There are more Pandora AW17 previews to come, but first I wanted to post a brief update today on the Pandora Autumn 2017 regular Moments charms, as I have a few more stock images that weren’t in my original preview! The collection is due out on the 31st August, and features a lot of geometric and family-themed designs.

Pandora Autumn 2017 Signature Collection

I’m not sure why the pieces below weren’t included in the original pre-release material I saw; perhaps some are only coming out in certain stores in North America, e.g. concept, shop-in-shop or Jaredor they’re not coming out in North America at all. It might be that they are coming out later in the year for NA. I’ll update when you when/if I hear more – as ever, there’s a fair amount of sleuthing involved in Pandora blogging these days!

To see my original preview of the Pandora Autumn 2017 charms & bracelets, please click here – otherwise, read on for some updates!

Pandora Autumn 2017 Additional Preview

So, below we have five previously unseen charms, almost all of which I find quite exciting! The gold charm will undoubtedly be out of my price range, but it’s great to see two plain-silver beads. The safety chain is a little unusual; it’s a fairly standard plain silver heart design on top, but the chain has a little CZ in the middle.

Pandora Autumn 2017 new charms

The lock & key design is a two-tone version of the pave Lock of Love from Valentine’s 2015, and I much prefer it with a little less sparkle! pandora lock of love valentine's day 2015

My other bit of news concerns the imminent arrival of some previously regional exclusives in North America! These include the Piggy Bank, Golden Ingot, Origami Crane, Kangaroo, and Koala, none of which were available in the US previously. I’m not sure when in the season they will be launching – I’d predict Autumn 2017, but I don’t have confirmation on that. :)


A couple of general blog notes to finish with, as well – I have a few comments to reply to (especially about Pandora Disney & Europe <3), but have had company all weekend so have not been able to dip my toes into the Pandora world much over the past couple of days. For the same reason, I also didn’t have time to write a proper post alerting you to a Pandora Midnight Madness sale on US shopping site Rue La La. There are some things left and it’ll run for another couple of hours, so you can still use my affiliate link to sign up if you need to, and grab some deals!

My Comment

Of these, I see a few things that I like – a new safety chain is always welcome, and I find the heart design rather sweet. I actually very much like the paisley teardrop openwork and, being an all-silver openwork design, it should be nicely affordable, too. On the other end of the scale, I dread to think how much the two-tone heart lock bead will be priced at, but I really love it! It’s definitely one to save for, for me. :) It will be good to find out where these are coming out.

What do you think of these latest updates?

60 Comments on Pandora Autumn 2017 Updates (with previously unseen charms!)

  1. The gold and diamond charm looks beautiful, but I would be in shock if the charm is not in my budget.

  2. I like the safety chain and the lock and key charm. Love the filligree design on it. Well, its an openwork design, so hopefully not so pricey. Fingers crossed.

  3. The piggy bank is adorable, and something every Pandora collector should have, to remind her to save her pennies!!! Lol.

    I just realized what my trouble is with the signature pieces at the top, and button charms in general, they look like cufflinks.

  4. Hi Ellie,

    It is always a treat to start my day with one of your posts or pick it up at the end of my work day. Today it is my morning coffee and your post before heading off to work. I am pleased to see some lovely silver & two tone charms. I too passed on the pave lock but will add the two tone lock & key to my list should it make its way to Canafa. The silver charm with what looks like solid and open work leaves also appeals to me. I noticed you mentioned some of the exclusives might make their way to the US but not necessarily Canada. Fingers crossed, I know some people who would love the origami crane. I have the original Kangaroo but it would be nice to see this version in person. The two tone moments charms are nice but ai would prefer if Pandora didn’t stamp their brand on them. Oh well, I guess that truly is a first world problem.
    The safety chain is cute and a little reminiscent of earlier Pandora safety chains and that is nice to see, might indulge in this updated version, the one CZ is nice, not too blingy.
    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go to support my Pandora addiction! lol

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you, that is so lovely to hear. I absolutely love the idea of anyone sitting down to begin their day with a hot drink and a blog post :D As I do that so often with other people’s!

