There’s an unexpected bonus for UK collectors today, as Pandora have released the Mother’s Day 2018 collection and our next Disney drop here early! For the uninitiated, the UK celebrates Mother’s Day sooner in the year than most countries and consequently Pandora releases a small proportion of the collection early here. We will get the rest of the collection in mid-April, which is when the rest of the world will receive the whole thing.

We were originally due to get this on Thursday, but it has unexpectedly been brought forward to today. Just to keep me on my toes! ?

On a related note, I have finally had confirmation from Pandora on when I can preview the full global Mother’s Day 2018 collection – you can expect lots of posts from me next week! For those who are unaware, all my preview release dates are being agreed in advance with Pandora currently and I am running to a schedule.

In the meantime, read on to see what’s out in the UK today!

Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 UK Release

To start with, we have the Flourishing Hearts set encompasses a bangle, pendant, charm and pair of earrings. The set features a pretty heart-tree motif, which Pandora have used reasonably often over the past few years – but I really like this latest take on it. The plain silver detailing is nice to see.

As usual, I would prefer it if these pretty bangles came with an unengraved option, as the family-themed message means that I probably wouldn’t get it. My favourite of the set is the pendant, however. My only hesitation is the price, which seems quite high at £35.
Pandora Mother's day 2018 collection

The matching charm is cheaper at £25, which I assume means that it’s an openwork.

Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Flourishing HeartMeanwhile, the earrings are £30.

The  Love Mum, priced at £35, is a more traditional Mother’s Day charm from Pandora, offering pastel enamel detailing.

Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Love Mum

The Perfect Mum pendant is priced at £40. Like the Love Mum charm before it, does the usual crafty Pandora thing of not committing to either ‘mum’ or ‘mom’ with the strategic use of a little ♥︎. ^^ The remaining beads were all showcased in my original SS18 sneak peeks before I had to take them down, I think.

The Balloon & Teddy is a sweet charm, and one of a set of balloon-themed beads that will launch with the rest of the Mother’s Day charms in April. It’s £40.
Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Balloon & Teddy

The Mother & Baby Bird pendant, also retailing for £40, is a nicely different take on a mother/child charm. I would liked it better if there had been some wrought oxidised silver detailing around the birds instead of the pastel pavé.

Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Birds

Another of the charms that I like best is the Perfect Home, retailing for £45. It makes me think how cool it might be to have an Amsterdam town house in the same style!

Pandora Mother's Day 2018 Perfect HomePink and Pandora Rose always go beautifully together, and I like the colour combo in the Pattern of Love dangle (£55).The Mother Heart is now available in Rose for £45. Thankfully, it’s the only button-style design of this set, however.The Part of my Heart pendant offers a two-tone Pandora Rose design – I think it’s quite nicely done. It’s individually priced at £50.

It will also be part of a gift set for £185.

Pandora Disney February UK launch

The second part of the launch is Pandora Disney related. The Disney line only came to the UK and Europe last year and the launch collection was limited. Today’s release includes a lot of the pieces that we initially missed out on – Winnie the Pooh, princesses, Tinker Bell and more!

You can see the full new Disney line-up at the UK version of

My Comment

It’s great to see so much more of the Disney collection added to the UK’s line-up! I’m sure the same pieces will be launching in Europe soon – possibly on the originally intended date of Thursday 15th. I already bought most of the charms I wanted in this latest set from the US, but I’m happy that they’ll be so much easier to obtain for my fellow UK collectors. Plus, there’s the added customer care bonus for me – if I have a problem with one of the beads, UK stores will be much more able to help!

Of the Mother’s Day pieces, I’m rather tempted by the Flourishing Hearts pendant to wear with some of my intended Spring 2018 purchases! I also like the Perfect Home and the Birds dangles, but I don’t have kids yet so they’re not for me. I’m looking forward to being able to see everything in person on the weekend, however!

Do you like any of the charms in this set? Are you planning on adding any to your collection?

59 Comments on Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 & Disney UK Release

  1. This has made my day if not my week! Thank you so so much for this post. I’m in love with the Disney release. Ariel ariel ariel at last. Some lovely pieces in the mother’s day release too. Family is so important and it looks like Pandora are focusing on that message rather than going over board with pave and fancy bits. I’m just hoping there’s going to be a generous promo to go with it all?!

