Better late than never, or so I hope – today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up  featuring all the details on what’s coming up for May 2017 – and beyond!. There aren’t any new releases this month (more on that in the post), and the next big launch we have to look forward to is the Pandora Summer 2017 collection at the beginning of June. Nevertheless, there are some promos going on, and a few other tidbits of news – plus I thought I’d share some of the retired beauties I’ve been scooping up recently!

Pandora Summer 2017 Release

The Pandora Summer 2017 collection is our next big Pandora launch, and it consists of some tropical blues and bright orchid beads, plus some absolutely gorgeous murano glass charms! For a full preview, see my post here; for live images, click here!

Pandora Summer 2017 Preview

The official release date for this collection is the 1st June, so just a little beyond May – however, stores in North America often receive new collections a couple of weeks early. True to fashion, I’ve been told that stores in the US & Canada can expect the new Summer jewellery to arrive around the 15th of May! Which is nicely in time for the spend & save promo in the US (see news item below).

Pandora May 2017 Spend & Save Promotion for the US

The spend & save promotion is back at the end of this month, and will be running from 27th-29th May in the US (Canada is not included, so I’m told). The spends are as follows:

  • Spend $125 USD and save $25 off your total bill
  • Spend $300 USD and save $75 USD off your total bill
  • Spend $500 US and save $150 USD off your total bill

$150 USD is the maximum amount you can save per single transaction. Stores usually set their own rules as to how many times they’ll let each customer do the promotion, but official guidance from Pandora is that the offer should not be given more than three times to any one customer.

Pandora NA June Leather Bracelet Promo 2017

This is a little beyond May, but the next promo on the horizon for North America is a leather bracelet in June! This is certainly running in Canada, and I’d expect it to run in the US as well. From 8th-18th June spend $125 CAD and receive a leather bracelet worth $55 CAD for free! Upgrades to other charm bracelets will be allowed as well.

pandora summer 2016 blue and pink leather bracelet

Overall, this is a better deal than the spend & save, so long as you want a bracelet! So this may be worth considering instead. :)

Pandora Open Bangle Release Delayed

I posted in my last round-up about a surprise mini-release coming this month from Pandora, comprising three new colours of the Encased in Love charms and two new open bangles:

However, the latest news is that these have now been delayed due to production issues (thanks to Jahndra at MyXpressions for the initial heads-up with her blog post). We haven’t heard yet whether the Encased in Love beads will still be released. I hope they will, as they’re such pretty colours! But Pandora might want to keep the release together, perhaps.

The Encased in Love charms have since popped up, weirdly enough, on the German eStore, but are marked as being out of stock, so we’re no wiser really!

Pandora Asian Summer 2017 Koinobori Murano Pre-release

While it’s due out with the Summer 2017 release in most regions, the Asian  launched early back in April as a special Asian pre-release, retailing at $69 SGD. The murano’s design is supposed to be like fish scales, and it’s inspired by a carp-shaped windsock that’s flown by children in Japan once a year. It’s so much fun when Pandora make designs that tap into local culture – it would be amazing to actually go and buy this one in Japan!

Pandora Summer 2017 Koinobori murano

The lovely Patty Ng kindly allowed me to share these photos with you all, which show off the vibrancy of the glass’s colour and the variation in patterns beautifully:

Whatever you might think of Pandora’s new shift in style, I think their murano glass work is just getting better and better. This one looks lovely!

Pandora Australia & New Zealand Bangle GWP

The Mother’s Day bangle GWP continues while stocks last in Australia and New Zealand – spend $150 AUD / $180 NZD in a single transaction and receive the 2017 Mother’s Day limited edition bangle for free:

Pandora Australia & NEw Zealand mother's day bangle GWP

My Comment

I am usually tempted by the NA promos, but with the £ being so weak against the $ and the spends not being crazy good value, I’m a little bit hesitant. I would love to get a couple of new safety chains, but I’ll have to think about whether it’s a good enough deal or not!

