Today brings fresh updates on the Pandora AW17 collections, with some new live images from press previews in Poland and Spain! I have previously posted two teasers and sneak peek posts, but this brings some glimpses at extra pieces, with a few intriguing new pieces from the Winter collection revealed.

Image by domiwrobel
We also have a nice selection of new campaign images, which focus a lot on the accompanying jewellery, but also give us some sneak peeks at the new Pandora Rose Essence bracelet and more!

The Pandora Autumn 2017 collection is due out on the 31st August, while the Winter 2017 collection will probably make its debut on 2nd November. 

Pandora AW17 Live Shots

Let’s start with the new Pandora Rose pieces! The brand have clearly decided to go heavy on the Rose this season, as we have a fair amount of fresh, new pieces for the line. Here we can see the new Rose Pink Shimmer muranos, the Rose shimmering Christmas Tree, a new Rose safety chain and, previously unseen, a rather stunning Rose version of the popular Winter’s Kiss pendant.

Image by rozena_ro
Image by G. Bloch
We know for sure that there will be a Pandora Essence bracelet in Rose coming out, and this looks like it could be that, although it’s hard to tell from the lighting whether it’s yellow gold or rose gold!

Image by mrugaczek1
Image by ewawojciechowskapl
We get another shot at the Rose pieces here, but also a look at what looks to be another special clasp bangle. Perhaps the LE Winter bangle for this year? It’s hard to tell the design, although it looks snowflakey or frosty.

Image by magazyngala
Again, I can’t quite tell whether this next bracelet is rose gold, or yellow gold! We know for sure that we’re getting a Pandora Rose threadless bracelet from my previous previews, but perhaps we’re getting a yellow gold one too..?

Image by leniekk
Finally, we have a new shot of some Pandora Rose Petites. We previously saw some Christmas-themed ones; these look more generic.

Image by Pandora
The next set of photos all seem to focus on the new Winter pieces. There looks to be a couple of new blue pave star beads and clips, with rather large stones.

Image by agniezskaa
However, I’m most intrigued by what looks to be a new murano, in pale periwinkle blue. Perhaps a light blue version of the glitter muranos? :D

Image by mrugaczek1
Next, you get a live look at the new Heart of Winter necklace and some other pieces here:

Image by miumag
Aaaand, another delightfully close-up look at my favourite Pandora Winter 2017 bead pictured so far – the midnight-blue enamel snowflake charm. It’s so pretty! I like that the new Radiant Hearts-style beads to have snowflake silhouettes inside (the existing Radiant hearts charms have, as you might guess, hearts!).

Image by mrugaczek1
Image by avanti_magazyn
To match the snowflake, we have a picture of a planet-like decorative bead in the same pretty blue enamel – but I find this one much less striking. In the centre is a bead featuring enamel Christmas scene, complete with fir trees, snowflakes and a snowman!

Image by G. Bloch
The charm pictured on this bracelet is inscribed with ‘Merry Christmas’, but it’s near impossible to make out the actual detailing of the bead itself.

Image by Pandora
On to the rings – I have to say, that pretty green gemstone does look nice and very classic in this shot. I find the signature Pandora ring very similar to what we’ve seen before, however.

Image by mrugaczek1
You can see the other new colours stacked together in this shot:

Image by confassion
Finally, to finish off, we have a look at the new green Essence bead – the value has been revealed as being ‘optimism’.

Image by Pandora

UPDATED: Pandora AW17 Campaign Images

Further sneak peeks come courtesy of an article published at Professional Jeweller, which show off a selection of the new charms, bracelets and other jewellery!

First up is the aforementioned Pandora Rose Essence bracelet. I really like this in theory, but find it a bit of a shame that there won’t be any Rose Essence beads in natural stones, in the style of the original Essence collection. The new Rose beads for Essence, I suspect, will be on the pave side.

Next, we have an intriguing shot of some new decorative Moments beads – one in gold tones, one in rose tones, and one in silver. I wonder if they’re just coloured to match each metal, or whether they are actually yellow gold, rose gold, and silver.

