Today’s post brings my long-overdue Pandora Spring 2017 jewellery preview, with HQ images of all the upcoming Spring rings, earrings and necklaces! There are some lovely florals and softer colours, but also some really fun brights, too; it’s a bit more of a mix this season.

This collection is due out very soon, on the 16th of March – so there’s not long to wait now! I already previewed the charms and bracelets some time ago; you can see that preview here! There are also some live shots of all the new jewellery in my post here.

In the meantime, read on for a preview of all the accompanying jewellery!


First up for the rings, we have two new Poetic Droplets offerings, in blush pink and clear stones:

An unexpected gem for me in this collection is this beautiful plain silver Daisies ring, which looks like it could have walked straight out of a Pandora catalogue of five years ago. I’m quite tempted! Adding to the Dazzling Daisies line, we have this pretty open design, which is again reminiscent in style of older Pandora classics.

Continuing the florals, we have this delightful splash of colour with the Magnolia ring! I don’t have any space in my bracelet collection for more pink flowers of this sort of hue, but the ring on its own is very pretty and is perhaps more manageable! ^^

Next up, we have more decorative pieces, which offer a lot of sparkle.
Next up, we have all the lovely bright colours in the form of new Radiant Hearts of Pandora rings! These first made an appearance last year, in subtle pastel colours; for this season, Pandora has given them something of a revamp.

There are also two new thick-banded versions of this design, but in softer colours that might go nicely with the upcoming Mother’s Day 2017 jewellery:

My favourite of these decorative pieces, however, is the swirling symmetry; I love the smooth cleanness of the lines. It just has a very soothing look to it, and I know exactly what Pandora were going for with their name for this ring.


And then it’s on to the earrings!

These sorts of designs are undoubtedly elegant and always pretty in store, but they’re more generic and of less interest to me personally.

Again, I love the Magnolia Bloom motif best in its form as accompanying jewellery, I think – these earrings look beautiful! I did buy my first ever pair of Pandora earrings from Rue La La a few weeks ago (plain silver hearts, very pretty!) and I’d be tempted to add these to my collection now. It’s a slippery slope…The Dazzling Daisies are also very cute as earrings!


The Radiant Hearts of Pandora design crops up again with this series of stunning enamel bracelets! These have usually been stacked in Pandora’s campaign images or press previews, and they do look stunning worn that way.

My favourites of these are… well, pretty much all the colours, but the teal looks particularly stunning:

And this gorgeous raspberry colour:


Surprisingly, I’ve only been given a stock image for one new necklace: this is a pretty Dazzling Daisies design.

My Comment

Obviously, my first love with Pandora is the charms and bracelets, but I am steadily building up a reasonable collection of rings, and now earrings/necklace pendants, too! None of the jewellery pictured here are absolutely must-haves for me, but I do love the Magnolia Bloom pieces in ring and earring form, and the Radiant Hearts of Pandora in all its various colours makes for such a fun bracelet design. I would love to stack them all together and take them on holiday with me!

(On a side note – I was originally going to post my news round-up for this month today, but I need to check a couple of details – so I’ve swapped in the Spring jewellery preview instead! Round-up is coming shortly.)

Is there anything here for you?

59 Comments on Preview: Pandora Spring 2017 Jewellery

  1. Funny you should post this as I was just wondering what the new rings are! I’m hitting the mall tomorrow night as the collection is in my local store. My plan was just to buy the pink and purple Muranos, but when I see those rings in person I might change my mind. The plain silver daisies one looks super cute and likely won’t be expensive!

    • I saw your gorgeous gorgeous pic on Instagram of your new ring! I think you’ve convinced me that I need a silver daisies ring for stacking too ^^

  2. This spring is very exciting lots of new and different I am happy to get lots happy spring to every one

  3. I really love the radiant hearts bangle in pink, raspberry, light and radiant blues, as well as teal too. Can’t wait to see them in person.

  4. Thanks for the preview! I definitely want the daisies ring, and the symmetry one. I’m curious about the daisies necklace… I wish there was a closer picture of the clasp. It almost looks like it could be adjustable in length? I wonder if that silver bead on it is silicone lined (or something) to slide it up and down for a longer or shorter chain length…? If that’s the case, I could be persuaded into that one ;)

    • Oh, yes, that would look amazing and be so versatile, you could even wear it down your back with your hair up and a backless dress for a formal occasion :-D.