    • Yay, it is exciting isn’t it! I’ve just seen the cute box that goes with the Mother’s Day bangle and now I’m tempted by that too lol. The promo for this Mother’s Day is earring related, I’m told! It’ll be a free pair of Classic Elegance earrings with a certain spend. I’d have rather had a box like last year! :)

  2. Hi Ellie,

    I like this collection. I do like the new bracelet it is very cute. I could see putting the openwork tree heart charm on it as well as the spring birdhouse and possibly some other options from the spring collection. I need to see it all in person to decide but overall I’m enthusiastic.

    • That sounds like a lovely idea, Ashley! I’m quite tempted by the bracelet, but mostly since seeing that it comes with such a pretty box here in the UK. Putting some of the spring animals with the tree-heart motif would be really pretty.

  3. Thank you once again for the pictures and information on new products. The teddy with balloon and mother bird and baby are so cute. There is so much to choose from this year’s collections of lovely charms. I can see myself buying more bracelets to put them onto it.

    • You are welcome, Pam! <3 I think there is so much more here than in last year's Mother's Day collection. I found it difficult to write about last year, as all the charms were very samey. The birds and balloons are a slightly different take on Mother's Day :)

    • No, not unless you get a helper in the UK! :( Retailers aren’t allow to ship abroad. But they’ll all be out in the US come April though!

  4. Some beautful pieces here. Love the bracelets and heart charms silver and rose gold. Lots of choice here and pleased to see Pandora’s usual high class charms as was disappointed at some of the Valentines range and plating. Thank you for this preview.

    • Absolutely! Valentine’s was mostly a miss for me, but I like this collection much more. The SS18 collections are shaping up really nicely :)

  5. I absolutely love that bangle! I hope they’ll do a snake chain bracelet with that lock as well, as I’ve already got way too many Pandora bangles.

    • If you get the snake chain that has a similar lock on it you would be able to swap them around as and when you wanted :-D. I got that snake chain last week and it’s lovely, I don’t plan to put any charms on it, but that might change in the future, lol ;-).

      • Thanks for the tip, Pat! I might just do that. I’ll have some time to decide as the bangle won’t be released here for a while yet.

        • do think they will do the lock clasp on its own, they are not doing the valatines hart on its own, you either have to buy the neckless or the bracelet. I also like the heart, but like Ellie I dont like charms with pre messages.

    • As Pat says, I think the idea is going to be that you can change locks around. I would predict that they’ll sell the locks on their own at some point, but I don’t know for sure!

  6. Aargh! I was out shopping today and if I had known I could have looked. I am a bit fed up with Pandora about not letting us have information and previews, what is the point of all the secrecy? I get all my information from you Ellie, and I am very grateful because there is no advance information online or in the shops and I like to have a plan in advance of what I’m going to buy – the anticipation is half the fun! Also I need to budget to buy from the new collections. Refusing to let us have pictures as if we were children not to be trusted with the information just makes me want to go and buy something else instead. We are the ones spending our hard earned money, so come on Pandora let us have pictures and full information on what is coming out in advance!

    • All brands do this, and not just jewelry brands, but smartphones, etc. It’s product line protection, and because what you see early is not always what you’ll get later. For jewelry, as for clothing, I’d rather see the final result and not the drawing board ideas, because once an ugly concept forms my bad opinion of a piece, the bias is hard to shake for the final product.

      • Pandora take this to far, it is not like someone is sitting waiting to take their designs, on most occasions Ellie knows more than the stores, and official Pandora emails come after the stores are open as if the hot news of new releases would be headline news, they have to find a balance in all things and give more oppitions, and world wide avaiability, Ellie for Pandora Market Director, thats my vote twice, tnxs again .
        Ps Mothers Day int the UK this year is 11th March this I know is because it is also my birthday, and I demand 2 cards and 2 presi, so my question is when will Mums Day released in the uk, I do beleive they are releasing stuff appx 15th March pos spring range. But who knows, gift vouchers again I suppose. Hope you are all having a great Valatines and looking forward to Mums Day love to all

        • Other jewelry blogs would be just as excited and informative as Ellie if Pandora hadn’t ordered them a long time ago to stop showing previews. In response, because they were given no explanation, they stopped showing Pandora completely. Pandora seems to be random in who they shut down hard and who gets a softer touch. It’s too bad too, because one of these blogs is super source of brand information.

        • Then it’s Pandoras fault for sending the surveys and/or letting someone in the company leak the images. Once they are out there on the internet, they’re out there…! No takesie backsies.

        • Was there any disclaimer on the survey, or anything that said the survey could not be used externally? Was there a copyright notice? Sometimes there’s a lot of small print few people read, sometimes there’s not. The bottom line tho is that Pandora owns the copyright to their images and surveys and people should understand that by using them without permission they run the risk of censure.

