*updated* Today we have a preview of a rather weird but wonderful charm, due out with the Pandora Autumn 2016 collection on the 1st of September! A few days ago, I got a lot of messages from people who had seen some fuzzy pictures online of a new two-tone fish charm, reportedly exclusive to Russia. I put some feelers out to find out more about it and now have a high-quality stock image, and some more info on this upcoming exclusive!

pandora autumn 2016

Read on for a high quality preview and info on pricing!

Pandora Fairytale Fish Charm

The charm in question is a very cute Fairytale Fish, complete with a 14kt gold crown and CZ detailing for his scales in warm amber and clear stones. His eyes are black stones, too. Normally I am a little averse to sparkly details, but I think the warmth of the stones look really pretty with the yellow gold here!

The way it’s threaded means that it will sit with the tail hanging down on your bracelet, effectively making it a dangle charm:

Pandora Autumn 2016 Russia Exclusive

This charm will retail for 5,000 rubles, which at the time of writing translates to around $78 USD / £58 / 68 euros. My apologies – updated information suggests that the charm is actually 5,950 rubles. It’s quite pricey, but not too bad considering its little gold crown.

This is, as far as I’m aware, the first charm to be exclusive to Russia. We’ve had Asian exclusives before, and a fair smattering of UK/North American exclusives, but not one for Russia. It’s hard to work out the logic behind these seemingly random country exclusives that crop up every now and again – but, for dedicated collectors, the fun is often in the chase! ;)

My Comment

Personally – this is an absolute must-have for me! It’s quirky, detailed and fun – and two-tone. I have such a weakness for all the fairytale beads, especially when there are cute animals involved. I have no idea how easy it will be to track one down, but I’ll certainly give it my best shot. ;)

I would want to put this charm on my longstanding two-tone fairytale bracelet, one of my very first designs and a firm favourite. Since I took this photo, I’ve actually added the Happily Ever After castle charm between the silver rose and the clip on the left. What I think I’ll do is remove the snake and put this little fish in its place. Provided I can find someone to help me buy it, haha.

vintage heart fairy tale bracelet pandora mark

What do you think of this latest country-exclusive bead? Will you be trying to find one?

137 Comments on Preview: Pandora Autumn 2016 Russian-Exclusive Fairytale Fish Charm

      • Do you know what the model or serial number is? I have a friend that is visiting Moscow and he will be picking one up for me, but we need to know the model number. Please respind, I can’t find this fish on the Russian website.

        • He’s going to the store but he wanted a model number or something to make sure it’s the right one. The Russian Pandora website online does not have it on their website with the fall collection yet.

  1. Thanks Ellie for such great news! Wow, I want it… Anyone can help me to get it? Please PM me in instagram (flying.piggy.28) if anyone willing to help, thanks ….

  2. Thank you for all your updates n great reviews too!
    This fairytale fish look real good! Like you say hunt down someone to help get it?! I am from Malaysia

    • You’re welcome :D let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we’ll find a way to track this one down! ^^

      • I would likecto purchase one… It would be the last xharm on ny braclet to finally complete it. Please let me know if i can but one and where.

      • Hello Chin Seow Mey I realise it’s been a month since you responded to this but I live in Singapore as well and was wondering if you’re still able to get this? I’ve been searching for quite a while. No worries if you can’t! I was just wondering :)

  3. Hi! In Russia we have a fairytale about golden fish by A.S. Pushkin. So I think it’s about it, and that’s why it’s exclusive for Russia.

  4. Wow, what lovely charm and good timing for this! I’ve got my mum coming over from Moscow to visit me mid-September so will be asking her to buy it! :)

      • Mora Pandor,

        I had a friend look into 4 Pandora stores in Russia and the charm is not available. Where do you get your information? I also have several friends looking at the airport in Russia with no luck in finding this gold fish. Do you have any additional information on this charm yet?

        • Hi , I got it last month from Moscow near Tverskaya station.

          STR. Tverskaya, 6, p.1
          MOSCOW, 125009

        • Hey,
          I helped four people to get one by now :D The fish is too damn popular for the offer, we’re talking about three to five per month, in the store in my city anyway. So it figures it’s rarely available.

