I’m not quite sure where the time has gone, but today’s the day – the Pandora Winter 2016 collection is officially out worldwide! With some sparkling winter blues and cutesy red enamel, there are charms and jewellery to suit both elegant and festive designs. There are also a couple of new Pandora Disney beads making their debut in some regions. :D

pandora winter 2016 collection

As usual, I’m celebrating the launch with lots of lovely live images on all the new jewellery – I also managed to go the store last week to see it all, so I’ve also included what I thought of everything in person! ^^

Pandora Winter 2016 Collection Launch

This year’s Winter 2016 collection is pretty par for the course from Pandora; it features the usual celestial and winter-themed blues and then some classic, cute Christmas reds. For a full preview and more live images, have a look through the Pandora Winter 2016 tag!


The UK soft-launched the Winter 2016 collections last week; I  managed to make it to the store and I took some sneaky pictures of all the new jewellery so as to be able to talk you through what I liked and didn’t like! You can click to enlarge any of the images and zoom in on the jewellery! :)

First up, we have the beautiful celestial beads. These are truly lovely in person, when you can truly appreciate the richness of the blues and the prettiness of the sparkle. The Crystalised Floral charm and dangle are *so* pretty in person, and the Night Sky charm and dangle are also rather nice.


Of these, my favourite was definitely the Starry Night Sky murano. It was hard to capture how beautiful its glitter was on an iPhone camera under store lighting but, honestly, it was just lovely! The only downside is that it’s a whopping £45 here in the UK :(

Pandora Winter 2016 collection

The jewellery that interests me most this time around, however, is the gorgeous Classic Christmas collection! Again, you can click on this image and zoom in on the jewellery. The ruby reds are so crisp in person. I was never really tempted too much by the Floating Locket necklace, but those Christmas Petites are so adorable – the Jolly Santa and the pavé snowflake look gorgeous together. The other bead that I really liked is the Shimmering Gift, which is very sweet in person – it’s a bit pricey for me, but so nice.

Pandora Winter 2016 collection

Of this selection, I had already decided that I wanted Mrs Claus, Santa’s House and the Christmas Kitten. Thankfully, none of them disappointed in the flesh!

They have done an incredible job on the detailing for Mrs Claus – her face really does convey such expression and not at all in a creepy way! The Santa’s House is gorgeous, too, and I do advise going to see it in store to really appreciate how pretty the enamel detailing is on it.


And, of course, we have the adorable Christmas Kitten! I was totally smitten with this in person, too. It is very nicely done – it reminds me of a maneki-neko style cat, there’s just something about the facial detailing. It’s so cute!

Pandora Winter 2016 collection

The Merry Christmas bauble is not one of my favourites from this collection, but it does look better in person. The red enamel script looks less cartoony, and it’s a nice pop of colour.


Of course, retailers have been uploading some far superior and truly beautiful live images of their own! I’ve selected some of my favourites for you below:

Pandora Disney Winter 2016 Launch

The Pandora Disney AW16 collection is tiny this year, with only three new beads making their debut in North America. One of these is a limited edition, double-sided Mickey & Minnie pavé bead, which comes with a truly lovely special box.

pandora disney winter 2016 le bead
Image by Pandora Orland Square

However, I’m not sure whether the latest Pandora Disney Parks collection will be out on the Disney Store or not – there’s been a lot of confusion surrounding this launch, and we’ve not had the pre-release info that we usually get! But it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if any of them do get launched with the Winter 2016 collection. :)

Pandora Gift Packaging & Ornament Live Shots

And, finally, just for good measure – we have some extra beautiful live shots of the holiday gift packing and the Christmas ornament for this year, courtesy of the lovely Jonny Pettifer! :) It’s definitely worth planning when you’re going to get your purchases this season so that you can indulge in all the lovely extras that Pandora offer at various points over the next couple of months, such as the Ornament GWP or the special packaging!

My Comment

I haven’t purchased anything new just yet, as I’m working out how best to plan my next purchases so as to be able to take part in the Christmas ornament promo and other holiday offers! But rest assured, the Christmas Kitten, Santa’s House and Mrs Claus beads will definitely be coming home with me. I’ll be adding them all to my Christmas bracelet, which I will reshuffle to make space. This is it as it stands:

pandora christmas 2015 puppy

If you’re in the UK, the new Pandora Winter 2016 collection is available from authorised retailer John Greed!

