Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for February 2017 – and beyond! This month I’ll be looking at some fresh live shots and campaign images from the upcoming Pandora SS17 collections, offering up some details on the UK’s early Mother’s Day release, and talking through the promos on offer this month, too. :D

pandora spring 2017

In terms of blog news and reviews, I have one more Valentine’s 2017 review to publish (the Sparkling Heart bracelet!), and then it’s on to the catch-up reviews I keep promising!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2017 UK Release

As the UK celebrates Mother’s Day earlier than many other regions, we are lucky enough to get a portion of the Pandora Mother’s Day collection early every year. This year, the UK will see a select number of the new beads on the 23rd February the rest of the world will have to wait until April as usual. The mini-release will most probably include the limited edition Mother’s Day bangle for this year, along with a celebration of the more explicitly maternal beads and this year’s limited edition Mother’s Day charm.

For a sneak peek at this year’s Mother’s Day collection, please have a look at my media previews post here!

Pandora Spring/Summer 2017 Updates

pandora spring 2017 preview

The sneak peeks for Pandora SS17 have been trickling in, and we’ve had previews so far for the following collections:

I also recently posted a round-up of exciting live images from recent Pandora SS17 press previews, which showcased a range of new jewellery from the upcoming Spring, Mother’s Day and Summer 2017 collections. However, some more have emerged since and I’ve included some more for you to browse through. There isn’t really anything new to see, but some pictures offer better close-ups of the jewellery:

I find this shot particularly interesting as, if you look at the charm box, you’ll see a plain silver heart disc and an enamel heart disc – from what I’ve heard, I think these are intended to be worn in the Floating Locket necklaces, perhaps?

Image by domiwrobel

Pandora February 2017 Promotions

The Valentine’s gift with purchase promotion is on offer in some form across most regions now, offering a red leatherette heart-shaped gift box with certain spends. It’s nice to see this box so widely available worldwide. Promo envy has historically been a very common complain among Pandora collectors!

  • In the UK the box is available with spends of £125 or more, while stocks last;
  • In Australia and New Zealand, the box is available from the 2nd-14th of February with spends of $120 AUD ($150 NZD) or more;
  • In Denmark, it’s available until the 14th of February with spends of 99 euros or more;
  • In Italy, Pandora are running some kind of offer on the box that to be honest I’m finding hard to translate, lol – but do see here for all details;
  • In Hong Kong, the box is available until the 14th of February with spends of $1,080 HKD or more;
  • In Singapore, the box is available with spends of $300 SGD or more;

Pandora North America are not offering this box as a GWP, but it does feature as one of their Valentine’s 2017 gift sets, which are available until the 14th of February – please see my post here for more details!

The only other special holiday packaging I noticed is advertised on the Hong Kong Pandora eStore – along with the Pandora Valentine’s 2017 gift bag, they’re also advertising a rather pretty rose gold-toned Pandora bracelet box. I’ve not seen this anywhere else!

As usual, if you know of any promotions going on in your region or elsewhere that I’ve missed out, please do hit the comments and let us know. :)

Pandora Floating Locket Pendant Redesign & Re-release

You may recall the Pandora Autumn 2015 Floating Locket charm debacle from last year; this little pendant was abruptly discontinued a few weeks after its release due to reports of the locket unexpectedly coming open and losing the petite charm within.

However, Pandora have now re-released this charm with a redesigned closure and entirely new product code. This is now in keeping with the full-sized Floating Locket necklaces, with the same kind of closure; it may not be as delicate, but it certainly looks more sturdy and secure.

Jahndra from MyXpressions wrote an interesting article on the subject and very kindly agreed to let me reproduce one of her live shots of the new pendant here, which shows off the new double bail very nicely:

Image by

As far as I’m aware, Pandora are offering exchanges for those with faulty original lockets; however, I’ve heard from a few people who prefer the look of their original charm and who are keeping them in the hope that they won’t prove faulty. You never know, they might become something of a collector’s item in their own right, I suppose!

My Comment

I have put myself on something of a Pandora ban until the Spring 2017 collection launch – this is a move that’s a bit unprecedented for me, and I’m a bit doubtful of its success, haha – but I will nevertheless be very interested to see what’s lined up for the UK’s Mother’s Day 2017 release! Of what we’ve seen so far from the upcoming collections, my must-haves are Tigger, Piglet, Tinker Bell’s Dress and Shoe, and the Rose safety chain – and I’m predicting a couple more items from the regular collections will make their way on to my wish list, too. Consequently, I’m trying to save up in the weeks ahead! ^^

Do you have any Pandora planned for this month? What are you most excited for from the SS17 previews?