      • That would be a great idea but sadly it just have a normal clasp , is normal necklace 60 cm long, Is beautiful but I wish it would be shorter

    • Ah, unfortunately it’s just a normal length I think :( you can open the picture in a new tab to see it more close up! Or zoom in on your browser :)

  5. Hi Ellie. Thanks for the preview! There are some cute pieces here–although, probably nothing I am likely to buy immediately. I really like the Dazzling Daisies earrings and the new colors of the Radiant Hearts of Pandora rings. I initially was drawn to the new bangles, but I don’t understand why the pave part isn’t colored to match the enamel, as they are on the rings. I guess it’s good they aren’t on my wishlist anymore because they will look best stacked but will likely be quite expensive! I would love if the Daisies necklace is adjustable like Katherine suggested above and it could be worn as a “Y” choker style, as I’m obsessed with chokers at the moment!

    This is unrelated to jewelry but to the spring collection: I’m so disappointed that it appears the new flower murano will not be available in the blue color in North America. Pandora continues to be very strange about their country exclusives! I may have to hunt that one down because the color is stunning (and my favorite of the three).

    I can’t wait to see the news round-up. I’m eagerly awaiting more info on the upmoming promo!

    • Hi Joanne! You are welcome! I love the bangles, although I hadn’t noticed that the pave stones don’t match the enamel. I still like them, though!

      We’re getting the blue murano here in the UK, I think, and I’m rather excited to see it! I have no bracelet plans that would incorporate it, but it might possibly mix in with one of my more tropical summer oceanic leathers. So it’s a maybe! I’m sure you’ll be able to find one :)

      • I actually was already able to find one, and it’s on it’s way! I plan to put it either on the pale blue or honeysuckle pink leather bracelet from last year. I may try to experiment with a reverse design where I put the pink beads on the blue leather and the blue beads on the HS pink leather, but I haven’t decided for sure yet!

  6. Hi Ellie! I’m so happy with the enamel rings. They look very cute and on trend. I had seen them pictured before and hoped they would have the matching bracelets. Other than that, I’m waiting for summer and the beachy starfish, shells, and flamingo. Also the aquamarine radiant heart from the summer collection.

    Thanks for keeping us up to speed on upcoming releases. It helps to be able to plan accordingly.

    • Hi Deborah! Ah, it’s nice to hear that you’ll be going for so much fun colour from the various collections :D I’m doing my usual and going for pinks and pastels, but that’s what makes me happiest haha. I buy the same sorts of things repeatedly! ;)

      You are very welcome! :D So pleased it’s helpful!

  7. Hi Ellie

    Like you, there is nothing here in my must have list. In saying that, I will be having a good look at the Radiant Hearts of Pandora band as I agree, looks like they will go well with my Mother’s Day must haves?. I’m also liking the look of the smaller radiant hearts rings as well. I’m a little disappointed in the bangles as like mentioned before, I thought they would have put the stones in the same colour as the enamel. But saying this, I could be completely surprised in person and blow my want list right out of the water lol.
    Thanks again for keeping us all up to date?

    • Hi Janelle! I really hadn’t noticed the clear CZs in the bangles, but I will take a look at them in person and see whether I think it affects the finish. The coloured enamel pops so beautifully that I don’t know that I’d mind!

      You’re welcome <3

  8. too much enamel, too much pink. I don’t like this. I’m not fanatic fan. I’m waiting for mother’s day collection.

  9. Ooooh!I´m gasping and trembling with anticipation!!!. Rings for sure. While I´m still undecided about charms I could rush to the mall and come home with two or three rings, lol.This i s really addictive. I also like the daisies necklace and I wonder how long it will be. well, we´ll find out soon, won´t we?
    At the moment I´m behaving quite well, because I´m half suspecting there may be a promo with the spring launch so I´m saving up for it although I couldn´t resist just a couple of rings in february.After all, the mall offered a 10 Euro voucher for all shops during the sales and it would have been a shame to miss it, haha. Besides it had been my birthday at the end of January ….. What can I say. Pandora has us all well wrapped around its little finger!
    Thanks again for this preview.