Next, we get another look at the Pandora Rose smooth bracelet, which we did see in my previous sneak peek, plus some more of the new geometric beads.

There are lots of pictures of the accompanying jewellery, too:

Update 24/6/17: 

Professional Jeweller has now updated with some new Christmas stock imagery as well! There’s nothing that we haven’t seen before, but you get some more ideas for styling! ❄️

My Comment

While I like the look of many of the new pieces pictured here, there’s not much that’s really calling my name from this selection apart from the beautiful snowflake bead. I think it’s mainly that I’ve got to the stage of collecting where I need to go for unique pieces, rather than just those that are similar to charms we’ve seen in previous collections. The light blue murano looks rather stunning as well, however – you can always rely on new murano glass beads to be drop dead gorgeous from Pandora, at the very least!

The Rose charms, in my opinion are super pretty, and I love that they’re expanding the line. I very much like the Rose pave heart clasp bracelet, and the new safety chain, but I’m still working on my second Rose bracelet (it’s an orange and pink romantic sunset theme) so I won’t be getting that just yet. Some Rose muranos in white or other colours would also be stunning!

What do you think of these latest images?

95 Comments on Pandora Autumn/Winter 2017 Media Previews & Campaign Images (updated)

  1. Thank you for sharing all of these previews. There looks to be some nice pieces. I like the blue charm with the snowflake on and I’m thinking of maybe doing a bracelet design with it. I can’t wait to see the full collection previews.

    • I’m going to showcase it on the Unique Snowflake bangle from last year I think, as I just got it on sale in the US :D

  2. Hi Ellie! The medallion shaped charm you were questioning looks to be pictured upside down. I think it’s a snowman and two trees sitting in snow with the moon and snowflakes in the sky. That one I might have to get. The new rose bracelets too. And I hope, hope, hope that is a gold bracelet too! Merry Christmas in June! Thanks for the preview!

  3. Hi Ellie! The medallion shaped charm of a snowman and two trees sitting in snow with the moon and snowflakes in the sky I might have to get. And the Merry Christmas one looks intriguing too. The new rose bracelets too. And I hope, hope, hope that is a gold bracelet too! Merry Christmas in June! Thanks for the preview.

    • Hi Deborah! Aha, I know – it’s always funny to be looking at festive previews in the middle of summer. My only winter pick so far is the enamel snowflakes bead, but I do like the look of all the different stylings overall!

  4. The blue enamel snowflake bead is still my pick of the collection, and the only one that I find compelling so far. Thanks for the preview!

    • I totally agree!!! The blue enamel snowflake charm is my favorite from this collection. I have a Pandora snowflake bracelet with several snowflake dangles, snowflake clips.2 reindeer snowglobes, snowflake charms and white muranos. It is such a pretty bracelet. It is one of my favorites!

  5. I hate it. Everything looks the same. Too many hearts on every charms. Too many enamel and syntethic stones. It looks like jewelry from alli express or plastic ornaments for children. This ugliness hurys my eyes.

    • I keep saying the same thing you just did every release and then posting links how pandora literally copy from Ali express (particularly their Chinese dancing lion. It’s a copy of Chinese keychain )
      The best part is that I been spending 0 on the last 8 or more collections and only a little while ago I decided to even buy essence bangle and wear it plain, no charms!
      The most interesting thing that I found that explains this heavy focus towards pave was pandora yearly return form. There’s a clear breakdown what sells best and when and after seeing the numbers I’m convinced of the trends for many years to come
      I wish it was easy and they would hear our cry for silver pieces but nope. That’s not what the investors want.
      Ladies, I suggest to stop taking these collections seriously because to be honest we only dissapoint ourselves with high expectation. We can’t blow agains the wind and investors. Buy only what you like, if anything and well maybe you shouldn’t do what I did, but I stopped being pandora exclusive and I don’t regret it.