40 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for February 2017

  1. Hi ellie.what dont i want from the spring/summer preview ha ha!im loving the pink floral ring and charm the colour is amazing.and i think a couple of the radiant droplet charms.the starfish dangle and orange leather bracelet will be coming home with me daughter always get me a charm for mothers day so i will have 2 drop some hints which ones i like.i always say im not buying anything this month and saving up but theres so many charms i want i just cant resist;)hope u manage to resist better then me.❤ ur blog as always

    • Hi Kerry! :D Aha, I’m so so pleased that you’re excited! You’ve picked out some nice things to put on your wish list, the orange leather really caught my eye too! I really like the lilac and pink Radiant Droplets beads, but i’m looking forward to seeing all the colours in person.
      Lol, I’ve never been successful with a Pandora ban before but I am really actually going to try this time! It’s a long time to go without buying any beads but it would be good to know that I can do it at least… we’ll see! ;) Thanks for commenting! ☺️

  2. In Italy the promotion starts January 26th and ends August 31st and you will receive a red heart shaped box if you buy at least 2 pieces on a single purchase of 90 euros and also choosing from the two select sets of the month.

    • Ah, thank you! The terms were too complicated for me to work it out with any certainty via Google translate haha.

  3. Hi Ellie, in Germany we have the red heart shaped box aswell with spending of 129€ or more!
    Thank you a lot for your wonderful previews!

  4. In Italy the offer on the heart-shaped gift box says that you have to purchase at least two items of the two gift sets of the month spending at least 90 to have the box.

  5. Thanks for the update and new pictures. I’m saving my money for the SS17 collections. Looking forward to seeing more live shots and stock images.
    Also to your reviews.

    • Me too! Which is why I’m on a ban until the 16th of March – or, at least, I’ll try to be! :) I’ve got plenty to be reviewing for the blog what with all these catch-up reviews to do, as well, so that’s no excuse to go out spending either ?

  6. Hi Ellie I brought so much out of the sale so I’m planning on getting anything for a little while. I can also look and keep adding to the wish list.

    • Hi Nicola! I did the same, and I bought two more muranos on Rue La La last week, which is why I really need to cut it out now until March. There’s so much that I want!

  7. Hi Ellie

    No Pandora spendings this month for me. I am planning to save some money and wait for the spring collection. I can’t wait to see the colorfull radiant droplet. They seem really gorgeous and I am pretty sure there will be some other charms which will catch my eyes :-) Also this year my sister is going on 40 and I am planning to get her a pandora bracelet and convert her to my addiction :-; So I am definitely waiting for the spring collection and I hope I could find some lovely charms which suit her perfectly….
    Have a nice evening.

    • Hi Valerie! Glad to hear that I’m not the only one ^^ the Radiant Droplets do look lovely, especially the lilac and pink versions. I do like my pastels!
      Good luck converting your sister to Pandora, haha – I have been entirely unsuccessful with my family members. ^^ Luckily my OH’s mother collects and we can chat charms every now and again, so I’m not entirely bereft – but my mum is completely unmoved by jewellery and could not be less interested! ?
      Have a lovely evening too <3

    • Good luck in converting your sister, Valerie!. I tried to do the same with mine but failed. Although she has a leather and an Essence bracelet she resists Pandora’s world fiercely ?. In fact she has forbidden me to gave her any more Pandora pieces because”enough is enough”. So I have nobody to share my enthusiasm with, but you ladies

      • Thanks Marie…. I am going to try with I am not convinced It will be working :-) She is not really into jewelry. She likes wearing it but only for special occasion. Not like me…. Everyday I wear one one my pandora bracelet :-;
        But anyway last year she came with me to the Pandora store and found some pieces really gorgeous, especially the red shimmer glass murano and the oriental bloom pendant…. So I think maybe I could create a bracelet for her matching her personality, tastes and things important to her : her daughter, our sister bond…..
        And who’s know….. But converting her is not really the purpose, It’s all about her going on 40 and I really want to get her a meaningful present and I know I could definitely do that with Pandora :-;
        And anyway to share my passion and enthusiam for Pandora bracelet and charm, the better place is here :-)
        Have a beautiful day !

        • Sorry for the writing mistake…. it’s this damn autocorrect fonction again…. GRRRR !!!!!

  8. Hi Ellie,
    First of all, the jewellery box promo runs till 14th Februar in Spain with a purchase of 99 Euros (or more)
    Then I must say that I have not made my mind up yet about the spring collection yet. There are so many beauties! However, I am quite interested in the Radiant Droplets, must see them in person, though. Meanwhile, I’m going to dedicate some time and money to my Essence bracelete and there is a couple of rings I want, too.Apart from a few charms which are still in my wish list. So, I will be too busy to put me on a ban, lol. Fortunately I haven’t seen anything which grabs me in the summer collection ?

    • I forgot to mention the small faceted. Do you know if they are a diferent shade of rose?. And what about the green ones?. Are they new too? OMG! This looks like a Pandora binge!

        • The pink rounded faceted that are on one of the two bracelets on the last picture. The green ones are framing the button-like, enamel, foral charm with clips and spacers to match. It’s the pic that comes after the radian droplets, I think.

