Today brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for October 2017 – and beyond! Pandora has been generous with the promos lately, and that trend continues during October in the run-up to the launch of the Winter 2017 charms at the beginning of November.

pandora breast cancer awareness 2017

Before I start, however, I want to apologise for missing September’s round-up! It’s the first one I’ve missed, ever :o The plan is to ease back into blogging this month, and to work out what level I can manage without having to go off the grid for a month or so when it all gets too much each time, haha.

In the meantime, this round-up will also attempt to cover some of the things I missed over the past couple of months! (gulp)

Pandora October 2017 Promotions

In the US, today marks the last day to take part in the Fall Favorites promotion, offering 40% off select styles both in store and online. Starting from 12 October, there’ll be an offer for a free ring with spends of $100 USD or more, however. In Canada, the 3-for-2 ring promo started last week and will continue until 15 October:

The UK will be getting their own ring promo from 26 to 29 October! I’ve yet to confirm the details, but I imagine it’ll be a 3-for-2 offer or something along those lines.

rings promoMeanwhile in the UK, the Disney clutch GWP continues while stocks last – spend £99 or more on Pandora Disney products and get it for free! I think that some European countries have also had this promo, but with an 89 euro spend.

I was checking out all the Disney products in store – so surreal to finally see them in the flesh! The Minnie murano was adorable, much cuter in person than it looks in pictures. I was rather tempted to get two of those, and then maybe Mrs Potts, to make up the £99 spend but managed to talk myself out of it. It was a very close thing, though, and I keep adding them to my basket online..!

My final promo notification is for Australia and New Zealand. Starting this Thursday and running until Sunday, if you spend $179 AUD / $219 NZD on the Pandora Rose collection, you’ll receive a Pandora Rose heart clasp bracelet (worth $119 AUD) free of charge.

Pandora BCA 2017 Charms & Promotion

Pandora has a longstanding tradition of supporting breast cancer awareness, and this month select Pandora stores in the US will be supporting the ‘Do Give Hope’ campaign. If you buy one of four BCA awareness themed products, 20% of your purchase will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The products include the two double pink leather bracelets pictured in the campaign poster above, and also two new BCA awareness charms. These are existing designs, tweaked to bear a pink ribbon motif. The Hope Ribbon is $65 USD.

The Survivor murano is $70 USD.

Pandora Autumn 2017 exclusives

These are some country exclusives for the Pandora AW17 season that I missed these on my coverage – better than late than never!

The first one I have to show you today is this Arabic Love charm (hat tip to Amalia Jammal for alerting me to this!). This plain silver design, as far as I’m aware, is exclusive to the Middle East. This design really appeals to me – it’s plain silver, elegant, and cute, too, with its little central swirling motif, which Pandora calls an ‘Arabic love script’. I would love to get my hands on one.

Thanks to Amalia, we also have this lovely live shot of it. I really like this one!

Image by Amalia Jammal

This next one is very old news by now, but you might remember that I previewed the two-tone heart lock charm below in my Autumn 2017 coverage. It never materialised in most markets, and I’ve been told that it was released as a limited edition run in China only, in the end:

Pandora Autumn 2017 two-tone heart lock Chinese exclusive

Meanwhile, North America has had a flood of engraved pendants, too. I don’t usually find the Unforgettable Moments designs that interesting, as they’re essentially variations on the same charm, but if they have some particular meaning to you, then they can be exciting!

These collegiate designs are currently included in the Fall Favourites promo at 40% off, too! Regularly they are $60 USD each.

There are also these family-themed pendants, also included in the Fall Favorites sale. They usually retail for $55 USD each. I have to say, I have a little bit of a soft spot for the dog one!

Pandora Winter 2017 collection starts to land in stores

Pandora stores in North America often start selling new collections ahead of the official release date, and it seems that a few stores already have the new Winter 2017 pieces! We have some lovely live images courtesy of the lovely @sarinak, showing off some of the new midnight blues and the vibrancy of the new emerald green Essence bead:

One of my favourites I’ve seen so far is the new snow globe, with its beautiful deep blue enamel. A great option if you missed the 2015 snow globe Black Friday charm, too.