        • Supplies are just very limited for this one I hear. I got my information from reliable sources from Pandora stores in Russia. I also have my own fish from a lady who got one from her local store. They are very much in demand and have been selling out!

  5. I definitely want this little fish. I’m not sure if it will be housed on my fairytale bracelet, because it is extremely full or on my two tone. It is gorgeous and I hope I can find someone in Russia to purchase it for me.

    • Best of luck finding one! I really want to put this lovely little bead with my original fairy-tale two tones, so I’m going to reshuffle my original fairytale bracelet to fit it all in. <3 I'm sure it'll look lovely whichever bracelet you choose to put it on!

  6. She is so cute! This is the first new charm in a while that I’m excited about! A definite must have for me too. I don’t have a fairytale theme but I think she’d look great with a two tone theme and might look good with a sea theme too. The gold with the sea glass muranos would be beautiful.

    • Love your ideas! I knew straightaway that I wanted it with my other two-tone charms but it would also be beautiful with the sea glass muranos. I’ll have to try that if I get hold of one and can review it!

    • Me too! Although there’s something exciting about trying to hunt exclusives down and having them be genuinely hard to find ^^

  7. Cute fish! Speaking of exclusives, I was just able to order the Protection Murano, which is not available in North America, from the Pandora’s Angels page. It is for my mom, who is Greek, for her 60th birthday!

    • hi joanne, i just requested to join the pandora’s angels page, can you tell me exactly how it works? do you post what charm you are looking for and if someone has it they can communicate with you?? i’m hoping i can find this charm, such a cute fish! thanks!

      • People post pictures of charms they have to sell and people comment/message them and arrange a sale :) You can also post ‘in search of’ posts and people will let you know if they have one for sale.

      • Hi Jennifer. I’m sorry I took so long to answer, but it looks like Ellie answered part of your question! As for joining Pandora’s Angels, my understanding is that it is extremely difficult to get accepted at the moment, but there are some other Pandora selling pages out there you could try. I had no trouble getting into Pandora’s Tribe, which is probably the second most popular page, but I know others have lately, Some other options are Simply Pandora Buy & Sell, Pandora CROWNED!, and PANDORA WORLDWIDE. Hope that helps!

        • hi joanne! no worries! thank you for getting back to me….I am still waiting to hear from pandoras angels, but someone that works in my local pandora store told me about pandoras tribe, so they just accepted me into the group today, i’m glad you had positive feedback on them, that makes me feel better!! i will definitely look at the other ones you suggested too! have a good evening!

  8. Oh, it is sooo cute. I have the other fish charm called splish splash…and would love this one too. I wish they would offer it in the U.S.

    • It is adorable! I never got Splish Splash, but I will make sure this one makes it home with me, sooner or later <3

  9. What an enchanting charm! I find all these country and regional exclusives really irritating, especially when I consider the plethora of oh-so-boring hearts from which we generally have to choose.

  10. Its a funny little charm but so cute I love the little crown, I love the silver fish which has lots of blue on it came out a while ago but it’s still on my long list to purchase.

    • Ah, I have a similarly long list! It never gets any smaller, no matter how many charms I buy… funny that!

  11. Hi Ellie,

    I love the fish but don’t like the pave stones:(

    Maybe I can ask your help. I was accepted (finally!) to pandora’s angels. However, I can’t find any way to get into the page to see what’s offered for sale. Can you help!?
    Thank you.


    • Hi Lisa! I quite like the stones on this one, for once. The amber colour is pretty with the gold crown :D

      If you’re on a desktop, there should be a section that says ‘groups’ on the leftside bar. and all your groups should be there – click on Pandora’s Angels and you’ll be able to see the page. Or just search it at the top and you should be able to get in that way :)

    • Over here, it’s only sold kitted with the bracelet, so 8000 RUB. Not fair.
      Well, a friend still asked me to buy it for her and send it to the USA, so I suppose the demand will still be there?

