It’s been all about the previews on the blog this week, but this post takes a slight break to appreciate one of the new Pandora Valentine’s 2017 charms with a closer look at the Cerise Hearts Murano! Cerise has been the signature colour of this year’s Valentine’s release, and this Murano offers a lovely way of indulging in it without having to pick out a bead that’s overly sentimental – it’s not surprising that this bead has been popular.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Cerise Hearts murano

I did also manage to get hold of the limited edition Valentine’s gift packaging along with this purchase, which was rather exciting! I was on holiday in Brighton a couple of weeks ago for my anniversary and this purchase will be a lovely souvenir of that weekend away. <3

Read on for the usual close-up shots, details and styling inspiration!

Pandora Cerise Hearts Murano Review

The first thing to note about this bead is that it is not a new design; it is exactly the same in style as the 2015 Pink Hearts Murano, with the pretty heart-shaped CZs tucked away into the glass. This version offers a bit more of a vibrant punch of colour compared to the previous murano’s baby pink shade; it would be nice to see some more shades with the heart CZs. A black one would be pretty cool!

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Cerise Hearts murano

I previously stated that I was going to try and be more selective about what I add to my collection this year (yes, we will see how that goes..!). I have always loved murano glass beads, and this seems a good staple solid-colour bead to add to my collection, and to Pandora’s overall selection of murano glass itself, the little hearts offering that cute touch without detracting from its versatility. Plus, I knew exactly where I was going to put it!

The colour is a lovely deep cerise, more of a rich wine colour than pink exactly. It’s feminine, but less soft than lighter shades, offering a little drama; something of a compromise between the baby pinks of previous Valentine’s collections and many collectors’ requests for some more dramatic Valentine’s reds, perhaps. The glass is tinged pink all the way through, but the depth of colour appears to be wrapped around the core.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Cerise Hearts murano

There are four pink CZ hearts embedded in the glass, which has the smaller version of the Pandora silver core, so as not to showcase more of the design.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Cerise Hearts murano

I’ve heard from several readers that there is some variation between examples in terms of colour, with some being deeper and more vibrant than others. When I looked in store, they were all much of a muchness when it came to the colour, but my store probably just got a similar-looking batch.

There was the usual variation in size, however, and the one I ended up with is probably a little on the skinny side, on balance. I’d probably swap it for a bigger one if I had the chance again, as I feel its slimness detracts from the impact of the colour a little.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Cerise Hearts murano


Of course, this charm is perfect in combination with other recent Valentine’s charms, such as the Wild Hearts Murano; the white Abundance of Love spacer; and the pink enamel Heartbeat charm. I’m sure this is the kind of thing Pandora had in mind when they released it, and it does look sweet.

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Cerise Hearts murano

My styling is very much not in keeping with the romantic themes of the Valentine’s 2017 collection, however; I’ve decided to use it on my redesigned travel bracelet. This originally featured a mix of tropical teals and fuchsias, which looked lovely (to me, at least!), but I found that I never really wanted to wear it as much as my more colour-coordinated bracelets.

pandora summer 2015 review tropicana

Consequently, I’ve given it an overhaul, giving it an entirely pink & fuchsia colour scheme. The pinks soften the eclecticism of the all the travel charms and give them a bit of softness, while the oxidised darker chain gives it a bit more punch and drama. I’ve also added the retired Pink Ribbon Murano bead, which was a secondhand find!

Pandora Valentine's 2017 Cerise Hearts murano

The teal beads, out of interest, have been allocated to my blue summer leather. ^^

Recommended Retailers

If you’re in the UK, then you can purchase this lovely bead along with the rest of the Valentine’s 2017 collection from the Jewel Hut. :D


This is a lovely new glass bead; while it might not be setting the world alight in the way that some of their recent stunning glass designs have done, it is nevertheless a great new shade to add to Pandora’s glass collection. It has the same pretty tones as the Wild Hearts Murano without being as intricate or explicitly romantic.

However, I find it interesting that both my picks from this year’s Valentine’s collection are variations on existing designs; the Cerise Hearts Murano is a redesign of the Pink Hearts Murano from two years ago, which I loved, while the Sparkling Heart bracelet features the popular Love of my Life clip as a clasp. The Lace Bow Heart is the only new design from the release to seriously tempt me, but I’ve managed to stick to these two staples for now; I hope there’ll be more fresh designs in the upcoming launches that catch my eye.

What do you think of this charm? Is it going on your wish list?


36 Comments on Review: Cerise Hearts murano from Pandora Valentine’s 2017

  1. Thank you Ms. Mora for the wonderful cerise charm, it really looks pretty. I’m sure that will look great with any heart charm.

  2. Hi Ellie the murano looks lovely with the other fushia pieces, I love your travel bracelet with the teal and it looks lovely with the added pink.

    • Hi Nicola! Yay, it’s good that you like the travel bracelet as it’s the only one in my collection that I have never really felt I’ve got right ^^ hopefully I’ll be able to leave it alone now haha.