Image by sarinak

And this from another reader, Alex, shows off another angle of the lovely new Ice Drops murano. It features the smaller core and a vibrant blue colour. I had imagined it as more of a softer powder blue, so I’ll have to see it in person to judge whether it’ll work for the design I had intended it!

Image by Alex

Pandora Winter 2017 gift sets for North America

Finishing off the round-up, I have a little bit of extra info regarding Pandora NA’s gift sets for Winter 2017. These will be definitely available in Canada, and I assume they’ll be the same for the US? They’ll be making their debut with the Winter 2017 launch on 2 November.

The Dazzling Snowflake gift set includes two Heart of Winter clips, a CZ barrel clasp bracelet and the Dazzling Snowflake charm for $240 CAD.

The next set offers a similar deal, but with the main charm swapped out for the Snowy Wonderland bead, retailing at $225 CAD:

Finally, the Classic Elegance set retails for $165 CAD:

My Comment

We have been so spoiled for promos at the moment that I’m all turned around! I’m not planning on purchasing too much this month as there have already been way too many opportunities to spend my money, haha. I’ve bought a few things over the past month or so. I got the Blooming Heart and Teardrop openworks, plus a second Pink Glitter murano in the UK’s 3-for-2 on charms (what a great offer!), while in the US sale, I treated myself to the new two-tone Signature safety chain at 40% off. There were many, many things that I could have indulged in, but I’m trying again that policy of being *slightly* more selective about what I add to my collection. So I picked one big ticket item that I wouldn’t have paid full RRP for otherwise. I also got the new silver safety chain with the gem from my parents for my birthday last week, and the cute little Pre-Autumn Cocktail glass from my boyfriend.

The other thing I got was this new Stackers lid! My old Stackers box was much beloved but really rather battered (several house moves and just generally being carted around the house for reviewing beads), so Greg decided it was time I had a new one. ^^ This one has a little rose-gold-coloured fastening, which I loved!

Since posting that, I got myself a second layer to go with the first, and have mixed them both with boxes I already had to create a semi-ombré effect haha.

So, that concludes this month’s round-up! I’ve tried my best to include everything I’ve missed but if there’s anything else important, please do leave a comment! :)

What are you looking forward to this month?

79 Comments on Pandora News Round-up for October 2017

  1. Greetings Ms. Ellie, and happy
    October, I always love to do a good cause and the Breast Cancer bracelets and charms are not only good looking but they provide a great cause. Thank you for the update.

    • Hi Karen! Yes, it is nice that Pandora has such a great history of supporting BCA :) thanks for commenting!

  2. I am thrilled to have you back.My heart jumps a bit with excitement when I see a new email notification from you.Thanks for all you do!

      • Oooooh!!!!!! Those wintery bleus are soooo gorgeous. I knew I would be in trouble again with that collection since you posted the firsts pics! I have been worried how/ if they woul match my last year´s Moonligt RH, but now I´m sure they will. Or rather, I´ll make them match no mater how, lol. Pandora does really a good job with blue and red enamels at Christmas time.
        I still have to pay a proper visit to my Pandora boutique to see all autumn pieces in person. So far I´ve only got a glimpse of the shop window now and then and indeed always a quick one (just in case), but I´m impressed with things I never had thought of from the pics. I know my first purchases will be the all silver charms but I have some rose pieces in my hart and in my mind. I didn´t want to buy into rose yet, but they are so difficult to resist … I also wanted to add to my summer design before it´s too cold to even think about soft colours. Decisions, decisions…
        On a side note, we have a small difference here to get the clutch. You have to hit 89 Euros but you don´t need to spend all the money on Disney. Just one item from the collection is enough.
        well, take a good care and looking forward to your next post.

        • Sorry for the typos above. Maybe someday I´ll take the time to go through what I´ve written before hitting”send”

        • Your version of the Disney promo sounds much better Marie! I decided to go for the promo today in the end and spent £115 in total, so it worked out pretty pricey haha.

