Today’s post brings my long-overdue Pandora Winter 2017 preview, with lots of festive cheer, icy sparkles and cosmic blues. This collection sticks firmly to the brand’s tried & tested formula, offering more neutral wintry blues and then bright, cute enamels in celebration of the holiday season.

The collection is due out on the 2nd November..For live shots and other info, please take a look through the Winter 2017 tag. Otherwise, read on for a preview of all the charm jewellery coming out for Winter (I’ll preview all other jewellery in a separate post)!

Pandora Winter 2017 Collection Preview

As is traditional, Pandora will be launching a limited edition bangle with the Winter 2017 collection – this year’s bangle is called Heart of Winter, and features a pave heart/snowflake design, based on a pendant. from last year. It will be sold for $75 USD or $85 CAD in NA.

Moving on to the charms, let’s start with one of my favourite sets of beads from the AW17 collections – a set of beautifully frosty decorative charms! ❄️? The ones that I love most of this selection are the pretty powder blue Ice Drops Glass bead and then the more dramatic midnight-blue Wintry Delight, which I’ve loved ever since the first live shots of it came out. :D

pandora winter 2017 ice

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Snowflake Heart – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Wintry Delight – $50 USD / $55 CAD

Ice Drops Glass – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Glacial Beauty – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Dazzling Snowflake (blue and clear) – $90 USD / $100 CAD

Snow Flurry – $60 USD / $70 CAD

Heart of Winter dangle – $60 USD / $70 CAD

Heart of Winter clip – $55 USD / $60 CAD

To complement these, we have some celestial charms in matching blue. Their overall tone is very similar, but they’re less focused on winter specifically. None of these are must-haves for me, but the Celestial Mosaic is mother-of-pearl and I can just picture how nice that luminous effect will be in person.

Pandora Winter 2017 Celestial

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Orbit – $55 USD / $60 CAD

illuminating Stars – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Galaxy – $70 USD / $80 CAD

Celestial Mosaic – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Bright Star pendant – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Bright Star clip – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Bright Star charm – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Finishing off the more general decorative beads, we have this little pop of colour. The Nature’s Radiance beads get makeovers in deep navy blue and emerald pink, while the Radiant hearts are launched in emerald green. The 14kt gold Colour Fresco has a wonderfully carnivalesque feel to me, but it will definitely be out of my price range!
Prices for North America are as follows:-

Radiant Hearts – $80 USD / $90 CAD

Nature’s Radiance – $70 USD / $80 CAD

Colour Fresco – $400 USD / $440 CAD

Finally, we have the usual festive beads! These are always the Winter beads I look forward to seeing the most, and I think there are some really great ones in this year’s set. The Red Twinkle Glass has a golden glitter running through it, for a really rich, warm finish, while the Christmas Night and Snowy Wonderland charms offer something a little more sophisticated if you struggle to style the bright reds that usually characterise Pandora’s holiday charms. My favourite of these is definitely the adorable Christmas Polar Bear, with his little sign that says ‘Santa stop here’. How cute!

Prices for North America are as follows:-

Christmas Night – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Snowy Wonderland – $55 USD / $60 CAD

Red Twinkle Glass – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Christmas Polar Bear – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Sparkling Jolly Santa – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Holiday Wreath – $34 USD / $40 CAD

Christmas Joy – $65 USD / $75 CAD

Sparkling Candy Cane – $40 USD / $45 CAD

Celestial Wonder – $75 USD / $85 CAD

Festive Stocking – $45 USD / $50 CAD

Petites (individually priced) – $15 USD / $20 CAD

Shining Star Petite – $10 USD / $15 CAD

My Comment

While this collection is very similar in theme and aesthetic to those that have previously been released, there are, as usual, some stand-out individual pieces that I just love! I always get so excited to see the new festive beads, as it makes me think of how exciting it is when all the Pandora Christmas gift packaging and advertising gets brought out. <3 My favourites of the holiday beads are the Polar Bear, the Christmas Night and the Holiday Wreath, while I love the Ice Drops glass bead and the Wintry Delight from the more general charms. :D

What do you think of this latest collection? Does anything take your fancy?

