A quick promotional update today to let you know that Pandora US have discounted all their Valentine’s 2018 gift sets across this weekend! Until Sunday 19 Feb, you can purchase any of the sets at 20% off, either in store or from authorised online retailers. This offer went live all across social media yesterday, but I didn’t have a chance to write a post until this morning!

The various gift sets are pictured below. The Stacked Open Bangle set offers a significant discount on its RRP of $425 USD. With the extra discount taken into account, it’s now down to $240.

All the gift sets come with very tempting pretty pink packaging. It’s a shame that the pink charm box is only offered in the US with the pavé lips bead, as I am really not keen enough on that one to splurge on it! I managed to get the pink bracelet box myself here in the UK, as my boyfriend got me the Lock Your Promise bracelet for Valentine’s Day and they gave it to him in one of the pink boxes. ?

Do any of these sets tempt you, with a little extra discount?

14 Comments on Promotion Alert: 20% off Pandora Valentine’s 2018 Gift Sets for the US

  1. hello my dear i am from germnay when i buy from the us are there any supllieres who send to germany? thnaks sandra

    • Hi Sandra! No, official retailers aren’t allowed to ship abroad. You could join a Facebook Pandora selling group (e.g. Pandora’s Angels, Pandora’s Tribe – or there might be one for German fans) and see if there is someone from the US who can help you. :) Or you can try using a mail forwarding service who will send you packages to Germany from the US. Good luck!

  2. Nah…. even with the discount not feeling the Valentine’s collection. Saving my $$$ for spring collection! So much I want from there!

  3. I’m glad you got the pretty pink bracelet box. What do you think of the Lock Your Promise bracelet? I suspect you’ll review it for us soon! I haven’t actually checked it out yet.

    • It’s silly, but I do love the pretty boxes. :) I like the Lock Your Promise bracelet a lot now that I have it, but it is very different for me from their other charm bracelets! I have almost my finished my review and will post it soon. I’d be interested to hear what you think when you do see it!

  4. Hi Ellie!

    As I mentioned yesterday, I did get the Tree of a Love gift set. Then I also ordered the open bangle and the kiss more. The open bangle set is such a deal that I couldn’t resist. And I wanted the emoji to go with Bella Bot for a technology theme.

    I needed some bracelets, and these will fill the bill nicely until there is a bracelet promo.

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, amazing! And yes, how good is the deal on the open bangles? If you like all the pieces included, then you’re saving a lot of money. And getting one of the exclusive engraved beads. Which did you choose? I would love to hear more about your technology theme as it comes along. ^^

  5. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the promotion update. Good deal for the stacked open bangles set. Too bad I’m not really interested in the charms, but the pink boxes are pretty. How are you liking the Lock Your Promise bracelet? I haven’t seen the Valentine’s release in person. Saving my money for the Spring release!

    • Hi Emily! The Valentine’s collection itself was mostly a miss for me, but I did love the packaging haha. I am liking the Lock Your Promise, but am mostly treating it like a bangle and wearing it plain to stack with other bracelets. I have almost finished the review so will talk about it in depth shortly! ^^

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