We have another sneak peek today, with a selection of campaign images from the upcoming Pandora AW17 collections, encompassing lots of the new Moments line, the Rose collection and Pandora Essence as well! I previously posted some initial live shots and a smattering of stock imagery last weekend, but more information is trickling in, and we’re starting to get a good feel for what the upcoming collections will look like, I think. Geometric designs and teardrop shapes seem to be big for Autumn, while Winter introduces some richly festive reds, blues, and greens.

Image by anasanchezrodero

The Pandora Autumn 2017 collection is due out on the 31st August, and I would predict that the Winter launch will make its appear on the 2nd November. I assume that the images on the darker blue background are Winter 2017 stylings, while the lighter background is for autumn stylings, but I don’t know for sure.

Read on for a sneak peek! :)

Pandora Autumn/Winter 2017 Sneak Peeks

First up, we have a sneak peek at some decorative pave Moments silver beads. We saw the teardrop button bead in my previous sneak peek, but there’s also another diamond-shaped charm – it strikes me as a more elegant, clear version of the Fairytale Treasure from last year’s Autumn launch.

Pandora Autumn/Winter 2017 Sneak Peek Charms Bracelets

Next up, we have a little colour with some vibrant red, blue and green for the festive season. Now, there is a charm on this bangle styling that I absolutely adore the look of – a charm with silver snowflakes set against midnight-blue enamel. I think it’s absolutely stunning. Also pictured are some new Radiant Hearts-style button charms in rich winter colours.

Pandora Autumn/Winter 2017 Colours

In this next image, we have some more rings and earrings: the teardrop charm we saw in my previous sneak peek has matching rings.

Finally, we have some new Heart of Winter jewellery to match the charm that came out with last year’s Winter collection. I think this design works particularly well as a necklace!

Pandora Winter 2017 sneak peek

Finally, we have another live shot from the CasaPandora event I mentioned in my previous AW17 sneak peek – this gives us a clear look at a new pave heart button charm, and a new signature ring:

Image by Pandora
Image by Pandora

Pandora Rose Autumn/Winter 2017 

Pandora look to be having some fun with the Rose collection this season; in addition to all the decorative pieces I posted in my previous sneak peek, we have some intriguing new jewellery pictured here!

The thing that first catches my eye is a full Pandora Rose threadless bracelet! Previously we’ve only had two-tone Rose charm bracelets; this is a first. Accompanying it is another new Pandora Rose safety chain, which looks to be silicone lined, but strikes me as being quite similar to the one we have already; a Pandora Rose Radiant Hearts charm; and another look at the Moments silver teardrop bead.

Pandora Rose Autumn 2017 collection

Next, we have a look at what is presumably some Winter offerings from Rose – the geometric, decorative stylings of the previous image give away to more character-based designs. This is again unusual for the Rose line, which usually focuses on hearts or more abstract designs: however, pictured here are some Rose Christmas Petites for the Floating Locket, and a Rose Twinkling Christmas Tree and Sparkling Present!

Also pictured are some really stunning-looking Rose clips, and a Rose version of the pave heart clasp bracelet.

Pandora Rose Winter 2017

We also have another CasaPandora live shot of the pink Rose beads and murano I teased in my last post. This shot has completely changed my mind on the Rose murano: the colours look like they work wonderfully together here!

Image by Pandora

Pandora Essence Autumn/Winter 2017

Rounding up this latest sneak peek, we have a further look at the Pandora Essence AW17 collection. This seems to be a miniaturised version of the colourful Moments beads we saw earlier in the post, in festive colours of red, green and sapphire blue.

Pandora Essence AW17 collection

My Comment

Phew! There have been a lot of posts from me over the past few days, what with all the previews and the sales mania, but I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I’ll be catching up with comments over the weekend. These campaign images reveal a lot of sparkling, decorative pieces: as usual, one wonders where the characters themselves are, but then Pandora’s styling images often focus on more stylised, abstract beads that can be used to create a more pulled together and general bracelet design. There are most likely more character beads that we haven’t seen here – I’m sure there will be Christmas offerings, for example!

