Today brings our last big Pandora release of the year, with the launch of the Winter 2017 collections! There are new charms and jewellery for the Pandora Moments, Essence, Disney and Rose lines, and lots to tempt you into hitting the spends for the various holiday promos going on this season.

As is traditional, I’m celebrating the new release by rounding lots of live images of all the new jewellery, and adding in little bits of extra info as well! :)

Pandora Winter 2017 collections debut

The regular Moments line features a mix of more sophisticated deep blues, featuring galactic and icy themes, and some more fun holiday pieces, decked out for the most part in vibrant reds and greens. For a full overview, with stock images, please take a look through the Pandora Winter 2017 tag! :)

As usual, lots of pretty live shots have been popping up online, and I’ve rounded up some of them below for you to look through! My favourites still are the Wintry Delight and the navy blue Dazzling Snowflake, which have a beautiful colour. :D They featured very prominently in the live shots I found, which is unsurprising!

There are also some new gift sets out for North America, which come with special festive packaging – you can read more about them in my recent holiday 2017 round-up :)

Image by pandorabcc

Pandora Rose Winter 2017 debut

The Pandora Rose line is getting its first festive-themed beads – a Christmas tree, a snowflake pendant and a present charms, plus three new floating locket petites! I really like these, but the holiday theme doesn’t really fit with either of my Pandora Rose bracelets.

I posted a full overview of the Rose AW17 collection some time ago – some live shots from retailers are below! ?

Pandora Essence Winter 2017 debut

There are three new Essence charms making their debut today – miniature versions of the Moments Radiants Heart design, in festive red, blue and green. Colourful, pretty and pint-sized. ^^ I never got around to posting my Pandora Essence AW17 preview this year, for which I’m sorry – but you can see the new designs in this campaign below!

Pandora Bangor uploaded a cute series of pictures, featuring each of the new Essence colours with matching jewellery ^^

Pandora Bright Ornament Limited Edition charm

The limited edition Bright Ornament charm seems to have launched in most regions today, as well – this is a red enamel and pave ornament charm, engraved with ‘2017’. This had originally been intended as this year’s Black Friday charm, but it seems to have been adopted as a regular limited edition Winter 2017 bead. In the US, it will come with a stunning red ornament box:

This special packaging seems to be exclusive to the US, unfortunately. :(

This image by Pandora Eastland Mall shows off both the charm and the box very nicely! I must have one! :D

pandora black friday 2017
Image by Pandora Eastland Mall

Pandora Disney Winter 2017 debut

Finally, there are also a selection of new Pandora Disney beads coming out today, including appearances from Mickey, Minnie, Bambi, Thumper and Lilo & Stitch! :D You can see stock images and some live shots by clicking through the Pandora Disney AW17 tag. ^^ I also already reviewed Bambi and Thumper on the blog earlier this week!

There is also a selection of Disney Parks exclusive charms due to come out this season – it might be worth keeping an eye on the Disney store online to see if they make an appearance there! Pandora often stagger the release of the Disney Parks charms, so it might be that they’re keeping them for later in the year… ?

pandora disney park stores

Pandora UK Christmas Ornament GWP starts today

This year’s limited edition Christmas ornament is available from today in the UK as part of a GWP – I had previously mentioned hearing that the spend had been dropped this year to £99, which happily enough has proven to be the case! :D

This live image of the ornament comes from eBay – it looks really pretty! It’ll be available later on in other countries.

Image by zoeandjody13

My Comment

I’m rather a fan of this collection – the new deep blue charms are particularly lovely this year, and there are some lovely individual beads. My must-haves are the Wintry Delight, Ice Drops murano, the Christmas Polar Bear and the Bright Ornament, which is a very healthy wish list! I also love the Christmas Night snow globe charm, the Snowy Wonderland and the blue Dazzling Snowflake, but I don’t really have places for those. :(

I did also like the Celestial Mosaic, but noted that the Pandora catalogue lists the black material in it as ‘acrylic’, which is weird. :S is that just another form of enamel or something?

I’m still deciding what to buy for the UK ornament gift with purchase – I think it’s a choice between hoovering up some of the new Winter beads or the Rose smooth bracelet. One of the more fun decisions I’ve had to make lately :D I doubt I’ll get into town before the weekend to see the new collection, but that does give me some extra time to make up my mind. ^^

Are you buying anything from this collection? What’s on your wish list?

