Today brings our first glimpse into 2018, with some comprehensive sneak peeks at the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 collection! As usual, we have pinks and hearts, but with a slightly different style to that of previous years’ – as you shall see!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview

Pandora’s Valentine’s Day collections usually debut in mid-January, so that is when I would expect to see this one. Read on for a little look-see at what’s coming next year!

Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 Collection

To start off with, we have a selection of campaign images. Key-and-lock motifs have been popular for Pandora before, and they form a key (pun unintended!) theme of the new Valentine’s collection. My favourite of these is the new heart-key pendant, which is plain silver with a little gold accent, although I wish the bail was thicker. There’s also a matching ring and set of earrings. Note the new bracelet with the heart lock fastening, and no clip stations! The spacer clips with the pink hearts are silicone lined.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview

Next, we move to a slightly darker colour scheme and some enamelwork charms in pink and red. The pave bead with the raised hearts reminds me of the old school lunarscape charm, in a funny way. The heart-tree motif is a lovely design, if derivative of previous ones, particularly as a necklace. The charm version would have benefited from being styled as a traditional pendant, I think, without the CZ at the top.

The next set of beads feature… lips. There are pave lips, an emoji-style bead, an openwork made out of lips, and a lip-printed murano. Not my cup of tea, shall we say, and leave it at that!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview

Moving swiftly on, we have a look at some of the individual jewellery pieces! We have a closer look at how the new charm bracelet works – it’s fastened together by this lock charm. I like this idea in theory, but the pink pave puts me off a little bit.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview charm bracelet

To go with the new bracelet, I have some individual pictures of the new charms, but not all of them. My favourite of these are the heart key pendant, which I mentioned before, and also the Pandora Rose dangle. It might prove to be too bulky for a bracelet, but I do love the little ruby-coloured accent at the top.

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview charms

There are new pieces for the floating locket range – two new petites, and a key-shaped locket! I really like the idea for the latter, and that you can stow away just one petite in it. It’s cute!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview floating locket

Next, we have a look at some of the accompanying jewellery. The heart-tree necklace is really lovely – I like that there’s no sparkle, and just that little hint of pink colour. The Rose dangle that I liked before has a matching ring, which is stunning!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018 Collection Preview jewellery

Finally, we have a non-charm bracelet, with delicate pink stones.

My Comment

I haven’t bought much from recent Valentine’s collections, as they tend to run along similar lines to each other, and I don’t really need more heart beads. This time around, my favourite is the heart key pendant – but I potentially like the concept of the new bracelet too, although I would prefer it with less sparkle. The combination of the Rose pieces with the ruby-coloured stone looks gorgeous, and I particularly like the ring. The charm is a maybe, depending on price and size!

The fact that they’ve gone for a slightly darker pink again gives it a slightly less cutesy vibe than some of the pastel pink collections. However true reds would have been really nice to see, however, and would have meant that the Valentine’s charms could easily be styled with the annual CNY bead, which usually features red detailing of some kind.

Overall, however, this collection doesn’t particularly excite me. I like the heart-key motif, but as usual would have preferred some character beads to go with it. I loved the turtle doves from previous years, and the opening Valentine’s card or the engagement ring gift box. A lot of this collection capitalizes on aspects that I personally haven’t liked as much from previous Valentine’s launches – sparkle, etc. I did hear that the brand have changed their creative designer, but I don’t know whether this collection was dreamt up before or after that change. 

What do you think of these initial sneak peeks?

106 Comments on Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018 Sneak Peek

  1. Thank you so much for your new update. Always looking forward to it.

    The Valentine’s day collection is absolutely gorgeous. Def want the new bracelet with love lock. I have a big collection of Pandora charms with love theme. So I def looking fwd to these new ones.

    Keep the good work <3

    • You’re welcome! :) Glad to hear you’re a fan from these initial sneak peeks. The new bracelet is an interesting one!