          I’m a photo-artist (retired from active creation, but I keep a mentor’s hand in the field), I work with artists worldwide, and I’ve had too many frustrating experiences with people who do not understand intellectual property theft — yes, it’s on the internet; no, you cannot take it and use it as you wish without permission.

    • Apart from my rant above, felt I just had to say I am so happy we now have more Disney pieces in the UK! I managed to get out to see the new collection in person today and I have already earmarked several for gifts, and Tigger for me! I also really liked the Flourishing Hearts design, especially the bangle, which was a surprise as I dont usually like that style as much. I thought it was very pretty. I thought I would like the little opening house, and I did but in real life it is quite large, so I don’t think I will be buying it. The little birds dangle is really sweet and I think I will get that one, but I agree it would have been nice if it had been silver instead of pave like the spring collection earrings.

      • Haha, I can’t wait to go myself to see it on Saturday. I love the Flourishing Hearts pendant and I like the bangle, and would love it if it didn’t have the engraving. People have been posting some lovely pictures online!

    • This early release for the Mother’s Day launch did take me by surprise somewhat! But I will be able to post more previews from next week! :) It’s not a total ban on previews, it’s more just that there’s going to be a schedule and more collaboration between the blog and Pandora going forward.

  7. The new 2018 Mother’s Day collection is beautiful!! I particularly love the Part of my Heart bracelet set. love the Pandora Rose and silver together! Will the same collection and sets be released in the US and Canada later this spring? By chance do you have any Canadian pricing and release date yet? I look forward to seeing them in person soon ❤️

    • Yes, you guys will be getting it in April! :) I will be posting more details on the release next week, so keep ’em peeled. ^^

  8. Hi Ellie!

    I love the flourishing hearts bracelet. And I really like that pinkish lilac color that is so popular everywhere for 2018. Hopefully there will enough choices that at least a mini design in that color will be possible.

    I hope we get the same charms in the US that you are getting there. Last Mother’s Day there were some pretty white enamel charms that didn’t come out here. Oh well, I know we get things here that you want too.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the collections in person.

    Thanks for the preview!

    • Hi Deborah!

      Yes, you will be getting all these beads and more come April. They’re all in the NA catalogue I saw :) I really like the Flourishing Hearts bracelet as well, but the engraving does put me off as it’s so explicitly family-based. I will have to have a think about it. The pendant I would definitely get if I like it in store!

      You’re welcome, Deborah – thanks for commenting!

  9. I hope that bangle is a GWP for Mother’s Day in Australia because I want it. There are some nice items in this collection. Thanks for the preview Ellie. I do hope that Pandora vetting your posts is not creating too much extra work and stress for you. Thank should thank you for your wonderful work promoting their products!

    • I heard that this bangle is just going to be a gift set for Australia, that it’s not going to be a GWP. There are a couple of other bangles coming out with the Mother’s Day collection, however, so maybe one of those will be a GWP. I will let you know when I find out :)

      and thank you Lozzie! It has been very stressful at points over the past couple of months, but once everything is sorted, going ‘official’ and working with them on previews should be a good thing going forward. :)

  10. Hi :)

    I saw on preview and there are other charms with bows theme and other.
    Bangle with tree heart I haven/t seen.
    Bangle, tree heart are on my wishlist. Bows theme charms and earrings to :)
    This collection is better but still some have ugly enamel :/

    • Hi Aga! Yes, I’m aware that the pictures are elsewhere – I cannot post them yet. Pandora did say that they will be enforcing the embargo across all websites at some point but I don’t know what their plan is regarding that just yet. Either way, you’ll be able to read my preview starting next week :)

  11. Thank you so much for the detailed descriptions and pictures! In Russia we absolutely love your blog and always can’t wait for your update or a review – to be inspired by your amazing collection!
    Would you please tell me when we can hope to see the full preview of summer collection? Is there anything matching the previous year tropical style? Thank you again and again!

    • Thank you so much Angelina! I’m so pleased you enjoy it. <3 I will be able to post the Summer collection next month. It's not tropical in theme like last year. The theme is 'festivals' and there are some summer fairground pieces and other decorative charms. The rainbow pavé mosaic and radiant hearts charm that featured in my original SS18 sneak peeks are part of that collection, too.