    • Am I correct in thinking that you live in Spain, Marie? I’m trying to find out who the authorised online Pandora dealers are in Spain. The Pandora e-store will only tell me who are the authorised dealers with physical stores :-(. There are a lot of sellers selling on Amazon here in the UK (our own dealers aren’t allowed to sell on Amazon :-() and I have some Amazon vouchers that I want to spend on Pandora (of course, lol) but I don’t entirely trust them unless I can find a record of them on the e-store so I need someone who can tell me the names and addresses of the online deals in Spain ;-). Thanks for reading and thanks for your time :-D. xx

        • Hello Pat. Yes, I´m in Spain, but I never buy online because I like to see the items in person so I cannot answer your question right now. I´ll make some research for you. Just to be sure, what you need to know is the name of retailers who sell through amazon, right?.

        • I’ve tried a few times to include a link to the Amazon seller that I am particularly interested in but the blog won’t let me :'(. My posts disappeared, probably because I included a link to Amazon :'(, but yes, it’s the authorised online dealers who are from Spain and sell on Amazon that I am interested in. There are some in France and Germany too, if they have a physical store on a high street then it is not a problem for me to find out if they are authorised or not, it’s just that Pandora won’t tell me who the authorised online retailers are :-(. Thank you so much for helping me :-D. x

        • This is the business address from their Amazon page: Duran Xaus 11 Casa 7
          they seem to be going by a few different names, Luxury online, Desiralia and Including gift box.

    • Aha, it’s so nice to hear how excited you are! :D You are so right – we have Pandora wrapped around our wrists, and they have us around their little finger. ^^ But I do love my jewellery, so there’s no regrets here, haha. It’s good to hear that you’ve at least seen some rings you like – I’m wanting a fair few charms, a new bracelet and I’d like that pretty silver daisies ring too!

      • @ Ellie. Haha, no regrets here either!
        @ Pat. Still researching, but I’m sorry to say that there is a list of authorised online Pandora retailers on spanish FB page and I’m sorry to say that this address is not on it. I’ll investigate a bit more and let you know, ok? ?

      • @ Ellie. Haha, no regrets here either!
        @ Pat. Still researching, but I’m sorry to say that there is a list of authorised online Pandora retailers on spanish FB page and I’m sorry to say that this address is not on it. I’ll investigate a bit more and let you know, ok? ?

        • Thanks for checking, Marie, I won’t buy until I’m sure they are an authorised dealer :-D. The one that I bought my last lot from in Spain was Francisco Ortuno but they only had one of the forget me not buttons left in stock and I like to have symmetry, lol, and the prices have just risen here :-(, it was £55 now it is £60 :-(. Thanks again for checking :-) x

        • Hello Pat. I asked on Pandora’s blog and the have sent me the link to that list I told you about yesterday. It’s It is a bit long. I had found it just by typing: Pandora vendedores online autorizados España on Google. Some of them won’t sell through Amazon though (forget El Corte Inglés, it’s a big centre that only sells through its page) but I’ve checked them and found out that more than I had thought mention amazon ion their online sites. If you need more help with that let me know and I can make a list out of the list for you, lol. Now seriously, it’s info from Pandora itself, so they must be reliable . However I cannot say for myself., as I live near two boutiques and a shop in shop.

        • Thank you so much for that information, Marie :-D, you’re a star :-D. I’ll keep that link in my Pandora file for future reference whenever I want to spend my Amazon vouchers. I don’t know why the authorised dealers in the UK aren’t allowed to sell on Amazon when other countries can :-O. There is one that says it ships from the UK but I can’t find a record of them being an authorised dealer so I’m wondering whether to report them to Amazon to get them to check them out :-/. Thanks again

  10. I like the open look on the dazzling daisy and abstract elegant rings. Will want to have a good look at them.

    • Yes, there’s a really classic two-tone Pandora heart ring that’s based on the same openwork design and I always wished I could have got it before it retired!

  11. I can see the bangles being popular for stacking between leather (black or white, not colors) or fabric bracelets, but just one of them. The complete stacking of the sneak peek was far too much enamel and bejeweling at one time. I’d want to see them in person first though before buying, to see how well the enamel is fixed. They definitely have potential.

    • See, I’m usually the first to take a step back when Pandora lay on the colour or sparkle a bit too thickly, but I absolutely love those colourful bangle stacks! I think they’d be gorgeous for a fun summer outfit, if not all year round.