  2. Wow ok. That’s interesting. I like the red heart charms. The red ring looks nice. Maybe will fit with the puzzle ring? The clip-on spacers are cute. And i love that they have made the bracelet with the threads at the ends and not in the middle so u can wear the lock bracelet plain or with charms. The lock is pretty but I’ve got a pink themed bracelet. I think they should have a plain version and let the wearer choose the colour with the beads. My favourite is the TT key dangle. It’s super cute but not cutesy. What can i say about the lips? Vomit! Even if they were a present I’d have to send them back. Lol. Thanks again for your wonderful blog. I know we all appreciate the effort you put in Ellie. U really are a treasure.

    • I’d have liked a plain version of the heart bracelet as well – one without CZ at all, just silver. I think that would have been lovely! Or maybe with gold where the pave is right now. And haha, I really don’t like the lips and wouldn’t wear them either. Not sure where they’re coming from with that set!

      Aw, that’s so nice of you! So glad to hear that you’re enjoying the posts, and thank you for commenting ☺️

    • I second the notion of a plain heart clasp. It reminds me of some Tiffany pieces but Pandorafied. I wish they would take notes and offer less bling.

      The lips are tacky IMO.

      I’m wondering about Feb promos? Any news?

  3. I like the locket bracelet and the earrings look like they might be cute. Reminiscent of a Tiffany bracelet but the lips charms yikes..

  4. Oh Ellie you are truly amazing. Only October and already you have given us the gift of Valentines sneak peeks. So glad you have regained your interest (passion) for Pandora. Welcome back. This collection leaves me mostly at a loss for words. Lips. What were they thinking???

    • We did get them near the beginning of September a couple of years ago which was amazingly early ^^ thanks, Cheryle, I’m not at all keen on the lips either!

  5. Hi Ellie, i like the heart lock bracelet. I think it looks great on its own without anything on it or perhaps just with the TT lock and key dangle which i like alot too. I’ve got a silver Tiffany’s key pendant that looks alot like it. That charm will match well with my necklace. :) The red crystal heart is very eye catching. Thinking it will go well with the Chinese New Year/Asian theme bracelet. Those 3 are my pick from the collection for now. Thanks for the preview.

    • Ah, I love that tiffany key pendant! I’ve eyed it up a few times myself. I have the classic open heart necklace and the beaded bracelet :) I’m hoping the red heart is actually red and not cerise, as it can be hard to accurately tell the colour from this sort of pre release image!

  6. I’m not big on the valentine collection normally. I don’t see anything I’m interested in.
    I’m from the USA and so far haven’t found a store that has the Halloween pieces. Thanks.

    • I heard the Halloween stuff isn’t coming out until after the prom is over.
      So annoying.
      I wanted the Halloween beads but seriously a week before Halllween to launch them?!?!?!?
      What’s Pandora thinking ?

    • No, Valentine’s isn’t one I get very excited for either, but I usually get one of the special clasp bracelets. I might get this one!

      Stores seem to be getting them in now – I’ve seen a fair few pics on social media. Good luck finding them! :)

  7. Cute. It’s disappointing that Pandora doesn’t offer new yellow gold charms very often. My fiance surprised me with a gold Pandora bracelet last year but there are very few gold charms, and they certainly are not as cute as the silver ones.

    • No, they’ve cut down on their gold offering considerably – including two-tone! Lucky you with a gold bracelet though. :) I hope you find some beads to fill it up with!

  8. Ooh, new stuff! I really like the look of the lock heart bracelet but it looks kind of big. Would it be heavy and clunky? I loooove the pink clips and it’s cute that they match the new non-charm bracelet. Unfortunately I wouldn’t have use for a silicone lined clip at the moment. Nothing else is my style. Thanks for a great post!

    • Mm, I don’t know whether it would be overly heavy or not! I’m guessing it’ll be quite thin? Not sure on that one!

      You’re welcome, thanks for commenting!

  9. This is an interesting collection. I like the two tone heart key dangle and the faceted red heart bead. I’m glad to finally see red beads instead of just pink ones.

    Those lip themed beads are just so weird!! I think the murano plain or with red hearts or flowers would have been pretty. But the murano is ruined.

    Thank you so much for the update!

    • Glad to hear that there are a couple of things you like! I really don’t like the lips either. Rather bizarre!