      • Great news Ellie! The Summer collection sounds very interesting and I can’t wait to see it! I am very glad to hear that the Rainbow Pave Mosaic Charm will be a part of this collection—it was one of my favorites—as I worried it was not going to be released. IMO, it is not as “in your face” rainbow-y as some of the other upcoming rainbow pieces and looks like it will work well with paler colors and pastels. Although I have seen the Mother’s Day Collection elsewhere, I always look forward to your previews the most! ;)

  12. I want the teddy and the house charms, they’re lovely :-D. I also like the bangle and wonder if they will start selling the locks separately like Troll Beads do so that we can just put a different lock on the one bracelet or bangle :-/.

    • But will they all be cookie-cutter hearts? I fear they will be. With Trollbeads no two locks are the same, and each is an individual piece of sculpture. Pandora now has two locks, two hearts. It’s tedious already. Trollbeads is Michelangelo; Pandora is a toddler using play doh stamps. Lol. But time will tell if Pandora plans to improve their locks with age.

      • I don’t like any of this stuff. I did like certain pieces of the spring collection. This stuff looks childish and if pandora does one balloon they have to do 12. I’m starting to be uncomfortable with the pandora control and drama. I think I will skip spring altogether now and just concentrate on other brands. Who needs a bead headache?

        • I’m actually afraid to order from Pandora by now, I’ve had so many faulty items in so short a time — 3 bangles and a smooth snake chain, all faulty, all from sales. I’m not the only one either; sale items have been faulty all over and people are complaining in high numbers because they can’t return sale items. This smells bad for Pandora. I really want an open bangle from Pandora, but I’ve been putting it off because I just know it’ll be faulty. I did the Trollbeads copper bangle promotion a couple of times instead, because I trust the products will be stellar on arrival, whether promotion items, sale items, regular priced items, doesn’t matter, always stellar.

          Pandora has better marketing and name recognition than Trollbeads, but Pandora’s product is far, far, far inferior. People who collect both brands know this.

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem! I always hear people talking about how ”high quality” Pandora is and it’s really not. I love Pandora but the quality control is just so incredibly bad. On multiple occasions I’ve had to go all the way back to the concept store because one of the charms I bought was faulty and I hadn’t noticed in the store (the sales ladies here often grab a charm from their stock and put it in a box without showing you). So now I make sure to inspect every charm when leaving the store. The sale items especially have a high chance of being faulty. I’ve bought a lot of sale items over the past 2-3 years and I think I’ve had to send back about 1/3 because of missing stones, faulty locks and safety chains, misshapen silver etc etc. I’m pretty sure that a ton of the sale items are items that have been sent back to Pandora because they were faulty and are just being sold over and over again. Almost every time I bought an item from a small batch that came back in stock again after being sold out it’s been faulty. Lately I’ve been ordering multiples of the same items so that I can choose and send back the extra/faulty ones. It’s tiring and frustrating and I really hope that Pandora will do something about this because I can imagine a lot of people aren’t willing to put up with this BS.
          I don’t understand your comment about not being able to return sale items though, Lola. Maybe it’s different in your country but I’ve never heard of someone not being able to return a sale item, especially if it’s faulty. You should always have 14 days to return it, or at least that’s the rule in Europe. I’d strongly suggest contacting Pandora if you do have a faulty item, because that’s just not acceptable.
          I’m sorry for my -very- long rant, just needed to get this off my chest I guess haha.

        • I recently had a bad experience with Pandora and a faulty item as well, Lola and Lauren. This also involves poor customer service. A stone fell out of my Abstract Elegance Ring, and in the past, Pandora would have replaced it without any problem. I had received it as a gift for my birthday last year and did not have a receipt. The SA spent forever trying to look up my friend’s (who bought me the ring) transaction and couldn’t find it. Finally, she just said not to worry about it and I could replace it (which she should have done in the first place!). Then, she wanted to hand me off to another SA (because her shift was over) and said she would help me find a different ring. I was shocked and told her I just wanted to replace it with the exact same ring. She looked for the size and of course they didn’t have it (no surprise for that store, and they never contact you when you’re on the waitlist for a size for a specific ring and it comes back in stock). She didn’t offer to do anything else and just said to check back in a week, so I ended up just keeping the ring. Then, she handed my friend off to the other SA, who proceeded to slide her credit card through and go through the transaction EIGHT times! Sorry for this rant, but my local store has definitely gone downhill!

