Today’s post brings a shockingly overdue review from the Pandora Spring 2017 collection, with a closer look at the blue Field of Flowers muranos! These did not launch in all regions, and have been rather sought after – with their lovely bright blue shade and delicate floral detailing, it’s easy to see why.

Pandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of Flowers

It feels like such a long time since I last did a review! Wait, that’s because it is. I’ll be honest with you – I’ve not been well over the past few weeks (tired all the time…!), and it’s also coincided with a bit of a Pandora slump. So it’s been hard to find the energy to blog. I am all over retired beads and have been buying up a storm on Rue La La, but I just am not that excited about what’s coming up next. There are pieces I’m looking forward to (um hello Summer 2017 muranos) but it’s just not the same as I used to feel about new Pandora releases. I debated whether or not to actually say this (and my boyfriend thought that I shouldn’t), but I know that a lot of people have been feeling the same, and it seemed better to be honest! And, having said all this, actually sitting down and writing this review has really helped me start feeling the love again. I want to write more about this in some other point, but felt I should explain a little bit why I’ve not been as present on the blog lately. :)

Anyway, enough of my rambles – read on for a review of these lovely beads! :)

Pandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of Flowers murano review

Now, the first thing to note is that these are not actually my muranos – they are two that I bought for a friend of mine in the US who couldn’t purchase them for herself, and she very kindly allowed me to photograph them for review before I package them up for her. I personally went for the purple Field of Flowers murano, and will be getting the pink as well – but only because the blue doesn’t fit with any of my current bracelet projects. It is stunning – as you shall see! ^^

The colour in the stock image is quite a delicate, light blue, but I’ve not seen any of these muranos in person that have been quite this shade in person.

Pandora Spring 2017 Field of Flowers

For the most part, the examples I’ve seen have been quite bright and deep in shade – definitely not a soft pastel blue. It’s a very vibrant cornflower blue at best, with a slightly luminous quality. They are absolutely stunning – really rich and eye catching, but quite different from the pink and purple versions, which are much softer.

Pandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of Flowers

These muranos have the smaller silver Pandora core, so as to allow you to see the design better. I do love looking at the floral murano glass beads from side on, as you really begin to get a sense of the work that’s gone into them – the depth of the flowers, the swirl of the ribbon through the glass…

Pandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of Flowers

These muranos vary a lot! I’d definitely advise buying these in person if you can. I was purchasing two, as I said before, for a friend in the US and I ended up taking one back as it was so much skinnier than the other. The swirls and the detailing of the flowers also differ a lot, which I don’t mind as much – but it does affect the symmetry of a design when the actual beads themselves are so different in size, I feel.

Pandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of Flowers


For my stylings for these muranos, I’ve paired them with different sets of floral murano glass. I think Pandora really excel with their floral beads, and they’re often the charms I like buying most these days. <3 They have the most ‘old school Pandora’ feel of all their new releases. First up, I paired them with a little delicate pink – the older 2014 Field of Daisies murano, which have cropped up in a few sales. They’re just gorgeous, and the little lick of yellow in the middle gives them such a sunny warmth, too.

Pandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of Flowers

I’ve got to that point in the year where I am obsessed with going on holiday – I still haven’t booked something for this summer and I keep dreaming about lovely getaways in the sun. This bracelet is a little homage to that, bringing out the hint of the tropical in these muranos by pairing them with vibrant orange glass beads. :D

Pandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of Flowers

My favourite combo that I came up with, however, is this one. I love the cool combination of the blue and purple pastels, and the oxidised bracelet really accentuates that. I’d have loved to add in the light blue Birthday Blooms to complete the two-tone look, but unfortunately I don’t have it! :(

Pandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of FlowersPandora Spring 2017 Blue Field of Flowers


This murano is a truly lovely bead, and I really did enjoy borrowing a couple from my friend to play with for a couple of hours. ;) The depth of the colour is stunning, and the glasswork is just gorgeous. However, its brighter blue doesn’t really fit with anything in my collection as it currently stands, and I’m not planning on getting one for myself in the immediate future.

The Pandora Field of Flowers murano is £40 in the UK; it’s unfortunately not available in the US or Australia.

Have you indulged in one of these beauties yet? If so, how have you styled it?

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  1. Hi Ellie. Appreciate your honesty. I know you have a lot on your plate with full-time work as well as running this excellent blog on multiple platforms. Hope you feel better soon and get that much needed holiday.

    Apart from gifts for friends, it’s been quite a while since I bought Pandora. I still love to wear my bracelets, reading your blog and seeing Pandora photos on various Instagram accounts but my desire to spend money on Pandora has waned. Let’s see what the rest of year’s releases brings. No blue Murano in my country. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

    • Hi Lozzie! Thank you very much – I was super nervous as it happens about writing what I did, and yours was a lovely first comment to receive. I am much where you are at. I still love wearing my bracelets, buying the older beads, etc. – but the new beads aren’t so exciting as they used to be, and there’s something quite demoralising about writing a preview and knowing that people aren’t going to like the new charms!

      Thanks again for the lovely comment! Hope you have a good week ahead, and that the rest of the year brings some pieces that we both like! :)

  2. I’ve been buying more of the retired Pandora charms lately. I just haven’t been “feeling” the new ones that much.

    • Me too. I bought and loved a few of the new Disney beads, plus some murano glass, but it’s just not the same at the moment! :)

    • Yeah, the price is the other thing! New collections can be eyewatering at the moment.

  3. Hi Ellie
    Hope it’s nothing serious and you’re back to normal soon. I’ve lashed out on two of each of the field of flowets. I’m thinking about styling them with some Disney ( if I ever get my hands on Dumbo and Alice). Not sure if the blues will work but I feel the purple and pink will do. I’ll wait to see.
    Glad you’re back because I so enjoy reading your blog.

    • Hi Tracy! Thank you – no, nothing serious, I think. It’s probably just stress and diet. My boyfriend is sending me back to the doctor’s and making sure I get it sorted out!

      Ah well Dumbo would be very cute with these blue ones I think! That’s a lovely idea. :D And thank you, that’s really very lovely to hear. It’s been so nice reading through all these comments!