      • Hi Laura.That´s a good advice. This year I´m only buying what I really like, but truth be told, I´m spending more because I´m chasing charms that are already discontinued and sometimes I have bought more than two a month, which was what I had been doing since I began collecting . I´m perfectly aware that this must stop rather sooner than later, after all I like Pandora but I´m not an addict and take good care of my money. And like you, I plan to wear my new Moments bangle just by itself. Btw, I always thought Ali Express copied from Pandora and not the other way round, Thanks for the links.

      • Pave may be selling, but Pandora’s last quarter was a loss, with sales down across the US and the UK, hence the sales push to clear stock for the next sell-in.

        • I noticed something else in the reports too. As China along with Asia passific market are not oversaturated with pandora they set it as a strategic priority to enter these markets. Could that mean even more oriental themed beads? I’d be down to see that.
          US while bringing most ROI is oversaturated thus it’s only a second priority for pandora. Lastly EMEA with Europe in lead is the one that pandora is so confident works well thus customer feedback is not super important here. Except for Russia which had a negative response to the brand.
          I’ve seen the numbers and losses for 2016. Numbers are shifting since while pave are expensive proportionally they are not as desired and bought like other parts of the brand. Thus rings, earrings and etc are becoming slightly more popular since pave is loosing few percentages of the market.
          The good bit is potential oriental beads that will come out. The bad bit is what pandora considers green jewellery and that’s pave. All in all I’m super happy with my new beadless bracelet and I intend to track the situation and check where will this go.

    • I wouldn’t go so far as that, but yes, their collections do follow very set patterns these days. It’s a very different Pandora to that of a few years ago.

  6. Hi Ellie it seems it’s the season of the rose gold which I am a fan of. I like the Christmas scene charm saying that in June seems really weird. This collection seems very sophisticated and a bit of a change. I hope they have some cute quirky characters charms too.

    • Definitely, it’s a very rose-heavy set of collections! I love Pandora Rose but unfortunately I’m just finishing my second Rose bracelet so I don’t feel like jumping straight into another one. We’ll see!

      I love quirky and cute, so would love to see more on those lines :)

  7. Thank you for the update Ms. Ellie, Now that I have to go through the summer, I just have to look forward to the blue snowflake charm since it looks so beautiful.

  8. Hi Ellie
    I’m living that the rose collection is expanding. The generic rose petites are a must and the rose bracelet, which I’m hoping will be our bracelet promo you mentioned for October ( Australia). I really liked blue enamel bead with the cz around it, the planet charm. The colour is gorgeous and not so themed liked the snowflake, which is also stunning. Looks like I need to keep working to pay for all my upcoming Pandora wants lol? Also Ellie the ladles lady said Aus won’t be getting the Radiant Hearts Enamel Bangles back, do you know if this is the case?
    Thank you for another wonderful post?

    • Omg that was meant to say loving not living and sales lady not ladies lady. Thank goodness it’s Friday?

    • Hi Janelle! I’m not as keen on the planet charm, but I do love the colour and the snowflake version of it is gorgeous! Aha, it’s very tempting to call my pay check ‘Pandora pennies’ too, sometimes. I’ve been so bad over the past month or so! I rediscovered my Pandora mojo with a vengeance.

      Yes, I was told that the bangles have been discontinued in Australia :) expect other regions will follow suit, too.

  9. Thanks so much for all the new posts Ellie, especially the previews! It’s still the blue enamel snowflake for me but I’m looking forward to seeing the murano too. I also like the planet style charm but I’ll have to see that one. I wonder if this enamel will have the nice shimmer of the vintage night sky charms from last year, probably a big ask but I hope so! :)

    • You are welcome! The murano is intriguing, I very much like the look of it. I’m actually planning a periwinkle blue design with lots of retired beads for the winter season, so this potentially would work very well!