  3. I’ve seen different variation of the colour in different stores. Some are brighter than others. I prefer the brighter shades. I’ve seen a very cute rose gold charms with lace bow heart and glittering heart design in a concept store. I think it will go well into your 2nd rose gold bracelet. Ive send the picture to you via facebook.

    • I wonder where mine falls in terms of colour – whether it runs darker or lighter than others! I’ll have to wear it next time I’m in store so that I can see. :) I will check out your message on Facebook as well! <3

  4. Beautiful charm! I love the muranos too, they are the first thing I look at with each new collection. I gave in to temptation and bought one new charm last week, and it was between this one and the Amo Te, I went for the Amo Te because I loved the patterned enamel, but I really want the murano too! This cerise shade is one of my favourite colours along with the baby pink so I am always thrilled by Pandora this time of year! I really love your travel bracelet too!

    • The muranos are my favourite too – no matter how Pandora’s style has been changing, the murano glass has stayed consistently lovely :D I hope the murano finds its way home to you – the Te Mao’s enamelwork is gorgeous, so I’m not surprised that you went for that one!
      I’m so pleased you like the travel bracelet, it’s caused me some angst getting it right haha. <3

  5. Hi Ellie,

    I love, love , love thus charm so much so that I would consider buying another, however, I really want to stick to my budget at the moment. When I purchased mine a few weeks ago I opted for one that showed off the embedded heart CZ ‘s. The whole batch varied in size and a little bit in colour. I am lucky to have the most patient gals at my local shop in shop! They make the whole shopping experience a real joy.
    Yesterday I wore my cerise murano on my oxidized bracelet ( I only wear that braclet a few times a year) and the charm looked stunning on it. I paired it with the orchid dangle & two 14k Tropicana charms that I got on the spend more save more promo.. The contrast of colours against the oxidized colour on the bracelet really appealed to me. The cerise is such a refreshing change from the pinks Pandora has done for Valentines.
    I love your combinations especially the revamped travel bracelet. Eclectic charms on a bracelet are my preferred way to wear charms. You are soooo right using similar or multiples of the same murano
    tie everything together. As always you’re designs are an inspiration. It is cold and windy today, what better time to sit and play with Pandora.
    On another note, anything on the winds about a free bracelet promo in March?

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Ah, well done for you for sticking to your budget! I’ve managed to do the same so far and just stick to the bracelet and murano I wanted from the new collection. My next plan is to not buy any more Pandora until the Spring collection in March – which strikes me as stupidly ambitious, but I really want to prove to myself that I can have a bead detox, should I need to! :P
      I’m glad that your shop in shop is so understanding! I don’t have a store that I go to regularly these days, so it can be a little awkward explaining to a fresh SA each time that I want to pick my murano out – I didn’t really bother this time, but wish I had, as mine is definitely on the skinny side!

      I absolutely love this charm with the oxidised bracelet; I like that we both went for the orchid, too! Your gold tropicana beads will really kick that styling up a notch though, I bet that’s beautiful. Glad to hear that you liked my designs, too – rearranging PAndora is perfect rainy day weather, I agree ^^ or just when I’m tired in the evening, I might get out my jewellery box and evaluate some ‘problem’ bracelets and how I might fix the design. Which is how my newly cerise travel bracelet came about!

      I haven’t heard anything concrete about a bracelet promo yet, but rumour suggests that there will be one. :)

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! <3 Take care!

  6. Hi Ellie! I too am trying to stick to my budget, so I haven’t purchased the new Murano yet. I did get the encased in love cerise charm, which looks lovely with my cerise radiant heart. I also purchased the Wonderful Love charm, so I am using the cerise with baby pink too. I love the combination as it adds depth to the bracelet design.

    • Hi Deborah! The Encased in Love is so gorgeous in person – all the cerise charms are so nice! They definitely give a bit more oomph to the baby pink ones, so that sounds like a really lovely combination. I hope you get your murano soon!<3

  7. I got my cerise murano last week and mine is a little on the skinny side, too. I didn’t notice at the store. Like Lisa K, I have my murano on an oxidized bracelet and it looks great! I’m planning to get the Hearbeat/In Your Heart violet enamel bead and some silver beads to go with the cerise murano. It’s a nice, vibrant color and the little heart crystals are a nice touch.

    • No, I didn’t notice mine either! It was only when I got back and put it on the bracelet that I saw how slim it was. I do wish it was bigger, but it’s not a big detraction from how pretty it is :) love the sound of it an oxidised bracelet, that sounds very beautiful and dramatic!

  8. Cerise Murano is lovely. I have Pink Heart & Wild Heart so will pick up Cerise Heart next free bracelet promotion.

  9. My collection has a lot of their classic two toned & silver pieces, so it is hard to buy a lot like before. I saw Cerise Heart murano in store, like the grape colour. Will wait until next free bracelet promotion to get it.

