Today brings my next Pandora SS17 preview with a full look at the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 release, which is hands-down my favourite launch of what we’ve seen so far. ^^ Due out with the Pandora Spring 2017 collection on the 16th March, we have some additions to the Winnie the Pooh collection, Tinker Bell designs and appearances from some all-new characters!

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Donald Daisy

Pandora always release two sets of Disney charms with each collection – one that’s exclusive to Disney Parks locations and one that’s sold in both the Parks and Pandora concept stores. The charms pictured here will be those sold in all locations. :D

I previously posted some low-res campaign images offering a sneak peek at this collection (as above), but I now have high-resolution stock photography of all the new charms! :D There are lots of little details in these beads that you might otherwise miss, so read on for a full preview!

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Full Preview

First up, we have nine new Pandora Disney charms – including the much-anticipated Tigger and Piglet! 

The Belle’s Radiant Rose charm features openwork floral detailing on its sides, and strikes me as being perfect to go with the Valentine’s Cerise Hearts murano (which I just reviewed!). Tinker Bell’s Shoe features a freshwater pearl, too, as an extra gorgeous detail!

Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Preview

There’s also a new Beauty and the Beast-themed bracelet, which features the Shimmering Rose clip and the inscription, ‘True beauty lies within’. This is our very first Disney bangle – it would be rather fun if they did more for other films and princesses!Pandora Disney Spring 2017 Preview

My Comment

The level of detail on these beads is what gets me – the little tongues on Donald and Daisy, or Chip’s sleepy expression on the Mrs Potts & Chip charm. The attention to detail really shines through in this Disney collection and, while it’s only small, I do think this is an excellent set of new beads! It’s definitely the collection so far that will hit my wallet hardest. ;) My must-haves are Tigger and Piglet, who will be added to my pink floral oxidised bracelet, which already features Eeyore in pride of place. I also would love to get the two new Tinker Bell charms for the forest green bracelet I’m planning – the iridescent green enamel looks stunning from these stock images, and hopefully it won’t prove too luminous or bright in person!

I would have loved Belle’s Radiant Rose to be more along the lines of my original idea for an enchanted rose charm, with a rose design frozen within murano glass, but this new idea is probably much more of a safe bet when it comes to production issues – and the rose silhouette behind the rich cerise stone is gorgeous. As I said before, the new Valentine’s cerise beads would be perfect with it.

Now that we’ve seen good stock images, is anything going on your wish list? Which are your favourites?

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  1. I can see myself getting the cerise radiant rose and Mrs Pott and chip. The tinkerbelle pieces and piglet are also very tempting. Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

  2. Love all of these charms, great review. I live in the UK what is the best way to get disney charms, without having to go to a disney park?

    • You can order them from the disney, it’s just very expensive when it comes to shipping – the best is to join Pandora Facebook pages. I’ve got more details on my FAQs page :)

    • Katie I’m also absolute to help in a personal shopper in the USA and have a couple groups on fb on being Kelli’s Disney Pandora charms connection

  3. We dont get the Disney charms in Mauritius unfortunately??.if i did get the chance to buy it would be tigger ,tinker bell shoe and the bracelet!!!they are so cute. Thanks for the post Ellie.

    • Aw, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Disney gets launched everywhere and soon – we don’t have it in the UK either! You’re welcome!

  4. I want the Mrs Potts and Chip and some of the park exclusives when will you be putting up pictures of those I am dying to see them?

  5. I love all of the disney charms & i will be buying a few this season, could anyone tell me if pandora are releasing any mickey/ minnie mouse charm’s this spring.

    • Lovely choices! I never really watched Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck stories when I was younger but I love the Winnie the Pooh beads. :)

  6. I love your reviews thank you. I MUST have Mrs Potts and probably Tigger and Piglet too. Do you know if they will be launched in Australia? Not Disney charm related but also wondered last year in Australia they did a free bangle promo do you have the dates for this years one?

    • You’re welcome! I don’t have any dates for this year’s Australia bangle promos, but I imagine you can expect one in April/May for the Mother’s Day collection.