  10. I think I agree with you Ellie, the only must thing for me from this preview is the light blue murano! I have nothing against the rest it’s just nothing says must have to me. I do wonder if this year we may see more of an emerald green theme for the Christmas charms rather than the traditional red?? Are there more previews to come? Thanks:)

    • There are more previews to come, for sure! I haven’t seen all the new Christmas beads yet, but green would make a nice change. I have finished my Christmas bracelet with all the enamel reds, so would welcome something fresh! The Rose Christmas beads are very different, I suppose, but I don’t want to start another Rose bracelet just yet!

  11. Wow the new Rose collection looks stunning i love it! Thanks for the previews and I’m sure we’d all love to see your collection of bracelets especially the rose ones you’re working on it sounds pretty:) would be nice to get some styling inspiration

    • I will be doing some more reviews and maybe some hauls soon! So you’ll see a fair amount of what I’m working on when I post those :D Hope you like them!

  12. Hi all,
    This is off topic for this post but for all of you that live in the US, the Disney Parks shopping app now has Dumbo, Alice in teacup and the carousel charms all for sale separately!
    I purchased the Dumbo.

  13. Hi Ellie,

    You’ve made my day with these Autumn/Winter Media Previews and Campaign Images!!! We’re feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Cindy today with heavy rain bands and terrible lightning along with spin up tornados all around.

    I’m seeing lots of things I like coming out with the A/W Collections, but I’ll start with the blues. I’m thrilled with the murano. I agree, it looks like a blue version of the Mint and Pink Glitters from the Summer. I’ll be soooo disappointed if it’s not offered here in the states. The beautiful midnight blue enamel with snowflakes is a must. I picked up the new blue Cosmic Stars clips during Double Redemption Day last Saturday so, I’m hoping they’re a match. I’m wondering if the Radiant Hearts are brighter in color than the Moonlight Blue RH from last Winter? The green RH are a nice addition. I’d have to think about how to use them, tho’. I like the looks of the ring in the emerald color. Nice to see the Rose collection growing. The full on Rose bracelet is pretty, but my two tone Rose bangle is still a work in progress, so I’ll pass on it for now. Lots of pretty charms tho’. The Rose core Pink Shimmer murano is growing on me each time we see new shots. Looks like the Intertwining Radiance charm redone in Rose with a pink stone.

    Last, but not least, I like the teardrop and diamond shaped charms, although I would love to see them in different colors.

    There’s more than enough coming out to make me happy for a while. Can’t wait to see the entire collection. Thank you for this lovely post!

    • BTW, You did a great job tracking down the retired animal charms and hat. Just saw them on Instagram. How cute! Hope to see them in a blog post.

      • Haha, thank you! I’m trying to think how I might fit in a little series of some of the older beads into my posting schedule. It’s hard to gauge how interested people would be, too.

        • VERY interested! :)

          Thanks to you I discovered the old rolled feather, loved it, tracked it down eventually and am now proudly wearing my own on my bracelet with Tigger and a flower garden murano!

          I think you will have a lot of interest based on the frequency of posts from people hunting the older retired charms. Go for it (please) :)

    • Hi Emily! I’m so pleased to hear it :D We’re just having pretty dreary weather here in England today, nothing so exciting, but it has been fun reading through all the comments as a distraction. Hope the weather sorts itself out there, too!

      The Rose Pink Shimmer murano does look really nice in the latest live images, although I do agree with others that the Pink Glitter murano seems like an obvious choice to get the Rose treatment as well! I’d love a white Rose murano, too. The blue murano I’m thinking would work well for a retired design I’ve got coming up – I want to use some of the retired beads I showcased on Instagram and put them with some older periwinkle blue glass. This new murano would fit really nicely with the beads I was thinking of – the periwinkle stars and the periwinkle swirl muranos. :D

      Glad you enjoyed the post, Emily, and thanks for commenting!

      • Your idea for the new blue murano sounds lovely. The periwinkle stars and swirls muranos were a little before my Pandora addiction, but I’ve seen them online from a site that keeps their older charms until they sell out. Unfortunately, they never reduce prices or take part in any sales from what I can see.