Of what we’ve seen here, I absolutely love that midnight-blue enamel snowflake bead (it would be a nice choice for the LE Black Friday, but I don’t imagine it is), and I also really like that they’re expanding the scope of the Pandora Rose line. In my previous post, we saw a first Pandora Rose murano; in this post, we saw our first full Pandora Rose bracelet, plus some Rose character charms! This I find rather exciting, as I’m a big fan of the Rose line.

What do you think of these latest sneak peeks?

112 Comments on Pandora Autumn/Winter 2017 Sneak Peeks II

  1. I love sneak peaks of A/W collections, I get so excited for the winter months! I very much like the look of the Heart of Winter necklace. The silver snowflakes set against midnight-blue enamel charm looks like a must have, It would fit with my blue themed bracelet as well as my love for winter.

    • That’s my favourite charm from these sneak peeks as well! I just got the Unique Snowflake bangle from last year in the US sales, so I’ll most probably wear them together.

  2. Oh my goodness, those red, blue and green items are so ugly, I can’t believe it. There is not a single item in this post that I would like to own, my wallet it really happy with this collection :P
    Again disappointed that Pandora keeps moving away from natural stones for the Essence collection, there are so many Essence charms with natural stones retired, in a while, there will only be Essence charms with cz left.

    • Sadly I agree, I find this new release quite ugly. Exception is the rose bracelet.
      My bank account has been growing as I have found nothing to tempt me in the last 2 or 3 drops!

    • Pandora is in the process of destroying their only jewelry line that has any symmetry and elegance to it. It’s so sad.

    • I do find it a little sad that Pandora have not kept Essence’s natural materials, as it did make it stand out more from the Moments line!

  3. Looks like there is lots to look forward to! I know pave divides opinion but I love looking at what is coming next. Thanks for the preview, love your blog :)

  4. Thanks for the great sneak peak. It is usually this time if year I start saving up for a big Christmas spend! Love seeing what is coming out.

    • You’re welcome! My saving for AW17 is going to have to wait a little, as I’ve spent everything on the summer sales haha.

  5. I LOVE the red, green, and blue charms in the last pic and I am definitely going to expand my Rose collection! (I have only 1 rose gold charm lol) Thank you for the previews and all the sale information!

    • Haha, I would be earmarking some more Rose pieces as well, but I’ve almost finished my second Rose bracelet so probably need a breather before starting another one! ;)

  6. Thank you Ms. Elle for the beautiful charms. I really like the round snowflake charm besides the midnight blue charm with crystals around it.

  7. Oh dear, it looks like we have another expensive time ahead! I love the teardrop charm you previously posted and the blue enamel… and perhaps a red Radiant Heart for my Christmas bracelet. Here we go again..!

    • Oh good! The blue enamel snowflake instantly leapt out to me as well. I also like the Disney beads I previously posted. :)

  8. Hi Ellie

    I’m enjoying all these posts of late, more exciting times ahead. I’m loving what is ahead for Pandora and like you I’m excited about the rose collection. I’m loving the all rose bracelet and I was very excited about the rose petites but I must say I’m a little disappointed that they are Christmas themed, it would have been nice to have something that could be worn all year round. I am excited to see all these pieces in person and it looks like I need to start saving for this collection now as a few pieces look like they will be a must have.
    Thank you for all your amazing updates

    • Hi Janelle! So nice to hear that you’re excited. There are some non-Christmas themed Rose Petites on the cards as well, so it’s not just festive beads! Glad to hear you enjoyed the updates, and thanks for commenting!

  9. Sadly, i did not see anything that will make me part with my money for. The rose version of the present and Christmas tree might be the reason they are retiring the silver ones here. I hope there will be more interesting charms out there in the Autumn/winter collection. But still, its nice to see more rose pieces coming out, though the design are not original. Thanks Ellie for the sneak peek. Have a good weekend.

    • I’m sure there will be lots more to see :) I’ve been shown a couple of pieces that I can’t share yet that are a bit more unique in my opinion so hopefully there’ll be at least a few bits and pieces here and there! Hope you had a nice weekend too!