Have you been to see any of the new jewellery yet? Will you be buying anything?

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    • Hi Jen! Yes, I meant to mention that one – I wasn’t sure about it before, but it’s actually really sweet in person! I still prefer the original Gingerbread Man dangle, but this is a nice alternative. :)

      • Hi Ellie, I have just checked out the collection in the store and agree with you that the new Gingerbread Man charm is rather sweet. However I too prefer the original Gingerbread Man dangle as it has that “baked” look with the golden enamel. Now I’m so glad I got the original dangle last month on impulse when I discovered one that is not too dark as most I saw were really dark and looked “over-baked”! ?

        • Hi Jen, Oh yes, I remember from when he first came out that there were some that looked kind of burnt! ^^ mine’s lovely and golden, too. He’s an absolute favorite of mine, glad to hear you got one too. I’m still super surprised that they want to retire him ?

  1. Thanks for all the great info :) I’m confused about the blue shimmering droplets one that appeared in your Christmas post list and also in photos on this post. I can not spot it on the UK Pandora eSTORE or in the shops. Do you know anything about this please?

    • Hi Anso, is that the London blue crystal one? I noticed that too as I was trying to add it to my wish list along with the December birthstone ring. It seems to be on the US estore but as you say, doesn’t look to be available in the UK. I’m hoping it might turn up for us eventually!

      • Yes that’s the one. I love the look of the droplets ones and really wanted this one. Have forgotten to ask instore but have been to several stores and not seen it. Neither can it be found online. I wonder why… and if we will ever get it…?

        • It’s annoying when Pandora dont release all charms in all regions. Not that it is any use to you, but we got it here in Australia.

        • It is annoying! I get that regular customers are never going to notice but for us collectors it is a bit frustrating!

    • Hi Anso, thanks for pointing that out – I hadn’t noticed that one was missing! I’m not sure on why that would be – I will try asking a couple of UK sources and see if they can shed any light as to whether we’ll be getting it! :)

      • Hi again both, I have checked with a UK source and there is no record of this pendant on the UK till system or catalogues at all, so it looks like it’s not coming out here for whatever reason :( sorry I don’t have better news and I’ll update you if I hear otherwise!

        • Thanks for asking about this one Ellie, much appreciated!
          I have to admit I’m not quite so disappointed now after reading your Valentine’s preview for next year, as the missing London blue crystal shimmering droplets can be replaced, at least for me, by the December birthstone pendant. This solution also frees up budget for something else meantime, ha ha ;)

        • You’re welcome! That birthstone pendant looks to be a very pretty colour, I’m sure that would look just as nice! Have fun figuring out what to buy in the meantime, I’m sure I’d have no shortage of options aha.

  2. Ohhhh!!!! I´m looking forward to seeing it in person1. I was at my local store last friday when it was time to put an end to my ban and the SA told me that they had already recived some pieces but they wouldn´t be on display till today. That was a very polite way of telling me that she wasn´t going to show me any (grrrr). I´m pretty sure that I´ll go for the blues since I have wanted a blue desing since last Christmas. And some sparkle. I really fancy a more festive, elaborate design.
    Anyway I can´t wait to see them in person!!!. I´m going to my nearest boutique on Saturday to take a closer look and then I´ll decide which ones are definetely coming home with me. But i´ll wait for the bos promo, that´s for sure!

    • Haha, that’s so frustrating, knowing that they’re there but that they just won’t show you^^ The blues were gorgeous i person, I have to say, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! <3

  3. Hi Ellie,

    Really appreciate the detail you put in your review. I ‘ve been able to view the new collection & I am very excited for the upcoming Black Friday promo in NA. The new Starry Night Sky is so well done. I noticed there are some variations in the spacing & size of the Stars so I will be picking mine out personally.

    The Mrs. Clause is one I want to like but for some reason reminds me of an apple doll that scared me as a child. I should be over it by now but it was the first thing that popped into my head when looking at it. But the Sled, Kitten & snowman are fabulous.

    I love the the Reds & Blues, the deep jewel tones in the enamel & pave ball truly are magnificent but much more pricy than anticipated .

    I too am strategizing when it comes to making a purchase. Really want to maximize my spend. Buying some of the exclusives albeit very satisfying has cut into my budget.

    My Christmas bracelet is virtually done now I am spilling over to a Christmas bangle.

