It’s just over a week until the official launch of the Pandora Winter 2017 collection, and today brings some lovely high-quality images of all the new charm jewellery, along with some fresh commentary! :) The collection features some outstanding icy and cosmic blues, and some really fun bright enamels for the holidays – standard fare for a Pandora holiday collection, but well executed.

The Pandora Winter 2017 collection will debut on the 2nd of November. This preview covers all the charm jewellery specifically, including bracelets and floating locket petites – if you’re looking to see the other jewellery such as rings, necklaces, etc., please read my post here. :)

Read on for a full look at the charms coming out!

Pandora Winter 2017 collection

Let’s start with a previously unseen bead – the Jared exclusive charm for this year! This is the Sparkling Festive Stocking, retailing for $55 USD. As far as I’m aware, this will not be launched elsewhere in the world, and it will remain exclusive to the Jared’s chain of stores in the US.

I’ll come back to the rest of the Christmas charms later in the preview – next, let’s take a look at some of the absolutely stunning winter-themed beads, detailed in icy blues.

The Dazzling Snowflake is one of my favourites from this selection, offering a new twist on the original Radiant Hearts button design – it looks like there’s a snowflake cut-out underneath the stone!

The Dazzling Snowflake comes in both midnight blue and clear versions, priced at $90 USD / $100 CAD.

The Glacial Beauty will also retail for $90 USD / $100 CAD, and offers a diamond-shaped silver exterior wrapped around a blue crystal. The Snowflake Heart is more affordable at $45 USD / $50 CAD, and reminds me a little of the original Pandora snowflake charm with the little blue CZ at its centre. This next charm is probably my favourite of the Winter 2017 collection. The glittery midnight-blue enamel is just perfect against the polished silver of the snowflakes. It’s so simple, and elegant, and a wonderful demonstration of how beautiful ‘new’ Pandora can be. It’s priced at $50 USD / $55 CAD.

The Ice Drops Glass is another favourite of mine, as it looks so pretty in the stock image! I’ve heard that the glass itself is clear, with blue crystals studded in it and the colour wrapped around the core. I think I’d have preferred colour in the glass but will reserve judgement until I see it in person. It’s $55 USD / $60 CAD.

The Snow Flurry is a clear pave design, priced at $60 USD / $70 CAD.

The Heart of Winter reads You melt my Heart, and offers a pendant version of last year’s popular motif. It will retail for $60 USD / $70 CAD.

A matching clip will retail for $55 USD / $60 CAD.

In complementary colours, we next have set of cosmic/starry beads. These have a really nice synergy with the winter beads and work really with them, I think.

One of my favourites of these is the Celestial Mosaic, priced at $65 USD / $75 CAD. Its made from mother of pearl, which gives it the perfect luminescent shimmer for representing the night sky.

The Illuminating Stars bead is more par the course; it’s a button style bead, with cut-out stars decorating its edges. It’ll retail for $65 USD / $75 CAD.

The Bright Star set uses some lovely vibrant colours, but its large stones don’t give as delicate an effect as some of the other charms in this collection for me. The main charm is priced at $75 USD / $85 CAD.

The clip will retail for $55 USD / $60 CAD.

And the pendant for $55 USD / $60 CAD. I actually think that the colours are almost tropical; you could add one to an oceanic Caribbean-esque bracelet, if you wanted to conjure up some beautiful clear summers’ nights!

The Galaxy charm, a design that originally made its debut back in Winter 2014, gets a makeover this year – Pandora have added a deep blue stone to its centre, which I think works well. It’s a little pricier now at $70 USD / $80 CAD.The Starry Formation is a cute little clip, with just a hint of sparkling detail – I’d have preferred a plain silver version, with slightly larger oxidised stars running down the middle. It’s priced at $45 USD / $50 CAD.Finally for starry beads, we have the Orbit charm, retailing for $55 USD / $60 CAD. I really love how this design manages to be so simple and yet very dramatic at the same time. 