  4. I feel the same. I haven’t purchased any Pandora for over a year now. I feel they are repeating designs and the newish ones they have come out with are very generic looking. These muranos look beautiful as do the summer 2017 ones, however, Troll had the glitter muranos years ago. I am wondering if sales have dropped for Pandora in general. It’s sad. ☹️

    • look Pandora fan page. A lot of people like (love!) new style. Marketing is about getting new customer, market so they modify old fashion and add enamel, more zirconia, colour e.g.
      Old fashion is old and beautiful in museum, not on wrist- it’s my opinion.

      But to much enamel and motley aren’t good idea.

      • I think that there’s a difference between genuinely ‘old-fashioned’ jewellery and the charms that Pandora were doing even three or four years ago. I believe there’s still a place for both :)

    • Oh wow, that’s long time to go without buying anything :) I have bought a few pieces this year, it’s just that the excitement isn’t quite what it used to be. I think Pandora is booming, they’re just selling to different people these days !

  5. I have really missed reading your blog. Even started watching youtube videos to see mostly the old charms. Now we can buy from Rue la la in Australia i have been picking up a few of the older charms and rings that retired here long ago or were never in Aus. It took awhile for me to learn about the retiring process here and sometimes the things that didn’t make sense on a bracelet back when they retired are now vital to it. I really am happy for you to review anything you track down from Rue la la too, and to see how u make it sing in your designs. Hope u feel better and know we appreciate all the effort you put in for us.

    • Thank you, that’s so lovely to hear! :) I will definitely think about putting together some retired charm hauls and doing features on some of the older beads that I love most. And maybe just some features on older charms in my collection. I have some new charms to review, but I’m definitely loving my older beads the most at the moment! Glad to hear that you’re tracking down some retired pieces too, there are some truly beautiful things up for a steal currently – the upside to Pandora’s big change in direction!

  6. Hope you feel better soon! It is very difficult to blog while working full time and if you are not feeling well also, I can picture it being darn near impossible! I really like the blue and orange bracelet you did-so fun for warmer weather. Thanks for showing your combos!

    • Thank you Martha! It’s been super tricky and I’ve been feeling guilty and all tied up in knots about it, but feel so much better for coming clean, haha. Thanks for commenting <3

  7. Hi Ellie. I hope you feel better soon! It is a luxury for us to have this blog, and I’m sure we all appreciate the effort it takes to run a blog while having a full-time job. Take care of yourself!

    I also appreciate your honesty about your lack of enthusiasm with regards to the latest/upcoming collections. I’m someone who actually enjoys the glitz and the newer designs, but even I’m starting to tire of the repetitive designs. I’ve been spending less on Pandora lately and crossing more items off my wishlist that I just don’t want anymore. I am glad you have been able to find some goodies from Rue though. I bought the tennis racket charm from the latest sale, which I have wanted for awhile. I already received it and love it!

    Onto the blue murano: I bought this charm right away when one of my favorite FB sellers posted it for sale, as it is not available here in the US. It is so gorgeous and such a different color with its vivid blue shade. I put it on my pale blue leather bracelet and love it. I must say that your third combo here is absolutely stunning! It makes me want to pair this murano with my Light Purple Shimmer Murano on my metallic silver leather bracelet.

    Finally, do you have any info on any upcoming promos in the US? Typically, the leather bracelet promo and ring event take place in June and July, but all has been quiet on that front.

    • Hi Joanne! Thank you! There has been such a raft of lovely responses, it’s been so nice to read them all. It’s made me feel tons better on a Pandora front, at least. And it’s good (and a bit sad) to know that others feel the same.

      The tennis racket is such a great charm! I got that one in the UK sale last year. I’ve been hoovering up all those beads as well – the traditional silver ones, with lots of oxidation to bring out the little details.

      Glad to hear that you’re a fan of this bead, too! Love the sound of it with the pale blue leather. I just don’t have a space for it in my collection currently, but it was super fun to be able to play with my friend’s beads. I was thrilled to be asked to help out with them, haha, and to get the chance to see them up close.

      Yep, when I get round to doing my (very late) round-up for May I’ll post some updated info! Sorry for the lack of new lately.

  8. Wow they look like the are glowing they are so bright! We didn’t get them in Canada which is a shame because I love blue and didn’t like the pink and purple as I found them too subtle for me.

    I am glad you were honest about not feeling into Pandora recently because I haven’t found their latest stuff all that exciting either.

    • Yeah, they are really very bright. Almost an electric blue in some lights!

      Thanks! I was nervous about saying it, but am glad that it seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people’s feelings.

  9. Hi Ellie,

    I’m so glad you spoke out! I feel the same way. I used to be obsessed, couldn’t wait for the next release. I must confess I bought quite a bit from the spring collection. I especially loved the radiant droplet beads. All of a sudden, I just lost my enthusiasm. I looked at the mother’s day collection and didn’t like anything (very unusual for me). Ditto for the summer collection. All of the charms are just versions of charms I’ve bought before, and they are all sooooo expensive. The charms mainly range from $60 to $90 now. The price points are just staggering, especially if you buy a number of pieces from each collection.

    I’ve been collecting other bead brands, and have found fresh new designs at much more reasonable prices.

    I had actually liked pandora’s new styles, but it’s just retreads now. I don’t blame you for not working up the energy to blog.

    I’m sure I will continue to love and wear my pandora. I just may have all I need:).

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you, I’m glad that you’re glad haha. I was reluctant to come out and say it, but feel better for doing so. The same kind of thing happened to me. I did get a fair few Spring Disney beads ,but writing about the Mother’s Day collection and feeling zero enthusiasm for it really did some damage to my Pandora blogging mojo! I am getting back into the swing of things bu definitely needed some time off. I don’t blame you for turning to other brands to supplement your Pandora habit, though – they are just not doing the character beads like they used to! There are lots of pretty colours and glass beads, I just need some more characters to mix in with them. :)

  10. I wholeheartedly agree! It seems even the company has lost interest. The last magazine was ages ago. The next issue was due out in March and it is now May. Disappointing. I myself have had some Disney Chamilia shipped from across the pond and was thrilled with the pieces (Jasmine muranos). Hopefully Dumbo and Alice will surface soon. Maybe something exciting is coming that is keeping everyone too busy? Here’s hoping! Glad you are feeling better.