85 Comments on Pandora Winter 2017 collections debut

  1. I’ve decided I do need bambi to go with thumper after all ! After seeing your styling of them in your review , but I’ll wait until we have the ornament promotion! I really love the Christmas polar bear charm , the Christmas night snow globe one and the Christmas stocking but not sure if I should enter the rabbit hole of a Christmas themed bracelet ! Love the limited addition one I’d buy that if we could get the beautiful packaging here ! Always love getting a notification in my in box that there’s a new post to read !

    • I’m so pleased to hear it has convinced you to get Bambi! :D When I first started collecting Pandora, I also vowed never to do a dedicated Christmas bracelet… three years or so in, I caved when a bunch of festive beads went on sale and just did it, with no regrets! I do love wearing it in the festive season, and it’s pretty to look at during any time of the year. ^^ Thanks for commenting, Emma, it’s lovely to hear that you enjoy the posts! ☺️

  2. Thank you Me. Ellie for the update and I love the Winter ornament charm for 2017 and I’m going to the Pandora retail store A.S.A.P. Happy Holidays.

  3. I was straight over to The Jewel Hut this morning to get my order in :-D. I’m getting the rose pave clasp bracelet (I got 2 matching clips in the 3 for 2 promo) and the little silver heart spacer for £15, a total of £105, so my Christmas ornament will be here tomorrow :-D.

    I’ve got my £125 spend planned for the bangle later in the month but I’ll have to tweak it if that’s only £99 as well ;-). I was thinking this morning that if the ornament did prove to be £125 then I’d wait and get 2 bangles instead, lol ;-).

    • Is the bangle going to be available later this month? I really want to get it and I was very dissapointed this morning when I couldn’t find it online :(

    • Haha, I waited until yesterday morning to go into store and buy some things, as I wanted to pick a couple of muranos in person :D I was very over excited! I spent half an hour in there, when I meant to spend five minutes, lol. Love what you chose, I was very tempted by that bracelet too!

      I’m told that it will be a £99 spend for the bangle as well, so you can get tweaking lol!

  4. Hi Ellie,

    I don’t see the Celestial Mosaic or the Bright Ornament on the UK estore. Will these items ve available at some point in the UK?

  5. I really like the look of celestial mosiac and orbit. Will have to think about how to adjust them into my current bracelet. Thanks for the live shot. Gives me a much better idea what they actually look like. Have to hit the store soon to see in person.

    • Pretty choices! I was admiring the Orbit bead in store yesterday. It’s a shame that we don’t have the Celestial Mosaic here. Hope you enjoy looking at them all in person! :D

      • I did. They are both beautiful. But found bright ornament a bit busy. Did not get anything yet. Waiting for GWP.

  6. Hi, I went to a Pandora shop today and asked about the two bangle but they didn’t know anything about it. Is that definite for the 23rd? I’m worried the things I want will have sold out by then!! Thanks in advance

    • Hi Sally, assuming that you’re in the UK, I’ve been told by several Pandora sources in the UK that it will be running, so you should be safe to wait :)

  7. Hi Ellie!

    Went on line to Mall of America at 10 pm last night (midnight there) and purchased my Bright Ornament LE Charm. Wanted to make sure I got one, and rumor has it that there will be very limited quantities.

    My BFF and I are heading to the store today to check out the whole collection. I am going to try to be good until Black Friday when the 3 for 2 is on here in the US. However, most promos exclude the Disney charms, so I might pick up Bambi as well as Jasmine’s dress and shoe for my granddaughter.

    It’’s such a beautiful collection, judging from the pictures. Can’t wait to see it in person!

    Thanks for the update. And, I was so excited about Bambi and Thumper being so detailed, I forgot to mention how beautiful and thoughtfully designed your bracelet was in the last post. You have a knack for blending the old school charms with the newer things so well.

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Deborah! Aha, snap! I did the same thing. Was so excited to see it available online. It worked out to about £4/5 more than buying it here in the UK, but I’d happily pay that to get the ornament with it!

      I hope you enjoyed looking at all the charms on Thursday! I went yesterday and spent a good half hour in store rearranging my bracelet and chatting Pandora with the SA. ^^ Everything was so pretty in person, particularly the blues!

      Thank you so much Deborah! That put a smile on my face – I’m really glad you liked the bracelet. I like how well the Bambi and Thumper charms go with both the older beads and new. :) Thank you for commenting, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday! <3

  8. Hello!
    I was told by a Pandora employee that they will be offering 20% off the gift sets on Black Friday. I thinking of purchasing one of them; not 100% sure yet.

    • Hi Danielle! Oh that’s nice, thanks for the heads up :) wonder if it will include the engraved Christmas Stocking!