Plus… just look’t at this loot I’ve ordered myself from Rue La La! It’s currently winging its way across the ocean and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I don’t usually go for more than one of the same safety chain, but it was a really good price and quite neutral – so I thought I may as well get a couple for a few bracelet designs that have been without a safety chain for a long time. I’ve bought so many retired beads lately – there’s so much amazing stuff on offer!

Having said that, if the new Summer 2017 beads are in store by the time the promo rolls around, then I’d be tempted to get a couple of those lovely green muranos!

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind and thoughtful comments I received on my last post – I was actually super nervous about writing what I did, but your responses were so nice to read through, and they went even further in helping me get back into the swing of things! I’m aware that I’ve still got a few to work through, and I’ll be getting to them soon. But don’t think that they weren’t and aren’t appreciated!

So, that concludes my much-belated round-up for the month! What are you looking forward to? Are you going to be taking part in any promos?

71 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for May 2017

  1. It is great to see you back Ellie. You’ve got a great selection their that you’ve just bought. Would love to see where you are going to put them.
    I just got the magnolia bloom ring, pendant and spacers for my birthday last week. I got some Pandora vouchers which I am going to put towards getting the matching clips.

    • Thanks! I spent yesterday arranging everything – I have every single one in a new home now ? I posted one of the new designs to instagram, but will think about how I might share the rest!

      Oh lovely, and a very happy birthday for last week! I was just admiring the magnolias in store today, they are such a pretty vibrant pink. :D

  2. Hi,
    Do you know of any promos in the U.K. soon please?
    Love reading your posts and seeing what I have to start saving up for? Lol

    • Hi Kelly, there will be a 3-for-2 on rings later in the year. I’ve not been told dates yet, but it normally runs end of July ish. :)

  3. Hi I saw you buy pandora from Rue la la, are they original Pandora charms? I’ve heard that some sites that sell them aren’t the real charms. Thank you

    • Hi! Ellie has mentioned in a previous post that all Rue La La are genuine Pandora, hope this helps!

    • Hi, yes they are. If you go to the US, Rue La La are on the authorised retailer list. :)

    • Hi Ana,
      I also bought from Rue La La and I had such good service and was very pleased with my genuine charms. Would buy from them again… just waiting for a great sale to get more retired charms. Hahaha

  4. Ellie,
    You’ve really made my day as usual! I have been anxiously awaiting the summer 2017 release of all the lovely charms and beads. And now, to tell me they will most likely be out at the same time as the buy more save more promo, that is just icing on the cake! I plan to redo my teal/tropical bracelet.

    The blue Encased In Love bead looks like it would go great with my new blue dangle Topaz Cool Breeze from Rue La La that arrived from my recent shopping. I also got a flip flop and a Tree Of Lights Christmas Tree. I didn’t buy much knowing I was waiting for the summer items to come out.

    I have an Asian bracelet styled very similar as yours. I was wondering if you were considering getting the new Koinobori Murano for that bracelet? I think it would be beautiful if the reds work well together! I’ll have to wait to see when it comes out. Gorgeous Murano no matter what!

    I am glad for your most recent post. You said exactly what I think a lot of others are feeling as well. I have made purchases since the first of the year of Pandora but none of it was any of the new releases. I am so drawn towards the older charms and beads. I just wish there was a fool proof way of knowing what is fake and what is not. The silver beads are so detailed and gorgeous. I have toying with the idea of doing a bracelet of just older beads.

    Have you gotten the new safety chain that clips on instead of having to twist it on? I love it and I move very easily from bracelet to bracelet as I need it.

    Thank you for your renewed interest in your blog. We all are very appreciative for your info. Like I said before, you really excited me with your info on the buy more promo to run with the summer release! Thank you so very much!


    • Hi Susan! Oh I’m glad to hear it :D I will be keeping an eye out for the summer beads on social media, too, as I’m definitely thinking that one of these promos would be a good opportunity to get my summer 2017 muranos!