  12. Greetings,
    Thank you for the review, I really love this charm!
    Did you know that they are retiring 150 charms in Canada, and all the charms on the fairytale page in the catalogue are included in that retirement. Luckily I found most that were on my wish list, but I was shocked! The little fairy on the mushroom from autumn 2016 is now retired.

    • Hi Tara! I did see the retirement list for North America and was rather devastated to see the fairytale beads there :( I keep meaning to put a post together but I keep running out of time. The only upside is that hopefully Rue La La will offer us some goodies at discount!

        • Sadly both were retired here in Australia during the last mid year sale. Such a pity.

        • I just can’t believe that they are retiring the two tone castle and the princess carriage! Definitely, Pandora’s most beautiful charms!

  13. :-) Such a pretty review.
    I like the fish, but would be afraid that the crown could get stuck somewhere, so I’m not sure I would want it.
    On my blog there will be a PANDOORA GIVEAWAY very soon!
    Have a lovely evening :-)

  14. This is a really neat charm. I really like the CZ color and the charm detailing. I can understand Pandora not wanting to stock all the retail stores with a country specific charm, but it sure would be nice if each country’s e-store would have at least some!

    • I know! It would be really great if dedicated collectors could have a way of purchasing a small number of the country exclusives. But hopefully someone will be able to help us out with this one :)

  15. Hi Ellie,

    Lovely charm. I like the amber stones with the gold crown. Nice example of pave’ done right! Too bad it’s a Russian exclusive. If only…

    • Hi emily! Totally agree. Nothing wrong with a little sparkle when it brings out the design. Love the amber stones! <3

  16. Hi Ellie! This Goldfish charm is absolutely gorgeous! I hope that it soon becomes available in other countries. I think that it would be incredibly popular! :D

    • Hi carol! A lot of the previous country exclusives haven’t been released worldwide later on, so I will probably just go ahead and try and get one from Russia if I can! Half the fun is in the chase for me, though ^^

        • I have someone bringing me back one from Russia in October. I’m purchasing two, I was told it runs $93.00 us dollars. I will pay them to run the errand for me. I will be selling the other on ebay.

  17. I went to the shops today and was pleasantly surprised to see the SA putting out the new Autumn charms . I’m very impressed by the shimmering medallion. Beautiful intricate design around the charm but comes at a more costly price of AUD$109. The crane is $49 but looks rather plain to me personally sitting beside all the shimmering and intricate pieces. Opulent heart at $79, the owl is very intricate and cute, selling at $45. The TT bracelet is also out at $149. I did not buy anything as I’m waiting for any sale coming out at my local jeweller. Last year they ran a sale in support of breast cancer in Oct and VIP sale in Nov, leading up to the GWP in Dec. I have to be very very patient.

    • Oh that was good timing! I saw the shimmering medallion too on the weekend and it’s just as pretty in person… It’s pretty pricey here too tho so I will probably give it a miss. I will have to make some tough decisions as to which I can afford from this collection… A lot of the ones I like are the country exclusives!

  18. with the September promotion, I’m wondering what happens if you buy more than 550.00. does your discount increase with purchase amount?

  19. I love this charm! I was suppose to work in Moscow in mid-Sept but cancelled the trip. Damn I should have went to get the charm!! I have alot of Russian colleagues so it should be easy to get my hand on this charm considering that the Moscow Pandora store is a few mins from our Moscow office

  20. Hi! My name is Kate and I’m from Russia. Very soon I’m planning a trip to the USA. As there is a buoyant demand for this exclusive charm I can bring some with me and make your wish come true.

  21. Just a question. I found this fish charm in the Bahrain and Qatar official Pandora sites. I just searched for its code: 792014CCZ and its 44 BHD in Bahrain. Does it mean it is available in that country as well?

    • Me to im in aus work with someone who’s mother is coming to visit from Russia they have been to Pandora there and have been told it is sold out you can try ebay

      • Hi Debbie, I’m not sure about purchasing on eBay, I did buy a Pandora piece there which, even though the seller had good ratings, the piece was not genuine. Very disappointing.
        I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to find one.
        I did like that it was offered as a gift set. never have to many bracelets lol.

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