Today brings a quick heads-up for readers in the US and Canada, where two Pandora summer promotions are beginning today! This is a slightly unusual case, as Pandora NA normally run the same promotion for both the US and Canada, but in this instance each region will have their own offer.

The promotions in both regions will be running from 6–16 July – read on for details!

Pandora Summer Style GWP for the US

In the US, Pandora are offering you a free ring, pair of earrings or a leather bracelet with spends of $100 USD or more. Unusually for the US, this is available both in store and online – I wonder if that will just be the norm going forward!

Officially, you are only allowed to upgrade your free item if you’re going for a ring or earrings – you can’t swap the leather for a more expensive charm bracelet and pay the difference. I don’t know whether all stores will be sticking to that rule, however. It can vary!

Pandora Jewellery Item GWP for Canada

In contrast, Pandora in Canada are offering a free jewellery item of up to $75 CAD value with spends of $125 CAD or more. This works out as a less valuable free gift than the US promo, but it looks like you get more choice.

In Canada, this promotion will be in store only – the eStore won’t be carrying it. The T&Cs state that there are ‘qualifying jewellery items’, so it doesn’t look like you can pick just anything. You can combine qualifying items that are less than $75 CAD in value to make up the free gift, however.

My Comment

These are two very fun promos, and both have their advantages – this is a great opportunity for those in the US to grab one of the new summer leathers, but I also like the freedom (depending on the selection of qualifying items) of the Canadian promo! Fortunately, I am completely shopped out after the promo, so I won’t be trying to take part in either of these promos for once, haha.

Are you getting anything?

33 Comments on Promotion Alert: Pandora Summer Style Promos begin for the US and Canada!

  1. Hello,
    I live in Canada and will be doing the promotion sometime next week. The only items I am in need of are 2 clips,(of course theres plenty that I just want), but I will have to go to the store and see exactly what items will qualify for the free gift and also see if its only one promotion per customer or if I can do it more than once before I decide what I want to buy.

    • Hi Harley! I hope that you find something good on offer at your store :) the T&Cs seemed to imply that you could do it more than once but they don’t always translate into what a store is actually offering!

  2. I just bought the new open-ended bangle and the “Land that I Love” charm, and got the white double leather bracelet. I was going to get a ring, but changed my mind.

    • Ah, I love that Land that I love charm! Unfortunately I have no need for a patriotic USA charm, having never even been, but I do think it’s very cute.

  3. I partook in the US promo! I got the starfish dangle, shell/starfish dangle, button-style enamel fish charm and the beach locket petites. I am not a big fan of button-style charms, but I do like the one with the blue fish. I opted for two of the blue mixed leather bracelets as my free items – one to wear as a bracelet and the other as a choker necklace. I was surprised to see how quiet my concept store was today. Usually, it is very busy early during a promotion week, even if the start of the promotion is midweek!

    • Oh wow, great choices! Like all the summeriness :D I am generally not a button person either, but I do like the odd or two! The Radiant Hearts charm is gorgeous, and my other favourite from Summer is the Tropical Flamingo. It’s funny that the store was so quiet – there’s not been much buzz online, either. I guess it is quite soon after the sale! Maybe everyone is shopped out like me! ^^

  4. I did the promotion today in my Canadian store. The “select” items were just discontinued items that the store had on hand. A bit misleading advertising if you ask me. I still ended up getting something nice though.

    • Aw, that’s a shame – but I guess at least it’s a kind of semi-sale? Glad you found something pretty in any case!

      • They have a list with bracelet, charm, earring,… you can choose as a $75 free gift. 14k Cherry Blossom, Mystic Serenity,… are included. I don’t see these items are retired already.

        • If you buy $375 then you can pick $225 free items total from the list. It is not bad but not the best promotion. I prefer buy $125 to choose any $75 free items rather choose from limited choose. U.S. buy any 3 50% off is the best, I am waiting this kind of promotion come to Canada, my dream charm is 14k Cherry Blossom. I have collected enough classic two tone charm so nothing much to spend for Pandora. I will buy 14k Cherry Blossom if 50% off.

  5. Has the UK ever had promotions like these? I’m waiting for Christmas to do my next purchase (for the gift wrapping and ornament!) but that along with the Mothers day and valentines promotions I have never seen much else.

    • Hi Sofie! We did use to have a leather bracelet promo, but they scrapped it. There’ll be a 3 for 2 on rings later in the year most probably, and a silver bracelet promo at the end of this month. But they don’t tend to do spend and save promos quite like this :)

  6. Hi Ellie, I look forward to all your posts especially the ones that have the newest collection. I took part in the promotion today. I got the pink Radiant Droplet charm with the Rose Filled with Romance. I got the Dazzling Daisy Meadow ring for free. I didn’t do so bad (I think ) lol. I don’t have any Rose charms but after seeing the future Rose heart clasp bracelet and some of the charms I may have to get a few. Looking forward to your next post :-)

    • Hi Linda! Thanks, that’s so nice to hear :D You did great, lol! The Rose Filled with Romance is one I’ve been eyeing up for a long time in the store. Beautiful choices! And both of those would look great with the new Rose charms! Thanks for commenting :)

  7. Hi Ellie! My friend and I “opened” our Pandora store this morning. I picked up the new open bangle and the infinite shine charm. My “free” item was the alluring princess hoop earrings, which was a slight up charge, but totally worth it. I then spent my other two frees on things for my Mom and Aunt.
    Our store wasn’t busy when we got there (they had just unlocked the door) but really busy when we left.
    Glad I waited to get the bangle in the store instead of ordering it on line. The sizing is a little tricky, and I would have gotten the wrong size. A Murano with a charm on either side looks great on top. Or wear the open side on top with a spacer or charm between the caps and the clips. Very versatile. Think it may be my “go to” summer piece.