    • Aha, really? I don’t really follow the Pandora magazine anymore, I find following people on social media much better for inspiration. There are some very clever collectors out there putting together such beautiful designs!

      Chamilia do some really fun Disney beads! They’re more willing to take a punt on something a bit more out there than Pandora sometimes. I thought it was great the they did Star Wars, for example.

      • Good idea! I will do that :)

        I haven’t bought any of the pieces, but I loved some of their Moana collection too. Great movie <3!

  11. Hi Ellie,

    I was so pleased to get this post, in all honesty I was getting concerned that something happened to you. Very sorry that you have been under the weather. It is so important to pay attention to your body and tend to ones health. I hope you are feeling better. As Joanne stated earlier your blog is indeed a luxury that we enjoy.
    Ellie, your honesty is so very appreciated, and respected so thanks for sharing that with us.
    Your disappointment with the Pandora releases is echoed & I can only hope that Pandora creators find some new inspirations. In the mean time I have been scouring the last call trays at my local store for some of the soon to be retired charms. I have also been tracking down retired charms where ever I can. You know I for one would be curious to see what you do with your newly acquired retired charms, why not write about Pandora past as well as the present!! Make the old new again!
    I have obtained a few ohm & Redbailfrog charms because they offer whimsy & design options that reflect recent events in my life. As much as I would love to remain a Pandora purest, I am finding it difficult, particularly when some of my favorite charms are country exclusives. My bracelets are still mostly Pandora but no longer exclusively. I am waoting for the summer & full Fall release before I purchase new Pandora.
    With regard to your new post. The blue murano is stunning, I love it, particularly your design with the orange murano. The purple is my second favourite. I have a number of blue muranos but the field of flowers is my favourite.
    Thanks again Ellie, please do take care and the time you need to feeling yourself again.

    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, I’m sorry to have worried you. It wasn’t really intentional, the lack of posts, I just struggled to find the inspiration and the motivation to do it over the past couple of weeks. It felt good to come back and post this review though :)

      I like that we’ve all been engaged in tracking down all these beautiful retired pieces that are disappearing so quickly at the moment! It’s just a shame for people who will be coming into collecting lately and who will have missed out on so many classics! I will definitely think about writing some posts with some of the newest retired beads, and maybe some of my older pieces too, as I know that we’ll most likely have bene tracking down similar pieces as new waves of beads retire.

      Whimsy is a good word to describe what’s been missing from some of Pandora’s newest launches. :) I love their cuter animal beads, and it would be great to see them throw in some more into the AW17 releases. Wouldn’t that be fun? :D

      Finally – thank you for your very kind and sweet comment, Lisa! I can’t tell you how much reading the comments on this post has perked me up. I’m working on getting back to feeling normal, and my boyfriend is packing me off to the doctor’s (again) soon, and hopefully I’ll continue to be on the up and back into blogging, too. <3 Take care also and enjoy those new retired charms of yours!

  12. I’m going to Iceland in November and if I can find a blue fields then why not … it seems to match their flag!

  13. Thank you for your honesty! As a new collector I still am very excited about everything Pandora has to offer and my wish list is still one my pocket book can’t keep up with BUT they are more or less all retired items. You have inspired me in so many of my purchases and I hope you get your enjoyment back with their products as I know my new found hobby has been a major stress reliever for me! Thank you for your reviews and updates!

    • Nichol I so agree! I’m a relatively new collector and it’s been such a fun hobby, but with the prices getting so much higher (apparently there used to be a good selection of charms in the $30-$40 range) I can’t really afford to do anything but window shop and pine! D= Plus I do wish that Pandora would go back to making some unique character beads, as those are always my favorite–I find that they tell a better “story” than plain florals and hearts.

      • They have massively retired these character beads. Not many left, nor planned for the future apparently…:(

    • I am actually feeling much better, thank you, and I got out all of my bracelets and did some major rearranging for the first time in ages today! It was super relaxing, haha. Thank you for the lovely comment! <3

  14. Sooo very glad that you spoke up, seems to be a common thread among all of us Pandora lovers. It’s just not the same. They need to take a step back and realize that these new design choices are not for everyone. If anyone knows how to get Pandora’s headquarters to see this it would be so very good. Maybe then they would get back to what we love!!!
    Feel better soon!

    • Thank you, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one! And there are new pieces coming out that I’m really looking forward to. But the overall feel just isn’t the same :) but it’ll still be good to see what AW17 brings!

  15. Hi Ellie hope you are feeling better I have really missed your posts, I love these murano they are so pretty but I haven’t purchased them because at the minute they don’t fit into my collection at the minute.

    • Hi Nicola, thank you! <3 I really love them as well, but I don't have any bracelets planned for a blue theme currently. I just finished one that has the mint shimmer and the tropical lattice blue/teal charm, so I don't want to do anything too similar for the moment!

  16. Hi Ellie, I really hope you are feeling better soon. I enjoy reading your blog so much, when I see a new post it is the highlight of my day! I think we have had a few less than exciting new collections just lately, which is a shame, so I can understand how you feel. I agree with the other posters though that I would be excited to see how you have styled your new retired pieces, and what old stuff youve been buying! I hope you soon feel well enough, do look after yourself first!

    • What a lovely thing to say Debbie – that is so nice to hear. <3 I am working on more content now - I actually feel so much more positive about blogging having said what I did here, as it means that I'm not having to pretend at all. I will definitely start looking at some retired charm posts. My latest Rue haul just arrived and I had a proper Pandora session this afternoon. It was really good fun! :D

  17. I was beginning to think I’d been kicked off the blog for moaning too much ;-). I’m not best pleased with Pandora atm because of them taking away our autumn promo, and I’m actually one of the ones they should be keeping sweet as I am quite new to the range having already collected Rhona Sutton and Lovelinks. I prefer the newer charms as I think they are more sophisticated and as an older person I don’t want Disney or cartoon character type beads, why I chose the other ranges in the first place. Totally agree with the other person who said the prices are too high; I have just bought quite a lot from an authorised dealer in Spain who sells on Amazon and even with postage I paid less for them than I would from one of our dealers :-O. It’s not right that other countries are allowed to sell on Amazon when the UK ones aren’t! I’ll be saving up my Amazon vouchers that I get from doing online surveys and buying the last few bits of Pandora that I need from abroad, as long as I am happy that they are genuine authorised Pandora dealers, but I won’t be starting any new bracelets until Pandora give us back our free bracelet promo! I want the poetic blooms bracelet but I’m not going to pay that price for it, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens :-/. Hope you feel better soon :-).