      Ah, sorry, that’s not what I meant – these will be coming to Canada for sure, you’ll be glad to hear! I just used ‘US’ when really I meant ‘NA’ or ‘US and Canada’, but I didn’t proofread it properly. :) So Canada will be getting these too! I don’t know about the other charms, but the Asian exclusives you can plan for I think!

      Thanks for commenting! Hope you enjoy the weekend :D

  5. Hi Ellie,
    Oh I’m delighted to see two all silver openworks. And besides they are round ?
    I think a couple of them could find their way home with me despite the fact that I was prepared to save all my Pandora pennies for the winter release. I like both designs but the one with what seems teardrops is my favourite. The two tone heart and key is a real temptation too, but I guess it will be really expensive. And the safety chain is quie original. All silver with a touch of shimmering in the middle of the chain. Very nice pieces in general.
    Thank you for this update. Now I must add to my list a couple of openworks ? Have a nice week

    • Hi Marie! Oh I’m so glad to hear that something from autumn might have you on the hook haha :) I agree that this set is rather nice! The openwork teardrop should be nicely affordable, the safety chain somewhere in between, and then the two-tone heart/key might need to be a Christmas request, with all the other purchases I have planned!

      Have a lovely weekend :)

  6. Thanks so much for the update. I can’t wait to see the kangaroo charm I’m hoping to use it with my pooh charms to represent Kanga and Roo.I hope it looks like Kanga and Roo.

  7. Yay! Origami crane and piggy bank! And my Granddaughter is crazy for a koala. She will probably want the kangaroo too. I love the open work paisley teardrop. And the heart safety chain with the cz in the center of the chain.

    Thanks for the update! I will need to add a zero to my A/W budget it seems.

    • Amazing! Glad to hear there’s lots you like as well. I wonder if any other regions will see the Asian exclusives as well – the UK has missed out on some of these too!

  8. Hi Ellie I really like the safety chain it reminds me of the round clips somehow I too like the two tone heart it reminds of old school two tone.

    • Hi Nicola, those are two of my favourites as well! I think the safety chain CZ is quite nifty, providing it proves durable :)

  9. Hi Ellie

    I also love the two tone lock and key charm, that will definitely make it home with me at some point. I also like the look of the new safety chain, it is very simple in design but has an elegance of difference about it that wants me to possibly bring it home at some stage lol ?. Thank you for your post Ellie, it makes a great start to my day.

    • Hi Janelle! Everyone seems to be homing in on the same couple of pieces – those, along with the teardrop openwork, are my favourites too! :D You’re welcome, thanks for commenting.

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I love the new safety chain with the little cz. I like the 2 round silver beads. My guess on the silver and gold heart is $90 because the goldwork is so open there may not be much in weight. It’s very pretty. Based on the pics, I would probably get the safety chain and the 2 plain silvers. I also like that the piggy bank, koala and kangaroo will be available in NA. I might pick those up too, to make a nice mix of silver and colorful beads the way I used to with pandora!

    • Hi Lisa! I would imagine pushing £80/90 here in the UK for that key charm as well :( maybe one for my Christmas list! I always mix my colours with silvers, but at the moment I am getting some retired glass beads and mixing them with a range of silvers and two-tones – which has been fun!

  11. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the updates! The little cz is a nice addition to the safety chain. I’ll definitely be getting the adorable Piggy Bank once it’s offered in the US.

  12. I am very happy to see the former regional exclusives coming to North America. I managed to get a Piggy Bank from Denmark, but I would like to get the other two Asian charms, as well. And while they’re at it, I also want one of the adorable Russian fish!! How about it, Pandora?

    Thanks for the welcome news, Ellie!

    • Hi Angie! Ah yes, the elusive Fish! I can see them doubting the marketability of that one compared to some of the cuter animals and Asian beads, but it would be fun. :D I had such trouble tracking that one down!

