Today’s post brings one of my final Pandora AW17 previews, with a detailed look at the upcoming Pandora Winter 2017 jewellery! I already previewed the charms and bracelets, but this post covers earrings, rings, necklaces and the like. We have detailed stock images and pricing, plus a few live shots at the Winter collection overall to round off with. ^^

The key motifs for Pandora’s Winter 2017 jewellery are elegance, stars and heart of winter, and the sets mainly revolve around those themes. There are some great pieces coming out – they may be similar in style or design to those from previous years, but the execution on many of them is really very lovely.

The collection is due out on 2 November. Read on for a fuller preview!


Let’s start with the necklaces, this time around. The Shooting Star necklace is a more dramatic piece on a 60cm chain, with a price tag of $100 USD / $110 CAD.

pandora winter 2017 necklace

On the other hand, the Celebration Stars are more obviously starry, but with a more cute and less classic design. It comes on a 70cm chain, although it can be worn at different lengths, and is priced at $90 USD / $100 CAD.

Pandora Winter 2017 Preview

The Heart of Winter design comes in two different styles: the first is a more delicate affair, priced at $80 USD / $90 CAD and arranged on a 45 cm chain.

Pandora Winter 2017 preview

The second is more of a statement piece. It’s bigger, coming on an 80cm chain, and pricier at $125 USD / $140 CAD.

pandora winter 2017 collection preview

Finally, we have the Classic Elegance necklace, retailing for $90 USD / $100 CAD.

pandora classic elegance Winter 2017 preview


Pandora rings are probably the most popular item of jewellery after their charms & bracelets, and I have quite the collection myself these days, so it’s always fun to see what new designs they’re bringing out.

The Heart of Winter ring will retail for $60 USD / $75 CAD.

The Cosmic Stars ring is on the large side, which in turn pushes the price up – it’s $115 USD / $150 CAD.

pandora winter 2017 cosmic stars

The Shooting Star ring offers a more slimmed down version, priced at $70 USD or $80 CAD.

pandora winter 2017 ring

The Timeless Elegance ring now comes in three new colours, retailing at $75 USD / $85 CAD:

Pandora Winter 2017 preview

Pandora Winter 2017 preview


My favourites of the new earrings are the Shimmering Drops, which now come in this gorgeous celestial navy blue. They’re priced at $85 USD / $90 CAD and, like previous designs in this series, are reversible!

Pandora Winter 2017 preview

The Shooting Stars earrings come in two lengths. The shorter ones are $65 USD / $75 CAD:

And the longer ones $75 USD / $85 CAD:

The Hearts of Winter studs are a bit more affordable at $50 USD / $55 CAD:

Pandora Winter 2017 preview

The Classic Elegance ones offer a more timeless design:

pandora classic elegance 2017

And then, finally, we have a new colour of the Timeless Elegance studs in midnight blue, priced at $80 USD / $90 CAD.

Pandora Winter 2017 preview

My Comment

Some of these are pretty, but to be honest I’m more excited about the Winter 2017 charms, of which there’s a lot I love! I do like how they’ve managed to give a hint of a starry or celestial design, while keeping each piece of jewellery quite classic or wearable – but ultimately these strike me as being quite similar to previous winter jewellery collections. Having said that, I think the Heart of Winter design works particularly well as the smaller necklace, and I also really like the Shimmering Drops in midnight blue!

I’ll be doing my HQ preview of the charms soon, too. :D

What do you think of this selection?

33 Comments on Preview: Pandora Winter 2017 Jewellery

  1. Very beautiful indeed,Ms. Ellie. I like the earrings better than the necklace and the rings. Keep up the great work.

    • Yeah, you can see why they decided to make a full set of jewellery with the heart of winter design! I like the midnight shimmering drop earrings as well, but there’s nothing that I would buy here. :)

  2. I´m more excited about the charms, too. So far I love several of them. As for the jewellery above I really like the shimmering drops earrings, they are gorgeous but I normally wear silver or white pearls because they make my complexion look more luminous. I suppose I´ll try them on but I don´t have much hope. There are some more cute pieces but nothing that is a must-have for me. At least for now. Let´s wait and see all of it in person haha ;)

    • Ah, I love pearls as well! But I don’t wear my pearl rings on a daily basis as I’m so tough on my jewellery and I’d hate to ruin them. ^^

  3. Another season monopolized by CZ! I’m surprised the prices haven’t dropped since there’s much less sterling in Pandora’s jewelry today as compared to a few years ago. I’m still hoping and waiting for a return to natural stones and figural gold/silver charms. I was once a Pandora fanatic but rarely purchase anything anymore.

    • Hi Lynn,
      I started dabbling in trollbeads. I love their beads made of stone. I was not a super big fan of past collections but I’m really loving the fox spacer and owl bead and strawberry quartz stone bead. Maybe you’d like it too?

