Pandora’s year of promos continues apace, with two new offers starting today – one for collectors in Australia & New Zealand, and one for those in the US! ? Read on for more details on each promo! :)

Free Pandora Rose Bracelet  for Australia & New Zealand

Pandora have released a lot of new jewellery for the Pandora Rose line this year, and so it’s not surprising to see a dedicated Pandora Rose promo to give them a bit of a push this season. From 12–15 October, spend $179 AUD / $219 NZD on the Pandora Rose collection specifically and receive a free Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet, valued at $119 AUD. (I realise that it is no longer the 12th in Australia/New Zealand, and I do apologise for that. ^^)

I am a big fan of the Pandora Rose collection – I wrote a review of the jewellery a couple of years ago, after having worn it in for a year or so, and was impressed by its longevity. It’s now around three-and-a-half years after I bought my first Pandora Rose pieces, and I’m no less impressed with how my jewellery has lasted. :)

pandora rose gold

Pandora Free Ring/Earrings Promo for the US

Also starting today is a free earring / ring GWP for the US: spend $100 USD or more in a single transaction and pick either a free ring or pair of earrings up to the value of $65 USD. The offer does not include Disney jewellery, however. :(

It’s valid both online and in store. Canada’s ring promo started last week, but the terms are slightly different – I wrote about it in this month’s round-up!

My Comment

Thankfully, I’m not tempted by either of these – I absolutely adore the Rose line, but I’ve almost finished my second Pandora Rose bracelet design and I don’t want to start another just yet. If you’re thinking of starting out with the line, however, it’s an absolutely brilliant opportunity and I’d highly recommend that you try it. Pandora Rose looks particularly great with soft pinks, white murano glass and, I think, yellow gold for a tri-tone look:

pandora rose three metal

Also, thank you for all the lovely comments on this month’s round-up! I’m looking forward to sitting down and replying to them all very shortly. :)

Are you taking part in either of these promos?

25 Comments on Promotion Alerts: Pandora Rose offer for Australia, and free ring/earrings for the US!

  1. I won’t be doing either promotion, but I have been wondering about the Pandora Rose since I started collecting last year. I’m very happy to see that you’ve had no problem with it. I would like to get a couple of pieces to add to a bracelet I’ve been working on.

    • Yes, I was rather nervous about it when I first started out, but it’s held up absolutely fine. Of course, I don’t wear mine every day, but I’m not exactly gentle with my bracelets and it’s been almost four years! You should definitely consider it :)

  2. I did want some of the earrings, abstract elegance, Rose droplets, and small hearts of Pandora hoops. I picked up a few charms that weren’t included in the 40% sale. I’m all set now until the Winter collection arrives.

    I love my Pandora Rose bracelet that I got for my birthday. It looks stunning with the green inspiration within spacers between the charms.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    • Ah, Pandora Rose and emerald green – I hadn’t thought to try that, but I bet that looks lovely! :D

      Thank you! <3

  3. No I am not participating in the US promo. And I too am happy to hear that you are impressed with the Rose line. I would love to start a rose bracelet eventually. My H bought me a beautiful Rose gold diamond necklace for a special anniversary and it’s the only rose gold jewelry I own. I need something to go with it for fancy occasions!! The necklace is really delicate though so I’d want to keep it simple (which is good for my wallet haha).

    Also an FYI to anyone living near a pandora outlet: mine has a “buy two charms, get one retired charm free”. It’s a great opportunity to get a pretty good deal, especially if you get three charms around the same price. I don’t know if it’s every outlet or specific to mine, so check it out if that sounds tempting.

    • Ah, that necklace sounds beautiful! And even better, as it’s actually rose gold :) I do love rose gold / coppery things, and so my Rose bracelets get a reasonable amount of wear!

      Ooh that’s a good deal, too. Thanks for the heads-up! :)

  4. With all this promotions going to, I wonder what promotions they are saving for winter season, Black Friday and Christmas. How cam they overcome the offers????

    • I know, it’s been crazy this year! 3-for-2 on charms would have been completely unthinkable even just a couple of years ago :D

  5. I have a smile on my dile, got my free rose clasp bracelet today? I have been looking forward to this promo since you mentioned it ages ago. I to love the rose collection and look forward to adding more rose to my new bracelet. My husband is having a beautiful morganite set in a rose gold ring for me for our anniversary in Dec , so I look forward to wearing my new ring and rose bracelet for Xmas. Also, when I was in my Pandora store staff told me in Dec we are having another promo with free bangle with $150 spend. Already know what I’m getting for that promo lol. Thanks Ellie, I really appreciate and look forward to your posts?

    • Oh yay, very glad to hear it! It’s a great promo. And all the better as your new bracelet will match your Christmas ring – what an amazing present. :D Enjoy your new Pandora pieces, and roll on Christmas! Thanks for commenting ?

  6. The Pandora Rose bracelet looks beautiful, but who knows the bracelet will be a huge hit in the U.S. Thank you for the update Me. Ellie.

  7. I’m a bit torn I really want to take part in this promotion but I’ve been waiting for the November Christmas ornament promotion! So tempted I keep putting rose gold in trolley on website then talking myself out of it ! Your mixed bracelet is very inspiring.

    • Ah, the Christmas ornament GWP is such a good one! I’ll definitely be doing that one here in the UK :) glad to hear the mixed tones inspired you – on my second Pandora Rose bracelet, I’ve mixed yellow gold and Rose beads, and it looks great I think. Rose is more versatile than you’d think!

  8. I’m still waiting for online promotions here in Canada from Pandora. I just did the Trollbeads promotion online, two times. Pandora could have had those hundreds, because I do want things from them, but no online promo, no hundreds.

    Another annoyance for Canadians is that when Pandora US has sales online, because we share online stock, items sell out from the US sale and Canada is out of stock. I fail to understand why Canada can’t get a dedicated online store and stock and ship from within Canada. It’s just terrible service.

    • It is odd! Here in the UK we’ve pretty much always had the promos online. And yes, it must generate sales – it’s much easier to be tempted into clicking a button than actually driving out to a store and walking in, I think.

      • Not everybody lives in a city either. Canada has a lot of wide open country. I have a four hour round trip to my nearest Pandora store. That’s a time commitment, but more importantly, it’s a gas money commitment that instead could be spent on jewellery. And I spend it on jewellery, just not Pandora jewellery. :-)

  9. Hi Ellie, this promo has now been extended til the 22nd Oct here in Australia. Tempted now to partake especially given your glowing review.

    • I saw that! I wonder if that means it’s being going well or poorly. You should definitely consider it, I love my Rose charms and they’re easier to style than you might imagine :)

  10. I managed to resist the temptation of the rose promotion for original offer . Now I’ll have to not think about it for another week !

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