaining one please let me know.
      I am looking for help getting the new Pudsey Bear Charm but I can’t find a store online that will ship from the UK.

  21. Hello Mora!! One quick question, did you know or heard before that the floating locket charm was retired because it was defective?? Actually you cannot find it in the Pandora online catalogue neither in many stores. Thanks !!

    • Hi! Yes I did hear that – if you have a look at my October Round-up, I wrote about it :) they’re planning on redesigning it apparently!

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