  10. Oh yikes, Essence, it’s worse than I thought it would be. :-( WHY? Essence was all I had left to collect from Pandora, and now that’s going away too.

  11. Hi Ellie, just wanted to say how much I have appreciated and enjoyed all your recent posts. Lots of work for you but they have been so informative and is always enjoyable to read everyone’s comments too. Thanks again. Btw, I too love the midnight blue enamel snowflake – it looks like a Christmas bauble to me – gorgeous.

    • Hi Lozzie, thank you – so lovely to hear. :) It’s been busy but fun putting everything together – perhaps it’ll be a bit slower next week now that all the sales are settling down, haha. The blue snowflake is absolutely stunning, and I hope that there might be some similar pieces to match it! Thanks for commenting!

  12. Love the autumn winter collection. If you love pave and color, then this is it. If you like simple sterling silver charms then this isn’t for you. Personally sterling charms are boring to me. Sterling silver is everywhere and basically average. These colored charms will be gorgeous on my holiday charm bangle.Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Excellent, glad to hear you’re enthused! I am happy to have a few things I like so far – so long as there are a couple of things I’ll be getting, I’m mostly content. :)

  13. I really love those blue muranos with the snowflakes and these will be top of my list and I may give my OH some hints for the heart of winter necklace and ring as I have a birthday in November:) I wonder if Pandora will bring out a green leather for Christmas as this would look lovely stacked with a more traditional silver christmas theme bracelet. I won’t be buying any of the new essence – just not for me.

    Thank you again for a wonderful blog – I don’t know how you have time to keep up all updated Remember to take time for yourself. (especially when all your parcels arrive)

    The rose gold looks beautiful – I have never tried this, but tempted can anyone give
    advise please about mixing the rose gold with silver Is this a good look?

    • I have a couple of rose gold bracelets that every other charm is silver. I am a fan of mixed metals, because my wedding rings and watches are 18 k gold, so I am always blending. I even mixed the same charm in rose gold, then silver, such as tumbling hearts.

      • Thank you Deborah, I have a xmas theme bracelet in silver and those rose xmas charms look lovely so I may mix them on this bracelet.

      • Sounds lovely! My second Rose bracelet actually mixes Rose, silver and two-tone items, so I’m all up for mixing metals as well.

        • Post pics of y’all rose gold bracelets please
          And how does the rose gold compare to the prices of silver?

    • Rose with silver looks great. Rose with some of the light pink muranos and pave looks great too. In fact, using all pandora rose on a bracelet can just look like a blob of pink. It needs something to break it up!

      • I agree – I prefer Rose when it’s mixed with silver. A mini design in Rose can look nice, but I like to be able to see a lot of silver chain if so.

      • I agree as well–I love the Pandora Rose mixed with silver and other beads! Mine has a bit of a “girly” theme with silver beads such as the stiletto and martini glass mixed in. One combo I particularly like is the Rose mixed with black enamel, and I also have a couple of these beads on my Rose bracelet. I also recall seeing a bracelet with Rose mixed with teal on social media, and it was surprisingly stunning. The Rose is quite versatile.

    • You mean the blue enamel bead? That’s my favourite as well! A festive green leather would be really cute, I like that idea. :D We already have dark blue and red, so it’s just that one that’s missing.

      I always mix my Rose beads with silver, and even a little two-tone. I prefer it that way :) if you search for Pandora Rose on the blog, you’ll find a few of my past reviews that showcase a few different ideas!

      Thank you, Jacqui! It’s been a busy busy week but a lot of fun too. So pleased to hear that you’ve been enjoying the posts – and have a lovely week ahead! <3

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for another lovely preview! I’m excited to begin seeing what the Autumn/Winter collections hold for this year. It appears the color theme is based on rubies, sapphires and emeralds. I’m partial to the Radiant Hearts because of their vintage look, but I do like the pear/teardrop shape for this year. I’m hoping these will come out in colors, too.