  14. I haven’t seen anything I really want yet, I do agree with you Ellie that once you have been buying Pandora for a while, you want something a little bit different and special in a new collection. I think there may be more here for people who like Pandora rose, but I don’t have any of that. I am also not a fan of really big gemstones, as I prefer the smaller, more delicate pieces. But I am not disheartened as there are plenty of pretty items on my wishlist backlog! I really want to get a locket and start collecting the petites, and there are a few spring and summer charms I still want to get as soon as I save up. I think for me if Pandora had just brought out the pink and mint glitter muranos and the poetic blooms bracelet that would have made my Pandora year worthwhile! And I have a long wishlist of Disney for travelling family and friends to bring back for me, so I really am sorted for Pandora purchases for the foreseeable future. I really liked your retired purchases on Instagram, all the little animals are so cute!

    • Yes, it’s that I get a hankering for a new theme or new characters – there are lots o new decorative beads to choose from, but it would be fun if they did another proper themed collection, like their older travel launches or the fairytale collection. :) Just something fresh!

      I’ve definitely found enough to buy this year as well! And yes I’m also stocking up on retired beads, as you saw on Instagram ?. There’s a very rich back catalogue of charms to track down, too! It’s actually a lot of fun.

  15. Hi Ellie, Thanks for another great preview.
    I still like the teardrop charm, really liking the blue enamel snowflake charm. I am interested in seeing the blue enamel charm with the cz’s around it. I just bought the Disney Fantasia 75th charm and this charm may look good with it. Still also liking the emerald radiant heart and the blue radiant heart with the extra cz. But out of everything I am looking foward to seeing that murano the most. It looks like it’s going to be lovely, like most of the muranos. The sales associates I have known for awhile now were just laughing with me the other day because they can remember when I first started collecting how I didn’t want a single murano on any bracelet ever, now I am a huge murano fan. Love them.

    • Hi Katie! Yes, that sounds like a lovely combination. I think a lot of the Disney midnight blues would look great with these for a bit of a Disney-inspired festive bracelet. The murano does look beautiful – I’m thinking I could pair it with some retired periwinkle blue beads, too. :D

      Aha, I’ve always loved muranos, but have heard the same from a few people. I used to be the same about dangles – my first bracelet doesn’t have any!

  16. Thank you for the images. WOW! Is it too early to be planning a bracelet for winter release??? Love the blue star charm & clips & blue murano. Love the blue ‘planet’ one also & the winter Xmas scene. I do admire the blue snowflake enamel, but can’t justify it in my collection as I live in southern hemisphere with a summer Xmas & don’t even get snow in our winter ?
    Also like the non-pave style of the smooth metal look radiant heart rings. Might we see bangles to match??????

    • Definitely not! A couple of summers ago I was baking in the summer heat while on holiday in the south of France and planning my first dedicated Christmas bracelet ? Aw, you could get the snowflake bead to represent the winter season in general – wherever it might fall in your calendar year :)

  17. Thank you for the sneak peeks. For me the must have is the rose gold bracelet. When i was in the store last weekend buying an open bangle i was looking at how pretty the rose gold charms looked in person and was thinking of starting a 2 tone rose gold bracelet so the news of the all over rose gold bracelet makes me happy.

    Also to anyone that has bought the new open bangle bracelet when you are wearing it with no charms is it suppose to be tight or very loose? I thought it was suppose to fit tight even without charms. The one i tried on in the store had probably about 8 muranos on it and it fit good and stayed in place and i totally wasnt thinking about how haveing charms on it would make it fit different so i bought it in the smallest size (which is the suze i tried on) and when i put it on at home it was extremely loose and almost falling off, so i put 6 charms on it and now it moves only a little bit but will definately need 2 more muranos so that it stays in place and doesnt move. I still love it and will definately be keeping it just wondering if this is normal or if i just have a wierdly small wrist lol.