Next, we have colourful decorative charms. The Radiant Hearts is getting a makeover in emerald green, which looks stunning IMO – this is pricey at $90 USD / $100 CAD, but would make a wonderful centrepiece for a holiday bracelet that’s a little more elegant.

The Nature’s Radiance charms are coming out in two new colours, both priced at $70 USD / $85 CAD.

The Color Fresco is our only 14kt gold offering, retailing for $400 USD / $500 CAD. Its colours are reminiscent of stained glass, but I feel like it’s also more fun and light-heated than that – like the bright colours of a narrowboat or something like that!

And now it’s on to the holiday beads! ? There are some really fun ones coming out this year.

This is another bead that would work well on a more elegant festive design. The charm, retailing for $75 USD / $85 CAD, is inscribed with Merry Christmas, but offers more subtle festive imagery with an angel, the traditional star, and a little snowflake. The dash of two-tone is great – I love the detailing on the star.

If you want a more traditional Pandora take on the same bead, however, the Christmas Joy reinstates the usual red and white enamel with a cute little Father Christmas motif, coupled with a little star and a present. Its RRP will be $65 USD / $75 CAD.

The Christmas Polar Bear is another one of my absolute favourites from this collection. The little lick of red in his scarf, his adorably tubby build and the little sign that he’s holding all combine to make him completely adorable – and he’s more affordable than many of the Winter charms at $45 USD / $50 CAD.

The Holiday Wreath is also very cute, with its brightly festive red and green enamel. It’s affordable $35 USD / $40 CAD and would make a rather fun centrepiece or focal piece on a bangle. The Festive Stocking is very similar to the Jared exclusive charm, except that it uses red enamel instead of red CZs and is correspondingly cheaper at $45 USD / $50 CAD. The Sparkling Candy Cane offers a twist on Pandora’s traditional candy-cane design, adding sparkling CZs instead of plain silver and a little bow, which is a detail I like a lot. If they’d kept it plain silver with the addition of the bow, I’d have been tempted! This one is priced at $40 USD / $45 CAD. The Sparkling Jolly Santa is another existing enamel Pandora design to get a ‘sparkling makeover, although I do think that this has made him look like he has a beard of bubbles! He’s quite pricey at $75 USD / $85 CAD. The Red Twinkle Glass looks stunning from its stock image, with a deep vibrant red overlaid with a sprinkling of gold dust. I hope the charm lives up to it in person! It’s $45 USD or $50 CAD.

In addition to these traditional Pandora reds for Christmas, we also have two beautiful blue beads that match the other charms in this collection very nicely – the more subtle colour will also make them easier to style and to wear all the year round, I suspect. The Snowy Wonderland offers a sweet little snow scene, and is priced at $55 USD / $60 CAD.

The Christmas Night, priced at $55 USD / $60 CAD, is my favourite of the two, however, and offers a beautifully subtle take on the snow globe design. It would be a great alternative if you missed out on the 2015 Black Friday charm

To accompany these beads, we have six new petite beads, which are designed to be worn with the floating lockets. These are all $15 USD / $20 CAD, with the exception of the plain silver Shining Star petite, which is $10 USD / $15 CAD.

To finish off with, we also have three holiday charms coming out with the Pandora Rose line. These are all remakes of existing Pandora designs, but they do look great in Rose. The Sparkling Surprise is $90 USD / $100 CAD.

My favourite of these Rose holiday charms is the Sparkling Snowflake, a rosy version of the popular Winter’s Kiss pendant. It would be beautiful as a bracelet centrepiece or as a necklace pendant. It’s a little pricey though, at $100 USD / $110 CAD. Finally, the Twinkling Christmas Tree is $90 USD / $100 CAD.

The only new charm bracelet coming out for Winter 2017 is the Heart of Winter limited edition bangle, featuring a snowflake heart clasp on both sides and the engraving You melt my heart.