  9. Hi Ellie,

    I purchased the mosaic last week. I think the acrylic may be a coating over the charm. It look enameled with mother of pearl and retails for $75 Cdn which would be too pricey if it was only acrylic.
    I would love to have the Rockettes ornament Not sure if that will come to fruition.
    The collection is amazing in person, the colours are rich.
    The Bell ornament is lovely, & will be available in my area near the end of the month.
    Can’t wait to see how you style your purchases, no

    Lisa K

    • Hi Ellie,

      When I got home from work I pulled out my mosaic charm & compared it to my white hearts mother of pearl charm & what a difference in weight!! The celestial mosaic is extremely light. So it seems to be made up of more acrylic than I thought. I am surprised because I would have expected the price point to be lower say $50 Cdn for a charm with what looks and feels like a lot less silver. I still love the charm but admit, I feel Pandora should give some real consideration to how they are pricing such items.

      Lisa K

      • Hi Lisa!

        Yes, that was kind of the basis for my concern – how expensive it was, if the charm was mostly made up of acrylic. It does look beautiful though, and I’m considering purchasing one to go on my Halloween bracelet as part of the jared promo! :) Thanks for looking at it for me!

        • Hi Ellie,

          I purchased the polar bear today and while I was in the store I had them look up the celestial mosaic charm in their price guide. The store assistant was surprised to see it listed as acrylic. She thought maybe the mother of pearl inlay might account for the higher price point. I think it is a well executed charm and it really is visually stunning. It gave my Halloween bracelet a nice Hallows Eve feel especially since Pandora did not release new Halloween charms outside the U.S. In the future I will be paying closer attention to the materials used so I can make a more informed decision.

          Lisa K

  10. I’m glad to see the spend is down to £99 for the GWP promo! This means I can split my big purchase between this promo and the bangle promo. Gives me more time to cut down my ‘want’ list (instead of adding to it! oops)

  11. Hi Ellie. You´ve made my day once more. I had totally forgotten that it was launch day, so your post has come at the right time!
    BLues again for me this year, though my starry night bracelet is almost full. I have to see in person which ones fit better with what I already have but the blue enameled with the silver stars are comming home with me for sure. Orbit is also on my wishlist and the small RH which the snowflake ( which is not a RH, bhw) is tempting me at the moment. This last one, I have to see in person first. and there are others which I decided against last year but keep tempting me, I don´t remember their names now.
    Well, now i´m looking forward to see it all. Hopefully tommorrow ( fingers crossed).
    Have a good weekend and lots of thanks for this post!

    • Hi Marie! Haha, well, I’m glad that was a nice surprise for you :) when I was taking my blogging break over the summer, the Autumn 2017 release crept up on me in a similar way!

      I really like the Dazzling Snowflake (the radiant hearts style one) in blue – it’s so gorgeous. I don’t have any real place for it, and it’s too expensive for me to justify on a whim really, but it’s really pretty! I hope you enjoyed looking at all the new beads, and that you had a good weekend too! Thanks for commenting Marie :)

  12. Hi Ellie! Thanks so much for all the lovely photos! Although there have been some mixed opinions on Pandora lately, I think it can be said that they always do their Winter collections so well. The very first thing I did very early this morning was order the Rockettes Bright Ornament charm with the special packaging from (Pandora Mall of America), as I know it’s very limited and did not want to miss out on this! (Side note: I also ordered the Happy Halloween Dangle charm, as this was nearly impossible for me to find in store. Better late than never, I guess!).

    I’m with you that the Icy Drops Murano and Wintry Delight charms are two of my favorites. I also love the Christmas Night, Snowy Wonderland, and Bright Star charms and plan to create a new/second wintry blue/celestial-themed bracelet with a splash of green to match the enamel on Snowy Wonderland. I also am interested in the Engraved Christmas Stocking Limited Edition charm (despite the extra cost) and the Jared exclusive stocking charm, and the Heart of Winter jewelry set looks beautiful as well. The Rose Sparkling Snowflake pendant would look so pretty on a necklace, but I’m not sure about the $100 spend. I am trying to be good and wait to hear more about thr Black Friday “buy one, get one” promotion before buying what I want. Also, since the LE stocking charm is considered a “gift set” it might be marked 20% off on BF.

    I look forward to getting the bell ornament as well, as it is lovely! Have you heard if there will be a Jared ornament this year? Side note: I saw on Jared’s website they are offering 12 of the new charms for a total cost of $500USD. It is called the “PANDORA Christmas Gift Set Sterling Silver” if anyone is interested.