    • Hi Pat, isn’t it funny how we are all different. I think the new pink enamel and all the bling are for young girls, not the more sophisticated, older lady. And this old lady REALLY wants Dumbo. Each to her own I guess.

      • Hi Pat and Tracy,
        I totally agree with you both on different matters. With Pat, it’s not fair that British (or german) reatailers can’t sell abroad as I would have taken part in the last Essence promo! I’m completly mad at Pandora Spain because we have never had any free bracelet promotion so far, grrrh!. Neither in France (I live near). Anyway,I’m surprised that you’ve got good deals in Spain. Our prices are the same as in other countries of the euro-zone. Must be because of currency change ?
        And I also feel I’ve long grown out of Disney and cartoons!. However, I am with Tracy there. I think it’s not about age, but taste and personality. True that I’m no longer the youngest either, but I’ve always had a liking for classicism. Yes, really funny how different we are, think or feel!

      • Hi Tracy,

        You made me chuckle! I know at my age I should be focused on the more “sophisticated” charms, the heck with that! I love the various bear charms, the Hans Christen Andersen hat & ugly duckling, all reminiscent of books read to me as a child or ones Inread. If Pandora ever released a silver Snoopy charm I’d be all over that, but I think another company does the peanut series Anyway, some days I want my inner child to surface other days tother days my adventurous side. I think what drew me to Pandora was the idea I could change up my style to go with the many roles I live and celebrate special moments past,and present. I hope you get that Dumbo charm!!

        Lisa K

        • Hi Lisa
          I have the Hans Christian Anderson Princess and the Pea. The hat and the ugly duckling are still on my wish list. I was very happy with the Russian fairytale Fish and my.favourite bracelet is my fairytale one. Enjoy your collection.

        • I totally agree, Lisa! I just bought 3 charms representing Italy, which remind me of all my trips there, and some charms from the Alien movies, which I love, from another bead brand. The same brand is also coming out with charms representing feelings. These are both beautiful charms and fun reminders. Pandora has nothing like this anymore.

    • Aha, I would never! All comments and feedback should be useful for Pandora anyway, even if they go by the market rather than by what dedicated collectors are saying online :) It’s interesting to hear from the perspective of someone who prefers the newer styles to the old. I like to mix and match personally. The beads I always got most excited for were the cutest character beads – the London Bus is what kickstarted by Pandora addiction (so quirky!) and the 2013 fairy tale collection and the Scottie Dog and the Reindeer and Mittens of Christmas that year. So many lovely lovely things!

      Thank you, I appreciate it <3 thanks for sticking with the blog!

  18. Hi Ellie,
    I hope you feel better soon, I’ve really missed your posts!. Well, as many ladies above have already commented there’s nothing new I can say. In fact I do agree with each and every one of them. I, too, appreciate your honesty and I understand your dissapointment with Pandora, as I feel the same despite not being a long term collector (still). I really hope that some of our comments haven’t let you down (?). Because they were aimed at Pandora and no matter what they release your blog is really appreciated. As some ladies have said it’s a luxury for us and it really makes me happy when I open my mail and see a new post by Mora Pandora ???
    So, take a good care and cheer up. And as far as I’m concerned, you’re a star!!! (I don’t know how you manage to cope up with work and regular blogging)
    Now to Pandora. I have complained and wail a lot for a long time about the direction the brand has been
    taking. When I started collecting, only last year I found everything gorgeous. My wishlist grew bigger and bigger with each new release and I had to let my brain take control over my heart in order not to go bankrupt, lol!. Until Christmas. That was the last adorable collection for me, so far (I haven’t given up hope yet). So, now I’m spending this time to catch up with those beauties I decided against last year. And I’m dedicating my money to Essence and rings, too. So I still could do with another disastrous collection from Pandora, haha.
    As many of you say, I find the new designs too repetitive and too blingy. I don’t dislike czs “per se”. It’s the huge amount of them that makes me think that some of the pieces seem to have got out of a bazaar instead of a Pandora boutique! Same with enamels. Ok, they may be funny and everyone has their own personal taste but, in my view, the incredible rise in prices makes the whole thing everything but “funny” ?. I, for instace, could have indulged in a so-called funny piece for 25-30 €, but for over 50? No way! Buttom-like charms ….. well, the first one was original. After that ….
    However, they have come up with some good ideas, too. The magnolias, the encased in love charms or the Radiant Droplets. And that “revival”of the Poetic Blooms. The new spring bracelet and clips are beatiful, if too pricey!
    So, this might be a phase. I think there’ll always be something eye-catching and irresistible. And I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that they could end up bringing out a finer, classier line. At least, that’s what I’d do if I wanted to gain new customers, without losing the old ones. And at some point bringing out a large amount of stupid charms will no longer be profitable.
    To end up, I hope nobody gets bored by this long writing, that could be used for an English exam and Ellie, really tale care of yourself and get better soon. All thumbs up for your work ???

    • The workmanship on their beads is very good. They could make something classier if they wanted.

      • Hi Lisa. I agree. The problem, as I see it, is that they don’t want to. I love Pandora anyway and I’m a Pandora purist, but I don’t like their latest desigs. I don’t think this is going to last forever, thougth. Sooner or later they will have to reinvent themselves again.

    • Hi Marie! Oh, no, of course not – I don’t at all blame people for commenting when they’re disappointed in a collection. I think it’s incredibly useful feedback for Pandora, for one thing, if people say online what they think, and you should always feel free to say what you like about the new beads here! It’s what the comment section is for. :) And haha, thank you for your sweet words! The answer is that at the moment I am not keeping up, but I am trying my hardest to get back into a routine.

      Your comment is not at all boring, I think it sums up a lot of what could be improved to make Pandora more appealing to dedicated bead collectors again, if they chose to do so! :) Your comments about even the quirkier ‘fun’ beads such as the bright enamel Summer buttons being expensive are kind of spot on. There’s so much that’s still great about Pandora’s new collections, just a lot that could make it exciting for collectors proper, too.