There are also a handful of new Disney beads coming out, which you can see if you have a mosey through the Pandora Disney AW17 tag, and three new Essence beads, which I think I’m going to preview separately, seeing as I missed my Essence AW17 preview. :)

My Comment

Overall, I think this is a very good-looking collection – it may not be particularly different to those of previous years, but there are several beads that are really noteworthy. The use of the blue enamel in the Wintry Delight, Orbit and Christmas Night works wonderfully, while the Christmas Polar Bear and Holiday Wreath are such fun. It”s also nice to see that they’ve thrown in a couple of festive options that are more elegant and easy to wear the year round – the Rose festive beads, the Celestial Wonder, and the Snowy Wonderland, for example.

My must-have is the Wintry Delight, but I’m also tempted by the Christmas Polar Bear and the Sparkling Snowflake in Rose – the only problem with the latter being that it’s so eye-watering-ly expensive! I’m still trying to be more selective in what I add to my collection, despite the many temptations on offer here. :)

Are you excited for this collection? Have you narrowed down your wish list yet?

60 Comments on Preview: Pandora Winter 2017 HQ Images

  1. I like that the collection has many elements from past designs. This makes the pieces very complimentary for those of us that have been collecting for a while. The Celestial Wonder is a must have for me.

    • That’s a very valid upside to having a collection be very derivative from previous ones – they all go together very nicely. :)

  2. Ellie, last weekend my Pandora store had the winter collection and the ice drops glass charm is gorgeous but I was there to purchase Thumper and Bambi they are even more adorable than I could have imagined. The red, blue and green charms and rings are very lovely the color is so rich. I very much enjoyed my visit.

    • I’m envious that you got to see everything already! UK stores are such a stickler for the release date. I got Bambi and Thumper already as well and I am in love! They are just gorgeous. :D Glad to hear you had so much fun looking at everything, it’ll be my turn next week ^^

  3. My pandora store already has all of these and I got the sparkling Santa and I love it! Definitely want the polar bear and candy cane! And the Jared exclusive as well!

    • Yay! I love the Polar Bear as well – I think he’ll go on my Christmas list. :D. I would get the Candy Cane but I got the older one when it went on sale earlier this year. ^^

  4. Love the huge pics–colors are fabulous and details really show. I’m having a hard time deciding! I have two open bangles and plan to swap out several charms for different looks. I’m also looking forward to the beautiful rose gold holiday charms–those three are a must!

    • It is a lot of fun to look at the high-res stock images, isn’t it? You suddenly notice that what looked like black enamel is actually blue and iridescent, or that there’s a little detail that you just hadn’t seen before.^^ Great use of the open bangles – they’re perfect for that kind of thing. :D I have a focal murano on mine, but am tempted to swap in some others for different looks..

  5. Greetings Ms. Ellie, I love the Wintery Delight charm as well as the Sparkling Candy Cane Charm and the Light Blue Glass Charm are perfect for The Disney Frozen Winter collection. Thank you Ms. Ellie for the latest PANDORA news.

    • Hi Karen! Yes, you could definitely put the light blue murano with the Frozen beads, I’m sure that would look great. I quite like the Frozen muranos with some of the darker blues as well!

  6. The celestial mosaic would be good for Halloween too! I would like 2 of them to put on each end of an open bangle , or maybe with a few other charms styled with them in the center, for year round use though.

    • Hi Sherry,

      I had the same thought about the celestial mosaic with the white mother of pearl half moon and stars against the black background! This charm has a Halloween feel to it for sure. I was thinking the orange fascetted charms would really make the black midnight colour pop. I have the black cat Happy Halloween moments dangle on its way from the US.

      Lisa K

    • I thought that too, Sherry! It looks like it’s more black than blue so it would go pretty well with the traditional black and oranges that most people go for. Love your open bangle idea :)

  7. Hi Ellie,

    I must, must, must have the polar bear! He will balance my Christmas bear on a traditional Christmas bracelet.