      You’re welcome! :)

  10. Hi Again!

    You never cease to amaze me. Such a scoop with the V Day collection this early!

    And I must eat my words. I said never an open locket because it’s bad luck to show what’s inside. But the Key shaped one looks less like a traditional locket, and would be gorgeous with my Tiffany Key necklace. Wonder what petite I should get? It will be my first, so I will give it a lot of thought…

    I also like the look of the new bracelet. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

    The new charms I will reserve judgment on. Like you, I have tons of pink charms and tons of heart charms. They will have to be really special to come home with me. And the lips!! A Rolling Stones bracelet maybe? Mick Jagger fans will love them. Lol! Not for me I’m afraid.

    Thanks for keeping up to the minute on Pandora news.

    • Hi Deborah! Well, we did get sneak peeks back in September a couple of years ago! I remember being completely amazed then. Four months early is pretty much unprecedented!

      I’m so glad you like the open locket! I thought that was a very cute design, too. Very Tiffany-esque as I think someone else said. The charms are mostly nice, but like you say, this many years into collecting means that I have many that are similar. :) so it’ll be a case of reserving judgement until I see them in person I think!

      You’re welcome! :)

  11. Hi Ellie,
    thanks for this preview! I like the concept of the new bracelet with the heart lock and probably they will modify the design to plain or different colors in the future. I like it more on the open-end necklace though! I think is an very original idea at least!

  12. Hi Ellie.
    I’m little bit disappointed because i was waiting for the new LA heart clasp moment bracelet…however i kind of like the new bracelet…will see. But now I’m defenetly gettin the rose heart clasp bracelet.I was waiting for this post in order to make my mind on this. Thank you very much

  13. Hi Ellie.
    I’m little bit disappointed because i was waiting for the new LA heart clasp moment bracelet…however i kind of like the new bracelet…will see. But now I’m defenetly gettin the rose heart clasp bracelet.I was waiting for this post in order to make my mind on this. Thank you very much.

  14. Ellie thank you for your yet another valued review. For myself I only really like the new friendship bracelet with the pretty stones to sit alongside other bracelets I already have. I feel the red lips and emoji charms are gaudy and do not reflect the true essence of Pandora but seem gimicky and desperate somehow. I can’t see them fitting in with existing buyers loyal to the brand but maybe that’s their thinking to attract new buyers. Who knows!

    • You’re welcome! :) It’s certainly different, and I’d be interested to know the rationale behind some of these beads. I do like the new bracelet and the Rose pieces though!

  15. Hi Ellie

    Thank you for this post. Like you I like the key locket, I like how you can put one petit charm with it. I also like the new bracelet, I think I would just wear that plain. I also like the Enamel faceted heart and the soft pink heart fixed clip looks worth a look. Like many others I already have a lot of hearts ?. I’m not sure where Pandora are going with the lips and emoji charms, to me they look cheap. I love Pandora rose, but not in this collection . I’m not sure if Pandora are trying for a much younger group with this collection, I think
    maybe this is for teenagers.
    Good thing about Pandora is there is always at least one thing that I really like in each collection?.
    Always look forward to your post Ellie, thanks for being so efficient.

      • Yeah, there are definitely more fashion pieces these days I think? The Rose collection strikes me as that kind of thing.

    • Hi Janelle! So glad to hear that there are pieces you like. I’ve had an idea for how I might use those silicone pink heart clips as well, and I might get one of the bracelets as well, depending on how it looks in person! I usually find something I like in each collection as well – and to be honest, I have so much Pandora at this point that that is probably the best outcome haha.