    Love your Christmas bracelet. The fab thing about Pandora is that you can restyle & have a different bracelet everyday! I think I might do a twelve days of Christmas bracelet where I come up with a different style each day!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa!

      Good tip about the Starry Night murano – I only saw the ones they had on display so didn’t get a chance to check out all the variation. But the ones I saw were beautiful!

      I love the Mrs Claus bead! I am always a bit wary around very miniature faces, as they are so easily creepy, but I don’t mind her at all. My OH is less keen (but then he also insists that the two-tone dangle fairy and the gingerbread man dangle are also ‘cursed’, so what does he know! :P). I just put in my first order for the collection to get the Christmas ornament and got the Santa’s House and Mrs CLaus charms as part of my haul :D :D

      That’s a great idea, to swap up your bracelet! The thread less bracelet would be particularly great for that, if you get tired of swapping charms on and off. I have a Christmas mini bangle as well, and an empty Dainty Bow bangle – so I have a few options should I want to expand my Christmas-themed designs. I also have a navy leather, and I’m thinking about doing a blue pave and two-tone mini festive design on there too!

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  4. Thanks Ellie for all the lovely pictures. I like the one with all the Christmas charms standing in a row. So cute…

  5. Hi Ellie

    I absolutely loved the celestial and wintry blue beads. Some of them have already come home with me : the Starry night Murano, the Touch of Frost, and the snowflake clip…..I added the Vintage night sky dangle this weekend while shopping with a friend. I could not resist ;-). There are some other charms that I want but I put them on my wishlist for Christmas….

  6. The Disney special editition bead came home with me last night and its beautiful. Every surface is nicely detailed. A bit pricey, but worth it. The Christmas kitty and Santas house also are on my list. Planning on adding them to my Christmas bracelet that I started with beads I bought at great prices from Rue La La.- I great prices on retired beads at mostly 50% off.

    • Oh lovely, I hope you got the pretty LE box with it too! Those two Christmas beads are on my list, too, along with Mrs Claus. Rue La La are great for Christmas designs at the moment, they have so many amazing beads – I recently got the Snowman and the retired silver Poinsettia, and I was quite tempted by the Christmas Elves openwork, too.

      • You should the elves. They are gorgeous. Can’t understand why it got retired in Australia the following mid year sale after being. Each little else is so nicely made. I manage to benefit from that sale, and love it. It’s one of those first few Xmas charm that I got and decided to start a dedicated Xmas bangle and eventually expanded to bracelet.

        • The elves bead is retired here, too, pandora are ruthless with their retirements atm! So many new charms get axed less than a year later :S

  7. Hi Ellie, thanku so much for your post, always look forward to reading it. I am loving the xmas collection, but cant decide which ones to buy. As my birthday is coming up soon, might just treat myself to more than usual. Lol, not sure sure my bank balance will like it though?? Enjoy ur weekend.

    • Hi Ab! Thanks, I’m so pleased to hear that :D You should definitely indulge in a birthday treat or two, I know I usually do haha. Enjoy your weekend, too, and have fun deciding what you’re going to get! <3

  8. Hi Ellie, I’m struggling to get hold of the wintery blue pendant charm (the one with the matching earrings)in the Cardiff store. Do you know if this is a USA only charm?

    • Hi Natalie! This pendant is not a US exclusive, but it doesn’t look like the UK currently has it. I’m going to try and find out more! :)

  9. Thanks for these live shots! guess i have to rush to my pandora retailer to get those awesome charms. The christmas kitty will definitely be coming home as well as the santa’s house. I would mike some new blue murano too.
    Love your christmas bracelet especially the green murano guess they are from a past collection. They remind me of my childhood sweets….

    • Excellent choices, I am getting the same two beads as well as Mrs Claus! <3 And that - for now - is all I'm planning to get from the collection, although the blue murano is gorgeous too. It's just expensive!

      Yay, thanks! That's exactly why I love the mint candy-stripe murano - it's a festive green, but it also has that candy-cane look to it, too... that's a really old bead, it's been retired for years :)

  10. I love the cute Christmas charms! I had a look last week in store, and didn’t mean to buy anything yet but I came away with Mrs Claus! She has beautiful detailing, but also she reminds me of my lovely mother who adored Christmas and usually wore her hair up like the charm. My mother gave me my first Pandora bracelet, and also gave bracelets to my sister, daughter and nieces. I think we could be buying a lot more Mrs Clauses between us this Christmas! The really nice thing about Pandora is that everyone on here could all buy exactly the same charms, and even have very similar bracelets but each one would mean something special and completely different to its owner – I love how that makes every piece unique! I am especially excited for this collection as this is my first year with a proper Christmas bracelet and I have lots of spaces to fill – I would like a red murano but I am not sure whether to get the glittery one or the plain faceted. I think I will be back in the store this weekend! Also how soon can I start wearing a dedicated Christmas bracelet – is November too soon ? ?