    I already have a blue snowflake bracelet started, so I can redesign and add the new ones as I work toward finishing that one. Wintry Delight will compliment it nicely I think. The rose gold snowflake will go on a necklace with 2 green Pave Lights stacked above on the chain, so I’ll be bringing that one home. I will add the snow globe as I have two others – the white and the TT one.

    My dilemma will be the celestial ones. I need to see them in person to compare colors, but it appears the celestial mosaic may be dark enough to find room on my existing full celestial bracelet – what will I take off!. The Galaxy around the blue core and the Orbit look to be a lighter shade of blue than everything else I have on that bracelet. So I will have to decide whether to start a smaller grouping for a leather bracelet or an open Bangle.

    I am probably the only Pandora collector who isn’t crazy about the heart of winter suite. I don’t hate it, but it just doesn’t speak to me like a lot of the other charms do. So they won’t tempt me.

    I do like Celestial Wonder, so I may have to figure out some way to work that one in as well. But I prefer the older versions of the stocking and candy cane.

    The Muranos I will have to see in person, but the pictures look stunning.

    All in all, a beautiful group of charms. There may not be many surprises in themes, but still a bit of something for everyone.

    Thanks for the pictures and prices. I can go in to the store with a game plan once again because of you. And I really enjoy being a part of your global Pandora community.

    • Hi Deborah! Yay, I love the polar bear, too. He’s so cute! I finished my Christmas bracelet last year, but I have a double red leather that’s currently empty, so he could be the star of that one. ^^

      I agree with you overall – while the themes of the collection are predictable, there are individual beads here that are just lovely. And they will be easy to style with older Christmas and winter beads, too! The Heart of Winter isn’t my favourite either! Not sure why – it’s pretty enough, but there are just other beads I prefer. The Winter’s Kiss is probably my favourite charm along those lines.

      You’re so very welcome Deborah – I really enjoy reading your comments, too, so thank you! :)

  8. Wintry Delight for me, along with Christmas Night (I think). I just don’t like the button-style charms. Pandora is losing me…

    • I have certain button-style beads I like (I’m a fan of the Radiant Hearts and the Shimmering Medallion) but the sheer number of them can get a bit repetitive.

  9. Hi Ellie

    GOT to have several of the Christmas charms! Any update on when the Christmas Gift With Purchase bell will be available? I’m trying to not spend until then…

    • Hi! I’m going to do a holiday promo round-up soon, and I’ll throw in what info I have in that post :) just trying to confirm what I can at this point!

      • Hi Ellie,
        My concept store told me today that Black Friday in the US will be a buy 2 get 1 free promo and it includes everything in the store, with the third (free) item being the item that is least expensive of the three.

  10. Some of these are very pretty, but all the enamel scares me now after I ordered the mother-daughter pink hearts. The enamel on it is awful, it actually covers the D in Daughter, like it melted over it, and isn’t inline with the heart edges. Horribly done. But I didn’t return it. I kept it as a reminder to myself and my daughter to avoid Pandora enamel in the future. :-)

    • That’s a shame, as there are so many lovely enamel beads – I wouldn’t let a single bad instance put you off. Perhaps the one you got was a production error. :)

  11. Glee, glee, glee. Where to start?. Ice Drops Glass, Orbit, Stocking and Candy Cane are must haves. Then I will consider the Celestial Wonder and the Wraith. The Christmas Night is really gorgeous. Shame that it´s a snow globe. I don´t like that shape for a charm, I find it kind of unnatural and difficult to wear. IMW snowglobes look beatiful on a mantelpiece or any other surface but not stringed around my wrist. Were it round it would be comming home with me for sure. The Polar Bear is also adorable and some other blue pieces I have to see in person before judging. The idea of the new galaxy charms appeals to me too, as I have a couple of galaxy openworks but the fall into the category of” seeing before deciding”, lol! Anyway, it seems that my starry night bracelet will be not only finished this year but rearranged and maybe I´ll have to consider a blue leather bracelet to acommodate some new celestial beads, which will go homeless ;)
    Well, as I always say, it´s time to wait and see how the all look in person. Looking forward to Launch Day and to your next post. Thank you for the new pics!