      Thanks for your comment Janelle, it was interesting to read your thoughts! :)

  16. :-) I haven’t purchased a lot of Pandora lately, but I have to admit that I’m a sucker for hearts.
    So I KNOW I will want to have the heart-lock – with or without the bracelet and a couple of more items, like the ring with the dangling heart.
    Lovely collection!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a HAPPY weekend!
    Claudia :-)

    • Ah, well Pandora is the perfect brand for you then! ^^ Hearts are pretty much guaranteed in some form or another for each collection :) glad to hear that you like the heart-lock theme! Have a great week :)

  17. I love the padlock style fastener on the bracelet – reminds me of the ones Tiffany does though mine sprung open and I lost the entire bracelet so hopefully Pandora have mastered the art of the clasp better than them – I also love the key with the little key hole and the red heart shaped glass bead – don’t like the lips – I think they are a bit tacky – and I could live without the ones which look as if they are heavily enamelled or lots of bright red stones but there are a few possibilities there for me though I will probs have to buy them myself cos I can’t see anyone else buying them for me though I do have a birthday around that time. I wonder if the heart clasp is available to buy separately as that would look good on a necklace too

    • Oh noo, that’s terrible! You’d expect better of a Tiffany bracelet as well. Hopefully as you say Pandora’s won’t do the same :S someone else mentioned the possibility of being able to buy the heart lock separately, that would be interesting!

  18. Pandora hasn´t been a familiar bussiness for years. I don´t know if the Envoldsens are even involved with it or if it´s gone into strange hands completely, so I´m not surprised that the design team has been changed. In fact, I had already suspected that much. The change is so obvious and dramatic! I bet the new team is to blame for this collection.
    Having said all that, I like the new Moments bracelet. As you said it can be worn with or without charms which makes it more versatile. A couple of rings seem to be ok and the key locket is quite pretty as well as the key and heart dangle.
    On the negative side, I absolutely hate the lips and emoji charms. What were they thinking about?
    All in all, that´s my opinion about it. I´m not a Valentin´s person, so no disappoinment here. I fact, I´m surprised that I even could pick some pieces from it. As always many thanks for this pre-view. It gives us the time to plan our purchases ahead :) Have a nice weekend!

    • Well, I’m glad that there are some things that you like Marie! I don’t normally go for much in a Valentine’s collection either, as I have so many heart pieces already. Usually I end up getting the special clasp bracelet and a murano, but I’m not keen on the lip murano from these sneak peeks and the bracelet I’d have to see in person!

      Have a great week ahead and thanks for commenting :)

  19. The lock clasp is cute, and I’d like it, but on a different bracelet chain; I wince just looking at Pandora snake chains. The rest of the items shown are a bit odd. I’m really not one for wearing body parts, unless it’s the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. I know lips are a popular body part to wear, not like say a foot or an ear, but all together up there it’s like a bloody Halloween. Interchangeable holiday charms!! Lol.

  20. Very different I’m not sure I would like to see what it all look like when it comes out. I do like the bracelet very different and exciting with the clasp.

    • Yeah, these sorts of collections always do look better in person. The bracelet is certainly different! I wonder what else they might come out with next year based on this.

  21. I love seeing upcoming releases! I work at a Pandora shop within a shop so I enjoy planning on my purchases ahead of time!

  22. Thank you for a lovely look at next year, Ellie! I like the key shaped locket, I am still saving up for one of the lockets, but I am not sure which one yet. Nothing else for me here, really, the lips remind me of cheap novelty jewellery you might buy for a child! I don’t mind that I don’t want anything from this collection though because I will be catching up on the Disney designs before Christmas, and then I want a locket and an open bangle, so I have plenty on my wish list! Also I have been inspired by your lovely new jewellery box to start a Stackers collection to organise everything I’ve got already. I wanted the new blush colour with the rose gold fittings in the classic size, but they don’t have the layer with the integral charm bar in that colour, and I particularly liked that layout. When I asked them about it, they said they had new charm layers coming out next March, including one with space for five long charm bars. So I think I will be buying more Stackers than actual Pandora next year!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Debbie! :) Ah, sounds like you have lots left to get. I have a few things on me wish list, but I’m hoping to hoover them up across the various Christmas promos that are running. ^^ Which Disney pieces are you after?

      Yay, I’m glad the Stackers pics inspired you! I love mine. I’m excited to hear that they have new charm layers coming out, those sound very cool! I don’t really need another layer, but I’d be tempted by the sound of that. :D

  23. This is a very different collection. The silicone lined spacer/clip with the pink hearts looks quite nice. Not seeing anything else I want. I do not get the lip charms.
    The Spring collection is the one I always look forward to.