    • I’ve found a lot of my budget going on older two-tones as well :) I’m going to try not to buy too much more of anything Pandora until spring launches – let’s see how that goes! ;)

  10. Hi Ellie. I love the Cerise Hearts Murano on your travel bracelet as well as your redesigned blue leather design! The color of this charm is so gorgeous. It would have gone well with the charms I have on my Valentine’s Day bracelet, but I ended up creating a new design on a CZ barrel clasp bracelet that I love. Along with this murano, it includes the Cerise Radiant Hearts, the In My Heart charm, the Fairytale Treaure charm, and the Dark Purple Shimmer Murano. It sounds like a strange combination, but I think it looks stunning!

    • Hi Joanne! Thank you, so pleased you like them! The new arrangements suit me much better now I think. Your bracelet sounds amazing – particularly the combination of this one with the dark purple shimmer murano. I wouldn’t have thought to do that, but as soon as you said, I could just picture how dramatic it looked! <3

      • Thank you. Honestly, I never would have thought of it either! I just had the Dark Purple Shimmer Murano sitting in my jewelry box from the time I removed my Halloween mini design from my black leather bracelet. I started to put together my cerise-colored bracelet and wanted to see if the purple murano balanced out the cerise murano, and it actually worked. So, it kind of came about by accident haha.

  11. This colour is really beautiful!. I think it’s the prettiest one of this collection. Not for me though, as I never wear muranos because of their size and shape. And your combination with the former baby pink version is absolutely gorgeous. Those two are made for each other ?

    • Aw, I hope some day you learn to love muranos haha :) I design all my bracelets around them! And yes, this one does look gorgeous with the original pink version- very girly and cute!

  12. Hi Ellie!

    I am definitely tempted by that charm! I like the combination of deep pink/cerise with blue/turquoise as they offset each other nicely. I recently bought the gift set with the encased in love charm and travel case (that I wanted for a while!) and added the ice cream dangle, the tropical parrot and a couple of other soft turquoise charms. It looks so fresh and summery (in mid-winter :P)! I saw this Murano charm in the store and I am considering getting it for my blue leather bracelet that has the poinsetia and the flower garden and folklore Muranos. Even though I admit the lacy heart charm has won my heart and is waiting any next promo to come home with me!

    Great review as usual! Take care :)

    • Hi Victoria! I did really like the cerise with the turquoise as well, I just found that I didn’t wear that bracelet as much as my more colour-coordinated bracelets, which is why I changed it – objectively, it looked lovely! So I very much like the sound of your pretty tropical bracelet, with the turquoise and the Encased in Love. Sounds like it would potentially be an interesting combination with the leather and this murano, too, although you have a lot of colour going on there – I’d love to see a pic of how it turned out if you do go for it!

      Thanks for commenting Victoria! <3

  13. Hi Ellie
    I really thought I was safe and wouldn’t be picking up anything from this collection. I have enough hearts and I have two of the Pink Hearts murano. This one didn’t seem different enough to warrant purchasing it. That was, of course, before I read this post and saw these pictures! All of a sudden it really appeals to me. I like the colour, the hearts are relatively subtle, and my willpower is so very weak! So now, thanks to this review, I will have to go to the shop and have a look at it. That in itself is dangerous as no doubt I will see other things I will suddenly realize that I just must have! Upon leaving I discover that I have a bag with many more items than I had planned to buy and a much lighter wallet. I never have a clue as to how that happened! So, I’m not sure if I should thank you for this particular review, knowing how this is probably going to turn out. :). Wish me luck on getting out of the store with just one of these. :D

    • Hi Janet! Aha, as usual I’m sorry and not sorry – it’s so nice to hear that the review won you over, even if it is leading you astray! I do the same as you so often, especially around the time of a new collection. ;) I will wish you luck just buying this murano, but will nevertheless very much enjoy reading about your purchases should you cave and buy more :P

  14. Hi Ellie!

    Lovely review and pictures of the Cerise Hearts murano. As much as I like all of your designs, your redesigned travel bracelet is my favorite! I’ve looked at this beautiful murano in two different shops and didn’t notice a big difference in color or size, but I’ll be sure to take a closer look when I’m ready to purchase one. This is a very pretty murano and I, too, would love to have one in black. That would be gorgeous!

    • Hi Emily! Yay, I’m glad to hear it, seeing as the travel bracelet design is one I’ve been looking forward to putting together for some time now. :D I think the pink colour scheme makes it just a little bit more wearable for me, as the charms themselves are quite eclectic and having a more neutral colour scheme pulls it together a bit more.
      Wouldn’t it be great if they did black? Kind of like a gothic romance sort of bead – it would be amazing with some more oxidised pieces, or even with this one!

    • I was fond of it, but this way I will wear it more often and I can stack the two new bracelets together to get a similar effect with the colours! ^^

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