Exciting news today, as Pandora have quietly dropped a press release announcing the impending launch of the Pandora Disney range in Europe, the Middle East and Africa! This has been a long time coming, and fans across the globe have been clamouring for Pandora Disney pieces since the range was first announced for North America back in 2014. 
The initial launch, scheduled for October, will have around 30 pieces, primarily the core Mickey & Minnie Mouse charms and the Disney princesses. These will be available from concept stores, official eStores and selected department stores – so it doesn’t sound like shop-in-shops or other online retailers will be selling them just yet. Additionally, great news for many fans of Disneyland Paris – they will now be stocking the Pandora Disney line and Pandora jewellery in general! This makes me so excited, as hopefully they should be stocking the Disney Parks exclusives as well.

The UK is not explicitly mentioned in the press release, but if you follow this link, it does say that the UK is considered to be part of EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), so I can’t see why we wouldn’t be getting the beads here. Fingers crossed, eh!

To give you some background, historically Chamilia have held the contract to sell Disney-themed jewellery in Europe, and this has meant that Pandora has had to wait for that contract to expire before they can launch their Disney jewellery line here. It looks like that has happened, so I expect that Chamilia will now discontinue their Disney line.

I can’t tell you how excited I would be if I could actually walk into a store here in the UK and see the Disney charms in person before buying them, so I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that this includes the UK as well! And Disneyland Paris stocking the Parks exclusives would be amazing, too.

Are you excited for this news? :D

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  1. This is great news (not so much for my bank balance!)I really do hope it launches here! I have seen a lot of the Disney Chamilia heavily discounted the last few months and was going to cave in, I’m glad I didn’t now. I’m off to Disneyland Paris at the end of October so I hope it’s out by then.

    • It will be out in the UK yes! :D Fingers crossed for you and Disneyland. I’ll have to plan a trip soon haha!

  2. Oh my goodness i am so excited! I can’t wait to be able to buy Disney here. I am standing in a queue in Boots trying not to seem too excited – British problems! But I am going to Disneyland Paris in July – is it likely they will launch earlier there? Fingers crossed!!

    • Aha, I can just picture you wanting to jump and down Debbie! I was at work when the news broke and wrote up this post in about two seconds on a coffee break haha. I don’t think you’ll see Pandora at Disneyland Paris ahead of the October release date though :(

  3. Hi Ellie,

    This is exciting news. I just hope we get it here in Belgium. I’d love to be able to secure a Minnie Mouse charm for my little grand-daughter. She is only 3 and a half years old, already owns a Pandora leather bracelet that I got sized for her and she loves Minnie. Quick – run!!!

    • Hi Brenda! I’m sure you will see it in Belgium :D and I’m also sure that your granddaughter will look adorable with a little Minnie Moues charm on her bracelet!

  4. I was so excited when I saw this. I really hope the UK is included, that would be brilliant if it was. We have waited so long for this.
    I think it’s a great idea releasing them in more countries.

  5. That is fabulous news. Can’t wait. We have just come back from Florida and the charms are so beautiful. Great that hopefully Disney Pandora will be in the Uk soon. Well excited. ??

    • Me too! I am terrified of flying and unlikely to be able to face the hours on a plane to America any time soon so this is great for me!

  6. Of course the UK is part of Europe. I’m glad to see this happening. I’d like to see Pandora stop all such exclusionary practices. They’d certainly make more money for themselves, and less for shipping companies if they did.

    • I just hope they don’t get us on the technicality of Brexit I am really looking forward to being able to buy the disney charms in the UK

      • No, I don’t think the EU thing has any impact on whether Pandora considers the UK as being part of the EMEA region :)

  7. Oh my… I really don’t know if that is good or bad news LOL…. think I will open a savings account for this:-)

  8. That’s awesome! Disney just took over a majority share of Disneyland Paris, so I’m guessing that all the parks exclusives will be available there. Maybe they’ll even make some based on the Paris castle and other rides there, like the Ratatouille ride!

    • I’d be so excited if all the parks charms were available there. I’d have to plan a trip posthaste! ^^

  9. Hi Ellie,

    I’m so happy you’ll be able to see the Disney collections in person before buying! I would love to be able to see the Parks exclusives since they are usually my favorites from the Disney line.

    In a recent post, you mentioned getting the Open End bangle. Did you get your normal bangle size? I haven’t seen them yet, but would like to get one during the promo if my store has them in stock.

  10. Hello Ellie

    Great news ;-) !
    It was time….
    As I already said, I am not a Disney person… However I love the Tinkerbell charms and Muranos and I manage to get them…. Yeahhhh ! ;-)
    But I have to say that the disney collection is very cute.
    I love the Muranos especially Cinderella and Jasmine ;-)
    My wallet will not forget me ;-)
    Have a nice evening and take care

    • Hey Valerie! I am not a huge huge Disney fan per se, but I love lots of the Disney characters for very nostalgic reasons, and for the fact that they are some of the only character beads you can buy these days. So I am very excited :D have a nice evening too and thanks for commenting!