      Thanks again Marie! <3 I appreciate it, and I hope all is well with you too! <3

  19. Hello Ellie,

    I am sorry to hear that you are not weel and I hope you will feel better anytime soon.
    I missed your posts so thanks for this amazing review. And thanks again to do it even if you’re not feeling well.
    It was a nice surprise this morning to see your post and I enjoyed reading it as always.

    Even if I am not a long fan of Pandora (only a 1 year and few months) I completely understand your lack of excitement…. I have to say that even if I only see closely the spring collection 2016 and 2017 (and these in between) I kind of feeling a little bit the same. But for me it is balanced by the “wow effect” created by the beauty of the charms…. But for sure I will wait for some improvements on future collections….

    Back to your review…. This blue field of flowers Murano is absolutely stunning…. even more than stunning… leat in pictures :-) Unfortunately, it is not available in Belgium as well as the purple :-( Such a shame ! I’ll probably take a look at it during my holidays in France in august….
    The pink one is also amazing tough…. So I could’nt help myself and I bought to of them as well as the poetic blooms bracelet. I completed the styling with 2 dazzling daisies spacers,the magnolias clip and the spring garden charm…. This combo is soft, delicate and really beautiful…. for me at least…. :-)
    Now I will wait for the summer collection to see some new pieces like the ocean life charm or the new radiant heart charm….

    As usual, your styling are gorgeous. My favorite is the first one. I love the combo with the field of daisies murano. Really great match….

    Hope you’ll get better quickly.
    Take care
    Have a nice weekend

    • Hi Valerie! Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that it improved your morning a little. <3

      And thanks for sharing your thoughts on it all, too. My feeling is mainly one of nostalgia for those collections earlier on that i used to get so over excited about - these days, there is often a lot that I like, but not much that I can't wait for. It feels like I've been saying to myself for a long time, 'Well maybe next collection there'll be something amazing!' Lots of pretty, pretty things at the moment, but not a lot of stand-out, exciting charms.

      Oh, what a shame that you can't get it either! I find all the guessing as to what's coming out where rather frustrating, both from my perspective as a collector and as a blogger. It's hard to get accurate information in advance as to what will launch where these days!

      Thank you, I'm so pleased that you liked the stylings! It was a very easy one to do, and it's definitely one that makes you want to play with colour :) hope you had a lovely weekend, and thanks again for the kind comment!

  20. You were right to say what you think, Ellie. Don’t listen to men on that, or on most things; sometimes one has a good idea and it takes off and changes the world, and then all the rest ride on his coattails. :-)

    Pandora doesn’t depress as much as women depress me.

    (Dissertation alert)

    No one in the financial sector thought Pandora would pull out of their 2011 slump, when their charm bracelet sales imploded and they went into a frantic restructure. Young women didn’t like the chunky character charms; the Moments line had to die for Pandora to survive. Now they’ve done an amazing thing in creating market demand for a product that’s not worth the dollars charged. All jewelry is overpriced, but Pandora blows everybody else away with their ability to overcharge. They sell cheap for priceless and creating demand partly by denying customers product, not only by being country exclusive, but also by removing their product from jewelry stores. That blue murano, I wouldn’t look at it twice if I passed it lying in a ditch, BUT, it’s being withheld from some markets, withholding creates demand, so does limiting sales time. All a woman has to do to see this in clearer action, is watch what Rue La La does to hit the female psych; they’re very open about it. Then Pandora is a name some women will buy even when they hate what they’re buying. Recall how many women lost Essence bracelets to the faulty clasp, and then purchased another, and lost it, and purchased another, and lost it… Finally a safety chain came out and women went down on their knees to thank the company, forgiving and forgetting all the money lost and the callousness of corporate Pandora. Corporate Pandora is LOLing. It’s depressing to know this from the inside.

    For myself, I like to look, and snark, :-) but I haven’t bought anything Moments, besides leather, in a very long time.

    Take care of yourself, Ellie.

    • Aha, I think he was just worried that I’d regret it. He’s a very supportive and patient OH to this bead obsessive as a rule ^^

      A very interesting (and depressing, aha) analysis of it all. And I think that there’s probably a lot of truth in the conscious way that they do produce these market exclusives, of course there is – otherwise, why would they do it? It’s a way of keeping dedicated collectors on the hook as well. But they are a business! I do like the country exclusives – for me they’re part of the fun – but I can see why it depresses you!

      Thank you, Lola, it’s appreciated :) I always look forward to your comments, you have always have a very keen and interesting on things!

  21. Hi Ellie, hope you are feeling better. I feel you about the lack of enthusiasm on new collection. My wishlist is short and nothing that i want very much in the next few collections. Looking forward to autumn and winter ones. Take care and thank you for your honesty. I still look forward to your blog.

    • Thank you very much, that’s so kind of you to say – I always appreciate your comments, too! <3 It's kind of nice for my wish list to be short right now, though. It means that retired finds in the sales are taking me by surprise and it's really fun working out where they're going to go in my collection. I want a couple of the new safety chains, Dumbo, and two of the new Summer muranos. Plus the weather doll! Which is nice and manageable, and I'll take my time collecting the until Autumn comes out and hopefully some things I like with it!

  22. Hi Ellie I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for your honesty.
    I have missed your blog posts, but can totally understand. You do a fantastic job and keep up the great work.
    I’d agree with others I’d be happy to see reviews on retired pieces you’ve bought.
    For me I love my Pandora collection I have got and just like adding a few pieces throughout the year. I don’t mind if it’s not all to my taste, as I couldn’t afford it all. I do agree some of their designs are the same and I would like to see more character charms. Saying that I still think they are making some lovely pieces.

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you so much. The comments I’ve received to this have been way beyond what I expected – so kind and encouraging! I’m feeling better and better about Pandora and blogging. :)

      I am starting to feel the same about my collection. Instead of full on wanting to buy *everything*, just a few new pieces will do. The summer muranos, for example. And then I can add retired beads as they crop up! I do still think that they’re making some lovely pieces, particularly the murano glass, it’s just the character beads that I miss so much! The really cute, quirky, often cultural pieces.