    Pandora must really trust the finish on the rose line to come out with the full on rose bracelet. It would have to be durable to stand up to charms rubbing back and forth all day. Loving the rose Christmas Tree. I bought this one in silver last year. I also like the looks of the new rose safety chain, especially if it is indeed silicone lined. Now, if a white murano with a rose core popped up I would be totally thrilled.

    I’ve yet to see the new Open End Bangles. As of yesterday, my store still had not received them. I’m anxious to get my hands on one! I’m planning to go today and check out the sale items and hope to pick up a few things I’ve passed over.

    From the reviews we’re seeing, I’ll need to start saving for the Autumn/Winter. I see quite a few things I like and I’m sure there’s more to come.

    Thanks for the beautiful post. I know you’ve been busy getting out all this info for us this week, but I have enjoyed each and every one. Thank You!

    Have a great weekend.

    • Forgot to mention the midnight blue charm with snowflakes. Absolutely stunning and a must have for me!

    • Hi Emily! You’re welcome. I think some pretty blue teardrop beads would be lovely – you could wear them for summer (sea theme) or with wintry blues.

      Well, my Rose pieces have all held up remarkably well, so you can see why they might be encouraged. Having said that, the only bead of mine that hasn’t held the course so well is the big smooth heart, which is smooth and uninterrupted with pave or enamel, so it does show up all the markings and scratches.. I expect the Rose bracelet would be a similar finish, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

      Thanks for commenting Emily! Glad you enjoyed all the posts, and thanks for letting me know :)

  15. There are several thIngs I like from these sneak peeks so far. Love the blue enamel silver snowflake charm, love the tear drop shaped charm and also like the green radiant heart and lastly the blue radiant heart looking charm shown at the bottom of the bracelet (the one that has the extra crystals descending down like ice crystals) I like that extra addition.
    Need to see how it works when I see them in person, but may end up pairing the tear drop charm with two snowflake blue enamel charms on one of my new open bangles.

    • Glad to hear that there are things you like. My count of things I like from what we’ve seen so far is Bambi, Thumper, and the blue midnight snowflakes bead, which is pretty good going! Those are all winter collection pieces though, so I need to find something from Autumn!

      I like the little extra dusting of sparkle on that Radiant Hearts bead as well. Really pretty!

  16. Hi Ellie,

    Love the different shapes and colors, and love the pandora rose additions. Do *not* like the probable prices coming.

    When I went to do the sale yesterday, I complained to SA about lack of less sparkly, simpler silver beads to build a bracelet with. She seemed to understand my point that the way all the beads are now you can only put maybe 5 on a bracelet. You can’t really fill a bracelet because it’s too expensive and all the beads need to be seen individually in their right because they are so fancy. You can’t squeeze them together or they would just be lost.

    So I’m happy/not happy with the A/W selection…

    • Hi Lisa! Oh, I know. The sparkle always comes with a hefty price tag! Although I think it’s interesting that a lot of the more expensive pave pieces from last year’s Autumn collection are already in the sales here, so perhaps they’ll give that a rethink going forward? It’s hard to know!

  17. The blue radiant heart button charm on the bangle looks like it could have some pave snowflakes or icicles on top of it? Or it could just be my eyesight! Lol

  18. Hi Ellie. Wow, Pandora is indeed pampering the rose Line!!!! Gorgeous pieces! And the new teardrop and diamond shaped silver charms are really pretty, too. Probably not must-haves for me, since I already have other festive beads with clear czs but I find them nice all the same and surely there will be more colours in the future to choose from. A couple of rings may go on my list again. But let’s wait and see what’s still to come!
    The downside, however, is the Essence line. I absolutely hate what Pandora is doing to it!!!! Isn’t there enough buttom charms in Moments already? ??
    Have a very nice weekend!

    • Hi Marie! So nice to hear your enthusiasm :) I like the introduction of character-style beads to Rose, as well. It’s nice to see that line getting fleshed out a bit, especially as so many Rose beads have been retired already!

      I do agree with comments re Essence – I think it would be fine if these were offered in addition to the traditional Essence beads, but it’s a bit of a shame to see it become a bit of a Moments mini-me.