  7. Hi Ellie,

    This is a lovely review. As I have said before I typically don’t indulge in Disney charms, although I do have the tinker bell Murano & the Frozen snowflake charms that are more generic. I will say that if ever I were to indulge in the character beads Mrs. pots & chip Would be vey tempting but most likely Belle’s radiant Rose is the one I’d choose. Years ago my father in law took my husband and I out for a wonderfully expensive dinner & to Beauty and the Beast playing in Toronto. My husband was in Grad School & I was working but we were just getting by. That evening out was a real treat! Last year my father in law passed away, and Iit was only recently that my husband & I were talking about that dinner & show.
    Well, as always your reviews give me something to consider.

    Lisa K

    • Hello Lisa,

      Belle’s Radiant Rose will be the perfect charm to commemorate such a special evening out with your father-in-law and so fitting for the occasion. Thank you for sharing this heart warming memory. Your story brings back such sweet memories of my father taking my husband and I out early in our marriage when we, too, were just getting by.

      Always enjoy reading your comments. Now I can honestly say you’ve made me laugh, as well as, cry.

    • Hi Lisa! First of all, I’ll echo the other replies you’ve had and say that your comments are always so sweet and interesting! I love your story about your father in law, and the Radiant Rose would surely be a lovely commemoration of that, should you go for it. <3 I think it is a little more generic than the other beads in this launch, as it is essentially just a pretty rose charm. So perhaps it might tempt you! :)

      • Hi Ellie,

        I am appreciative of the comments, it is important to savour & share good moments. This charm will indeed make it on to my bracelet.

        Lisa K.

  8. Thank you for posting so quickly!!! I was actually hoping yesterday that you would! Anyway. I have always loved Donald duck so that’s probably going on my wish list since he is so cute! Daisy is OK and if I get her fine if I don’t I won’t die. The Tinkerbell dress is the ONLY princess dress I’ve liked so far. The rest are so big! This one looks like it will be dainty and even if it’s not the color, the transparency of the color and the wings all make up for it. I wish they hadn’t used a freshwater pearl for the shoe though. I’m vegan and I couldn’t advocate for buying that even though it is adorable. Oh well.. :/ my last favorite piece is Mrs. Potts and Chip. I have the Alice in the bottle charm and I think Mrs. Potts would look cute next to it along with the Arabian coffee pot to give Alice the tea party look. I think you mentioned they were coming out with an Alice cup too so hopefully that’s cute and I can add that too! Like you said this collection is small but very exciting :D thanks!!!!

    • No problem! Glad you enjoyed the post :D Tinker Bell’s Dress will also be my first Disney Princess dress charm – I think the wings also increase the delicacy and give it a bit more balance. I was quite tempted by the Frozen dresses before, though, but couldn’t decide on where I’d actually put them in my collection!
      I hadn’t even considered the issues surrounding the freshwater pearl :( aren’t Pandora’s cultured pearls though? Do those still have the same issues…?

  9. A great review of the Disney charms Ms. Mora, and The Beauty and The Beast bracelet looks stunning, I will check it out along with the other Disney charms. Thank you Ms. Mora and God bless you.

  10. Well, there goes my paycheck! Donald, Mrs. Potts, Piglet, Tigger, 80th Snow White….

    I still hope at one point the release a crystal Donald, like they did with Mickey and Minnie last year. Fingers crossed!

    • Aha, I felt the same when I saw this launch! Lots to love :) perhaps they’ll follow up these Donald and Daisy beads with more if they sell well, we’ll have to wait and see!

  11. These charms are great. Not sure if I will be getting any though. I have a Cinderella/Alice themed bracelet, not really wanting to add anything else to it. I do really like the cerise rose charm and the snow white charm though. Not sure why tink’s dress comes with wings, she might be missing those!

    • Aha, I hadn’t thought of that about the wings! You’re right in that they’re not really part of her ‘costume’. I think they’re a lovely addition to the charm though!

  12. Thanks for the preview! I was really hoping to see the new Alice teacup… does that mean that it is exclusive to the park? It would make sense (I’m guessing it would be one of the cups from the ride). I was hoping for more Alice in Wonderland beads, but a teacup is a start!
    Love that Tinkerbell dress! It is my favourite of all the dresses so far, they did a great job on it.