  23. Hi Ellie,
    I, like all your subscribers nodest the lack of new posts and was very upset and worried.
    I’m collecting pandora only since 2014. When i first entered into this i was looking for some information about pandora and i find an answers to all my questions in your blog. Ever sinse it’s makes my day when i recive a notification about a new post. I had my vish list fool of old and retired charms, now fanks to ruelala and to the fact they are shipping worldwide i got almost all i wanted.Latlly i got only spacial clasp bracelets an LA bangles. I’m very disappointed from what i saw from summer and preautumn collections. It’s nothing i like there, especially preautumn collection that looks to me as some kind of fakes to real, autentic pandora we all love to collect. But still I hopefully looking forward for new Autumn and winter collections.

    • Hi Ella! Oh, I’m very sorry to have worried. :( I am feeling really buoyed by the response I’ve had here though and am going to think of some new creative things I can do with older beads if I’m not buying so many new things!

      Glad to hear that you have found some older beads to love too! I am not feeling the Pre-Autumn charms overly either but the friendship bracelets are cute, and I do like the Summer 2017 muranos and weather doll! So I’ll have some things to look forward to as well as being up a lot of retired Rue La La finds <3

  24. Hi there,
    I was wondering why you were a bit MIA these days and to be honest I kinda had a hunch it might be something like what you mentioned above. I have to agree with you though, Pandora for me these days is so repetitive that I honestly think of it as boring. Not boring in general or as a whole but boring like where lately it doesn’t excite me and so therefore I rarely buy it ( snagged the awesome
    Retired vanity mirror though woohoo ) either way I keep telling myself one day one collection ( maybe soon ?) we will see them head again in a different direction and maybe it will be fresh and new and back to more silver and enamels which is the reason we all fell in love with Pandora in the first place. I was super happy to hear that you have not totally given up hope and were excited to right up a review on these blue flower muranos. Speaking of which I really like ( along with the purple one too) although will likely skip as there seem to b some fresh original glass ideas coming out this summer (koi pond murano anyone ) glad to have you back and I am sure once summer rolls around you will fall back in love again

    • Hi Alex,

      The Koi pond Murano is on my list. Really hope it comes to Canada as planned. Over the past few years I have collected various fish charms, the original flat fish, the fish bones with orange CZ’s, and happy fish all of which I would love to integrate into a new design with this upcoming Murano. Thanks for reminding me about this soon to be released charm.

      Lisa K.

      • Hi Lisa ,
        I love your mini fish collection, I myself like mini themed bracelets when it comes to pandora charms/bracelets . I am excited to see the koi murano in person as I am wondering if there will be great variation between each. I am also excited for the mint murano which should be a summer release ?

    • Hi Alex! Ah the mirror is a great charm. I love how they used the oxidised detailing to create the enamel-like finish on the mirror itself. So clever!

      I’ve not given up hope at all, you’ll be pleased to hear – it’s just that I’ve been so busy and tired with everything lately and not feeling the new collections as much as I used to, so it was hard to keep up the blog along with everything else! :) I am super excited to see the new summer glass in person, although I’m not sure we are getting that Japanese murano here in the UK, but I’ll definitely be looking out for the mint glitter! I want it to go with my Tinker Bell beads <3

      Thanks for the nice comment Alex!

  25. Hi Ellie,

    Long time! Hope things are going well. I understand the lack of energy to blog because of life in general lol. As I prepare for upcoming baby in September my interest in Pandora has slightly waned too. I have been buying from James Avery lately. They are beautiful and have some nice glass charms, if you buy two charms the bracelet is free! Promotion through 5/29 I think.

    • Hi Ashley! Oh, how lovely – congratulations on your baby <3 I don't have any good reason like that for my lack of enthusiasm, just a big job move and general stress haha. Your reason is rather more wonderful. :) I have never heard of James Avery, I will have to check them out - thanks for the recommendation!

  26. Ellie, this is normal after collect Pandora for so many years. I only collect Pandora for 3 years, I am not very exciting for the new release like before also, repeat design, CZ expensive bead. We just went to Pandora Outlet yesterday, I bought $90 for 3 retired bead, original $180. We are spoiled to have a Outlet nearby, 40% to 50% off for retired silver and two toned charm.

    • You are probably right :) I guess it was never realistic that I would maintain that level of enthusiasm consistently for so long. But I am feeling better already!

      Ooh I love hearing about your retired hauls. Most of my shopping for older beads is done via Rue La La. I love it!

  27. Hi, Ellie! I hope you are feeling better. I’ve missed your posts.

    I concur with your lack of enthusiasm for recent releases from Pandora. The CNY Lion Dance is the only bead that I have adored so far this year. I’ve been enjoying Trollbeads while I wait for more Pandora beads I like to be released in June. I hope there will be something for me in the collections coming this Autumn and Winter.

    Thanks for the review. I wish you health and many happy beads!

    • Hi Angie! Thank you, that’s really kind of you to say. :) The Lion is by far my favourite too! Such a gorgeous bead. It seems that the cultural Asian beads are some of the most unique designs that they do these days. It’s funny that they still invest in those, but leave the rest of the collection as mostly decorative.

      Thanks again for your kind wishes Angie! <3

  28. Hey Ellie, hope you are getting the rest you need! :-) I’ve gotten a little bored with Pandora as well, been buying from other brands and artisans though so I’m still bead happy! I’m interested to see what they do for fall. You picked 2 lovely muranos for your friend, I don’t like the skinny ones either :-P The newer Pandora charms I’ve gotten are Lion Dance and 2 of Belle’s button charms with the pink CZ and it looks like a rose inside (similar to Radiant Hearts style). I got an Essence bangle too, I don’t have any Essence charms but I got it to wear some of my other brand beads that won’t go on regular bangles, I’m actually really liking it and finding it much sturdier than expected!

    • Hi Natalie! Thank you! :) You picked some nice things. I have still got lots this year – the Lion Dance, the Cerise Hearts murano, the Sparkling Heart & Poetic Blooms bracelets, Tinker Bell beads, Piglet, Tigger, the Field of Flower muranos… I’ve not done badly by any means haha. :)

      Glad to hear you like the Essence bangle! I skipped that promo here in the UK as I’m happy with my Essence bracelets for now, but the bangle would be my next addition if I did decide to expand my Essence collection. :D

  29. Hi Ellie. I hope you are feeling better. We can all understand your disappointment with Pandora since many of us feel the same. Surely Pandora will turn the page soon and start releasing beads that appeal to both old and new collectors. In the meantime, I agree with others that it would be great for you to review some of your Rue purchases. We all absolutely appreciate the time and effort you put into the blog. You’ve spoiled us with so many blog posts! Thank you! I think it’s a good idea to step back and take a little break. You definitely deserve one. Regarding the blue muranos, they are really pretty and I like the first design best. At least Pandora has had a few good muranos lately. Take care.