      Have a lovely weekend too! :)

  19. Hi Ellie

    Thanks for all of the wonderful info! I’m excited for all of the pandora rose items myself. The piece that sticks out the most to me, that I’ll be going after first is the all over pandora rose essence bracelet that you can see in a picture from your other sneak peek posting. It looks beautiful!!! I’m also a fan of the geometric shapes. My sister, like you, I know will love the snowflake enamel charm!!! Can’t wait to see if all in person!!!

    Emily R.

    • Hi Emily! You are really very welcome! Pandora Rose Essence is a fun little cross-over, I love the idea of that. :D And then we just need some more cross-overs – like Pandora Rose Disney, or Disney Essence beads, haha.

      Glad to hear you’re excited, and thanks for commenting!

  20. The blue enamel snowflake charm is my pick for Winter (so far). Thank you for the unfolding sneak peeks, Ellie!

  21. Hiya,

    I agree with some of the other comments about Essence…I’m disappointed by the direction they are going with the collection. What I love about Essence is that it’s quite subtle and understated which I think comes with using the more natural stones, but that’s what makes it so elegant. It’s like they are trying to make it a mini moments collection.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love moments but I love having 2 totally different collections – I agree about the czs as well, I like a few but it’s getting a bit OTT for my taste :-(

    I do think the rose gold bracelet is stunning though, I’ve not been a huge fan of rose gold but actually I think it looks gorgeous with the silver beads and I’d love to have it so I could stack it with my smooth silver moments bracelet :-)

    Anyway I do hope they tone down the bling for next spring – I do love the spring collections!

    Once again thanks for the updates!

    • HI Kerry! Yes, I think that’s spot on – the similarity of the two lines is where it goes wrong a little, I think. Essence was so different from Moments when it first started, and both lines have drifted into a very similar CZ button-style territory, over the past couple of years or so. It’s very pretty, but I think both lines should try and keep as much as their original personalities to go along with this new style. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

      I like the look of the all-over Rose bracelet as well, and would love to know how well it wears – I would try one myself, but i’m still working on a second Rose bracelet so I think I’ll hold off on this one for now!

      You’re welcome! :)

  22. I like the jewel tone colors, but I’m not a fan of button shape beads. I don’t really like the teardrop shape either. It’s nice to see more adds to the Pandora Rose line. The murano looks better than I thought it would, but I think a white murano would have been more versatile. From what I’ve seen, there’s nothing I’d like to get which is just fine! I’ve bought enough Pandora this year and don’t want to be tempted with more.

    • A white murano would have been my first choice as well, but perhaps we’ll see more colours in later collections. :) I know that I’ll be getting a couple of pieces so far, and I’ll be happy enough if it stays that way as I’ve also overspent in these sales! I’m also enjoying collecting retired beads!

  23. Hi Ellie! I love the Heart of Winter jewelry which matches the lovely charm, Ellie! I also love the blue enamel charm with Snowflakes! Absolutely stunning charm! It will fit nicely into my existing collection! I always get excited for the Winter Collection! Thanks for the preview!???

    • Hi Carol! I really love the blue enamel snowflake bead as well – the contrast between the silver and the darker enamel is so, so pretty. Just lovely!

      You are welcome <3

  24. Hi Ellie Thankyou so much for all the posts I really like the midnight snowflake charm. I really like the heart of winter charm so different and intricate design. Loving the release of more rose gold as they have retired a lot of it over ther years.

    • Hi Nicola! You are welcome :D I love the midnight snowflake bead as well – so pretty! So I have at least three beads I need to get so far, along with the Disney collection.

  25. Mmmm I do have to say that so far I’m not really to pleased with a lot of the winter collection in rose gold I just don’t really think that Christmas charms are meant to be in rose gold at all like they look perfect in silver and that’s it like When do you see a rose gold Christmas tree or rose gold wrapping paper? Yeah almost slim to never
    You see silver wrapping paper and a silver Christmas tree and maybe gold wrapping paper but never will you see a rose gold Christmas it just looks unnatural and just ugly to me

    And oh my god I love that rich blue vibrant snowflake bead at least something is good in this collection

    • Mm, I’m undecided on the Rose Christmas beads! I kind of know what you mean about the rose gold colour being a weird colour for a Christmas tree – but then when did you ever see a silver chimpanzee or a silver birthday cake or a silver duck? All charms are kind of a funny colour in that way haha. But I do know what you mean. Rose gold is quite contemporary and not that festive..