      I am definitely considering the new red murano. I think it would look absolutely beautiful on that kind of design, and I have no doubtitt would look nice with the beads I have already. Pandora clearly have that in mind I think! My problem is symmetry – my middle section currently has a very red murano (the coral looking glass) and then a white & red murano (the Wild Flower Tribute murano). If I add the koinobori murano, then I’d need another red & white murano to offset its deeper red, and I’m not sure what that would be yet! I’d have to have a think. I’d go for another wild flower tribute, but it’s retired now :(

      I haven’t got that safety chain yet, but it’s on my list! I have two of the older clip-on safety chains though and they are super handy in that way. Glad they’ve done another!

      I’m very glad to hear that what I said resonated with you :) fakes are very tricky, and it’s become even harder in recent years as they have become more sophisticated and more rife. It’s hard to know who to trust anymore! I tend to just buy in the sales and from sellers who I absolutely trust. It’s the best way!

      Thanks for commenting <3

      • Hi Ellie,
        Thinking of your CNY bracelet, the red shimmering murano would add balance to this new Koinobori charm… ?

  5. Love your post & always look forward to reading it & seeing what’s coming in the future!!! I really do appreciate you taking time to do this!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I wanted to let you know that Rue la la actually has some Pandora on their sight right now!!! Not as many as they have had but I think it was just added today!!

    • Thanks for the heads-up Kathy! I missed that D: which is probably a good thing as I already got so much from their last sale haha!

  6. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for this post it is a cool rainy spring day on my side if the pond and this post warmed me up!!! I sooooooo agree with you that the Pandora glass work has gotten better and better. The Koinobori murano is at the top of my list!!! In fact if they are as lovely in person as what I’ve seen in the photos I may have to get two so I can wear one on my necklace & on my bracelet. There is a great deal of variation so I will be keen to select mine in person. I appreciate the heads up.
    On to your retired charms, nice selection! I think you can never have too many safety chains and you are right about the design being neutral. I notice the sea shell with pearl and the silver charm with circles that is called ocean breeze here. Would these two lovely additions be for a new Russian Fairytale fish or perhaps a Disney design? The turquoise looking glass are my favorite from that series of muranos. I recently picked up another TLG myself and love the depth of colour & versatility it offers when styling with all Silver or two tone charms.
    I would love to see what you design with the retired charms, I came across a post from a Pandora store that does a “Throw Back Thursday” where customers show off their restyled retired charms. I am game for restyling ideas. It is nice to rediscover & reinvent. Although it hasn’t saved me any money, I recently made another trip to the last call trough. Funny, I haven’t bought much from the spring collection, yet I managed to spend as much on retired if not
    I think the summer collection in particular the new summer leather bracelets will be fun and compliment previously released muranos.
    Ellie, great to have you back. This is your blog make it about what brings you inspiration, I am happy to be along for the ride!
    Lisa K.

    • Hi Lisa! Glad to hear you’re enthused for that lovely red murano :D Definitely one to pick in person, I agree. There’s a lot of variation, both in size and design – the second and fourth beads in that first photo of Patty’s don’t even look like the same charm!

      Those two new ones actually went on different bracelets! My Fairytale Fish went on a much older bracelet design, my two-tone pink fairytale bracelet, and that one is pretty much static. The shell went on to a green leather bracelet with some other summery beads – the pineapple, the silver tropicana, and some petite facets – while the Ocean Breeze actually went on my green Tinker Bell design, just to lend a bit of symmetry opposite my openworks Picking Daisies charm. I’m so pleased with both of them!

      Ah, the turquoise looking glass is one of the few I don’t have! I just posted a design on Instagram showing how I’ve used the baby blue ones though. I should try nd invest in a turquoise one too though, should I see one crop up again! Aha, I know – I’ve invested all my spring ‘savings’ right back into Pandora’s back catalogue, haha. These retirements are seeing so many good charms up for grabs!