    • Hi Harley,
      I think you have small wrists like me. I have very small wrists, I have to buy the smallest size bracelet if I am only putting around 5 charms and I do go the next size up if I plan on fully loading the bracelet up, but they are still slightly loose. But I like it a little bit loose, don’t like when they are so tight they leave marks on my skin. The closed bangles are the worst for me, they fall down to below my wrist bones and onto my hand which annoys me like crazy, so i rarely wear them. I thought for sure that the open bangle wouldn’t fit me either but when I tried on the smallest size I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t slide around much, it was still loose, but with at least three charms on it, even though still loose, it pretty much stays in place, and with 5 or more it fits pretty good. I think I have found that for me it comes down to shape, round bangles such as the clasp ones don’t work for me at all, but since the open bangle is more of an oval shape, it works much better. So enjoy your bangles even if they are a little loose. I am thrilled to finally find a bangle that works for me with the extra added benefit of the two charm stoppers that already come with it. I have two already and plan on a few more.

      • Oh! Already disappointed after serían the new pics. I don’t think the blues of the starry clips will Match my Moonlight RH ?

    • Oh good, I’m so pleased to hear that! I think I’d like it best with both Rose and silver charms on it, rather than all-over Rose. But I’ll wait before starting a new Rose theme for now!

      I couldn’t actually tell you on the open bangle yet, as I’ve not received it yet! I’ll review it when I do and let you know my thoughts on the fit :)

  18. They are releasing some very nice jewellery at the minute. I’d love more 14ct/TT lines though. Will definitely be buying the solid hearts of pandora ring when they go in sale. I have all 3 of the full CZ ones and they look amazing together but I wish they showed more metal when stacked. The new ones will be perfect for it ?

    • There is a fair amount of two-tone coming up for Autumn, but a lot of it is family themed, as is the trend at the moment. I guess their logic is that people spend more on two-tone when it’s a special present for their mum or their wife, perhaps. :)

  19. well i think it is all beautiful, and all pandora looks even better in person. i will be getting the pandora rose essence bracelet and the rose safety chain for sure, but i dont think i will be going for the new pink rose charms. they are pretty but i dont want to start a new rose bracelet color/theme. The star charms are pretty but i just completed my starry midnight blue bracelet. And the snowflakes wont match my snowflake bracelet color, but i think they look awsome with the dark blue/silver contrast.
    you know i think those emerald essence charms would be really pretty on the pandora rose chain for christmas.

    • Glad to hear it :) it does always look better in person, I agree! The pave beads have a certain something that store lights bring out. It just gets missed in the stock images. I don’t want more Rose right now either, but I do like that they’re expanding the line so much!

  20. i wonder if there will be cushion/square shaped charms coming as well to match those red, green and blue rings?

  21. It is nice to look at new Pandora charm but not nice to have it. I will skip for this collection, save my pocket for retired charms.

  22. Hi Again
    Thank you for another fantastic post and preview. I have just completed my silver christmas bracelet following the summer sale. However I love the combination of silver and navy/navy and white. My favourite is the blue enamel with silver snowflake and those colour stacked rings are so christmassy! I have a birthday soon after the 2 Novemeber so may present my OH with a list of options:0 Subtle hints failed last year.
    Thanks again and here in blighty our sun has gone done with presenting wind and rain so those sparkles are just what we need to brighten our day.

    • Hi Jacqui! You’re welcome :) that’s my favourite as well, the combination of the silver and the deep blue enamel is gorgeous. Haha, my OH always requires firm instruction rather than subtle hints – not because he’s not willing, but because I have so much that he’s always afraid to get it wrong! ;)

      I’m in blighty also and it has tipped it down today! Was hoping to go for a picnic, but no such luck. As you say, Pandora prettiness will have to do instead! ^^

  23. I like the decorative beads in the second to last picture. I’m know that’s shocking! More shocking still, I kind of like the Essence rose bracelet, BUT, I’d kind of like it better beaded. I’d love to see Essence leather bracelets, smooth, single, double and triple, in different colors.

    • Maybe if this one sells well they’ll do a beaded one for you Lola! :) Leathers would be fun, or some more substantial fabric cords perhaps. The last fabric Essence they tried were just so insubstantial.