          Thanks for commenting and take care also :)

  3. I’m so glad you’re back Ellie although I very understand the need for a break ! I love your blog , I have mental health and anxiety problems and yours is one of my favourite blogs to read ! Pandora is a nice distraction if that makes sense ! Thank you for all the heads up on promotions and news . Take care Ellie !

    • Hi Emma, thank you, that’s lovely to hear ? Pandora does the same for me, which is why I have to stop blogging if it’s becoming stressful, as it’s no longer relaxing me haha! Sorry to hear that you have anxiety problems too – I’m so glad to hear that the blog can go a little way to making you feel a bit better :)

    • Hi Brenda, that’s just the classic Stackers lid – they’re available from or John Lewis sells them here in the UK. I think you can also get them from Amazon in various regions :)

      • can not believe that these stackers are in the uk, I was going to ask where to get them, love the idea . so need to improve my income to buy all the new charms ect that I like and the stackers. Tnx again love your posts.

  4. :-) Hello Ellie,
    wie are getting the little Disney pouch here in Austria, too!
    However, I would love to have the HOPE heart with one of the matching bracelets. But just my luck – I trust they won’t be available here… too bad.
    Do you like STACKERS? I’m contemplating on buying one or two.
    Have a very HAPPY day :-)

    • HI Claudia, oh I’m glad to hear that! :) Pandora have so many odd little regional exclusives these days, it’s so hard to keep up.
      I do really like Stackers! I’ve used their boxes for years. This one replaces the old one I wore out haha!
      Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Hi Ellie,

    I’m glad you are planning to strike more of a balance between your two ”jobs”! Lol! I don’t know how you keep up with everything Pandora all over the world and work a job during the day. I wondered when or if you slept.

    That being said, I would love some tips on being more selective. I desperately need them before the winter collections arrive. I keep telling myself I will only buy what I can use, then I fall in love with a new charm or two, and then I’m on that slippery slope to a new bracelet. And the new blue celestial charms are stunning in the pictures. As previously mentioned, my celestial bracelet is completely full and gorgeous just like it is. It’s one of the few permanent bracelets in my collection. So I’m going to be in a pickle, and evidently I can resist anything but temptation. Maybe I’ll just have my husband hold my credit cards hostage. Lol!

    But I am looking forward to the new polar bear. I love his sign that says, “Santa stop here”.

    I’m not a huge fan of the hearts of winter, so I’m safe there. Maybe I’ll just get a couple of the new celestial charms for my open bangle…?

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, thanks – it does get a bit much sometimes. If you’re tired at work and not completely in pandora mode, so to speak, then it always starts to unravel a bit haha. So I’m trying to find a sweet spot between the two!

      It is so hard being selective! Especially when you follow Pandora news and you see every last thing that is coming out, and you actively have to tell yourself no, you’re not having it. All I can say is that, I’ve found that, if I wait a couple of weeks after launch, then it’s much easier to pick out only the things you *really* want from a collection, rather than impulse buying on release day. Not always doable lol! Maybe I need to get my boyfriend to march me on past the Pandora store as well whenever we go to town lol!

      I love the polar bear too! I also really like the new snowflake bead, and the murano glass. The Hearts of Winter are pretty, but too same to previous designs (I prefer the Winter’s Kiss pendant I think), but that still leaves plenty to tempt me!

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Absolutely agree and wnd Deborah! Thanks for all you do Ellie.
    And as a comment on Stackers, I could not live without them. I own many and the classic, the mini and the really large ones. I absolutely love the charm bars. A solution to organize all of these charm collections with no end!

    • Haha, thanks! :) I have the charm bars as well, they’re great for charm odds and ends. I had lots of homeless charms at one point so I always used their little 25-compartment layer to pop individual ones in, and that was super useful too!

  7. Hello Ellie,
    Always thrilled to find Mora Pandora in my inbox! I have a question about the Stackers boxes. Do they protect against tarnishing? The one thing I dislike about Pandora i having to store everything in plastic bags and would love to find an alternative storage method. Thanks you for all your hard work and happy fall!