    • The Alice teacup is a Parks bead, yes – but I don’t have any images of those beads yet. It’s meant to be like the teacup ride, I think? I love the Tinkerbell dress as well, the wings are beautiful!

    • The pink works for me as it means they’ll fit in with my Eeyore bead – and it makes sense for the Piglet bead, I guess. I was surprised to see pink enamel on Tigger, though!

      • Same here. Orange would have made sense, but pink was unexpected on Tigger. I have a Pooh bracelet in the works that I’m planning to keep primarily neutral, except maybe for a gold bead or two from a RueLaLa sale. Hunny IS gold, after all! ?

  13. Hi Ellie!

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing them! :) I am a big fan of Disney, but I have resisted getting any Pandora Disney charms so far as they are more expensive than similar Moments designs (e.g. the jump in price from the one of a kind shell to Ariel’s shell). However, this time I think I am going to indulge in some! I love tea and missed on the teapot charm, so Mrs. Potts will probably correct that! The bangle is amazing too, but I will have to see the price tag on that one first :P Do you know what the difference in shade is between Rapunzel’s Murano and the light purple one you reviewed from spring 2016? If I am to start acquiring Disney, there are a few (tens :P) of Murano beads I have been interested in for a while! Cinderella’s light blue for starters!

    Take care!

    • Hi Victoria! You are more than welcome :D The Disney charms are pricey, but they kind of have me over a barrel a lot of the time as they are often some of the more interesting character beads Pandora release these days. You don’t see many animals and similarly cute details in the main collection launches these days! Glad to hear that this collection will tempt you though :D
      Do you mean the Purple Shimmer murano? It is quite different in shade from the Rapunzel murano – that is more red in tone and is a better match for something like the Purple Fizzle murano. The Purple Shimmer is more of a cooler lilac shade. :)

      • Yes, that was the one I meant, thank you! It seems I should probably consider getting both since the shades are different purple, but sound lovely all the same :) (*wallet cries….)

    • Hi Mora

      I love love Duffy Shelly may and galatoni the reason is I collect the bears at my last count I have 45 Duffy bears 6 Shelly may and 1 galatoni I love them so much do you know roughly how much they will cost?

      Thank you. Yvonne

  14. Tigger is my favourite and the one I will definitely be getting. I think piglet is cute, but wished it wasn’t a dangle, not sure how it would fit in my collection.
    I’m not sure of Mrs Potts and chips faces, so need to see a live shot, to make my mind up.
    I would buy so much more Disney, if it was available in the UK. It’s hard to make decisions from photos.
    Thanks for the full preview. Looking forward to seeing Disney parks and the full spring collection.

    • I adore Tigger, and very much like Piglet, too, although like you I’d have preferred a regular charm to a dangle. I’ve rearranged my bracelet to make sure that the design will work with another dangle added to it though ^^
      I couldn’t agree more! I wish they’d hurry up and resolve the contractual issues for the UK as I’d love to be able to go and see it all in person. :)

  15. I’m in love with these Disney charms! I live in the Netherlands, is there a store where I can buy them online??

    • You can buy them from the disney (the US version of the site) but you have to pay a lot for the international shipping!

  16. Hi Ellie I love the tinker belle charms, Donald and Daisy Mrs Potts. Piglet and tigger are so cute too I wasn’t sure of them on the other pictures but I really like them now.

    • Hi Nicola! That’s almost a full house with you then! ^^ Glad to hear there are so many you like, I love this launch too.

  17. Hi Ellie!

    Thank you for this lovely Spring Disney Full Preview. Tigger and Piglet have been on my list from the beginning. Belle’s Radiant Rose will make a lovely addition to my collection, since I already have the Cerise Radiant Hearts. The Beauty and the Beast bangle is a must have for me and this time it’s for the inscription! My Dad used this phrase all through my younger years. For such a long time, I’ve tried to come up with the perfect charm or bracelet design to commemorate my Dad and this is it! The beautiful Shimmering Rose clasp reminds me of all the roses my Dad planted for my Mom throughout the years.