      • Thank you! I actually got the idea from a campaign image, so hopefully it will look as nice as I envision it. Of course you can “adopt” it! I bought some Icy Green Radiant Droplets from the previous sale to put on the bracelet.

    • Hi Joanne! I agree. Even if their winter collections are all similar, they’re always very beautifully executed. :) I did exactly the same as you re the Bright Ornament. It’s available here in the UK, but the US one only worked out as about £5 and then you got the pretty ornament as well! It still seems to be in stock now, though.

      I got the Wintry Delight yesterday and it’s lovely! So pleased with it. I’ll be back for the Ice Drops murano as well. I really like your idea of mixing the blue and the green, as that’s not a combination that you see very often – a really elegant take on a holiday theme. :) I like the Engraved Stocking, but almost on principle wouldn’t pay the extra $20 for it – mainly as I feel it’s a bit cynical on Pandora’s part. Even with 20% off it would still be more than the original stocking, but then the special box with it would make it more worth it I suppose! :)

      Thanks for letting everyone know about the Jared gift set! I expect you’ve seen my most recent post, which features the Jared ornament for this year. It’s a very cute reindeer! ^^

      Thanks for commenting Joanne! <3

  13. I was happy to hear that the spend for the Christmas Ornament will be lower than expected, I managed to go to the Pandora shop today for a quick look and the ornament is very attractive, I definitely want to get it. I just need to decide what I should buy now, but that is a nice decision to make!

    • I got mine yesterday! It’s lovely, and it really chimes when you give it a little shake. Have fun deciding! ^^

  14. Went into my store twice in the last week, the first time I purchased two Ice Drop muranos and the Mosaic and finally the Expressive Mickey. The mosaic is sitting in between the Ice Drops on a bangle and looks great. The blue in the ice drops really reflects beautifully in the mother of pearl. Went in a day ago and put aside my buy 2 get 1 free promo items for black Friday. Decided on the blue Galaxy, the Glacial Beauty, another regular bracelet, another open bangle and the new star clips. I also have set aside and contemplating Bambi, Thumper, and the new Bright Ornament. They had plenty of the ornament charms but hadnt received the hanging ornament to put it into yet, but they are setting aside one for me. I may revise or add because I forgot to look at the Bright Star and I am still thinking about the Wintry Delight. Also may get a 2nd Mosaic so I can transfer them to my Mickey Sorcerer Apprentice themed bracelet as it looks great there since his hat has the same theme.
    I brought my Lion Dance charm bracelet into the store with me and the Bright Ornament looks fantastic with it, same exact color and richness and the scrolling on it looks spot on with Lion Dance, so it will definitely be incorporated into my Asian theme bracelet.

    • Ooh, thanks so much for the note on the Bright Ornament / Lion Dance, Katie! That’s exactly what I’m planning to do with my Ornament charm as well. They are very similar in style, so I’m really pleased to hear that the colour is a match :)

      Nice choices for the promo too! Bambi and Thumper are two of my favourite charms they’ve done this year :D so you should definitely consider adding those to your list! I’m getting the Ice Drops murano for my powder blue bracelet, I think.

      Thanks for commenting Katie!

  15. Great post Ellie, I went to Pandora store last night and this year Xmas release is pretty good I would say. The mesh bracelet has just launched in Aus yesterday what a shame. It is aud79. Too many in my wish list and I can’t even decide what to get in upcoming GWP.
    BTW Ellie, do you know when is Aus GWP for the ornament and LE winter bangle? Is 16Nov mentioned before still on track?

  16. Booked to meet my cousin today ready to hit the store bought snowy wonderland my rose gold Murano and my cousin had the holly wreath. Lots more I want but no Xmas special bags yet so will spread the spend. Did get the gwp between us and looks great

    • Sounds like it was great fun! I went yesterday morning and spent half an hour picking my items for the gwp! :D you picked lovely things, enjoy!

  17. At last the time difference from US to Australia worked for me! Normally when Rue La La sales start it is 1am my time. Midnight US time was 4pm here so went onto Mall of America & ordered the Rockettes ornament, engraved stocking dangle & coffee addict dangle. Went in-store earlier in the day & picked up 4 Xmas petites for my locket; the wreath, tree, red gift & silver star. They look great. Only planning to get ornament GWP this year, not the free bangle GEO we get, so easier to plan out my spending.