  12. Hi Ellie! I may finally have to bite the bullet and buy my first non-charm Pandora item; the silver Daisies ring! You are so right…it’s completely reminiscent of the rings that were coming out a few years ago. I’ve always wanted a plain silver ring, and I know the Floral Elegance has been out for a while, but I never loved it enough to buy it. This one may change my mind though! :) I’m also thinking it would look adorable stacked with the Floral Daisy Lace ring, which I’ve always liked as well. Sounds like I’m in trouble! Thanks for the preview, as always!

    • Hi Kristen! Ooh I remember when I did that, haha. I think I bought a two-tone flower ring that’s very similar to the daisies ring, which they’ve since retired. This is another beautiful choice, and I would also love to buy this one to stack. It would be so lovely with the Floral Daisy Lace – you may be talking me round to getting both of them too, haha!

  13. I love swirlyng symmetry ring, it would be nice if they make ring with three interlinked rings.
    I also love interlinked circles earrings, it would be interesting if it were rose instead of pave circle. Xoxo

    • That’s one of my favourites as well; I just love how clean the lines are. That would be beautiful in rose, too!

  14. The magnolia bloom, silver daisies ring are both on my list. The dazzling daisies ring is a possible, though I have two of the original ones, so don’t really need this one. I love my Pandora rings.
    I have 2 pairs of earrings and do get tempted, but have stopped myself, as I want to focus on the rings and charms.
    I can’t wait to see the collection in store.

    • I love my Pandora rings, too! My collection has kind of grown without me even realising it. My OH likes to give me the as presents as well, as I get so many of the charms on my own. ^^

  15. I love the daisies silver ring and the swirling symmetry ring is gorgeous! I find I need to try rings on though, I never know if they will look as nice on me as they do in the pictures as I only have small hands. I also love the dazzling daisies earrings, I think they will look stunning on! Congratulations on your first Pandora earrings Ellie, I think the earrings are as nice as the rings and nearly as addictive!

    • Hi Debbie J,

      If the Dazzling Daisies or the Swirling Symmetry rings don’t work out, you can always wait for the Petite Circle ring you liked from the Mother’s Day collection. I think it’s so adorable. I would like to have it for a pinkie ring, if it comes sized small enough.

    • No, that’s definitely true of the rings! I’ve ordered a few from Rue La La and have found some of them not as lovely as they look in the stock images. Some of them are just a bit heavy for my fingers, as you mention!

      Thanks Debbie, i absolutely love them, although they are very simple! <3

  16. Hi Ellie,
    I like everything from the Magnolia Bloom collection and the ring is no exception. I’ve talked myself out of getting it (at least for now), since I have the Poetic Blooms from last spring. I’m planning to get the Poetic
    Blooms bracelet during the upcoming promo, if it’s eligible.

    I do like the Radiant Hearts of Pandora enamel bracelets and rings, but I think Pandora should have used the matching colored stones for the bracelets same as the rings. Oh well…I would want to wear them stacked and that would be expensive, as you’ve previously mentioned.

    The Dazzling Daisies necklace is nice. Wonder if it’s adjustable?

    Hope you’re adjusting well to your new job and loving your new place!

    • I like a lot of pieces from the upcoming Mother’s Day Jewelry and I would be more inclined to purchase from that collection.

    • Hi Emily! I’m also wanting the Poetic Blooms bracelet during the promo, and will be gutted if it’s not an option! I need it :D I want to put the Mint Glitter muranos from summer on it, along with the Tinker Bell charms.

      I don’t think the Dazzling Daisies necklace is adjustable, unfortunately :( but it’s very pretty nevertheless!

      I am, thank you! Everything is finally starting to feel more normal again, and I’ve got a bit more time and headspace for Pandora and the blog again. Thanks for asking! <3 Hope you have a lovely week and thanks for commenting!

  17. Hey, I was just wondering whether anyone had any more information about the poetic droplets ring in Blush?! It’s ever so pretty and would make a great addition to my collection, buuuuuuuut I can’t seem to find it on the UK website.. Only Australia seem to have it? Am I being daft and missing something? I’m heading in to store today as I’m after the daisies ring, was hoping to get the two.

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