      • Trollbeads locks are fantastic, little works of sculpture, some of them. And their beads too; their designers put thought and effort into each bead. Some of them are really incredible and not at all something Pandora will, or can, ever do. But Pandora aims at a different market, for which design (art, sculpture) isn’t as important as sweetness and sparkle. The more markets the better though. It’s fun to interchange brands when possible.

        • I agree. I liked my troll because of the swan clasp. I like pandora better overall but love a few trollbeads. I only have three beads on my troll so far. Pandora is more easily accessible in my area, there is no local troll retailer so I do pandora more since it’s fun to pick the beads out in person to get the ones you like best.

        • The swan is beautiful. I have it, and the heaven crane, and the small and big fishes, and the dragon. I love the versatility of the lock and chain system, and the fact the lock is an actual something, not just a branded uniform ball. I also love that Trollbeads does Scandinavian beads, as I’m half Swedish. :-) Most importantly for me though is that I can wear the Trollbeads bracelet with just a lock when I want to stack multiple silvers and not be messy, and the chain doesn’t PINCH! It’s the most comfortable bracelet chain I’ve ever worn.

    • I know, I guess the reasoning is that people think it’s worth more because it has CZs and therefore more can be charged? Idk.

  4. Thank you for the preview. I don’t see any rings that I want to get. I like some of the necklaces, but I don’t wear them enough to pay those prices.

  5. I really like the new celestial charms. I foresee adding just a few to either an open Bangle or my double leather dark blue bracelet to wear with my existing celestial bracelet, which I will not ever change. I like the timeless elegance in the jewel tones. The blue will go with my birthstones and the Emerald with my rose gold pieces. I want Bambi and Thumper, as well as the polar bear Christmas charm and the snow globe. I like the Shooting Star ring a lot. So I will be adding several pieces to my existing designs.

    I love the Pandora rings too and wear a lot of them stacked almost daily. I want the Dazzling daisy ring in Rose Gold to go with my twist of fate my bff gave me for my birthday.

    It’s a good thing Christmas is coming. I can put some of these on my wish list.

    Looking forward to November 2nd!

    • I haven’t decided exactly where I am going to put all my Winter 2017 pieces! The BF charm will go on my red Asian bracelet, and I think the blue snowflakes bead will go on the LE bangle from last year, which I got from Rue La La… Other than that, I’m not sure! Glad to hear that you like some of these :D roll on November 2 indeed!

  6. I haven’t gotten into earrings or necklaces yet, thank goodness (for my budget). But I think most of these are pretty. I like the idea of the reversible ones!! I agree with previous poster though – more cz means less sterling silver which is the most expensive aspect. Cz are not a precious stone so how can they be so expensive?

    • Aha, it is a very slippery slope! I got minorly into the rings for a bit but eased off again – I have a pair of earrings and a couple of necklaces, but nothing too extensive. It’s just the bracelets and charms that I go mad for!

      I know, it’s always made me nervy about paying out for the big pave pieces. They don’t seem value for money compared to the more traditional beads – they are often very light!

  7. Hi Ellie
    Like you nothing here for me, but I do love the shimmering drops. I am also more excited about the charms, All the blue ones will make it home with me at some point to finish my blue bracelet, I’m looking forward to Nov 2nd.? I know it’s a way off but in my Pandora store they have already seen the Valentine’s Day collection , have you had any word on this yet yourself??
    Thanks Ellie

    • Hi Janelle! I just posted yesterday some sneak peeks, although I don’t have a full preview yet :) it gives you a good idea of what sort of thing is coming though!

    • They do! Although sometimes I wish that they’d go a little off piste as well ^^ they’re so thoroughly reliable for each season!

  8. Hello! This is my first time commenting on here :) I love your blog and I have a question! I have seen a country exclusive charm from Brazil with Our Lady of Aparecida on it and I was wondering if anyone would have any tips for me on how to get it since I live in the US? It’s a pandora exclusive to Brazil only I think.. I would attach the picture but I’m not sure how on here? I first saw it on Instagram! Any help would be appreciated :) thanks! -Ally

    • Hi Ally! Lovely to hear from you :) is it this charm that you mean?
      I had a look on the Brazilian store and this is all I could find! As retailers are not permitted to ship internationally, I think your best bet would be to go and join one of the Pandora Facebook groups. There are many these days- my favourites historically were Pandora’s Angels and Pandora’s Tribe, but there are others now – and ask for someone from Brazil to help you. The groups have recommended seller lists, etc., and so you can check out who’s reliable etc, and they’re generally a very safe place to buy, as they’re run by Pandora fanatics and experts ^^

      • Thank you sooooo much I will definitely do that!! Yes that is the charm!! I appreciate your help so much – thank you for the lovely response and all your hard work I love it!!!! ;) -Ally

  9. The rings look so elegant to me! I don’t wear rings often though, so I won’t get it.

    I may get the snowglobe charm though — I think it’s so cute. It reminds me of the snowglobe collection I used to have as a child.

  10. In the Australian catalogue for November release we are also getting ‘shining stars’ stud earrings for AU $45. They are plain silver studs, like the plain silver star petite. A must have for me, will go great with the cz starshine studs.

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