      I love that snowflake bead too! It’s gorgeous :D

  26. Sorry just replying to your Disney comment on here

    Yeah well Lion King the animated version is due for a 25th anniversary in 2019 which is also the same year they decide to release the live action Lion King movie so it’ll be a pretty big year for lion king in 2019 so I can’t see them not making any lion king charms as lion king is just such an iconic movie And I do strongly feel like Simba should be a dangle for sure and Nala too I mean I swear if they put Simba and Nala on beads like they did Stitch and Lilo I think I’m gonna kill Disney cause if I was working for them and specialized in the merchandise I can almost assure you that lilo and stitch would NOT be put on white beads especially stitch
    I believe that all animals charms should be silver dangles like Bambi

    And I actually feel like a Bay Max dangle charm would be so cute

  27. Thanks for the lovely previeuw! I love the heart of winter necklace. It looks lovely but expensive :-)

  28. Well, one of those rich blue enamel charms with the silver snowflakes definitely has my name on it! :)
    I really love the look of that one and it will go with a lot of blues, the silver galaxy and snowflake heart that I already have. Really looking forward to seeing some more Autumn/Winter pieces as they come through, thanks so much for posting all the previews for us!

    • And mine! I have already finished my midnight blue bracelet, but I got the Unique Snowflake bangle in the US sales so I’ll pop it on that :) You are welcome!

  29. Hi there, I’m a huge fan of the Essence and I just wanted to ask if you knew what the actual names/values were on the midnight blue,green and red essence charm? Please and thank you.

      • No thank you! And thank you for all your posts. I actually get so excited whenever I get an email. I love sneak peeks and I love a good offer which your blog definitely highlights and means that I can create the best wishlists and then know when to purchase as many as I can. My collection is starting to look so pretty and I’m so impressed hehe. Can’t wait to find out the other essence meanings and to see the winter packaging or if there’s a promotion on the horizon. Keep posting pretty please :’)

        • Aw, thank you so much! I will definitely be posting some more fun stuff over the coming weeks too – I hope you enjoy!

  30. This is pretty darn boring! More of the same…
    I really hope this is not everything? They don’t even have an animal or figure. Maybe a new intricate design or a nice two tone? Nope.
    Just cz upon cz, upon a little more cz. And don’t forget the CZ!!
    Horribly disappointing release :(

    • Couldn’t agree more. I noticed the sales people in the store sticking to their vintage purchases not many wearing the new gaudy or blingey pieces!

      • I always like it when I see sales people with older pieces on their bracelets – they usually have been collecting for a while and know their stuff!

  31. Hi Ellie! I’ve been excited to see your recent influx of posts, as they have been a bit of distraction from one of the most horrible colds/coughs I’ve ever had (I’ve literally been coughing all night long for seven nights in a row and nothing I try has been able to touch the cough!). Anyway, I agree with you that the dark blue enamel bead with the snowflakes is absolutely gorgeous. It seems like every year I keep adding blue wintry Pandora pieces to my collection and have to keep rearranging my main blue wintry/starry night bracelet and adding these charms onto either my snowflake or star bangle. I bought the Heart of Winter Charm last year, and the necklace looks stunning, and I like the look of the ring as well. I’m not sure what to make of the Pandra Rose pieces. I love Rose (though haven’t bought any pieces since my Rose bracelet became full), but I’m just not sure if the festive Christmassy charms work as a Rose design. It’s something different, though, so we’ll see.

    As far as the sale, I wasn’t able to pick up anything (yet). Because of my being so sick, I missed out on the Pandora eStore sale. I buy a lot from Reeds Jewelers, but you have to phone in to place an order, which I haven’t felt like doing since my voice is is terrible and hoarse, Hopefully, it’ll get better this week, so I can call and see if they have anything left.