        • Laura, you’re definitely not alone. In Canada now sale items are FINAL sales, no returns, even if faulty. I’ve emailed, no reply. I’ve called, no answer. Pandora has closed shop-in-shops here, and we have no online buying anymore but for the Pandora Corporate e-store, so I have no Concept Store close enough that I can buy in person. I reply on the e-store, and it’s just not reliable anymore. It’s been too much money wasted. I might try another sale, and if the items are faulty again, I’ll consider filing a complaint with Consumer Protection.

          Joanne, is it a Concept Store, Pandora Corporate? When Corporate takes over, as Pandora Corporate is doing, customer service dies.

        • That’s terrible, Lola! I can absolutely understand your hesitation to buy anything else. I really hope you can find some sort of solution, but I don’t really know what that could be.

        • I had a bad experience too Laura with my engraved Mother’s day bangle from last year. The clasp broke two months after it was gifted to me from my husband. I was so sad but luckily I was able to exchange it for free. However, a month later, the new clasp broke again and I decided to get a credit note instead. What a waste of time and disapointed since it was a Mother’s day gift.

          Also just today I noticed one of the silver balls from my open bracelet went missing. It must’ve fell off on it’s own! I don’t know how since I rarely remove the balls.Anyways save your money. The open bangle is nice but I noticed it doe’s get warped after daily wear and it always gets stuck when putting on shirts with long sleeves! Ugh I hope Pandora puts more quality into their items. For the price, it’s starting to seem its not worth it which makes me very sad.

  13. Hi Ellie I love the flourishing heart pieces I think the bracelet would be perfect for an Autumn theme I have in mind. The earing are really nice too and the charms. Of course I am over the mood about the Disney pieces I was so sad when these pieces were missed out but I’m glad to see them in person. I heard maximus is being retired so that might be why he not being released.

    • Hi Nicola! Oh, that sounds really nice. What are you thinking for Autumn? I did know that Maximus wasn’t coming out – it’s a shame that he retired before he could be released here. He’s very small but really very cute!

  14. Hi Ellie, I had completely forgotten that in UK you celebrate Mother´s Day earlier than most countries, which is an advantage for us because we get to see the charms … in February!
    This drop is one I usually skip, but there is beautiful pieces and as long as they don´t have any inscription on it you are free to use them however you like. The mother and baby bird could go on a garden themed bracelet, for example. Anyway, I totally agree with you on the fact that it would have been much cuter if it had been all silver with intricate detailing around the birds. The flourishing tree pendant is another one I like, though I don´t really need it, so most probably I won´t get it either. I´ll be broke after the Spring launch, lol!. And we don´t celebrate Mother´s Day here till the first Sunday in May, so no money left, haha.
    Changing the subject I´m delighted to know that you have a battery of post for the next days, yay! I´ll enjoy every one of them. Zillions of thanks in advance <3!

    • Forgot to mention that I finally took part in the Valentine´s promo. I was going to be good and save all my money for the Spring collection but as soon as I saw that beautiful jewellery case I knew it had to be mine and got a second ESSENCE bracelet plus the pearl charm. I think I´m becomming addicted to GPWs as well, grrrh!

    • Hi Marie! Yes, it’s a nice little bonus isn’t it! I don’t usually get many pieces from the Mother’s Day collection but I like a few of these. I just wish the bangle didn’t have the inscription or I would for sure get it! Grr, haha. You will have to see how healthy your bank account is looking after Spring. I know mine will have taken something of a hit!

      Yes, I’m very excited to post them! Glad you’re looking forward to them, I’ll look forward to your comments <3

  15. Hi!

    I was so excited to hear that Pandora were releasing some more of their Disney charms here in the UK. I love some of the older Pandora character beads so I love what they’ve done with some of the Disney beads such as the Bambi and Pooh characters – I love that you can theme a bracelet around them without making it too obvious and in your face Disney, unlike with some of the mickey beads.
    Anyway since you reviewed Eeyore last year I’ve been dying to see him in the UK so I was ecstatic to see him on the UK website and I’ve just bought him!!!
    He’s going onto my floral bracelet with my (also newly acquired) darling daisy clip :-)

    I’ve also earmarked Piglet and of course Tigger for my next purchases. Thanks so much for the update xx

    • Hi Karen! I completely agree with you – that is my favourite kind of Disney bead! They blend in beautifully with older beads and you don’t need to completely Disney-fy your bracelet to make the beads work. And yay, you bought Eeyore! He is my favourite Disney bead, and possibly one of my favourite Pandora beads I own <3 Bambi and Thumper are close seconds, and who could forget Tigger as well. :)

      Enjoy your Eeyore when he turns up - he will definitely need Tigger and Piglet to come join him haha! Thanks for commenting xx

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