      Thank you, Lisa! You are always such an enthusiastic and sunshiney presence here in the comments – it’s good to know that you’re looking forward to what’s coming next <3 hopefully some more new Pandora reviews, but also some older beads too! Thanks for commenting :D

  7. Hi,can you give me the answer to the question that no one seems to be able to give me in my region.Will i be able to buy the bangle from the mother’s day collection alone without the charm?I’m writing you from Canada.thanks Ellie

  8. Happy that you are back! Just want to thank you for introducing Rue lala on your blog, I just a lucky penny, peridot ,CZ love and holy Family as my first rue lala haul! Love them!

    • That’s great! Rue La La have enabled me to get so many retired beads a little cheaper, I’m very glad to have passed that along :D enjoy!

      • Allo Manon
        The bangle set is on sale today for 150$ Canadian. Just click on the link Ellie provided.
        I have seen the gift set in person and it does look great.

  9. Hi Ellie! Sorry you have been under the weather. Allergies have been kicking my a** this spring. I also know you’ve been questioning your Pandora love as of late. I understand where you are coming from. I just told my bestie that if I buy one more heart or pink flower she is to shoot me! As my collection grows, I find myself becoming more selective, and there is no doubt that Pandora is recycling designs with small modifications and a few updates. The hand work on the charms is still stunning, and that is what I’m a sucker for.

    Saw your Rue haul. I too picked up the one of a kind shell with the pearl and the ocean breeze. I can’t believe I hadn’t already bought the ocean breeze, but I had missed it somehow. I also got the sea star because I think it works great with the oceanic starfish. I’m looking forward to the summer release because I will add that new green Murano flaked with gold and the medallions with the teal – flamingo and sea life.

    I bought WAAAY too much Rose – I just started my first bracelet. And all the d/c Essence colors as well as spirituality and freedom. I agree that the d/c charm collection is awesome. Between Rue and Jared Vault I have made major purchases in the last few weeks.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with the promos. I need a few bracelets so it’s good to know I can do that in June and use spend and save promo to round out a couple of bracelets. I too need safety chains badly. I bought the clip one on Rue (dreamer?) that I am moving around like crazy.

    Glad you are back with a vengeance.

    • Hi Deborah! Sorry to hear that you’ve been under the weather too. Allergies are horrible, my mum suffers terribly sometimes too! I’ve been way more selective with what I’ve bought so far this year, too, in terms of new pieces, which I’m glad about. I used to feel under pressure to review lots of new things on the blog which I’ve somewhat kicked this year, and I’ve been focusing on older pieces that I want to get before they’re gone for the moment. :D

      Ah, sounds you got a rather fabulous Rue haul too! Good to know that I’m not alone ;) the shell is so beautiful, isn’t it? Mine arrived yesterday and I was struck all over again by how sweet the pearl is with the oxidised detailing up close. I do prefer the use of oxidation to the sparkle they tend to use on character charms these days!

      You are welcome! :D Haha, I am always on the hunt for more safety chains. This is the first time I’ve ever bought duplicates though, although they do look very different to the original raindrops safety chain I got back in 2014, as they’re so much less oxidised. It’s almost like buying a different charm!

      Thanks Deborah, and hope you feel better from your allergies soon too!

  10. I was so excited to see a new post from you today! Since I first got into Pandora in April, I missed the bracelet promo in March and was really disappointed…but I’m so excited to hear about this new leather bracelet promo coming up! If we can opt for credit towards another bracelet that’s the next best thing as a free bracelet! I’ll probably use it as a credit towards the silver heart clasp bracelet. Actually I just bought the rose gold heart clasp bracelet yesterday and am loving it so much ( my second bracelet) but it was tough choosing between the rose gold and silver hearts. I was also so pleased seeing your rue lala haul! When you wrote about the sale I was already wondering what you’d get and if you’d share it with us! Can’t wait to see how you incorporate them.