    • Hi Marie! Thanks for the heads-up on the Spain promo! <3 It's hard for me to track down every single offer that's going, so reader input is invaluable :D
      I'm glad to hear that you're spoilt for choice when it comes to Spring! The Radiant Droplets seem like they will be popular - I particularly like the pastel shades, but will be interested in seeing them all in person. Sounds like you are going to be busy shopping right up until Spring launches, so you can be buying enough Pandora to make up for all of us on bans aha! ^^

  9. Hi Ellie!

    I’m intrigued by your bead detox plan. I had strongly entertained the idea of waiting for the spring launch in hopes of a good promo around that time. Those thoughts went straight to the back of my mind when I came across the LE Circle of Love bangle from 2014. Of course, I had to have the Pink Pave’ Heart to go with, putting a dent in my Valentine’s Day savings. I went by the shop last week with all intentions of buying two Lace Bow Hearts for a bracelet I’ve been working on for a while, but found the color a little more on the coral side than I had anticipated. I’m still in hopes of finding them in a little softer shade as most charms do vary in color from time to time. Just when I thought my money was safe, I discovered the last two Love Me Mother-of Pearl charms. All the ones I had seen to date were dingy looking around the edges of the MOP hearts, but these were perfect. Needless to say, I walked out of the store with both. I’ve seen them on Jahndra’s list to be retired, so I don’t feel too bad about getting them. I’m hoping I don’t have a problem with the MOP chipping like Lisa posted quite a while back.

    I’ve decided the best way for me to save for the spring launch will be to stay out of the stores between now and then. The Spring Disney will hit me hard this year!

    Thanks for today’s round-up. Looking forward to more posts. Your blog is the highlight of my day!!! I wish you luck waiting until spring for another purchase, especially should Rue have a good sale between now and then!

    • Hi Emily! Aha, I won’t even pretend that I wouldn’t break my ban for a good Rue La La deal ? if there’s a bead I want on there, I will almost certainly get it. :P What I’m trying to cut out really are the more superfluous impulse purchases of new collection beads or filler beads that I decide to get just to finish off a bracelet design… I want to only get beads that I really really want from now on! So I will try and wait for the Spring collection before buying anything else, with the exception of a good Rue La La deal ;) I’m still hoping that they’ll get the Up & Away charm on there at some point!

      Hm, that’s interesting about the Lace Heart! I thought the colour was pretty neutral when I saw it in person, so perhaps you’re right and the colour does vary. It certainly looks very different in various live images, so it’s entirely possible. And ah, I love that MOP charm! It was one of my very first Pandora beads that my OH surprised me with, back in the day. The MOP hearts do scratch up a little I find, but I’ve not had them actually chip or come away from the silver at all. The crucial thing is not to get them at all wet!

      It’s so nice to hear that the blog posts brighten up your day, that has put such a smile on my face! There are more coming this week, so I do hope you continue to enjoy <3 thanks for letting me know!

  10. Hi Ellie. I am also really trying to cut down on my Pandora spending. Luckily, I haven’t seen too much that has jumped out at me from the spring collection; although, that could change when I see the full preview with the stock images. If there is indeed a bracelet promo at the end of March, I really hope the Beauty and the Beast bangle will be eligible to be chosen as the free bracelet, but I am skeptical since the most recent “spend and save” promo excluded Disney pieces as the free promo item. I would probably buy Belle’s Radiant Rose and Mrs. Potts & Chip to make up the spend, but I’m really intrigued by Tinker Bell’s Dress as well. My plan my have to change though if I I have to purchase the B&B bangle and can’t get it in the promo. I am also interested in seeing the cerise charm with the crystal daisies that someone mentioned before but that we haven’t seen yet, as I may prefer this to Belle’s Radiant Rose. I plan to be good until late March. Good luck with your ban Ellie haha!

  11. Disney store has 10% off charms through February 5th. It can be combined with the Disney rewards Visa card 10% discount.

  12. I am so pleased that Pandora has reintroduced the locket charm, Ellie! I was on the fence about it at first but, now I see how versatile it can be! And I really am quite fond of the mini charms coming out in the Summer Collection! That being said, I will attempt to limit my Pandora purchases until the bracelet promo in March. I haven’t purchased much from the last two Spring Collections, but the charms look so lovely this year! I will try to budget accordingly! Lol!???

  13. **Updates from Australia**
    I’m not exactly sure how it works but I went to Pandora store today and purchased more than $120. I got the red heart-shaped gift box AND… a gift card of $25. Valid from 16 – 26 Feb 2017, redeemable against minimum purchase of $150..
    Did anyone else in Australia got the gift card like me???

    • Not that i know of in my stores here. But the local jeweller do not have the gift boxes to giveaway but instead give a $20 off $120 purchase. Your deal sound pretty good. But you have to buy something in order to utilise the give card. What a clever marketing strategy.

    • Yes, I did too (at least in my usual concept stores, they do). The $25 gift card is given for any purchase. So, no minimal spending to get the free gift card. Just the gift box you have to spend min $120.

  14. Hi Elliei know this is an older post but do you happen to know the dimensions of the floating locket charm on the inside?I have a floating wonder woman charm I want to see if will fit inside. Thanks in advance!

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