82 Comments on Pandora Winter 2017 Collection Preview

  1. Wow! As usual, I love another Pandora winter collection, which isn’t too surprising since I have a bit of an obsession with Christmas haha. Ellie, I agree with your three favorites: Wintry Delights, Ice Drops Glass, and the Christmas Polar Bear. These three are absolute must-haves for me! I also love the Snowy Wonderland charm and have an interest in a bunch of others: Glacial Beauty, Bright Star, Galaxy, Christmas Night, Holiday Wreath, Festive Stocking, and the red Nature’s Radiance. I will have to see these IRL. I also like the Red Twinkling Glass–though it seems like, with its warmer color, it would be more of a summer bead. The petites are very cute as well, and I’m very glad to see them being sold individually. I must say that Pandora does blue wintry and celestial beads so well. I already had some of my charms from my full wintry blue/starry-night themed design spill over onto a bangle, and I might now have to start a second full design with this theme. Although I usually collect all of Pandora’s LE bangles, I will probably pass on this year’s design, as I already have too many of these, and it just doesn’t seem that special/different. I could always change my mind when I see it though haha! I can’t wait to see the winter jewelry preview, as I remember some of these pieces looking lovely from the live images. This post really put me in the Christmas spirit!

  2. Wow Ellie,
    Thank you for another great post. The Ice Drops glass murano is my favorite from the whole collection. Two of those will definitely be coming home with me in November. They will go with a ton of charms I already own. The only other ‘maybe’ charms for me is the emerald radiant heart since I am sorely lacking any dark greens but I want to see the color in person before I commit. The other maybe charms are glacial beauty, galaxy and bright star charm.

  3. Christmas beads!!! ? I’m so excited to see these! Definitely a few must-haves for me. Wintry Delight, Sparkling Jolly Santa, and the Holiday Wreath will be coming home with me for sure! And I’ll have to add the jolly Santa, holiday wreath, Christmas tree, and loving gift petites to my locket too ❤️
    I am a little bit surprised there’s no present/gift charm this year. I think I have about 5 or 6 variations already, I was looking forward to seeing another one this year (I’d love a two-tone one!).
    Still very excited to see these, I absolutely love Christmas! ????

    • I also love the blue galaxy bead (I have several of the plain silver galaxy). Might have to find a place for that one somewhere ? I hope they continue with it, and end up doing them in all or lots of colours! ❤️

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for the preview, Ellie! I am just overwhelmed by this release! I have always been parrtial to Pandora’s Winter charms, but I am so excited by these beauties! I love celestial charms and snowflake charms! There are so many that I would love to add to my collection! I also love the Christmas charms! My wishlist certainly will be a long one! I do hope that Pandora has the Advent Calendar contest again this year! ❤️?

      • Hi Margaret! The contest is featured on the Pandora website. I only discovered it last December but, apparently Pandora has had the contest for several years. Each day, starting December 1st, Pandora features a different holiday charm to be given away. There are three winners per day! You can enter every day, with the final charm given away on December 25th! I had so much fun with this last year! I won the Christmas Kitten and a friend of mine won a charm as well! Also, there was an extra prize awarded if you are a member of the Pandora Club. This contest is apparently offered in several different countries. So, you would have to check on that! I am in the USA.??

        • Me too and now after seeing this preview I might need to start second Christmas bracelet

  5. What a wonderful preview of a stunning collection. My celestial bracelet is full. But these new charms may go on an open bangle or dark blue leather to stack. I love the blue galaxy, the orbit, and the illuminating stars. There is a celestial redesign in my not too distant future.

    I still have room on my snowflake bracelet, thank goodness. Ice drops glass and snow flurry for sure. Maybe glacial beauty, I need to see that one IRL. Probably Heart of winter Dangle and Clips.

    I already have so many Christmas charms – that being said, I must have the polar bear. I have all the snow globes, so this year’s will definitely come home with me. And I really love the celestial wonder.

    I think my credit card is in trouble again!

    Thanks again for the preview!

  6. I like the nature’s radiance in what looks like a darker pink. I already have the paler pink version which I think is gorgeous with the leaf design wrapped around the colour below.

  7. I love blue colour :) Bright star pendant and clip, glacial beauty and snowflake hearts are my favourite and I hope buy all from my wish list :)

    Your blog is the best for Pandora “lovers”. Thank You Ellie, You know everything and give us so many informations :)

  8. Thank you Ms. Ellie for the update and I have a few favorites in mind like the sparkling candy cane and wintry delight charm that will match The Disney Frozen collection.

  9. Well, there’s a snow globe, and it’s not even ugly so I can’t buy it. :-(

    The polar bear is adorable. The color fresco is fascinating, the design looks like a lion’s face.

    Pandora does do Christmas well. The blue they’re using is perfect.