    • Haha, glad to hear it! I bought my Rockettes ornament as soon as I woke up here in the UK :) What an amazing haul you got, though! Those are three great US-exclusive picks. We’re getting both the ornament and the bangle GWPs here in the UK this year – have already done the ornament offer, but am considering whether to do the bangle as well! ^^

  18. hello everyone this is not related to this post I’m hoping someone can help with information regarding the russian fish charm I have a contact who is willing to get 1 for me they are coming to Australia soon is this still available instores and where? and how much appreciate any help

  19. Bright ornament and charm will not be sold in the US until Nov 24. All the stores within a 50-500 miles of me has them in stock but have orders not to sell until Nov. 24. Disney clutch is available in Navy (rather than black) and silver. I got the Navy clutch. Thank you so much for your blog, I check it all the time and have referred many people to your blog.

    • I ordered my Bright Ornament on line yesterday at MOA (Mall of America). My friend bought hers at the store yesterday. Weird that you couldn’t get yours at the store.

    • Hi Debe! Oh that’s strange, as there are many posts online from stores who are advertising it. It was originally intended for Black Friday, I know, but that seems to have been overturned and stores are mostly selling it now. Maybe there’s been some internal confusion! I’d try again and see if they’ll let you have one :)

      Thank you for commenting – so pleased to hear that you enjoy the blog, it’s very nice of you to let me know! :)

  20. Hi Ellie, the Red Minnie Bow charm was listed as a Disney Parks Exclusive item but it was nowhere to be found online today. Was wondering if it has been sold out or Disney hasn’t launched it yet? I managed to get the Playful Mickey charm though.

    • Hi Charmaine! It’s definitely part of the AW17 collection, or was intended to be, as I saw the catalogue page for it months ago. For recent Disney Parks collections, however, Pandora have staggered the launch of all the charms – it seems that they have only launched three charms from the collection so far, and I guess the others will follow suit over the next few weeks. I don’t have any solid info I’m afraid :) there were no release dates given in the catalogue.

  21. Hi Ellie I saw a few of the pieces today I also saw the ornament which I really liked. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the ornament promo because I wasn’t sure if I like the ornament in some of the pictures I seen and I really want to do the winter bangle one. But I think I will do both know because I really like the ornament.

    • Hi Nicola! Aw, yay, glad you liked the ornament too! I loved it both in pics and in person, and it came home with me yesterday. You’ll have to let me know what you get to hit the spend! :)

    • I was wondering this too if we will get them eventually? I was disappointed to only see Minnie with the sparkles, I’m in NZ. I really wanted the plain black and red enamel Minnie petite

    • I’ve not heard anything official on this – but I can’t see why they wouldn’t release them now if they were going to. It’s strange, I don’t know why some regions just don’t get random pieces from new collections :S

      • I am hoping also for the minnie mouse petites. I just purchase all the disney petites at my pandora store and asked if their was a minnie mouse petites coming to australia and was the sales person was confused?

  22. Acrylic is plexiglass that is used instead of glass. its shatter proof and and can be clear or colored. I’ve seen watches made out of it. so its a material that would become a solid molded piece unlike enamel that is painted on. I just saw this charm and it is absolutely beautiful. the black part is very rich and solid in color and looks like glass or onyx , a look that they probably couldn’t achieve with enamel.

    • Thanks for explanation, Sherry :) I’d love to be able to see it in person myself! I’ve just never seen Pandora use acrylic in a charm before, and was puzzled as to what exactly it was, its value, and what their use for it was exactly. So that’s really helpful!

    • Plexiglass is a brand-name, I believe, like Lucite or Perspex. Acrylic is a chemical plastic we use a lot in art, with paint and fiber, and of course we have acrylic fingernails. :-)

  23. I have purchased the christmas polar bear and he is very cute and lovely. He is definite a must have for everyone who collects christmas charms and he looks very good with my other festive christmas charms. Looking forward to other disney uk releases which I imagine will be in the new year now.

    • Aw, I’m so glad to hear that you like him! He is certainly on my list, and I’ve put together a little mini design on a leather bracelet for him to go on when he comes home with me. ^^

      Yes, it’ll be next year for further Disney releases in the UK! It’ll be fun to see what we get next :)

    • Do you mean the charm or the ornament itself? I got mine today. The charm is beautiful, and the size is normal. The ornament isn’t that big, but I do feel that I got my money’s worth.

  24. hi ellie thanks for all the info you have posted. I am waiting to hear about all the promos for November and December before I make a decision about how I will be spending my money. Have you heard anything about a bracelet promo for December. I live in the US. THANKS AGAIN

  25. Hi again. I´ve seen the collection and there are soooo beautifully pieces. I am going to have a hard time making decisions!!!

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