    • Hi Judy! Thank you, I do appreciate it :) everyone has been very supportive, and it’s been incredibly motivating reading through it all! I will definitely work out what I might do on some of the older beads as well as the new <3

  30. Ellie, everything has a saturated point once we have enough, I still buy in Pandora Outlet but getting very picky now. I am into Trollbead recently so I don’t mind Pandora has nothing attract me in their regular items. I collect Pandor 3 years, be honest, Pandora is getting expensive, $80-90 CZ button style charm which I can say I hate it. I am just like you hurting for retired classic silver and two toned charm. Please don’t give up your wonderful blog, just take it easy to review once a week to keep us update. Love from Michele

    • I won’t give up the blog Michele, I promise! <3 So nice to hear that you still enjoy it, even though TB are calling your name too haha.

  31. Hi Ellie,

    So glad to have you back! I have missed your presence on the blog. So much so, I was starting to get concerned regarding your health. With that said, I kind of felt like you were in a Pandora slump. I can appreciate your honesty. Although I did buy quite a lot from the spring release (always my favorite), I am starting to get bored with all the repetitiveness.

    Thank you for reviewing the blue Field of Flowers murano. I love the color. Unfortunately, it wasn’t offered here in the US. Your designs are lovely and I especially like it with the purple in your last design. In regards to matching the blue muranos, I had a hard time getting two of the same size in the pink. It’s almost as if the muranos are being made by someone new and inexperienced these days. I hope the Mint and Pink Glitter coming out with the summer release are better.

    Maybe Pandora’s Autumn and Winter releases will have some amazing charms so we can all fall in love again. No matter what’s released, I still love and appreciate your blog. I’m still looking forward to reviews of your Rue hauls. I enjoy seeing the retired charm designs as well as the new.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend and do take care of yourself.

    • Hi Emily! Thank you, and also I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to worry anyone. I just couldn’t keep up anymore for a little bit. I feel much better this weekend, and have enjoyed both my new charms from Rue La la, which arrived this weekend, and reading through all the comments on this post. <3

      I have also found these muranos hard to match, but variation has always been rife with Pandora's murano glass. I haven't found any of the muranos to be what I'd class as bad workmanship in terms of detail, but the size did vary a lot! It was tough finding two fatter ones that matched each other.

      I will definitely get brainstorming on what sort of content I could do on retired beads and all the older beads in my collection! Thanks for your lovely comment, it has really brightened up my day! <3 Hope you've had a lovely weekend, and have a great week ahead.

  32. I love these blue muranos my fav summer colour. I really appreciate your blog but please get well, rest yourself play with beads and enjoy some time to yourself:)

    • They are really summery and vibrant! I just bought two more for another friend and was struck by how pretty the colour is all over again.

      Thank you! <3 The time off has really helped, and I spent yesterday arranging my latest Rue La La haul which was also really very therapeutic haha!

  33. I also want to say thank you for all of your work, Ellie. I always love to read your blog. Take good care of yourself.

  34. FYI

    I’ve just read the 11th of May release for the Open Bangles has been delayed. As of yet, not sure whether the Encased In Love charms will be released on their own or with the new bangles. There will also be a sale during Memorial Day weekend…spend more/save more. Got this info from Dora/The Art of Pandora if you’re interested in seeing the spend/save amounts.

    • Hi Emily. The encased in love charms are in Germany. At least, you can see them in their Pandora official page. Their price is 59 Euros.

        • Hi Marie. Thanks for your reply. I did take a look. I’m wondering if Pandora decided to delay release of the Open Bangles and EIL charms in the US until the Memorial Day Spend/Save Event is over. It may be a production issue with the new bangles as I’ve read other lines have had a problem with the end caps coming off and people losing charms. I’m disappointed in the delay. I would like to have one for mini designs.

        • Other brands have done them and they’ve always been retired quickly. The better ones, like Trollbeads, have stoppers rather than ends that screw off.

    • Let’s hope Pandora gets it right to begin with. I’m a Pandora purist, but I do find myself browsing other brands lately. Troll-beads in particular. Love their glass beads.

  35. Hi Ellie, sorry you haven’t been feeling 100% and I hope you’ll feel better soon. Maybe it’s just stress-related? :(

    I also appreciate your honesty. I’ve been very disappointed in the direction Pandora has been going…like others have said, the designs have gotten too repetitive, blingy, and even childish. How are their newer items supposed to appeal to actual adults? I prefer my bracelets to represent my hobbies (e.g., traveling) or anything else that may be special to me…but many of their newer charms just seem sparkly but meaningless and very pricey. Plus, I don’t have kids and am not crazy about endless hearts and bows and stars…

    For now I’ve contented myself with better (older) charms on Rue, but at some point, if Pandora doesn’t improve, I might have to stop collecting altogether. And that’s a shame.

    Anyway, I hope things will get easier for you soon! Don’t feel guilty for feeling the way you do. I hope Pandora will read our remarks and understand we are very unhappy.

    P.S. If you need a sunny vacation, might I suggest Spain? My fiancé and I are currently spending some time here for fun! :) Please take care of yourself first!

    • Hi Kris! Thank you <3 it is almost certainly stress related, and just due to running myself down with all the big changes that have happened lately, which I aways find a bit stressful! But I think I am on an upward curve now! :)

      I find myself picking out a few decorative charms that I really really like with each collection, but what I miss are the silver characters that used to go along with them. For example, in Spring 2013, we had cherry blossoms and lots of decorative beads - but we also had fairy tales, some cute animals and other little hobby beads. That was like my *perfect* release. I'd love to see a return to that kind of model.

      It's so funny that you mention Spain! We have just booked to go there for our holiday :D so glad to hear that you are enjoying it, I am so over excited now that we've finally got it on a lock! It's nice to have something to look forward to.