      • It’s definitely harder to get the beads onto the strands given the end bit of strand will bend if you don’t hold it properly. But once you have the technique down, the strands are much firmer and more resilient to everyday life than the flimsy Essence silver bracelets will ever be. Leather also would be much more resilient.

  24. Thanks Ellie for the beautiful preview. Catching up on my reading (we are renovating???)

    I love snowflakes and can’t wait to see it in person.?
    The rose gold jewelries look very nice and gives me the opportunity to see which one to buy for my niece’s birthday in November.? She has a rose gold theme bracelet and it looks good with her skin tone. I am tempted to get one too… but I have too many already hahaha I wear more than one at a time.

    • You are welcome! <3 Haha, I am so far beyond having too many :o I wear two at a time sometimes (and I am right now) but never more than that. I wear some of the designs by season, too, so some of them will stay in my jewellery box until, say, Christmas, or the summer.

  25. Sadly i still have not seen anything i would like to buy. However there is now more rose gold charms for me to build up my rose gold bracelet. I’m hoping the rose gold sweet sentiment will come to Aust. Really like to have that.Thanks Ellie once again for the pictures, really appreciate it despite nothing speaks to me. Might change my mind when they hit the stores. Have a great weekend.

    • That’s good, I unfortunately just finished (or am about to finish) my second one so not planning on any more Rose for the minute! Now is a good time to expand on rose though, seeing as there’s a lot of it in the sales and also a lot more coming out. :) Hope you’re having a nice weekend too!

  26. Hi Ellie! Many thanks for this informative post! You´ve just made may day :)
    First of all I´d like to comment on the positive aspects of these upcomming releases. I find the rose and and silver geometric charms gorgeous, though I will be skippping them. On the one hand I´m not planning to begin a rose design now, as I have several works in progress. And on the other, I don´t need another silver centre piece with clear czs. So, I´ll just wait for them to come up in other colous.
    I like the blue enamels too, but I must see if or how they match my existing pieces. My starry night blue design from last Christmas is almost finished by now but still needs two more pieces on each side and I can see several options above. I almost forgot to say I also like the mixing of diferent shades of blue in that button style star charm and the matching clips. So I´ll wait to see them in person before deciding. I´m always ready for blues in winter!
    The emerald greens have began to grow on me, too. However I already have 3 Radiant Hearts in different colours sooo … I don´t think I need a new one ( at least not “now”, lol). But, well my absolute favorite is the new red (?) Nature´s Radiance. This might actually be my “must-have” of the season.
    On the negative side, I have nothing new to complain about. Too much pave and too many button charms. And that lack of originality and simplicity, which in my view is due to mass production. Oh! and let´s not forget the prices and the poor Essence line.I hope they´ll offer an Essence smaller snake chain bracelet some time in the future but I´won´t ever buy any charm that resembles Moments. I like them being completely different.
    All in all, while last year I could have happily bought the whole collection except two or three pieces, this year I don´t think I´ll buy more than two or three “individuals” ( and that mainly because I´m a maniatic for symetry and usually need two of the same charm). Not that everything is “ugly”. Just not my style.
    And to end up this tirade´, yesterday I could unexpectedly take the day off and drove to France in search of a bangle (Pandora France has recently started to carry the smallest size, that´s 15 cm) and the new aquamarine Radiant Hearts. It´s as stunning as all the ladies in the blog had said and I love it to pieces!
    Many thanks and have a nice week ahead!

    • I’ve also been disappointed at the continued predominance of bling, button-style charms and repetitive designs. There are other companies that are so creative with their designs. Is this what the market is demanding? I’d be curious to see Pandora’s stock trends over the past few years.

      • To clarify, does Pandora believe the market demands the repetitive styles and bling? It appears that Pandora’s stock has steadily trended downwards since January of this year. So, maybe it is time for them to listen to what their customers would like to purchase. Perhaps, if they start listening to the wants of their clientele, jewelry purchasing would increase. The plethora of recent sales is certainly an attempt to get their customers interested in their products again. I do enjoy the sales and partake regularly. I would love to see Pandora adding more creative pieces, perhaps considering a new line that caters to a quirkier / fresh style, devoid of bling, delivering good quality!