  10. Hi Ellie,

    I love what the winter collection has to offer. The celestial collection is my favorite part of the release. The New a Galaxy charm, celestial mosaics & orbit are my favorites. I have a Chamilia Star Wars Death Star charm that I want to mix in with my other celestial charms for my Galaxy Far Far Away theme.
    The limited edition bracelet is nice but I will take a pass on this years version and devote my spend to other parts of the collection. I too find the polar bear irresistible. I guess I’ll shift a few Christmas charms to my necklace making room for him on my Xmas bracelet.
    The ice drop murano looks extremely promising. I want to do a frosty theme of powder blues, whites and silver so this new murano could work well.

    Well it looks as though one day I will be retiring on cat food! Thanks Ellie! lol

    Lisa K.

  11. Uh oh! I’m in big trouble :-D I knew from some of your earlier ‘peeks’ that there were several things I’d want from this collection, but now there are others I hadn’t seen before that have shot onto my list of must-haves. My wishlist for this collection is now the longest of any winter collection yet, just surpassing that of winter ’14 (which I have just, thanks to the summer sale, *almost* completed collecting!!)

    Okay, I shall have to evaluate how much room my night sky bracelet has left, but I think I ‘need’ the blue galaxy to pair with the original galaxy, illuminating stars to balance vintage night sky, and depending on how the colours look maybe bright star to go with wishing star. I also really like the celestial mosaic and maybe orbit too. And the glacial beauty reads more like a star to me than frost, so that might make a nice centrepiece with its different shape :-) Finally from that theme, the starry formation clip looks interesting – I wonder if it is a silicone-lined one, would be nice if so :-)

    I haven’t yet got any specifically wintry/snowy charms yet, but I must admit to loving the navy dazzling snowflakes and the wintry delight, and also the christmas night and snowy wonderland. I have just (again, thanks to the summer sale!) given in and started a Christmas design, in mainly reds with a little green accents, but maybe I can make up a winter/Christmas night-time mini design on a bangle, to wear with either my night sky or my Christmas bracelets. Of course it’s not going to happen all at once! Will have to pace myself! But lets just say hitting the spend for the ornament promo is not going to be a problem, lol! :-D

    Thank you so much for the preview, Ellie! It really helps to plan and budget :-

  12. Oh wow! I am so excited for this collection-It’s going to be hard making a short list of what to get…but I don’t think I’m gonna have a problem hitting the spend for the ornament promo! The Wintry Delight & Ice Drops Glass bead are definitely on my list. Celestial Mosaic, either the Bright Star pendant or Bright Star charm-I will have to see them before making a choice. The Colour Fresco looks lovely but well out of my price range and it’s not the colours I’m using on my bracelet.

  13. So many nice charms. I think it’s smart to use the star and blue theme for winter as it is very versatile (star themed bracelet, disney, winter, star wars, blue theme…). Some will probably go on my wish list for the future as I’m still trying to play catch up with older beads I want! Thanks for the wonderful preview!

  14. Hi Ellie I really like the star pieces today, I like the snow globe and the snowy wonderland I really like the wreath too. I don’t undestand why they have made another candy cane when they have just retired one it looks very similar too. I was really hoping for some red/ green Xmas leather bracelets my Christmas bracelet is filled I can’t fit another charm lol. I really like both muranos too.

  15. I ??? the new Galaxy!
    I like a few of the others too… I must save up before they’re released ?
    Such a fabulous review, thank you!

  16. Hi Ellie!,
    Thank you, thank yo, thank you for yet another wonderful preview!!!! I was dying to see all wintery charms!. I don’t want to repeat myself so much but as I told you once, you are my heroine ?
    Well, some posts ago I said that I would have to take a second job to pay for my Pandora babies. Now I think I’ll have to take a third one as well! ???
    What can I say I’m in trouble again!!
    The mesh bracelet has dallen off my list as it can’t be cut shorter. It had dissapointed me a little bit, hmmm maybe the bright star clips?, that mother of pearl mosaic, nature radiance (must see them in person but the pink ones are gorgeous). The new concept of galaxy charm is really appealling, though I’m not considering it. I also have decided that I want a couple of them from last year. Anyway I must first see how they match my Moonlight RH. I realy love its colour so I wont buy any thing that doesn’t go well with it. Then I plan to begin my first Christmas bracelet. The wraith, stocking and candy cane could find their way home with me. I must say that apart from these I don”t think Chrismassy charms are very pretty this year. That poor Santa looks as if if he were going to start twinkling on yor wrist. I’ll have to look for “another” Santa from previous collections. I also need a Christmas tree. They haven’t event come out with one this year.
    And apart from that the emerald RH started to grow on me since your first preview.
    Of course, I’ll need more bracelets to acommodate all these beads. New designs keep commoing into my mind. Have I mentiont that I also want to start a snowy bracelet in icier shades of blue?
    Now, after all this … do you think that a third job will be enought?. Or will I have to rob a bank?.
    PS. Unexpectedley in love with the rose bracelets both moments and Essence.