    I already have several charms in mind for the $125 promo, the difficulty is in narrowing down. I think, regardless, my next charm purchase will be the baby teddy bear charm in pink! I love those detailed whole-body character charms :)

    • Oh I’m glad you’re excited! I still have a spare silver bracelet left over from the March promo so I’ll have to think about whether it’s worth me taking part or not :) or whether the spend and save would be better! You picked a gorgeous bracelet for your second design – I have the Rose heart clasp too, it’s one of my most recent purchases. I was wearing and admiring it just today! ^^

      Oh yes, the full-bodied characters are some of my favourites. <3 They are getting retired at a rate of knots though, so definitely a case of get them while you can, just to be on the safe side! :)

      • Yay I’m glad you like the rose clasp too! Thanks for taking all the time to reply comments by the way, that’s so sweet of you to do for your readers! At first I was unsure because they’re plated and I’m told the rose part will eventually wear off, but if it’s sterling silver underneath anyways it doesn’t bother me that much! I realized today that I really like the fit of the smaller bracelets with a few charms on them, but you definitely can’t load them up the way you can a larger one. I have one 16cm bracelet that I’ve put 5 charms on and I think that’s the max for that one. On the other hand, I have an 18 cm one that was my first bracelet and a gift – I thought it felt a bit loose even when full of charms. So for my next bracelet, I might try a 17cm to get both the snug fit and capacity for charms! OH my goodness I really have a full blown addiction and it doesn’t help that the pandora community on social media are so nice and encouraging (Read: enabling). Haha!

        • I’ve not had any fading on my Rose charms so far, and I’ve had my older bracelet since early 2014, so I’ve yet to find out what colour it is underneath! :) So hopefully you won’t find out for a long time either, haha.

          Aha, yes, the Pandora community is very good at encouraging each other to misbehave! Instagram and Facebook are full of temptation! ;)

  11. I got one same safety chain like your from Pandor Tanger Cookstown Outlet. I have nothing to buy in regular shop even Pandora has promotion. I just returned Mother’s Day LE bangle with Tree of Love and free glass jewelry box,Can $150 plus 13% tax. I find myself seldom wear Pandora bangle, have 4 LE bangle, kind of flimsy.

    • It’s a great safety chain! I was surprised by how unoxidised they are compared to the one I bought years ago back in 2013. Pandora really do make beads a lot shinier these days!

      • I really noticed the difference in the shininess level today, Ellie! The most recent purchases of mine which are all from newer collections are indeed very shiny, but when I buy charms that are from older collections, I notice they’re much darker with more oxidizing for shading. I have the ‘It’s a girl’ bear and the Santa bear on the same bracelet, and I swear the Santa one has a bit more heft to it, and is much darker silver, whereas the girl-bear is super shiny. I love both regardless ^ ^ Speaking of bears, I’ve been trying to get ahold of the limited edition ‘bear my heart’ charm but no luck in either outlet or eBay :( If you ever see that one on sale online please let me know!

  12. You have the best choices of Rue la la! I loved.
    thank you to share with us about the promotions and good news.

    Do you if the pandora May 2017 Spend & Save Promotion for the US can be on the website?
    Or only in the stores?


    • Yay, thank you! I spent yesterday styling them, great fun :D

      In the US, promotions are not usually available online, unfortunately. I’ll let you know if I hear otherwise! xx

  13. The new encased in love charms are out in the us. My store received them three days ago. I can email you a photo if you would like to see what they look like.

    • Amazing, thanks for the heads-up! I would absolutely love to see a photo, sorry for the delay in reply!

  14. Hi Ellie!

    Just wanted to let you know that our store has received the new encased in love charms as well, so they have not been delayed.:)

    -Pandora Chicago

    • Hi Nikki! Oh amazing, thanks for the heads-up. Stores are starting to get them here in the UK as well, good to know that they’re not delayed.