    • Hi Joanne!

      So sorry to have missed this comment – I thought I had replied to everything on this post. Especially as you have been so poorly, I am sorry to hear that. Hope you’re feeling better, and that you managed to get some goodies in the sale after all. Sending ‘get well soon’ thoughts! <3

  32. Hi again Ellie, I just read the comment from Laura above, went to your facebook site and saw the photos. They are the same I so hardly tried to sent you but never succeded. That bead i told you about is there. The one I took for a cerise version of last year´s intertwining radiance ( the pink one). Seeing what you have posted above and taking into account that they did a cerise encased in love, now I think it must be red instead. But if is a dark shade I will love it all the same. Looking forward to know what you and other ladies think of it. I´m enjoying your posts a lot, even if we have no sales here!

    • Its looks like a burgundy colour to me. There is also a silver charm with Merry Christmas on the side but I cant make out what is on the actual face of the charm?

    • I actually found those pictures from you in my spam folder in the end! I’m not sure why my email filtered them out. Thanks Marie :)

  33. What type of essence bracelets do people normally buy? I have the traditional snake one and was wanting the beaded one but the lad put at the store said they are not as durable

    • Hi Margaret, I only have the beaded one so far, but that´s because the snake chain can´t be cut shorter. I wear it with three beads. Hopefully it lasts me for a long long time, because I love having an alternative to Moments and I would like to get a second one!

      • how long have you had it and how often do you wear it? the lady at the store said she has seen people coming in with them poped but i really really want it

        • I’ve had it only for about six months and haven’t sorn it that often. I’m using it more since maybe two and a half months but not on a daily basis. It looks indeed very dainty and fragile. I don’t know what can happen in the future. I loved the idea of combining two of them, but the snake chain one is 1 cm too long for me.

    • I have both the snake and beaded essence bracelets. I have had them for at least 2 years now. No issues at all. Five charms on each bracelet. Wear them once a fortnight. Lovely bracelets. I say go for it!

    • I have all the Essence bracelets but the snake chain, two of each the beaded and the bangle, plus I have multiple single and double Essence strand bracelets in grey and black. I wear two of my double strands everyday with one bead on each strand, and they’re in perfect condition. I haven’t worn the silver Essence with beads on for a very long time. The Essence beads just don’t look good on silver to me, but the silver Essence beads look excellent on the black strands. My beaded bracelets tend to kink on the clasp end. This kinking was much worse when I had a couple of beads on them. Without beads, the kink happens less often, and they’re perfect with Pandora leather or fabric bracelets. I often wear the beaded bracelets with the colored multi-strings; the silver beading weaving through the colored strings looks really nice.

    • Hi Margaret,

      I have both the snake chain (18cm and 17cm) and the beaded one (17cm). I like to wear the 2 17cm bracelets together with just one or 2 charms or just on their own as they are pretty just as a plain silver bracelet.
      I also like to wear the beaded chain with a leather bracelet as it really sets it off – I have had no problems with it so far but then I don’t wear it with a lot of charms. I do plan to get an 18cm beaded chain so I can wear more charms on it – I guess it all depends on how often you wear it? I have several so I guess I wear it about once a week.

      Good luck deciding!

    • I have two snake chain Essence bracelets – one is silver and one is two-tone. I don’t have any experience with the beaded one!

  34. Phew ! Nothing taking my fancy in the AW collection. I’ll continue with getting what I want from current collections and my “to get” list may actually get shorter (HA!” is if)
    Keep up the good work Ellie. I always look forward to getting your posts and is makes me smile that after reading them I seem to know more about the Pandora lines that the SA in the store does.
    They should read you as their training information.

    • Thank you, Ali, that’s so nice of you to say :D hope you continue to enjoy the posts, got some more fun stuff coming out I hope!

  35. When will Pandora ever come out with a two tone Pandora Signature Stackable ring??? Loooong overdue if you ask me!

  36. thank you for this amazing prewiev … the Aw collection is stunning and charming :X:X:X can t wait to spend some cash at Pandora store :))) … Btw ,the green stone from the ring is emerald ?

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