Today’s post brings my first and only review from the Pandora Valentine’s 2018 collection, offering an overview of the new Lock your Promise charm bracelet! I did not think I would be featuring any pieces from this release, but my boyfriend surprised me this with bracelet for Valentine’s Day. I had decided against it due to too-many-bracelets-itis and the fact that I didn’t have any plans for another pink theme, but he was a poppet and got it for me on the sly. ^^

Image by Pandora

Pandora emphasised in a recent plan to shareholders that they were going to keep innovating and changing up their products to keep interest going – and, in this way, this one is something of a deviation from Pandora’s usual charm bracelets, featuring a detachable heart pendant as a clasp instead of the usual barrel design. This was an interesting one for me, as I really didn’t have any plans for it before I got it.

Read on to see what I made of it in person, and how I’m going to wear it! :)

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 Lock Your Promise bracelet review

The clasp offers a sweet, contemporary design that makes a statement and draws the eye; nevertheless, these things also mean that it’s not as versatile as Pandora’s other clasps. You need to pick charms that complement this pink pavé lock. The clasp has been a bit controversial, as it is really quite big, and, as you can see in this picture, it dangles quite low down from the bracelet. All in all, it’s a focal point in a way that Pandora’s regular clasps aren’t.

To open the clasp, you press at the little catch on the side of the lock, and it comes apart. Doing it up is more fiddly – not as tricky as a traditional lobster clasp, but I still spend a little while trying to do it up. My barrel clasps are on and done up in seconds! But then I have been doing them up for six years +. ? The other issue is that the clasp is so big and shiny that your fingerprints are very visible after you’ve gripped it to do it up.

Pandora Valentine's 2018 Lock your Promise bracelet

The clasp comes away completely, and you could easily wear it as a necklace pendant instead, or even thread it on to another charm bracelet, if you felt so inclined. The new Mother’s Day 2018 bangle also has a detachable lock, and it seems like Pandora are considering taking a leaf out of Trollbeads’s book, offering interchangeable locks for their bracelets.

The other side of the clasp is one that’s not often featured in pictures! It’s plain silver, and rather pretty. Pandora in China offered an engraving promotion for Valentine’s Day where you could get your initials added here, and you can see how it would be perfect to have something special written across it. One thing you can’t really see from the picture is how scratched it is, however. I have been stacking this bracelet with other charms, and I do have a job that involves a lot of typing at a desk, so it’s taken a lot of wear already, but just be aware that this clasp is prone to showing up dents.

Although it does have threads by the clasp, this bracelet doesn’t have clip stations. So, while charms will thread on to the bracelet, you’ll need to either use silicone-lined clips or rubber stoppers under regular clips to hold charms in place.


This feels very much like a departure from Pandora’s usual charm bracelets, and so my approach to styling it was very different. You, of course, can put charms on it, but the clasp itself is so big that it feels strange to me to fill it up. I think it would end up look quite cluttered, as I normally build around a focal point in the centre section opposite the clasp – but as the clasp itself is such a focal point, I feel like your eye would be drawn to both ends of the bracelet and it wouldn’t look right.

So, for me, any charms added to this bracelet should really be used to complement the lock. I would build around it as a focal point. I put two of the retired pink sapphire Double Heart clips either side of the clasp, which added a bit more of a classic feel to it.

A note about sizing: I normally wear a 19cm, but the SA persuaded my boyfriend to go down two sizes as this bracelet fits smaller. I can see that this type of closure means that you might want to go a size down with this bracelet, depending on how many charms you want to put on it. Unlike the traditional barrel clasp, this lock does not pull the two ends tight together and there’s a fraction more space between the two ends of the bracelet. However, while I am happy with the 17cm I got as I’m currently stacking it plain with other bracelets, I definitely could not fill it up comfortably with charms. Two sizes down is too many if you want to wear it as a full charm bracelet.

My other idea was to feature two of my favourite Disney beads, one of each side of the clasp: Tigger and Eeyore. They both have a pop of pink enamel detailing, and so I thought they’d work well with the clasp. The pink Primrose silicone clips keep them in place and stop them from sliding round the bracelet.