    • Oh, I was typing on my mobile phone last night and already fast asleep, so I must have erase ñart of my comment without even realising ?
      Well the fact ks that my list is much longer than you can read above. And I have’t seen rings yet!

    • I was wondering, with the amount of Pandora that I and all of us are buying, whether jewellery insurance is needed for say full bracelets (that when full can mean around £1,000)? I have insurance on my sapphire & diamond ring, but all this Pandora I am now buying makes me wonder whether that needs insuring and how, especially when I move items around between bracelets, bangles, necklaces etc. Just a thought?

      • Funny thing. I’m now away on holidays with my family and some days before leaving my sister made the same remark!. I must confess that I never had thought about it! But you both might have a point there!

      • My understanding is that you usually need additional contents insurance for a single piece of jewellery worth over £1000/£2000 (whatever your policy is). I would expect that as Pandora is made up of separate pieces that this wouldn’t apply. It is just a collection of lots of pieces of individual jewellery ?

        • Hello Ali, that is very interesting about possibly needing to be a single item and that it could be difficult with Pandora items because of being many pieces as regards insurance.

        • My policy states additional insurance is required for a “single item” worth over £2000 so I wouldn’t expect this to apply to Pandora for that reason as it is definitely not a “single item”. Interesting thought but frightened to ask insurance company now! I would expect to need it for an expensive watch or a diamond ring etc

        • A full bracelet with charms can easily be worth £1000 – £1300. It may be that it is possible to take out separate jewellery insurance against loss or theft that is separate from house contents insurance and more specialised. I have it on my sapphire and diamond ring but that is worth more. i do not know other than maybe inquire more in relation to a full bracelet.

  17. Well after following this blog since December I started a Disney bracelet silver in addition to my first bracelet 4 years ago and now I want to start 2 more silver ones one for my sun moon stars theme and another beach ocean summer
    How will I be able to wear them all?

    • I was told by a sales person at pandora in Australia that there are no plans for pandora to sell disney petites. I am hoping there will be disney petites.

  18. One at a time, lol!!!
    I have some designs in mind, too and I’m determined to fulfill every one of them (ouch!). And now I’m comming up with new ideas!.

    • Same here, I work in pandora in england and I am always helping customers with their designs for their bracelets. I have 7 bracelets. lol

      • So you don’t stack your bracelets? I have everyday silver and just started a Disney was thinking of starting a sun moon star theme but no point to have so many silver bracelets if stacking them looks odd
        What do you think?

        • I have a very small wrist and only two bracelets stacked looks good. most of my bracelets are the limited edition bangles. i do not like to take my charms of as i do not have a good jewellery box.

        • Hi Margaret, necklaces are good too. I have recently bought the longer 70 cm Essence necklace and put 6 essence charms on that. Also have the ball chain 80 cm silver necklace and put the luminous hearts charm on that which looks lovely as the charm is two tone, mother of pearl hearts. I have a number of bracelets, bangles, double leather, as previously detailed, which dare I say amount now to 10, in varying degrees of being full or otherwise. I like nature themes, heart themes best, like to be creative, like obviously silver, but two tone with gold, some CZ, butterflies, leaf designs, birds, like Murano, some enamel, like both moments and essence charms, like the meanings behind essence. I feel stacking bracelets can be tricky but enjoy altering each day, although my most favourite is the now full moments traditional bracelet which my daughter bought me initially for Xmas 2015 and to which she and I have added to so that is beautifully full mainly pink & purple nature and hearts themel. My next favourite is my oxidised bracelet, theme of two tone, pave, darker purple and rosy pink. After that my next favourite are the essence bangle and bracelet, the silver mesh bracelet (bangle), then moments bangles and leather threads (honeysuckle pink and a paler pink). Phew! Can really just stack a couple on each wrist both for weight consideration and because I feel more can look too much. I also have to wear what is a Byzantine silver MedicAlert bracelet but the Byzantine silver looks nice and I can still put my Pandora with it, either adding one full bracelet or a semi full one or bangle and stack a double leather thread. I wear my most favourite moments full bracket on my other wrist, now with the new silver mesh bracelet, plain, (mesh bracelet that is really more of a bangle). PS I also lhave a number of Pandora rings and earrings, that are gorgeous, especially like the two tone earrings. I would stack a couple of Pandora rings on one hand but really wear my sapphire diamond rings on the other.