      Thank you again for your kind comment, Kris - it's so appreciated! Hope all is well with you, too, and enjoy your lovely time in Spain! :D

  36. Pandora can charge more CZ charm for some customers, $80 – $110, they can’t charge much for classic silver charm. I don’t think Pandora will change their direction for us, we should know where is the biggest market. Some lady just treat Pandora a fashion jewelry not a charm bracelet with memory meaning. Pandora is a business not a hobby kind of thing, we still can collect retired charm from Rue La La or Pandora Outlet store. I got most of my collection from Pandora Outlet, better price for better product.

    • Yes, that is also something that I’ve realised. From a business perspective, I can see that the pave charms have a higher profit margin. :(

  37. Any news on the beautiful Dumbo Disney Park exclusive charm yet? Please keep me up to date about it if you can

      • Omg I know right same here but so far I’m only seeing a listing on eBay from seller that’s from Hong Kong which is really starting to scar me that it’s not coming to North America

  38. Hi Ellie,
    I think you should always be honest about how you feel about the charms. People like honesty! I also think that people love reading your blog even if they don’t like the particular charms that are being previewed. So many people love your blog! I hope you continue to enjoy writing your blog, because I really enjoy reading it.

    • Hi Stephanie! Thank you very much, that’s incredibly helpful and encouraging to know. :) I feel much better for talking about how much I was struggling with the blog and just everything else I have going on, and it’s actually gone a long way to renewing my enthusiasm. So thank you! <3

  39. I know exactly how you feel about having a Pandora slump, going through my wish list and shopping usually helps to bring me back around. I haven’t done a lot of reviews either because I haven’t been loving a lot of the newer stuff :) I hope you feel better though! Xoxo

    • I just got my latest haul of retired beads from Rue La La and it was so much fun rearranging my bracelets! So that has perked me up immensely, along with reading through all these lovely comments :) i did notice your focus on older beads and your existing collection too! Thanks for the nice comment <3 xx

  40. Hi Ellie!

    I feel the same way. It would have been more effective if Pandora had made a new line with all the generic sparkly pieces and kept the original character of the company with charms that have personality and represent “Moments”. I do like many new pieces at first glance, but I also tend to forget about them after a while. More balance in the designs would keep us happy and would bring them even more money!
    I wanted to add my voice of support and appreciation for all the time and effort you put on the blog! I really enjoy your designs, they are very creative and have given me a lot of new ideas! For example, I was originally wearing my blue field of flowers Murano next to the purple one, but I needed a change for the summer. Now it is sitting next to the old orange bubbles Murano, inspired by your tropical design. So, if you feel like reviewing older charms instead and show us how to mix styles, I am on board :) I hope you feel better soon!

    Take care of yourself!

    • Hi Victoria! That’s a really great idea, actually. To keep back the classics in their own special ‘Moments’ line, and then use their ‘Art of You’ and ‘DO Pandora’ campaigns etc for the newer beads. I really quite like that!

      Thank you so much! I’m so pleased to hear that this actually inspired you to your own designs, that’s great. :D I am planning to catch up on some reviews of the Spring 2017 beads I got and then I’m going to take a look at my most recent retired hauls and see what I can do with those.

      Thanks again, and hope all is well with you too! <3

  41. Hi
    Reading your posts is like a sweet treat but without any of the calories! I’m so glad that you are feeling better and bouncing back from not only not feeling well and that temporary Pandora slump. I think we’ve all had those from time to time. I know I have. I think some of it comes from collecting for an extended period of time. When I first started it was all new and I wanted so much from every collection. Over time as you build a collection and are able to get even those harder to find pieces, we become a little more selective, and dare I say, practical. ? With Pandora’s love of recirculating and repeating the same or similar designs as of late, I can appreciate the loveliness of new charms but there isn’t as much I must have. Because we already have similar beads, many long time Pandora fans long for something new. Pandora has been very slow in delivering. The muranos have been my main draw for the past couple of releases. I love this newest blue one. I managed to get it during Easter. I must admit mine is not as bright blue as the ones you bought. Mine is slightly paler and I have looked at it in every type of light. When I saw it in the store and bought it I thought it was actually brighter than it is. When I looked at it again, I was a little disappointed as it wasn’t as bright as I was expecting. At first I blamed it on the poor lighting in the room. It is a slightly paler softer colour that I actually really like. To me, it looks closer to the colour in the stock image. However, wanting what isn’t easy to get, I may now have to track down the brighter version. It is such a lovely blue. And as I mentioned, these slumps are usually just a temporary phase that happen occasionally. ? Take care.

    • Hi Janet! Aha, I love that analogy! I like to think of Pandora itself in that way, too. ^^

      I think you’re exactly right, and I’ve had little dips before, but I think this one, combined with the stressful move and the new job, and the fact that I felt pressured about the blog posts I was missing or comments I hadn’t replied to, meant that this one felt a bit more substantial than others. Usually I can blog myself out of slumps, haha, but this time the blog was making things worse. I do feel much better about my beads now, thank you. <3 I'm also most excited about the muranos with every release at the moment! Such lovely things coming up for summer, as well.

      These Field of Flowers miuranos do vary a lot - I find the pink also differs in shade as well as shade a lot. Some were brighter, others a much more pale pastel. I spent some time picking out a pale pastel for mien! :) I hope you find a brighter blue, as the colour is so vibrant and stunning! I've not seen any paler ones so far.

      Thanks for the kind message, and take care too! <3

    • That’s ridiculous! What’s going on? There are a whole lot of new charms that are being retired too.

      • I saw that the limited edition Snowglobe was on sale in the latest RueLaLa sale! Was shocked!! Wish they brought it to Europe first before putting it in a sale that half the Pandora community cant get ?

    • Wow! That’s the shortest a bead has ever lasted if so :S can’t see a sale on the Dutch estore, do you have a link please?

        Hope you find it, let me know!
        I got an email saying they start the pre sale for club members today.
        I got the icecream dangle, and the gingerbreadman dangle (which was completely sold out, have been in contact a gazillion times with customer service about it) and that’s is.
        I’m filling up my bracelets, with retired beads, and that is it for me. Even thinking about selling off beads I’m not using, as I don’t want to start new bracelets.
        I hopped on the Redbalifrog train last month, and bought the last collection. Very happy with the quality but also the price point!

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