    • I love your unique comments. I dont have a Christmas themed bracelet yet but if I did I would wear it from November onwards. Stores have their decorations out and Xmas trees up so its definitely not too early.

      • I agree! As soon as the stores start playing Christmas music, it’s okay to dig out the Christmas Pandora ^^

    • Ah, yay, I’m so glad to hear that you went for Mrs Claus. I think she is just adorable! <3 I love the bow on the back of the charm, too.
      That's so true of Pandora! Everyone seems to have a bracelet here in the UK these days, but no two bracelets are the same. It's when you start to look at them closely that the meanings and designs of each bracelet become apparent. :)
      Aha, I don't think November is too soon at all! Tbh, I am always tempted to wear mine whenever I'm feeling down throughout the year and fancy a festive, cosy pick-me-up - there's something so comforting about the Christmas designs! ^^

  11. Hi Ellie! You mentioned wanting info on Jareds exclusives. Looks like they have 2, Mrs. Claus and an ornament dangle with red reindeer. Thanks for all you do to keep the rest of us up to speed!

    • Hi Deborah! Oh, thank you – I think the red reindeer dangle is from last year. I’m hoping that they are going to do a Jared exclusive Christmas tree ornament like last year – if so, I might hold off on buying the BF charm here and see if anyone can help me do that promo instead…!

  12. The Disney exclusives showed up on the Disney Parks app (buying directly from Walt Disney world, no sales tax for all of us in the US that don’t live in Florida) and at the Disney Store website. They have all the ones shown in Ellie’s previews, the Crystal Mickey and Minnie clips(which I already purchased this morning), the fireworks charm, the I Love Miinie red enamel charm. Also the new Disney winter collection charms in the Pandora sttores are also on the Disney websites.

    • Thanks for the heads-up Kathryn! I saw that – it’s a bit disappointing that there aren’t any further Christmas-themed Disney bracelets, but the ones that are out are nice. I particularly like the Minnie clip and the Fireworks bead (although it does look like flowers to me!)

      • I like those new Mickey and Minnie clips much better than the older ones. I’m worried about spending a lot of money on clips though. I had one of the ones from the treadless bracelet set fall off, but luckily it was in my house. I bent the clasp a little so it wouldn’t open so easily, but I’m not sure how much of a problem that is. All the older clips I’ve gotten seem really secure. I really want that fireworks charm even though I have the 60th anniversary one with the castle so they would be very similar. I remember the blue castle charm looked a little strange in photographs, but it looks really nice in person.

        • Oh no, that’s not good at all. I dont know whether I’m just lucky, but I’ve never had a problem with any of my clips. I think some designs are more prone to faults than others, tho, especially some of the newer ones :( do you mean it was one of the silicone lined clips that came off?

        • Yes, the silicone lined spacer clip fell right off! I had just come home from picking up my kids and I thought maybe it had fallen off when I was carrying my youngest, so I was about to go retrace my steps outside, but then luckily I found it right on the floor of my apartment. I have no idea how it fell off right there, but it did open very easily (much easier than the other one that matched it). I find that the older clips are quite secure. I’m glad you haven’t had any problems with yours, maybe I just had one that was bent funny. Since I bent the clip part it hasn’t fallen off again.

  13. Hi Ellie,

    I went today here in Betlin with a friend of mine… The new Christmas charms are just adorable! I already wanted to get the Christmas Kitten and after having seen that in person… I want it even more hehe! I will wait until Christmas to see if I get it as a gift, otherwise I will buy it myself ;)

    • Hi Chiara! Aren’t they just! I know that Pandora do a very similar thing with the Christmas beads every year, but there are always some gorgeous designs. And Mrs Claus is so delightfully quirky! The Christmas Kitten is on my wish list too, it’s going to go opposite my Christmas Puppy on my bracelet. I hope one makes its way to you for Christmas too! <3

  14. Hi Ellie I will definitely be purchasing I love the santas house and Mrs Claus I quite like the sleigh to. I really want to see the bangle, some people are so quick to buy lol I have lots of people purchasing the beads and the ornament already lol.