  13. I would like to add the kangaroo to my animal theme bracelet. i have the older koala dangle charm but i think this one is cute too. Oh, and you mentioned a new Panda soon to come too in a prevous post, really excited about that one as well. I knew about the moonlight sale and was able to get the blue nautical pave’charm for $24, midight and purple effervescent muranos for $19, non-cz butterfly earings for $14 and 3 differend essence charms for $17 each. All good deals, but i was disappointed that there were no 2 tones or gold in the sale. They seem to do these moon light sales every couple of months though and they seem to offer different items each time.

    • Yeah, I really like the little panda as well :D He’s very cute! Glad to hear that you got some things in Rue, hopefully there’ll be a better overall selection for you next time :)

  14. Hi Ellie, the Autumn collection is going to make me poor. Plus I’m thinking of adding a few Rose charms into my collection. I hope the safety chain is in North America. Can’t wait until your next post. I enjoy reading them a lot. Have a great day :-)

    • Hi Linda! Yay, thank you! I don’t know whether these will make it to NA, but I hope you guys can get them :) I’m told they should be in the UK.

  15. Ooh! Awesome update! I’m excited about the oragami crane! Now we need the arabian coffee pot in NA and I’d be happy. I also like the look of the paisley openwork charm.

    From the rue sale I got the nautical pave (blue) which I wasn’t sure that I needed but I love blue and it was so discounted. I also got the sleigh with 14k for around $21 (can’t remember for certain atm). I was debating what sleigh to get for my Christmas bracelet and the made up my mind lol.

    Have a good one!

    • The Arabian Coffee Pot is one of my favourite charms Pandora have ever made. It’s so elegant and detailed! It would be great to see it in more countries, but its exclusivity is also part of its charm I think :)

      Oh amazing! I’ve bought so much in the sales recently that I actually – gasp – sat this one out! I keep getting tempted by more Christmas beads, too, even though I already have two festive bracelets! (One is a bangle, the other a full silver!)

  16. Thanks Ellie for the great preview. I like the safety chain. The pig with red bow is really cute and hope to see it in Canadian stores.
    Have a great week!

  17. Thanks Ellie for all the info. I quite like the silver openwork paisley-looking charm. I’ll definitely look at it once it comes out. About the Rue La La moonlight sale: I have bought from them before at least 5 or 6 times, shipped to both US and Australia addresses without a problem, and I must say I’ve been happy with the wait time and the charms received. But unfortunately this time round, I have been disappointed by Rue La La. I ordered some Essence charms and Christmas ones for a really good price in this last sale, but today I got a message saying my order was cancelled with absolutely no explanation given, so I replied asking for the reason for this unexplained cancellation. I’m not at all happy with their response, they have basically said they don’t know why it was cancelled. What?? The exact words “we don’t have insight into the exact reason the order was unsuccessful” but they understand my frustration. Then they tell me I wasn’t charged for the order but I have to wait 7 to 10 days for PayPal to return my money. What?? Has this ever happened to anyone else or do you know of anyone it’s happened to? I imagine that they didn’t have all the charms or something like that but why not say it? Oh well, at the end of the day I still have $150 AUD in my bank (in 7-10 days!) and they are poorer for it, but still…I’m puzzled and upset. Sigh, had great plans for those charms too, some were for presents…. I’ll still check out the next sale and see what happens but now I’m a bit wary of being treated the same way.
    PS – (just in case it’s not clear I’m not complaining to you Ellie, just sharing the experience to see if anyone else has had something similar happen and to vent since other Pandora fans might really understand my frustration!) ;)

    • Gaby, I totally understand your frustration. I have complained about something to the online chat person in the past. They pretty much told me that “they know it is frustrating” and weren’t going to do anything more until I kept asking questions and explaining my complaint further. Maybe you need to call or chat online with a customer rep. to get a solution you find acceptable. Sorry you had that happen to you.

      • Hi Sarah, I sent them another email and I also got the “I understand your frustration” bit again. They did, however, finally tell me it was because one charm was not in stock (I had ordered 6!) so I still don’t understand why they just didn’t send the other 5. I’m just letting it go and spending this money elsewhere, maybe it’s a sign I should spend it on the family this weekend, lol. Cheers

        • Oh Gaby, This is so sad.?