For extra security, and to make sure that the charms can’t come off the bracelet when it’s unlatched, you might want to add clips before the threads, as I’ve done here:


I am very pleased with my bracelet, although I’m still not sure what to do with it. I’m treating it mostly like a bangle at the moment, and wearing it pretty much plain & stacked with other bracelets. I think that the interchangeable clasp idea will work best when Pandora focus on designs that increase a bracelet’s versatility rather than limiting it. The pink pavé design is pretty, but it limits you to certain styles and colours. You couldn’t swap it on to any bracelet design; you have to design around it. I’m looking forward to seeing how Pandora continue to unfold this concept!

The Pandora Lock your Promise bracelet is £65 or $75 USD.

Have you bought this bracelet or is it on your wish list? What do you think of the idea of interchangeable locks?

64 Comments on Review: Lock your Promise Bracelet from Pandora Valentine’s 2018

  1. Nice review Ellie. I think one size down might have better as it looks like a tight fit in your photo. This one holds no appeal to me but I think you have made it look pretty with your styling. Kudos to your BF for surprising you.

    • Thanks, Lozzie! It is quite a tight fit. It’s actually okay for my purposes as my favourite way to wear it currently is at the top of a stack, so it’s good that it’s smaller than my other bracelets.

  2. Enjoyed your review.
    I do have this bracelet… I was wearing mine plain and stacked. Thanks for the ideas. I will be adding explosion of love clips and inspiration within spacers to mine?

    • Thanks Sabrina! :D The Explosion of Love clips would be a great choice. I was kind of thinking of them when I chose the Double Heart clips. I guess they’re the classic Pandora version of that styling!

  3. Great review, I like the looks of this bracelet and for me it is pretty without the charms and wear it with other bracelets as a layering bracelet. I have tried this bracelet and the lock is a bit tricky but after a little practice it’s ok. It is a very pretty bracelet and I look forward to the Mother’s day bracelet.
    I have the matching necklace and I really like it. As you said the lock is so big it shows finger prints.

    • Thanks Cheryl! That is how I feel about the bracelet too. I’m using it to enhance my other Pandora stacks currently. But if the right clips come out, I might add them to it, as I do like the look of one clip either side of the clasp. <3

      • Hi Ellie,
        What a beautiful present from your OH.
        Did you know Pandora made some clips “Lock your promise”. Just saw it on the canadian Pandora estore. Looks great!

        • Hi Rachelle! Yes, he was a sweetheart! The matching clips would probably work well but I prefer to keep my bracelet a little simpler I think ?

  4. Hi Ellie!

    I will definitely be purchasing this bracelet as soon as I get a chance to get to the store. Tom is getting stronger every day, so pretty soon I should be able to spend some time in store.

    I was planning to buy 1 size down, but I wasn’t taking into account the spacing between the ends of the bracelet. I am planning to wear just clips on either side of the lock, so maybe 2 sizes down will be better. Since the lock dangles down, it would always be on the bottom of a stack and at the smallest point of my wrist. Definitely need to test drive this one before purchasing. I don’t mind the pink Pavé; I do wish, however, that the word Pandora wasn’t featured so prominently. Maybe it doesn’t scream out at you in person.

    Thanks for the review. Once again you have brought up something I hadn’t considered.

    • Hi! I work in store and we recommend going just 1 size down, I don’t know why Ellies boyfriend was advised to go 2 sizes!

    • Hi Deborah! Now that you say it, I do remember that people worried about the prominent branding with this one. It didn’t really occur to me when I was reviewing it, as it doesn’t bother me. It’s just part of the design, much in the way that Tiffany’s ‘Return to’ branding is part of their jewellery. You either like it or you don’t, I guess! It is certainly prominent in person. :) I only really grumble about branding when I feel like it’s superfluous to the charm or if it actively interrupts the design (for example, Eeyore has a lot of branding on his little bottom!).