    • I buy the three section classic stackers boxes. If you have the large ones, two of the classic size will fit sideways under the large lidded stacker. I keep my bracelets and charm strings in 4 x 4 anti tarnish bags (Amazon) and line them up in the sections. You can stand them up and flip through them like vinyl records when you need a bracelet. I keep them organized by color. That way, if you lightly wipe your bracelets with a cloth before you put them away you only have to actually clean them thoroughly once or twice a year.

    • Hi Edna! Thank you :D no, I don’t think that they’re anti tarnish. I put anti-tarnish strips in each layer of my Stackers box and have found that that does the trick. Of course, I do get my jewellery out relatively often to look at it, so it’s never sealed away inside a box for too long. But I certainly haven’t had any problems with items discolouring that way. :) happy fall to you too!

  8. I have been debating the stackers since I saw them while shopping this summer- My jewellery does need a proper home, I hate having it in storage boxes looking unloved. I didn’t purchase anything for myself in the 3 for 2, but I did get charms for my sisters first “adult” pandora bracelet. I do hope the ring offer is a good one, that could mean me finished shopping for Christmas presents for my mum & sister! The blue beads look lovely but I think I will have to give the green beads at least a cursory look-it seems Pandoras images didn’t do the shades much justice judging by that picture-surprisingly nice!I shall have to see for myself.

    • Ah that was very restrained of you not to do for the 3 for 2! I did it once, but I was tempted to do it twice and did manage to talk myself out of it haha:D the green beads do look very nice – I don’t have any emerald green in my collection, only soft pastels, so it will definitely be one to look out for. I’m trying not to keep buying the same sorts of things all the time!

  9. Hi Ellie!
    Good to see you back!

    We’ve received the bracelet gift sets in our store but the clips have been modified and both sets came with two shining path clips vs the new heart of winter clips. Prices were changed too, but I can’t remember to what exactly right now.

    • Hi Nikki! Ah, that’s interesting – are you in the US or Canada? Wondering if there are differences between the two countries perhaps? Did you get the green box with them?

  10. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for the October News Round-Up. It’s hard to keep up with all the promos lately. I had been told about the Free Ring/Earring with $100 spend October 12-22 for the US. When I shopped the Spend/Save event I was given a coupon for 20% off total purchase of $125 or more from October 16-25. During the Fall Favorites sale the SA told me I would be able to stack the two promos (which never happens) and get the 20% off total purchase plus free ring/earrings with $125 spend one day only when the two overlap. This was in my local Jared store, so I’m not sure if this applies every where. I saw today the US will be getting the adorable Disney clutch offer starting with the Winter release on November 2nd. Here it will be offered in black and gold with Mickey/Minnie kissing or the same dove grey offered in the UK. It will be free with purchase of the LE Mickey/Minnie Love Icon in the US. Thanks for the nice live images of the Winter release. My favorites are the snow globe and Ice Drops. The muranos do seem darker in these shots. Either way, I’m definitely planning to get them. Love your Stackers! I wish these were sold in Pandora shops. It would be so nice to have everything neat and organized. BTW, Happy Belated Birthday! It’s so nice to have you back!

    Hope your week got off to a great start! As always, looking forward to your next post.

    • Regarding the US Disney clutches…I just saw an advertisement for the clutches. It only shows the clutch in black or gold with the kissing Mickey/Minnie.

    • Hi Emily! It is, isn’t it? especially as they keep changing them! Thanks for your info though, glad to hear that the US will be getting the Disney clutches too! I got the dove grey one yesterday and it’s super cute. I wish they’d extended it until the launch of the Winter 2017 collection though, like yours, as I’d have liked to have been able to get Bambi and Thumper with it. Our winter ornament GWP normally launches with the winter collection though, which is one reason why they might not want to do that though.

      Thank you Emily! :D It’s fun to be doing it again, just at a bit more of a reasonable pace. Thank you for reading and commenting, as always :)

  11. I so want that heart charm that’s only debuting in china. This is so not fair, I’m not understanding why they didn’t think that would sell⁉️

    • I know, it’s beautiful! Very pricey though – perhaps they thought that making it an exclusive bead was their best chance of selling it? I don’t get it either.