        • Sorry for typo error when I type in bracelet but it comes out as bracket ! I mainly wear my most favourite full moments bracelet with the new silver mesh bracelet (more of a bangle), but keep that silver mesh one plain, I do not put charms on the silver mesh (bit delicate although slightly stiff, but to me looks better plain, stacked next to a full bracelet).

  19. Hi Ellie
    on the Tiffany bracelet question how often do you wear it? My husband just bought me one and I love it!
    Wanting to wear it everyday with my pandora charm bracelet but scares it might get scratched and banged up
    Especially since I work at a desk all day typing
    What are your thoughts?

    • I have a tiffany and co bracelet that I wear with my pandora and haven’t had any issues with scratching however I only have 3 charms on my bracelet at the moment as I have the essence bracelet that my grandmother brought me.

      • Which Tiffany bracelet do you have?
        And do youi work at a desk where your bracelet hits it throughout day?

        • Hi Margaret I own the the silver tiffany and co please return bracelet. I am a lawyer so I spend most of the time at a desk or unless I am in court.

  20. Ohy God. This comment was meant for Margaret below!. How in earth did it landed here?. I shouldn’ type ony mobile when I’m on the tube!. Sorry ladies!!!!

      • No, i don’t. It would be too much due to my very tiny wrists. I only wear one, sometimes two if I add a bangle (withot charms). Essence are more stackable for my taste, as they are so dainty. Or bangles if you wear them alone. You can also combime a snake chain bracelet and a leather one. But that’s my taste and anyway I have VERY tiny wrists (I have the smallest size, that’s 16 cm from Moments)

      • No, i don’t. It would be too much due to my very tiny wrists. I only wear one, sometimes I add a bangle to it (withot charms). Essence are more stackable for my taste, as they are so dainty. Or bangles if you wear them alone. You can also combime a snake chain bracelet and a leather one. But that’s my taste and anyway I have VERY tiny wrists (I have the smallest size, that’s 16 cm from Moments and a 15 cm bangle, and I had to have an Essence beaded one sized down to 15 cm, too)

  21. Hi, as described in my other reply, I would normally wear a full moments bracelet either on its own, or with the new mesh bracelet, or a moments or essence bangle and a double woven leather bracelet, with some charms. I adore the silver mesh bracelet /bangle, the teardrops charm & the silver embossed safety chain with the diamanté half way down the chain. As regards the preview of items coming out in November, it is tricky because my colour theme is normally pink and purple, or pink and a pale blue/grey, with silver and mother of pearl, although my essence bangle has other colours. I do like the midnight blue wintry delight with snowflake pattern and the ice drops Murano. I especially like the nature’s radiance darker pink charm (I have the paler pink). As regards the festive beads, there is I feel a limited amount of time in which they can be worn, although I like the red twinkle Murano, the adorable polar bear and Christmas tree. As the new beads in colour are so different to what I normally buy I may need some ideas on putting together!

    • Thank you currently I wear my full moments bracelet and a double leather on one hand and I might try to add another moments bracelet with maybe the new mesh all on one arm but I have small wrists and it maybe too much
      I want to get the open bangle too one day
      On my other arm I wear my Apple Watch with my essence bracelet I am scared if I wear anything else with the watch it maybe too much

      My husband bought me the beaded Tiffany bracelet that I am scared to wear for it getting scra

        • Hi Margaret, I have 1 X barrel silver moments bracelet, 1 X heart silver moments bracelet, 1 X oxidised silver moments bracelet, 1 X signature clasp moments silver bangle, 1 X dainty bow silver moments bangle, 1 X silver mesh bracelet (really a bangle), 1 X essence silver bangle, 1 X essence silver bracelet, 1 X pink double woven leather bracelet, 1 X honeysuckle pink double woven bracelet. I think that makes 10, so 8 are silver, 2 are leather. Eek!