      I’m really glad to hear that your husband is improving, such good news! Sending happy thoughts and wishes as always.

  5. Hi Ellie,
    Thank you for your review. I am not planning on getting this bracelet but as it seems that new ones may be on its way to us I was a bit worry about sizes. For what you say, I had good reasons to worry, as I wear size 16 which means that if you have to go two sizes down I’m in trouble.
    So far I am not liking the locks especially. I think they are too big, or at least this one is too big and they don’t look good with the threads at both ends. Perhaps this new concept would look better if it were smooth.
    Anyway The idea of interchangeable lockets appeal to me, as long as Pandora makes smaller sizes. I’m curious if we will see a different lock shape (?). Trollbeads’ ones don’t drop, as long as I’m aware of.The possibilies are endless if Pandora does them well.
    And taking this into account, I think I need to get another barrel clasp one before they are gone forever.
    Btw, how nice to be surprised with something you are not even awaiting. Your boyfriend must be a treasure!
    Well, I hope to see more beautiful interchangeable locks in the future. Thank you for your review, can’t wait to the next!

    • Trollbeads locks don’t drop because they’re not dangles, as the Pandora locks are so far, but, I do add a dangle to my locks sometimes. I’m wondering if a Troll lock would work on this Pandora bracelet. The end bits might be too fat; I can’t judge that from pictures, and I have no intention of ever buying this bracelet. Maybe someone else will try it. :-)

      • Yes it fits so you could interchange it with Troll bracelets. Personally, I don’t like the way it looks, though, as the Pandora is very shiny and the Troll oxidised. With the Troll clasps increasing the length by more than the Pandora lock does, that could be a problem too for interchanging them. If you want to make the Pandora one shorter then you could always put it on a Troll bracelet ;-).

        • Awesome. Thank you! I like mixing metals, or shiny and dark. Troll bracelets are dark, but lots of their silver charms are shiny, and it all looks great together.

    • Hi Marie!

      Ah, well if you wear a 16 usually then you may well struggle with the sizing of this one. I would say probably that you would want to go one size down, not two, though. But you won’t find a 15cm version of this.

      It would be great to see Pandora experiment with a whole different range of clasp styles and designs. I imagine they’ll venture much further into this once they’ve got these initial designs off the ground.

      Glad you enjoyed the review Marie, and thanks for commenting! <3

  6. I ordered this the day it came out. I had to order the 6.3 size because everything else was sold out. It’s a bit snug so I figured I would exchange right after Valentine’s day. Obviously this bracelet is a hit because they are still sold out!
    I love it! Pink is my favorite color and it has just enough sparkle for me. I love that you can take the clasp off and wear it on another bracelet! Love the whole design idea!
    I also love getting your posts! Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews and photos!

    • I heard that these became a bit hard to get hold of in the US! They’re plentiful here, as far as I can tell. It’s good that they seem to have sold well though :) and also good to hear that you are enjoying yours! It is a very pretty, fun little design.

      Thank you for your lovely comment, and for letting me know that you enjoy the reviews! Hope you continue to enjoy <3

  7. Thanks for the review! I still really like the lock, although now that I’ve seen the lock on the mothers day bangle I might put off buying this bracelet since I do like that lock a little more. I am a little worried about the size since my bracelets are normally 16cm and that’s with charms on them. I think this particular bracelet would do well without any additional charms, though.

    • I really like the Mother’s Day bangle lock as well! It’s just so annoying that it has the family wording engraved on it. Otherwise it would be a definite for me! You might struggle with the sizing of this one if you wear a very small size normally – definitely try it in store if you can first. :)

  8. Aw, how sweet is your boyfriend!! “Poppet” is such an adorable word.

    I’m confused now. Does “fits small” equal “smaller fit”?

    For the open bangle, Pandora says:

    “Open Bangles are a smaller fit. If your bracelet size is in-between two sizes, we advise you opt for the larger size.”