  15. Hi Ellie

    Unfortunately no promos here in Belgium as far as I know….. Maybe it’s for the best ;-) since I’ve already spent more than I should on the spring collection and the gorgeous magnolias. I really love them.
    Now I am waiting for the summer collection to be out….. just a few days before my birthday ;-)
    Like you my eyes are catched by these lovely green muranos and I can’t wait to see them in person. Maybe I will be tempted by the Tropical flamingo and the Ocean life beads.

    I am really happy that our comments and answers reassure you. Your blog is a piece of heaven for me….. thanks to you and the way you welcome all the pandora friends….. We are free to express ourselves so there is no way that this freedom of speech does not apply to you here in your own home :-))))

    The retired charm you bought are lovely. I love the muranos ;-) the bow and especially the buddha. I had the chance to find this one in France last year.

    Thanks for this round-up. I was thrilled to find it in my email box this morning and I made my day as usual ;-)

    Have a nice day and take care

    • Hi Valerie! Haha, I know how you feel. I’ve been in the same position many times! ? I am thinking about a couple more Spring purchases, but I’m mainly waiting for those pretty green summer muranos!

      Aw, thank you! ? I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that the blog means so much to you. That has absolutely made my evening! It’s been so nice to sit down and proper go through all my comments this weekend. You guys are such a lovely bunch!

      Thanks for commenting, and hope you had a great weekend! Have a good week, and take care too <3

  16. The koinobori muranos look beautiful. So many different variations. With quite a number of Japanese inspired charms (jap doll, weather doll, koinobori murano, origami crane) i’m toying with the idea of a mini Japanese theme design on a bangle. I like the seashell with the pearl in your rue lala haul. I myself ordered the snow globe black friday charm only and paid a higher shipping. I just did not find much i wanted to get then. But seeing your pearl seashell makes me want to have it too! Perhaps during new rue sale.

    • Yes, the variation is quite striking isn’t it? I wonder if the individual artists achieve much consistency across the particular examples that they each make. It must be such tricky work!

      Oh amazing, the Black Friday charms are always a good deal on Rue. I’m surprised by how long they stick around! Hope you find the pearl seashell, I’m sure they’ll have it again :)

  17. Hi Ellie, :-)
    Happy to hear from you again and very glad that our comments could help you up a little. I really meant what I said <3
    I´ll start by saying that I like your haul at Rue. I´m thinking seriously of becaming a member now that they sent to other countries. The safety chains are really gorgeous and versatile. And what to say about the litlle bow. I´m the proud owner of two, which I adore ;)
    Secondly i think I may bring some light about the Encased in Love charms. They were realeased in Germany with the Mother´s Day collection and there seem to be some confusing information about them. Well, they are running a 3X2 promo on charms. The encased in ove are marked as "vergriffen¨" which means out of stock, but only momentarily, not sold out.
    anyway, I tried to carry out an experiment. I thought that might be that they had a limited number of them to be sold with the promo, so hitted "newest arrivals" insted of going to promotion and they were not marked. I tried putting one of then in the basket and then another and now I have two Encased in Love charms waiting for me to find out how to take them out of there, lol!! ( or to buy them, which I don´t intend to do).Well
    Well, as always, lots of thanks for keeping us informed.

    • And very dissapointed that the open bangles have been delayed. Hope they won´t be forgotten like that poor textured one!

      • Apparently they’ve begun to make an appearance in some stores in the US, so I’ll keep an eye out!

    • Hi Marie! Absolutely, reading through them all has been so motivating and lovely, so thank you again! :)

      Oh you totally should join Rue. I always find it fun to browse sales anyway, even if I’m not getting anything haha. The bow is one I’ve always liked, but have never quite got around to before, so it was great to see it crop up on Rue. I’m surprised to see charms like that on there tbh!

      Oh, how strange about the Encased in Love charms. THey’ve had such a strange release across all the regions, it’s hard to keep up! Hope you manage to sort out your promo basket though haha!