          I hope Rue La la will improve their logistics or software to avoid this kind of incidents. There is definitely a lack of workflow in their system. It is important to let them know our frustrations and disappointment in order to get better service in the future.

          Have a wonderful weekend with your family?

    • Aw, it’s such a shame when things like this go wrong :( this has never happened to me, but I think I’ve heard of other people having this when they’ve been ordering internationally, like maybe something to do with the border force thing they use. But I don’t really remember very clearly I’m afraid. It’s a real shame that you’ve lost out, I hope you have better luck next time :)

    • Hi Gabby, I”m in aus just discovered this site I have just purchased from Ruelala for the first time, order has gone through was concerned items may not be authentic still waiting for a reply from pandora US confirming they are authorised dealers good to know you have been happy in the past sorry about your recent experience

      • No worries Debbie, Rue La la sells authentic Pandora. As you can read on MoraPandora’blog, this company is an authorized dealer.?

        What did you buy??

        My order is being shipped and should arrive next Wednesday?

  18. Hi Ellie!
    Thanks for update!
    Is there any chance for gold signature collection, not mixed gold and silver, but only gold with Pandora logo?
    Take care!
    Hugs from Poland!

  19. Hello! I have a question for you (only somewhat related to this post, sorry!). I remember hearing rumours that the engravables that came out in the UK for AW2016 *might* be released worldwide (or at least in a few more markets than just the UK). Has there been any more news about this that i missed? There is one in particular that i would really like to get (and have engraved!), but i am in Canada, so it’s not really possible, especially since they aren’t available online.

    • Hi Katherine, unfortunately I don’t think that information has proven to be accurate :( I’ve not heard anything more about it!

      • Oh Darn :( oh well, thanks for the heads up. The other non released thing that i’m still dying for is that one bracelet that looked sort of faceted all over (was rumoured to be coming out in Autumn 2016, but never did). I still hope we see that one day! I am glad, however, that the open charm bangles were finally released. I am loving mine!! :)

  20. Lovely. lovely, I’m really looking forward to the heart and lock key and hope is is affordable. It is the closest i get to the gold charms which are so expensive I don’t even look at them.

  21. I do like the look of the silver open work leaves charm, I do like most of the nature designs and butterfly charms so this new design may well need to be bought. Also hope to get the kangaroo as that reminds me of my childhood of Kanga and Roo!

  22. Hi!
    The lock of love two tones didn’t see yet. I don’t found news about it. Do you know when it still coming out? I want it so ! Thank you

  23. Hi Ellie, I heard that the two tone heart key dangle charm is China exclusive, is it correct? One of my friend says that Chinese web site ‘Baidu’ shows a news related with this charm, says that this charm is exclusive and only produced 9,999 ea for celebrating Chinese Lover’s day(it is different from original Valentine day in Feb, inChina it is 7th July Lunar calendar). Fortunately I got mine with my friend’s friend in China, but anyway I am curious about the truth. Is this charm really China exclusive under limited products? I am not Chinese, but it seems that when it first released in China, the sales managers in there told ttheir customer like that. I asked this to the sales manager in my country, and they also answered me that this is Chinese exclusive one. If you have any info on this, it would be really grateful for me and my another Pandora friends! :-) Warm regards, Jaeeun

  24. Just hopped over to the Dutch Pandora site to have a look around….. and my jaw dropped when I found the origami Crane in the sale section!!!!! €25!!!!
    Flipping heck!!! I have been grumpy since the day it hot released as a Asian exclusive and I could not get it! Have been complaining (as usual lately) to customer service that it is ridiculous that they leave out half the world of buying their charms! And then find it on sale!!!
    I really don’t get Pandora’s retail concept!!! I would have bought it full price if availeble. But hey ho, their loss in my book. I’m happy as can be!
    Just ancious waiting the black friday deals in europe ??

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