    • Hi Nicola! Haha, I know… I’m often very quick off the mark, but I was a little better this year because I didn’t buy anything during the UK soft launch – I waited for the ornament promo to start. I did already put my order in for that, but only because I’m always slightly scared that they are going to run out of ornaments!

  15. Thanks for all the live shots! I haven’t seen the collection yet. I’ll check it out this weekend.
    I’m wanting to get the two vintage night sky beads for Christmas so I think I should send my husband out to get those two and the charming owls on Black Friday so I can get the free snowflake bangle. It’s always great to get beads during a promo! But of course I won’t get the beads till Christmas. I can’t believe it’s November!

    • Looking forward to what you think of everything in person! :) That sounds like a lovely Black Friday haul – and the holiday promos are always the most fun! I just put in my order for the ornament promo here, I can’t wait for it to turn up. With that and the Rue stuff I’ve ordered, I’ve been rather irresponsible this month – but, two of the things in my ornament promo haul are going to be put away for Christmas, so it’s not quite so bad… :S

  16. Can’t wait to see them in person! You did a great job getting the photos in the store-I know how difficult that kind of lighting can be! Love the snow on the Santa House!

    • Thanks, Martha! Store lighting is always horrible to work with, but it was something of a miracle that I got photos at all as the store was very busy ^^ The Santa’s House is beautiful, definitely my favourite bead of this collection. Hope you get to see them all soon! <3

  17. Love the photos you took with the zoom function. Saved me having to rush out to the store to take a look. Will wait for GWP bangle promo next month before I make any purchases.

    • Actually, I couldnt resist. I popped down to the store for a looksee. The first one that that took my fancy was surprisingly the red adornment charm – much nicer colour in person – not sure I would pay $75aud for it but i think would add a nice pop of colour to a bracelet.

      I would love to wear the Vintage Night Sky dangle on a necklace.

      For the Christmas charms, I love the gingerbread man, Mrs Claus and the house charm. Definitely will buy the gingerbread man. The other two maybe, if I have room on my bracelet.

      • Haha, I’m glad you went to see them yourself anyway! It’s always a little different to see them in person, no matter how many live shots you see – for one thing, I always forget how small charms are. Close-up shots can make them seen bigger!

        I was also taken aback by how much nicer that ornament bead was in person. It’s a bit meh in the stock images, you need to see the petty red in person to get the proper effect. Those are great Christmas picks – the Gingerbread Man is another one that I liked more in person. I don’t have room on my Christmas bracelet, but I will be reshuffling some of the less overtly Christmassy beads off it to make room for them – I think I’m going to relocate my Red Robin bead and the pearl bell. :)

  18. Hi!! I’m so happy… the stores in Costa Rica received in the last minute the new collection!! The charms are really beautiful, I can’t resist and the starry night murano come home with me, I didn’t buy more because I prefer to wait for the Black Friday promo and the Christmas Ornament promo. I’m so envious, Mrs. Clause it’s exclusive of Jared in US :( I love your photos, and your Christmas design is very cute. Thanks for the post!!

    • Hi Priscilla! Oh that’s such good news! How exciting <3 well done for waiting, that's always hard when the beads are right in front of you haha. It's a shame that so many people in North America don't get access to the Jared exclusive beads - Jared need to start expanding their stores! ;)
      Glad you enjoyed the post - thanks for commenting and enjoy your lovely new murano!

  19. Pandora Star collection is my favorite collection ever. I love stars and space theme very very much. Dark blue and shimmer stars are so beautiful.This years PANDORA STARRY NIGHT SKY murano, VINTAGE NIGHT SKY, SHIMMERING MIDNIGHT dangle are my must haves. Eager to get these charms for holiday :)

    • It’s lovely to hear your enthusiasm! ^^ the Night Sky murano is particularly stunning, I just admit! Hope you manage to pick them all up <3

    • I am totally agee with you. Best collection ever…. at least in my opinion :-) I really love almost of the charm of this collection. Already purchased the Starry Night Sky Murano and the Vintage night sky dangle. There are absolutely amazing :-)

  20. Hello Ellie. I know it´s off topic but I´d like to ask if you have any info on last year´s snowflake dangle. Today I have managed to just pop in my usual shop in shop store but I couldn´t see much of it as I was attended by a new and rather unexperienced SA, who told me that it was retired or discontinued. But it is on the fotographs you posted above, so I´m a bit confused. Anyway I´m definetely going to my nearest Pandora boutique tomorow, as they are suppossed to have more items. If it has disappeared from Spain I have a good mind to make a one day trip to France in order to get it!!!
    Oh! and by the way, the blue shimmering dropplets are available here. Just in case someone is planing a holiday abroad,ha ha.