    • Forgot to mention that the mother of pearl black bead is one of my favourites but it won´t be for sale in Spain, as it doesn´t appear in the A/W catalogue. So I´ll have to chase it in my next travel abroad!

    • Aw, I was so happy to read your post and hear how excited you are! I really like this collection as well. I have the Black Friday snow globe and don’t have a problem wearing that one – but then I have so many charms of different shapes and sizes that I think I’m immune, haha. You could say that many charm shapes are unnatural to wear, as well – I have a teapot, Christmas tree, and celebration cake on the bracelet I’m wearing right now alone lol! Charm bracelets are funny things. The Polar Bear is also one of my favourites, but I think I’ll ask for him for Christmas and see if he makes his way to me.

      Thank you for commenting Marie! :D

  12. Awesome preview, thank you! I love the dark blue enamel charms….all of them! I keep meaning to purchase Bambi too, I’m glad he’s not limited

  13. I bought Christmas Joy and the Dazzling Snowflake in clear (although mine has a bit of a pewter tone to it) last week at the tail end of the free ring promotion. I also had a 20% off bounceback coupon that they let me stack, as well as the $10 off code from a receipt. I also like the Sparkling Jolly Santa and the Jared exclusive, so I will wait and see if Jared will offer an ornament this year.

    • Ah, how nice that they had them in stock in time for that promo (and for all your coupons!)! I’m trying to plan all my purchases around the various promos that are happening this holiday but it’s hard work! There are so many, haha. I’m also waiting to see re a Jared ornament this year. :)

  14. Thanks for the update; always fun to read! Maybe I’m weird but none of these are a must-have for me even though some are very pretty. I just don’t want a million christmas beads. I think the muranos are interesting though and more versitile. I was hoping the blue drops would be more icy blue to match my blue looking glass but it doesn’t appear to. Oh well.

    • You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it! I totally understand that. I think this is a beautiful collection, but at the same time, my only must-have is the Wintry Delight, although I like many more. The Polar Bear is adorable and will go on my xmas list, although I don’t think I’ll get him for myself.

      The Icy Blue Drops strike me as more powder blue than pastel blue like the Looking Glass – I’m hoping that they might match a couple of older blue muranos I have, the periwinkle stars murano and periwinkle swirls murano.

  15. I love the red twinkle glass! So pretty. Will probably have to have two of those. The gold bead is beautiful too, but I will have to wait on that one. Thanks for the post! :D

    • It does look amazing from the stock image! I hope the red/gold glitter effect is as stunning in person. You’re welcome, thanks for commenting! :D

  16. I really like the Christmas wreath, the snowy wonderland and the snow globe. I really like all the blue star pieces too.

    • Lovely choices! I like the wreath as well, and it’s nice how much affordable that one is as well. I wonder if it’s very small in person perhaps.

  17. Is it only the Jared one that is going to be an exclusive? There’s no other beads that are not coming to the UK are there please?

    • That’s the only one that’s ‘officially’ an exclusive – however, there may well be other beads that certain regions choose not to carry. I hear that the Celestial Wonder might not be coming to the UK or Europe for whatever reason. :(

  18. Ellie,

    Wow! For the first time in ages I am truly excited about the new collection. I feel like there us enough here for me tto fill a bracket!! I love tho enamel Wintery delight and the price point is so reasonable. The celestial mosaic is a must have I think I can work that into several themes including Halloween. I am over the moon about this shade of blue Pandora is using. Other must haves are the new Galaxy, the Orbit and starry clips. That adorable chubby polar bear is definitely coming home with me!! The new snow globe is a strong contender. Not sure about the muranos, I’ll need to see them in person. Hubby will be getting quite the wish list. I really want a blue themed bracelet and this. Ellie You’re killing my budget!lol I am so excited to see this new collection. I am going to have to be strategic, I love collecting the ornament and taking advantage of free promos. Way to go Pandora!