    • Hi Deborah! Ah, good idea – promos are great times to stock up on presents! Greg (my boyfriend) sometimes comes in with me on promo spends as his mum likes Pandora too. :D

      I chanced it and got my regular size with the bangle, and luckily that did work for me. Did you find your usual size too big or too small? I really like a murano with just the silver stoppers as well! I have my one TB murano on there currently (my only Pandora bracelet that will fit it!). It’s a lovely piece and I’m really pleased with mine as well :D

  8. Sigh, in-store only. It’s utterly ridiculous. I realize the logistics of such a large and empty country are difficult, but other brands manage to ship from within country and offer promotions online. I won’t buy from Pandora concept or e-store again until they start shipping from within Canada. No great loss on their sales. Lol. It’s the principle of the thing.

  9. I took part in the US promotion and bought four of the Disney princess muranos. I am starting a bracelet that has all of the Disney princess muranos plus Tinkerbell murano, no spacers in between, just the muranos. They all look so nice together. For my free items, I selected the daisy climb earrings and a black leather bracelet to put the muranos on.

    • Ah, I love those signature muranos! I have lots of them, but haven’t really used them for any particular Disney stylings. They’re just great colours in their own right. And they do look so pretty all together – your bracelet will be so lovely and rainbow-like, especially against the black leather for a bit of contrast. Enjoy!

  10. I bought 2 new Family & Love two tone clips $150 and pay $10 got two tone Family Forever free. This is gift from my children for my birthday.

  11. At first they bough before promotion, only two charms. I told them refund and now I got three charms instead, better deal.

  12. I went in during lunch but didn’t buy anything instead I dropped off my bracelets for cleaning.

  13. Hi Ellie,

    I went to Pandora at lunchtime to get more info about the Canadian promo. Spend 125$ on anything including Disney, and you get 75$ off towards items from a special list. Not too much choice but the staff was very patient with me and helpful. I started by choosing charms which are retiring.

    So I came home with the Fleur de lis, the Sparkling primrose, (both retiring) and the Sparkling butterfly, all for my future Bambi bracelet. They were out of the Daisy safety chain.?

    I also got the Dazzling Daisy Fairy so I need to reorganized my fairy bracelet. The bead is a bit small so I might exchange this one with Piglet for the same price.?

    For my Xmas bracelet, I got the Happy Snowman and St. Nick which are both retiring. Funny to get these in July.?

    Have a great weekend! Will be waiting for your next review and post. You are doing such a great job. It really helps me setting my goals and keeping my mind off work.???

  14. Hi Ellie! I did the promo today–three times. I bought three of the colorful Radiant Hearts of Pandora Rings–in mint, dark blue, and dark pink–which I have wanted for a while to stack. Two of these were my free items, with the third being a $95 ring I upgraded to for my mom for her birthday. The rest of my purchases consisted of the Pink Sparkling Strands Bracelet, the Summer Fun charm, the new Green Cosmic Stars Clip, and two of the Clear CZ Shining Elegance Clips (which I bought because my leather bracelet recently pulled apart when I was taking off one of those silver stopper beads from Amazon as they can be tricky to take off the bracelet, so I’m now afraid to continue using those on my leathers but hate when my charms slide around). I made some changes to what I originally intended to buy, as the sizing of the Pave Open Bangle didn’t quite work for me (the smallest size was too small and the medium too large plus out of stock in the pave version) and the white and pink Radiant Hearts of Pandora rings were too thick and uncomfortable and a bit cheap-looking in my opinion, But, I am happy with what I bought. I am also thrilled I was able to exchange my Mint Glitter Murano for a new one with a ton of gold glitter (the one I bought at my usual store was the last one they had but hardly had any glitter, but I went to the really nice store that’s a little farther away today haha). It’s stunning! Finally, I was able to confirm with the SA that the Girl’s Night Out promo with the free tote bag is indeed happening in the US–though I doubt I will be partaking in that one.

  15. Hi Ellie! I wasn’t initially planning to participate in this promo since I had purchased some charms from the previous Pandora sale and from Rue la la. However, I really wanted the mixed blue leather bracelet! I purchased the white orchid dangle and the ocean life charm. I’m very pleased with my purchases!??

  16. Hi Ellie, do you know a way I can purchase from the US and take part in the promo? I need delivery to Australia.

  17. I am really disappointed in the promo for Canada. It’s too bad that you don’t get to choose the charm of your choice worth $75 from the whole collection. I went on the first day of the promo and it was all discontinued charms for the free item. Not much to choose from either. I guess I’ll just have to wait to see what the next promo is.

  18. I got the new tropical sunset charm as well as a precious princess charm and for my freebie I got the eternal elegance drop earrings. So spent $100 even and got $75 earrings for free. Not bad!

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