    • Hi Marie! Is that the blue Crystalised Snowflake dangle? In most countries, that one is still current – it’s certainly still here in stores in the UK, and it’s listed on the UK & US Pandora.net, too. However I just tried switching the country to Spain and it is indeed listed as discontinued there, so I guess it has been retired for you :(
      Thanks for the info regarding the frost droplets pendant! <3 It is weird what some countries get and others don't!

  21. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the live shots. I saw the Winter release in person this week. Such a lovely collection. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the two tone pave’ clasp bracelet and it did not disappoint. In fact, it’s even prettier than I had imagined. The Starry Sky murano is very pretty and the Vintage Night Sky charms are well done. I was quite surprised by how close in color the new Moonlight and Sky Blue Radiant Hearts are. I love the Crystalized Snowflake clips. They will be so pretty with the Snowflake bangle coming out on Black Friday. I had not paid much attention to the Crystalized Floral or Vintage Allure charms thinking they were probably not for me, but they are both gorgeous in person. Jared has the matching Crystalized Floral pendant for sale individually and also as a necklace and earring set. The Shimmering Gift is a must as well as the Snowman. I’m trying to pace myself so I’ll be able to take advantage of all the upcoming promos, but I walked out with the TT pave clasp bracelet, the Snowflake Heart dangle (gorgeous), two TT Celebration of Love clips and the Divine Angel which I’ve wanted for a very long time. I put my LE Bound By Love charm and a pair of Friendship Flower chips on this bracelet. Even though I haven’t added a color yet, it’s pretty.

    Oh…I was able to get the nice metallic jewelry box! It’s so neat and very functional.

    Jared will be having an ornament again this year, but I didn’t get to see a picture of it.

    Hope your weekend is great! Can’t wait to see more reviews and designs.!

    • Hi Emily!

      Ah, so Jared have the Crystalised Floral pendant in the US – that explains why it wasn’t in my original preview pics! :) And I’m super excited to hear that there will be another ornament, that’s so much fun! I’ll be tempted to do that promo, if I can.

      You picked up some lovely things, the Snowflake Heart pendant is another one I really liked in person. I am being good at the moment and sticking to my pre-defined list of three, but it is hard! ^^ Your bracelet sounds lovely. I am a bit of a murano addict, but plain two-tone and silver designs can look beautiful without any colour. I usually end up adding a murano glass bead in the end, but they are very chic and pretty without, too!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend Emily and thanks for the info! <3

  22. Aloha! Just found your plug and I’m obsessed. I’m fairly new to Pandora, but unfortunately the island I live on no longer has a store carrying Pandora. :( needless to say I was stoked to find this blog so I can be in the loop!
    Also I was wondering if there’s a way to find out what charms will be retired and when?
    Thanks for your time! :)

    • Hi Jacki! Ah, that’s nice to hear – welcome to the very addictive world of Pandora ^^ that’s a shame that there’s no Pandora store near you anymore, I hope you can at least order online!

      I do post retirement lists when and where I can – I ran out of time to post this last season’s, as they take a lot of time to put together, but you can also stalk the retired section of certain stores’ websites to see what they add into that section. It depends on which region you’re from as to where the best places to look are :)

      • Aw thanks for the reply! :)
        I live in Hawaii, so thank goodness I can still order online!
        Any store websites you can recommend? I think I found one in Missouri, I just have to check and see how atrocious the shipping is. Lol.
        Can’t wait until your next post! Keep up the great work. :)

        • Oh good! I’m actually in the UK, so I don’t have much experience with ordering from US stores online I’m afraid! I did order once from Elisa Ilana, who are a US online store & authorised retailer, and they were very good. Other than that, I don’t know! :)
          Thanks Jacki! <3 So pleased that you're enjoying the posts.

  23. Hi! Love your blog! In the second image of the full tray it looks like there is a new pig charm with a red bow, I haven’t seen this charm anywhere else though. Do you know any more about it? Thanks!

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