  12. Welcome back Ellie. Love your birthday gift. That stackers box is lovely. I was in your part of the world recently and unfortunately I managed to lose one of my Pandora bracelets. We spent the afternoon shopping in Oxford Street and at some point I lost my charm bracelet – either in one of the stores or on the tube. Luckily, it only had a few newish charms on it (which can be replaced). If it had been my travel bracelet I would have been devastated as they are mostly retired and special editions.
    Lesson learned – dont take valuable jewellery on travels!

    Despite this we had a great time in London – went up the Sky Tower which was amazing, saw some great musicals, spent hours exploring the Tower of London, did the London Eye, visited the Winston Churchill War Museum which was fascinating then Eurostar to Paris. J’adore Paris!

    Thanks for the update Ellie and Happy Birthday!

    • Hi Lozzie! Thank you, I was pleased with it! There’s just something very pleasing about being able to arrange all my bracelets and see them all laid out.

      Oh, what a shame about your bracelet! :( What a horrible thing to happen. I’m glad that you had a nice time anyway – the London Eye is great fun, and I get a kick out of the tube as I’m a country girl and we don’t have much of that sort of thing haha. ? And I agree – Paris is wonderful! One of my favourite early Pandora memories was in Paris… years ago, I was on holiday with my family in France, and we stopped in Paris on the way driving back and we made a special effort to go to the Pandora store there. I was very over excited!

      Thanks for commenting Lozzie! <3

  13. Hi Ellie
    Thank you for all you do and welcome back
    I know you have been busy on a previous post we were discussing your Tiffany beaded bracelet and I was wondering does it get scratched easily?
    How often do you wear it? I wore mine to work one day and the desk scratched it and so now I ma scared to wear it with my pandora moments for the charms might scratch it what are your thoughts?

    • Hi Margaret! Thank you :) I don’t wear it very often, but I haven’t noticed any big scratches on it. I do stack it with my Pandora bracelets sometimes, but I’m not very particular about whether my jewellery gets scratched or not – obviously major damage I’d want to avoid, but just nicks from everyday wear I don’t worry about. It’s there to be enjoyed for me :) If you’re worried about scratching it, then I would avoid stacking it with Pandora bracelets as the edges and corners of the charms will probably end up dulling it a bit – I’ve noticed the same when I wear my Pandora bangles with full charm bracelets. I don’t know what other people’s experience has been but that’s my two cents :)

  14. And again my comment above ended up in the wrong place. I´m becomming an expert at it! It often happens to me when I´m too anxious. It seems that I can´t manage to get things properly done grrrrh! I do apologize. I really need to hit a Pandora boutique to calm down a bit;)
    (Or the gym)

    • Haha, no worries Marie! I know the feeling! ^^ At least here it doesn’t matter at all. It’s when you’re at work and it happens that it’s more of a problem haha!

      • @ Emma above, I have anxiety problems too and Pandora is one of the things that distracts me, so your words make sense, at least for me.
        @ Ellie. I love your blog for the same reason. It makes me feel that there´s a Pandora family out there, whose members are as enthusiastic as I am about getting a new charm or putting a new design toghether. A big thank you for giving us the space to share our joy or frustration with new or future releases. It means a lot to me.
        PS. This time I haven´t commented in the wrong place ;)

  15. The family themed pendants, is there anything on the backs?

    Glad to read you, Ellie. It’s tough to find time for site stuff. I administer a photo site, and I’m always behind reviewing photo requests. I have over 200 requests in my queue right now. :-(

    Does Pandora ever donate to any other cancer? The leading cause of cancer deaths in women is lung cancer 35%, not breast cancer 20%. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, but not the most deadly by far.

    • Yes, there is! You can’t see it in the official stock images on the eStore but in this one from Pandora Rockaway, you can see that there are engravings on the back.