  11. Omg Ellie this is the best news ever I am so excited, I adore the Disney range I prey it comes to the uk. If not Europe second best as I go holiday in Europe quite a bit and the fact it’s coming to Disney land Paris is amazing.??????????

    • Aha, I know! I couldn’t believe it when the press release casually dropped last week :D Finally!!

  12. Hi! I love your blog and I always read your news!
    Today you make me very happy, I’m so excited!!!! I hope I can buy it in Italy! Have a good day! ??❤️

    • Hi Marta! Yay, that’s so nice to hear :D I am sure you will be able to buy it in Italy! <3 Have a lovely day too!

  13. I am very happy for all of Disney fans out there. I have been so lucky to get my charms in person here in Ottawa and have family and friends traveling to Disney for the park exclusive ones. Cheers!???

  14. Just a heads up Ellie, I just got the email Rue is having a Pandora Moonlight Madness tonight, July 9, 8 p.m. US ET, 5 p.m. Canada PDT. 65% off, the usual for Moonlight sales. I’m guessing stock will be very old, but I always have my fingers crossed for what I’m looking for. :-)

    • I had gotten an e-mail this AM from RLL about their Pandora Moonlight Madness sale, too. I just purchased new charms for my Pandora beach bracelet in the US promotion. The temptation is too great to miss this sale. ? Maybe I can score some clips for my beach bracelet in the RLL sale! ?

      • I did not get an email this time. Maybe they choose clients randomly.?
        Anyway, its a good thing since I am broke after the Canada promotion.?

        • I have no store near enough to me ever to make in-store promotions worthwhile.

          I’m just hoping Rue will have different items on than what they just had on, but I’m thinking they’re doing this Moonlight sale to get rid of the items they just had on.

        • I think you are probably correct about RLL having this sale to move the remainder of the Pandora jewelry in stock.

        • I got into the sale 10 minutes early and lots was already sold out, but I managed to get two Essence honesty beads, and few other retired Essence beads that weren’t in the last sale. Super prices too. I’ll go back in the morning and see what’s left. :-)

      • I was finally able to see the madness sale, and lots of Xmas charms were available. How could I resist such a big opportunity ???
        I believe my bracelet will be complete now with…
        PANDORA 14K & Silver CZ Wonderland Charm 35.35$
        PANDORA Silver Snow Globe Charm 23.11$
        PANDORA Santa’s Stocking Silver Charm 16.38$
        PANDORA 14K & Silver Winter Wonderland Charm clips 28.55$ x 2
        PANDORA Silver CZ Christmas Wish List Charm 35.35$
        I am anxious to get my treasures. I think I will wrap each one individually and decorate my Xmas tree ???

        • What a great list, Rachelle! I thought the Madness prices were awesome this time. I went back twice, but the second time, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get my order to show duties and taxes, so finally, with only an hour left to the sale, I put my order through without duties and taxes showing, just to see if it would go. It went, but I’ll be very surprised if they send it. I’m not expecting it.

        • Hi Lola,
          Did you get a confirmation yet?

          I wanted to add the Letter to Santa the next day, only couple hours left, but Rue Internationale agent did not reply to me in time. She suggested to cancel my first order and I said no it was too late. It’s a good thing I did not.Sometime you wonder how these people think!???

        • Yeah I got confirmation and all, and that second order went to the International Processing Center this morning. My first order went yesterday. I guess I’ll see what happens now.

          At the last sale, near the end, I was getting the US page only, US prices, US checkout, no Canada or international anything. I emailed Rue and they said their tech team was working on it, but it didn’t get fixed until the sale was over. They do sometimes have issues.

          I like your idea of wrapping your treasures separately. :-) I’d so do that.

  15. Hi Ellie! I’m glad Disney items will be sold in more regions soon. I think one of the best things about having the Disney collection sold in one’s region is getting to hand select muranos. The signature muranos are really pretty, but they vary, so it’s good to get to see them in person, especially if you’re buying a pair.

    • Hi Judy! Yes, I’m with you there eon the muranos. I love them, and you definitely don’t need to limit yourself to Disney designs with them – they’re nicely generic. I’m excited to see all the colours in person, providing they are all released here of course!

  16. Ladies I work at pandora and I’m happy to say my manager got the email so yes from October we will be selling Disney in the U.K.!!

  17. OMG yes! I’m going to DLP for our 10th anniversary in Sept, hoping the Park will get them early but not going to hold my breath!

    • I’m going to Disneyland Paris for my birthday in November. My bracelet is made up of charms reflecting memories of people and places, so a Disney charm is a must

  18. Do you have any more updates on this please?

    Do you know if there will be a Disneyland Paris Castle charm? Or nay other DLP exclusives?

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