  18. Ellie!!

    I just saw that some stores in the US received open bangles!!! I am reaching out to my store to see if they are too. I hope I hope I hope they come!!

    • Hi Nichol! Exciting! I’ve not seen anything further on social media about them yet, but I’m probably not looking in the right places. Hope your store got them too!

  19. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the May News Round-Up. It’s good to see you back in the swing of things! Hope your last doctor’s visit went well and you’re feeling much better now. You’ve had a lot on your plate recently with relocating and a new job…both can be very stressful!

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Summer release for those pretty muranos. I’m really excited they will most likely arrive in stores in time for the Memorial Day Event. Hopefully, Pandora will get it together and release the Open Bangles in time for the leather event. You know we women love a sale! HaHa.

    Thanks for sharing Patty NGO’s shots of the Koinobori muranos. They do look stunning in these pictures.

    Love your latest Rue hauls. The TLG muranos are such a lovely color. Looking forward to seeing how you design bracelets with your recent purchases.

    • Hi Emily! Thanks, I am getting there I think! :) a key thing is trying not to do everything at once, too, haha. But I really do feel so much better about the blog now, and I spent a little bit of time doing some spring cleaning for it and comments, and I’ll get on new content very shortly as well. :D

      I am waiting for live shots of the new muranos to pop up on social media too! I can’t wait to see some more shots of the glitter muranos. <3 I hope the mint ones will go nicely with the Tinker Bell beads.

      Thanks Emily! I just posted my first finished design with my new Rue beads on Instagram - the blue Looking Glass muranos and the Buddha. :D So pleased with them! Hope all is well with you, and that you have a lovely week ahead.

  20. Hi Mora, i was in my local Pandora store yesterday and in the Netherlands the open bangels and the hart charms wil be released with the summer collection. The bangel with silver wil ben €69 and with the pave wil be €119 the charms go for 59 each.

    • Hi Manon, thank you for the information. This little mini release has been very confusing, haha! :)

  21. Hi Ellie great haul the USA have so many good promo a part of me wished we had the same but then I probly wouldn’t have any money lol. Are you taking part.

      • I was excited when I read your comment and had a look in my local store today but they didn’t have them yet unfortunately! I’ve seen some very pretty live photos, though. :)

    • Hi Nicola! I am considering it, but you have to be so careful as to whether something is a good deal or not these days, as the exchange rate is awful! THere are a couple of things I could get…

  22. Hello, thank you for all the info on the upcoming promotions. I was going to pick up some much needed clips this weekend but now i will wait for the free bracelet promo do that. I did have one question for anyone that has done the free bracelet promo i noticed that most of them say limit 3 per person, if i wanted to do the promotion twice would i have to do 2 seperate transactions of $125 each or could i do just 1 transaction of $250 and get 2 free bracelets? Also i live in Canada if that makes a difference.

    • Hi Harley,

      I have got two free leather bracelets before with a $250 spend, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. That was from Pandora in Halifax. However, I would ask the store first just in case they do it differently. The summer leather promotion is ny favourite of the year! I hope you can get what you like!


      • Thank you Victoria for the info. I will definately ask my store how they do it once the promotion is available. The store I go to is just a local jewellery store that sells Pandora but more than half the store is Pandora and they only ever put Pandora stuff in their windows and i have done the silver free bracelet promo before but never even knew at the time that it could be done more than once. I am hopeing to get both of the new leather bracelets that come out for the summer if my store gets them in by then. If not then I will probably get one leather (not sure which color) and then pay the difference on a silver one.

  23. Is there any word on whether the free leather bracelet promotion will be available in the USA, please?

  24. Such a Great Job at your Blog ???? Thank you for the updates ? IIwould like to know if the free leather bracelet promo will be available in USA by June 8 .. thank you so much ?… Sandy

  25. Hi! Would you know if the June 2017 free leather bracelet promo is still on for June 8th? I’ve called several stores and was told that they are not running the promo this year.

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