    Thanks again for a great post!
    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! that’s so nice to hear! Your picks are very similar to my favourites – the Wintry Delight, the polar bear, the snow globe and the holiday wreath, while the Celestial Wonder is also very pretty. I’d like to see how dark it is in person, however. I do like the idea of using it for a Halloween bracelet, which seems to have occurred to a few of us! It’s a shame that it’s not quite coming out in time for this year.

      Yes, it’s so much fun planning Pandora spends around holiday time isn’t it? There’s the ornament and the Black Friday charm and usually little extra promos along the way. So I will need to work out what’s left to get from this year’s collections! ^^ The Shimmering Stripe muranos, Pudsey, and maybe the Club charm I think…

      Thanks for commenting Lisa! ^^

  19. My must haves are the Celestial Mosaic and wreath dangle. I also like, and may get as well, Wintry Delight, the Ice Drops murano, the Bright Star clip and dangle, and the Starry Formation clips (if they are petite). That’s quite a list actually! So much for being selective!

    There is quite a bit of pave in this collection, but fortunately there are some non-pave beads. Although I’m not a fan of button style beads, I think the emerald green Radiant Hearts bead is pretty. The reds and blues in the collection are pretty, but I hope Pandora offers up a little more green for us next year!

    • That is a very healthy list, haha! And with all the promos, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make a dent in it. The Celestial Wonder is very nice, but unfortunately i don’t think we’re getting it here in the UK.

      I’d love to see more green! I think it would go really nicely with the Christmassy Pandora Rose beads as well.

  20. I went in store today to buy a new bracelet. I said to the SA that I wasnt buying any charms because I was waiting for the new collection to go on sale. The SA said “I hope you like blue!”, She is right but its such a nice shade of blue in this collection.

    • You might also be okay if you like bright red and holiday cheer, haha. I agree with you – it is a very pretty shade of blue, and darker than true blue – it’s a bit more subtle than that. ^^

  21. I wanted to say too that I don’t like how the bright star collection has one very obviously different shade of blue (on the right in these pics). I would have liked it to be more symmetrical. I know with 5 points it difficult but it could have been 5 different stone or something.

    • Oh, true – I hadn’t noticed that. There’s one opalescent crystal to the right of each one. I wonder what kind of effect that will have in person, as I assume there would be a reason for them to do that..

  22. Today I went into my store and knew I was getting the expressive Mickey to go with my black and white Mickey bracelet and wanted to get a few other things since I have coupons and also ended up getting 2 Ice Drop Muranos which are beautiful and one I wasn’t expecting to like that when I saw in person was goegeous and that is the Celestial Mosaic. It has such a nice glow with the mother of pearl insets and the color goes well with the darker blues of the old celestial charms and the blues of the new winter collection. I held it up to my existing celestial blue bracelet and it looked great. It is definitely not black but a very deep blue like a navy blue and the mother of pearl changes with the light.

    My store confirmed that on Black Friday they are doing a buy 2 get 1 free promo that includes everything in the store (the free item will be the least expensive of the 3 items you buy)
    So I am waiting until then to get the blue Galaxy, Glacial Beauty and get a free bracelet. Then maybe also get another one with Bright Star charm, blue Natures Radiance and another free something. Or maybe another celestial mosaic since i have 2 other blue bracelets it will look great on and dont want to keep trading off all the time.

    • Put my Celestial Mosaic with the Ice Drops muranos on either side on an open bangle and it looks great imho. I have already received compliments on the trio while out and about.
      I know technically the catalog says its black enamel but like I said above, it doesnt scream black to me, more very dark blue, perhaps a very soft black, not an absolute black.

      Also the Wintry delight was pretty, but at least in my regular store, they were all several shades lighter than the darker blues in the collection and it certainly wasnt as dark as the stock photos. I am sure there is a lot of variation, but this batch at my store was a miss for me. Maybe I will look again later when a new batch comes in or try another concept store since I have several close by.

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