        • Man I don’t feel so bad now thanks
          I have 2 silver snakes moments
          1 essence
          1 bangle
          And 7 leathers
          I want more silver bracelets onlubdown fall is I would have to rotate them in order to wear them and I want to wear them all the time

        • Actually you make me feel not so bad either as I count that as 11 you have! 7 leathers, gosh. That must be a different colour every day of the week. As regards what I have, I do like to rotate them according to the colours I am wearing, i.e. the colours of the charms, murano etc as well as the couple of leathers. I do like my two Pandora necklaces too as well as some rings. My daughter is more crazy about the rings than anything else. My most favourite is the first bracelet which my daughter gave me to start me off on all this!

        • lol I haven’t tried the necklaces or rings yet I fear if I do I would be addicted
          And yes I do have several colors double red
          Single pink
          Double pink
          The blue one from this summer dark color
          Dlight blue
          Tan etc

        • Woooowww!!! Liz your collection is terrific!!. At the moment I only have the snake chain regular bracelet, a beaded Essence and a rigid one, which I wear without charms, partly because it is vey scratchy and partly because I like different styles. My Pandora charms collection has grown quite rapidly this year and I need new ” houses” for them to live but I´m on strike as far as bracelets are concerned. I promised myself I wouldn´t buy another one till Pandora made a “free promo bracelet” in Spain, which has not happened yet. It´s being hard to keep to it because I have to rearrange it continously but I´m determined to go on like this. I´m paying full price for the charms but I won´t do it for the bracelets when everywhere else you are treated to one at least once a year. I feel a second class customer.

        • Hello Marie, 3 of my bracelets have been from Pandora promotions, but then had to spend between £125 to £145 to get a promotional bracelet or bangle. Looking at the cost of a bracelet or bangle in a different way, each bracelet or bangle interestingly is more or less the same as one charm (depending on the charm). I would really only ever buy new charms especially the threaded variety. I do not move charms around too much between bracelets as I feel I need to be a bit careful of the threads and clips etc., can be a bit delicate. As regards the charms, I like obviously the silver, but also two tone silver and yellow gold, the enamel, some pave, pearl, Murano. I am not yet keen, dare I say, on the rose gold, have yet to be convinced on rose gold. I also like earrings especially two tone, pearl, enamel, as well as a couple of necklaces. It can be very addictive all is, but it is nice to be able to create your own style.

        • And Margaret, yes I´m sorry to confirm that you will become addicted, LOL!! I can tell from my own experience. In my case everything got worse when I started with Essence and rings. I haven´t bought into neclaces. Yet. Love the snake chain Essence one, though.

        • Hi Liz. My issuea with the lack of Pandora free bracelet promo here is because I´ve been hitting 125 Euros or more very often since I began collecting, as I have been indulging on a couple of beads every month, so I think ir would be more than fair that Pandora treated me to something other than a jewellery box at Christmas ( for a 129 Euros spent, as it was the case last year)

        • Hi Marie, I am sorry about the difference in promotions for bracelets where you are. Your charm collections growth sounds wonderful. I go to Tenerife at least once a year and did notice some charms were more reasonable there than the UK, so I do not know if a similar rate applies in Spain, wondering if that may be a little consolation. I bought a Pandora palm tree charm in Tenerife last March and it was a bit cheaper, similarly my sister bought an essence bangle at a slightly reduced amount in Tenerife Pandora store. All the best.

  22. Glacial Beauty, Bright Star Charm, and of course the Christmas Polar Bear are all super nice, but really, it’s only the polar that is going on the must-have list right away! He’ll look so cute next to the panda :)

  23. Hello Ellie, My “must haves” from the Winter collection continues to grow! The Wintry Delight, Ice Drops Murano, and the Blue Dazzling Snowflake were favorites from the beginning. After seeing this preview, I’ve added the Christmas Night and maybe the Glacial Beauty. Celestial Mosaic is at the top of my list also. Is this charm dark navy or black? It appears black to me. Either way, a lovely charm. I would like to start a bracelet with the Emerald Green Radiant Hearts since I didn’t have anything this color. I’ll need to see the red Christmas charms in person before making a decision. I’m planning to get the red Black Friday charm for sure tho’. I’m hoping it will blend in nicely with my Lion Dance. Thank you for the lovely Winter preview!

  24. Hey Ellie
    have you heard about a possible buy 2 charms get 3rd one free promo in the UK in September? I’ve heard this indirectly from a friend of a friend.

  25. Hello Miss Mora,

    Do you know if we will see a 12 days of christmas this year? If so, any idea of what charms will be offered?

    As always, much love and health!

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