    Can’t wait to see the new muranos!

    Hope you’ve had a nice day and a great week ahead!

    • Hi Emily! You are very welcome! Sounds like there’s a lot that will be coming home with you ^^ your dad sounds like an inspiration and a truly lovely person, I’m glad you found the perfect bracelet to remember him. Roses and the very quote he used – sounds perfect for you! :)

      I’m hoping to get more previews soon! Have a lovely week ahead too and thanks for commenting!

  18. Hi
    Tigger is as cute as I had hoped he would be. His facial expression is amazing, especially for something so small. Just looking at him makes me smile. He is simply adorable and definitely a must have for me! Thank you for sharing these great pictures.

    • Hi Janet, I thought exactly the same about Tigger – if his face looks as perfect as that in person, I’ll be very pleased! You are welcome :)

  19. Any idea what the cost of the bangle or radiant rose? Are those Disney exclusives? I assume they will be available March 16?

  20. I love the piglet and mrs.potts charms. I wish tigger had a different color to it. I am tempted to build me a Disney bracelet, but I know my daughter would take it from me!

    • Yeah, I was surprised to see that they’d decided to make Tigger with pink enamel – I love pink so it’s not a problem for me, but it does seem a bit superfluous!

  21. I am definitely getting Belle’s Enchanted Rose for my new cerise bracelet, Tigger to go with my Eeyore and Mrs. Potts as she reminds me of my mother in law who was known for her tea (and she liked Beauty and the Beast, as do I)

    • Yes, the Rose is perfect with the new Valentine’s charms! You could create a beautiful cerise-themed B&B bangle with them all, I think. :D

  22. Piglet dangle for sure for me. Maybe Tigger and maybe Tinker Bell’s outfit. (And then maybe her shoe if I get her outfit). I’m afraid Tigger will flip and bug me! But maybe I can get over that If he looks really cute with with Piglet.

    • Tigger may well flip, but I love him so much that I’d definitely get him anyway ^^ I want him to wear with my Eeyore charm and the Piglet charm on my pink floral oxidised bracelet!

    • I would love to see that charm in person, even if I don’t plan on buying it, just to see the pretty effect with the rose – but I guess I’ll have to wait until the UK finally gets the Disney launch ^^

  23. This Disney collection is so beautiful, I think I’ll have to splurge and get all these charms!! I Jist hope they will release all of these here in Australia as we are still missing bits and pieces of the Disney range.

    • I *think* that Australia should be getting all of these, from what I’ve heard – I’m not 100% sure though!

  24. Definately the bangle. Wanting to see the Snow White anniversary charm too. Wondering whether that’ll come to Australia.

  25. I’m so excited about the Snow White charm! I love that one. I also want the Mrs. Potts charm. I think this is the best collection they’ve released so far.

  26. Thank you for the updates on your blog, love ready these!! I love all the Disney charms but will have to narrow down my list. I think the bracelet will definitely be on my must have! It will be my first bangle.

  27. I’m actually quite surprised that they put mrs Potts & chip together & it actually looks so cute but unfortunately I can’t afford any charms right now

  28. I got to see some of the park exclusives in the catalog at the store. The Dumbo is a dangle one. I haven’t bought any dangle charms so this might be my first. We go to Disneyland in the Spring time so I will see what they look like up close.

  29. I tend to frequent Jareds, will they have the Disney collection, including Bellle bangle and the 80 anniversary charm? Do they typically receive stock around the release dates? Sorry, I haven’t purchased pandora in quite a while, but usually prefer Jared’s.

  30. I just saw these in person yesterday. I got Mrs. Potts, she is adorable. Will go back for the radiant rose and probably the Snow White.

  31. I saw on Facebook that Pandora s going to have a Duffy charm this spring. I was so excited about getting one on our trip this week to WDW, but they did not have it at the Pandora shop at Magic Kingdom. They told me that it was only available in Japan. How could I get one, as I will never be going to WD Tokyo??

  32. Hi I love that Beauty and The Beast Bangle but I live in the UK I would love to buy it but it seems to be out of stock on the Disney Store US and other places that have it don’t seem to ship to the UK. ?

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