      Thank you Lola, it is difficult! That sounds like quite the backlog :( I have many messages and emails that I just don’t get time to do. We need extra help, haha.

      I have never heard of them doing that, no. It’s always been BCA since I’ve been collecting. Some other charitable causes have been supported, e.g. Children in Need, the Soldier’s Charity, etc. – but not other cancers.

  16. Lovely to see you back Ellie. Everyone needs a break.
    I have tried to be good recently, even though we’ve had some great offers in the UK, which we don’t often get. I did take part in the bracelet promo, earlier in the year. I didn’t get anything in the charm promo or the Disney one. I have been a lot more selective this year, with what I’m buying.
    I think I will be taking part in the ring promo, if it’s 3 for 2, as I’ve been looking at a couple of different rings recently and I’m sure I could find a third one.
    Will you be showing a preview of the rings coming out in the Winter collection soon? Interested to see them.

    • Thank you Sarah! :) Oh wow, that really is selective. I have not been buying anywhere near as much (which is a very good thing!) but I did do the 3-for-2 – and I caved and did the Disney one yesterday. But I’m really pleased with what I got and I’m not buy-in much in between.

      I’m working on another Winter post and I’ll show the rings in that :)

  17. Hi Ellie wow another promo for the uk there are a couple of rings I like so I will probly definitly take part. Why is the BCA charms never available in the uk.

    • Hi Nicola, yay, glad to hear it! It is a shame that we don’t seem to get the newer BCA releases… we did have the ribbon murano and openwork back in the day but not much else soon :(

  18. Hi Ellie, love your ombre effect stacker. I’ve already boought the rose heart clasp bracelet during last mother’s day as a gift set. So will not be taking part in the promo. My local Jeweller also doing some breast cancer promo of 20% off first pandora item and donating part of sale. Might buy something for a good cause.

    • Hi and thank you! ^^ It was an unintentional ombre, as I realised how expensive replacing all the layers would be – but I do like the effect of the different colours! That’s a nice promo for BCA, does it include any item?

      • It does. But i did not go to the shops in the end as its raining cats and dogs here for days. Not easy to tackle an active toddler in wet weather.

  19. Sorry, yes I do have that arabic charm I’ll try to get you some decent photos today! I love those collegiate charms, my daughter has just started college and the enamel looks great on them!

  20. Hi Ellie! Welcome back, and thanks for the news round up. That Disney clutch is pretty cute and would be a neat memento of the Disney release in the UK and elsewhere.

    The BCA beads are pretty, but pricey!

    I think the only beads I’m interested in from the Winter release are the murano and some of the celestial beads, but I already have a celestial bracelet so I really shouldn’t buy more celestial beads. I need to be more selective like you have been!

    • Hi Judy! You are welcome – and I did end up getting the clutch! It’s really pretty in person (and I also like the box…!).

      I don’t have that much that I know will be a must-have for me from Winter, but I like lots! Bambi, Thumper and that midnight blue snowflake bead are all must-haves. Then I also like the snow globe and the polar bear, plus the new murano glass beads. But hopefully I’ll end up being selective haha!

  21. Love your stackable set. if its not anti-tarnish I would purchase some carbon paper to lay over your charms and bracelets, etc. inside each level to keep them from tarnishing. you probably know this, but for those who dont you can also store them in jewelry safe plastic bags or pandora’s anti-tarnish drawstring bags. The boxes the bracelets come in are good too, i just add a small piece of carbon paper and my bracelets don’t tarnish.

    • Thanks Sherry! I don’t think that the Stackers boxes are anti-tarnish, but I have anti-tarnish strips that I pop inside each section and that seems to do the trick. The anti-tarnish bags are probably a more foolproof way of doing it though ^^

  22. Thanks for letting us know about the Halloween beads not sure how much I like them but I hope it is a sign for more beads in the future
    I have the old witch and have been able to buy the old pumpkin from someone online now if I could just find the ghost. What cat do you have pictured above?

  23. The gold and silver lock/key dangle heart charm is actually available in the UK as well (saw some purchased at the Wigon store)

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