        • I understand how you feel. Personally, I get mostly excited by new Disney characters and also ordering retired old style charms.?

        • Hi Emme, I totally agree with you on the fact that it has been since January this year. My first dissapointment was Valentine´s collection but well, this is one that I normally skip. However I couldn´t believe my eyes with the spring realease. I´m still recovering from the shock, lol. The only bead I´ve bought from this year is the aqua Radiant Hearts last Thursday. All the others are from past collections

    • Hi Marie! I do understand where you’re coming from, and it’s a complaint voiced by many collectors. The short of it clearly is that Pandora is a business with an eye on a much bigger market than dedicated bead enthusiasts, and what works best for them seems to be the decorative pave beads. I think it’s something that we have to accept at this point; it’s been a pretty rapid change, but one that seems to have stuck. Unless their sales decline rapidly for some reason, I don’t think they’re going to change direction again.

      I think the new designs that are coming out are very pretty, and they always look nice in person or in the campaign images. For me, it’s a) that I find them very pricey! and b) that I miss the unique and interesting character beads that used to appear alongside them. :)

  27. The murano looks rather nice. Maybe they will throw in a surprise plain silver charm like the owl and baby owl and the running shoe (but not a random alligator dangle). Here’s hoping..

        • I bought the alligator, but only because my grandson used to say that Amma loves alligators, even though I don’t. It could have been worse, because he also said that Mimi (his other grandmom) loves rats!

        • Aha, that’s lovely! Although you might have been all right with rats, seeing as the year of the rat zodiac dangle charm is actually very cute, haha.

  28. The moments charms that are gold, silver, and rose tones on the open bangle almost look like glitter and enamel to me. I’m very intrigued and can’t wait for them to come out!!

  29. Thinking of getting a rose gold tone bracelet. I know when they were first released many people complained of them tarnishing too quickly or the rose gold finish easily coming off. Is this still the case?

    • Really, I never heard people saying that when it first launched. I’ve generally only heard good reviews on the Rose charms. My only caveat to what is the Big Smooth Heart, which didn’t rub off, but does show up scratches quite easily. I’m very happy with all my ROse pieces, even the bracelet that I bought back when the test collections first launched back in 2014 :) I’d be interested to know how a full Rose bracelet holds up though, with all those charms running over it all the time!

  30. Hi Elle,
    Thankyou for the updates, always a pleasure reading your posts :)

    The new Christmas bangle with have the Heart of Winter design on the clasp :) (the image you have posted)
    I saw the catalogue today and there is a lot of that design coming through this Christmas :)

    There is also quite afew new Pandora logo items coming :)

    A limited edition two tone mini and Mickey charm, in a special blue glitter box :)

    • Also, the new Christmas ornament this year is a bell :)

      Finally Australia, will be getting the larger size jewellery boxes, to purchase.
      There will be two sizes and they will be avaliable Early November !!!

    • Ooh thank you for the extra info :D would love to find out more about the LE Disney bead and the glitter box, that’s super exciting! And the Christmas ornament, too. Is it a plain two-tone charm? That sounds quite appealing!

  31. It’s always fun to see a preview! Ones I’m looking forward to seeing in person are the Wintry Delight and the pale blue Murano. I think it would look lovely to have two Wintry Delights with the Murano in between and a couple of silver spacers. I don’t want to be looking forward to winter when summer has barely started though, ha ha ha!

  32. Thanks for the previews. I’m also looking to finding discontinued charms which I prefer to recent seasons’ collections. I do not like the pave charms and am disappointed in the gold choices. The charms are getting very expensive but thankfully are not exciting enough for me to purchase for a year at least. I have received charms as presentsoon so although sentimental I’m not bowled over by them. I’m wondering if my addiction to Pandora has worked itself out due to Pandora’s uninspiring collections.

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