    • I like that silicone clip as well! I have the beginning of an idea for a new bracelet design and they might work for it. We shall see!

  24. I forgot to mention that I like the red faceted heart too. It reminds me of snow white and the seven dwarfs for some reason – the color, the jewel/gem appearance of it. It looks very regal.

    • Oh yes, that heart would work well for a Snow White theme – maybe it’s reminding us of the heart box from the Disney film?

  25. Thank you again, Ellie for an awesome update. I liked the new heart lock clasp bracelet. Although, my preference would have been that it not have any sparkle, it could even have been two tone and I don’t really like the threaded ends on this bracelet. I wouldn’t wear it with any charms and find the threads showing makes the bracelet look unfinished.

    • You’re welcome, Vera! :) I would also have preferred the bracelet to be plain, like the key heart pendant. Good point re the threaded ends – and they’d be hard to cover up as well, as a safety chain wouldn’t really stay in place!

  26. I love the look of the heart-tree necklace, I was given a tree of life pendant last Christmas & the matching bracelet for my birthday-My sister has been eyeing them up and this necklace would be a great alternative! I’d really consider the lock charm bracelet if it wasn’t for the pink. Shame.

    • Yes, that one really caught my eye as well! I’m not too tempted by it, however, as I mainly wear a Tiffany open heart necklace for day to day wear, and I have a couple of other Pandora ones for special occasions. But it is lovely!

  27. Hi Ellie,

    I took a little time to mull over my thoughts on the new collection especially since I am still in Halloween mode. I am amazed, and very impressed that you have been able to get such a jump on Valentines. Well Done! Thanks for confirming that Pandora is going in a new direction with a new creative designer – that explains a lot.
    I think the standouts for me are the heart safety chain, perhaps not a new item but one that I am finally noticing; and the other item I like is the two tone key lock dangle. Sorry the enamel are not very appealing to me.
    So for the past few years I have complained about the over use of the heart theme, how does the saying go? “Careful what you wish for.” The lips are certainly a new theme. I like Deborah’s comparison to the Rolling Stones, and you know there are a lot of Stones fans out there, so I guess there is an opportunity to add to the previous rock ‘n’ roll themed charms pandora put out way back in 2012 – the geometric clips etc. The “lips” collection is not my taste so I will take a pass on those charms. I think your idea of a true red valentines collection is lovely, I too would love to bring out my dancing lion for another special occasion
    The lock bracelet is interesting, I really like the threads on the ends of the bracelet – great compromise between the threadless and traditional pandora barrel clasp two thread style however, I am very animated with my arms and not very dainty so I wonder how strong that heart clasp is? I will have to see that piece in person.
    Last year I took my black triple leather bracelet and filled it with all the coloured hearts (to simulate candy hearts) silver, rose, the light pink and dark rose enamel – I think I will add a red facetted heart this year. I would love to see the plain silver or silver ball, heart trimmed bales again instead of CZ’s. Soooooooo many CZ’s – tooooooooo many CZ’s but it is what we are given in the collection.
    Ellie, thanks again for an informative post. Happy Friday.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Haha, I did the same before writing this post. ^^ And I feel very similarly to you about the various points you raise. The lips aren’t my thing, but I hadn’t really thought of a rock’n’roll kind of aspect to them particularly – my first thought was just texting and emoji and idk what!

      I think you make a great point about the lock bracelet being a good compromise between the threadless and traditional bracelets! I hadn’t thought of that. You’d hope that the heart clasp was very sturdy indeed, but perhaps a safety chain would be in order until we’re sure ^^ I love your idea of putting all those pretty pinks and reds against the black leather bracelet – the perfect way to give a little more oomph to all those pastels!

      Thanks for your lovely long comment, Lisa, always a pleasure to read – have a great week ahead!

  28. The lips are frightening, but the lock clasp bracelet and dangle charm I do love! I hope they put at least one of those into a gift set !

  29. Thank you for this lovely review Ellie! I think the key and heart dangle would be one I would go for.. The bracelet looks good too, but I always tend to prefer Pandora designs with less CZs in them, more like the old school Pandora. The lips are a big no no I guess :) I’m trying to think of which demographic they would appeal to, and as Janelle said maybe it’s for teenagers. Wonderful review and it’s so nice to get an insight into the Valentine’s collection this early! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • I feel the same as you about the bracelet – I like the concept but am not sure on the pave. I feel like it’s probably one of those pieces you will have to see in person! :) You’re very welcome, and thanks for commenting! <3

  30. I find some of these truly odd. I really need to purchase a floating locket as I managed to collect some petites… I find the necklace too thin. I like the key a lot.

    • I am quite tempted to get the floating locket charm and then wear it on a necklace or bangle as desired – and then I could buy individual petites and swap them around!

  31. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for another great preview. It’s nice to see the Valentine’s Day collection so early. I can usually pass on the Valentine release, but I do love the red faceted hearts. Hope they match the Lion Dance. The heart lock bracelet is interesting and I like the heart key pendant and locket. I’ve never been a fan of mixing pink and red together, so I’ll pass on those. On to the lips…what on earth were they thinking?! These must be geared toward teens. If this is any indication of where Pandora’s new design team is headed, I’ll be saving my money!

    Have a great week ahead and thanks again for the lovely preview.

    • Hi Emily! That’s another reason why I find it funny that they’ve not done much red for Valentine’s before – it ties in with the CNY beads so nicely! I know that they don’t get released everywhere, but nevertheless ^^ I guess we will have to wait and see what spring brings re the new design… it does seem good that they’re prepared to take risks and go a bit off piste, at least?

      You’re welcome Emily – thanks for commenting! :)

  32. ok, wow! Pandora has really left there same old style for this valentine’s collection. I think its great, not so many hearts. I like the lock bracelet, glad it has pink pave instead of clear! emoji charm is cute and so are the lips, i text these to my husband all the time. these would go great with the pre-autumn collection with the lipstick dangle and the high healed shoe, etc. The faceted hearts look pretty too! All the red ones would be good for Mickey and Minnie theme too. I am really loving my open bangles, putting just a few charms on, not having to fill a bracelet every time i see a few charms i like. so, maybe ill just get the faceted hearts and the kissing lips.

    • I’m really glad that you’re embracing the change! ^^ I did think of the pre-Autumn beads when I saw some of these charms – they have the same sort of bright and light-hearted aesthetic, I guess. They’re not my particular style, but it’s great to hear from someone who gets them. :) thanks for commenting!

  33. The Murano is a nice colour, but I don’t like the lips on it. I’ll definitely skip this collection. I’m not a very big fan of hearts — other than those pretty birthstone hearts.

  34. What to do! I love the heart locket bracelet for my pink charm collections but I already have the poetic bloom bracelet to go along with it! ?

  35. Although there are one or two nice pieces, I do not like this collection as a whole. Very disappointed in the new direction they have been going for the past few collections. I will be be looking out for their retired jewelry which was so much more original and vintage looking to me. I don’t know why they would change after all these years..if its not broke don’t fix it!

    • Their last Valentine’s collection didn’t do so well, if I remember rightly – but then it was mostly rehashes of previous designs and style. So perhaps they’ve decided to try something new for that reason. But yes, I agree, I would prefer to see them hark back a few years to the more classic designs than to go down this route :) but we’ll have to wait and see!

  36. I’m relatively new to Pandora—only the last year or so—but I have made up for lost time! I’ve even tracked down a few retired charms like the Edelweiss. I’m very disappointed in this Valentine collection. It’s the very opposite of what drew me in to begin with. I do like the locket clasp bracelet, but agree that it should have been plain. I hope that the lips are not a sign of more bad design decisions to follow.

  37. Is it just me or does it seem like Pandora is turning into Chamilia or Persona… I’m not a fan of this collection at all lol

  38. I really really want that “floating heart key”… I recently purchased the “charm” version for bracelet and now, I will definitely wait for the key version before I buy a necklace – I like the heart too but that one is extra special.

    The red hearts are tempting me but I’d definitely need two of them. Hmm… decisions need to be made.

  39. I am grateful to see there is nothing that appeals to me. It will save me some money! In my opinion, it looks like something a 12 year old would wear.

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