    I’m not “between sizes” on a regular bangle or bracelet. I wear a 17cm regular bangle, which is a perfect fit without charms, or with four or five charms, considering there’s always that block of space where the round bangle misses the wrist. I was considering the 17.5cm because of the “smaller fit,” but now I’m not sure. :-( Should I go down to 16cm? A full cm is a big drop. Of course I can wear it, but comfortably with any charms on it?

    Ugh… more sizes needed!!!!

    • Eugh, I meant ‘fits large’… as in this bracelet comes up bigger than others. I obviously needed more coffee when writing this post haha! So I would go a size down from your regular charm bracelets. Ideally you would try it in store, but I know that you don’t live close to one.

      • Makes more sense, the lock is at least 1cm. Did you measure it? Troll locks are 2cm, except for the big locks that are 3cm, so that’s always taken into account. I like that system because sometimes I want a little more room for a few more beads, sometimes I want a close fit with no beads, so I have different size chains, not locks. I stick with the 2cm locks and get different length chains.

  9. I have this bracelet and I didn’t know to go down a size so I can actually get it on without undoing the clasp but it won’t fall off and I do like the drape. I’m wearing it without charms as I’m not sure what to put on it. I like the feature of the big clasp but I wonder about putting a safety chain on it in case it comes undone, I don’t think a safety chain would look nice :-/. I do like the way your bracelet looks with the clips either side :-D, so I might do that ;-).

    • A safety chain would look great with this lock as long as it would be long enough to frame the lock. You would have to check.

    • Ah, I hadn’t considered the safety chain issue. As Lisa says, if you were going to try one, I’d definitely go for one with a long chain as you don’t want overlap. I can’t tell whether I’d like that or not! If I get the chance at some point I will try it and see what I think. ^^

  10. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you for this review, very informative. I can see where this design could be appealing, I know some gals at work who wear the silver Pandora bangle with nothing on it because they really aren’t into charm bracelets but the Pandora bangle looks great by itself. I think some of them might go for the snake chain version if they had a selection of locking clasps to choose from – like troll beads.
    You are right wearing this loaded with charms would be way too cluttered. Your version with just the two clips are a good balance and spread out the weight, less strain on the lock.
    The pink,pave on the heart shaped padlock have no appeal to me what so ever. In order for me to remotely be interested in this concept, Pandora is going to have to get ver “classy creative” with their lock designs. I hope they Do Not do a dare I say it Lock your Lips version with those aweful pave lips Something, perhaps simple, inspired by Audrey Hepburn or something with lovely scroll work that might compliment the alphabet charms or nature designs, that came out a few years back. I would consider wearing this type of bracelet, without charms or with two clips as you have illustrated.

    Ellie, I think it was lovely of your boyfriend to treat you to something you might not have purchased for yourself. Again, you have done a wonderful job of showcasing this interesting concept and celebrating/ honouring his purchase.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Ahaha, how could you even give voice to that ‘lock your lips’ bracelet lock idea! ? I hope that the lips won’t feature too prominently going forward. They were not really my cup of tea at all!

      I think that they will get a greater variety of lock designs going forward, should they pursue this idea. Hearts are an obvious starting point for them, and their go-to whenever they want to guarantee sales, so you can see why they might want to use them to dip their toes in the water with this concept.

      Thank you, Lisa! You are always so sweet in your comments. He was lovely to get it for me, and I really am enjoying it stacked with other bracelets. I may well add a couple of clips to it at some point too. Thanks for commenting!

  11. Hi Ellie…..great review! I bought this Lock Your Promise when it came out and did go down one size. I was hoping Pandora would come out with more locks and I saw the new release for Mother’s Day bangle for the UK…..was happy to see that….but wonder it that lock would be available to the USA! I have worn the bracelet with clips and one charm and also stacked with my gold bangle. Hope Pandora releases more Lock choices.

    • Hi Janet! It will be available in the US, yes! You guys will have to wait until April though. :) I’m hoping to see more locks in AW18 as well.

  12. Hi. I am a recent Pandora owner and I love you blog and updates. Can I ask if you’ve ever reviewed the Beauty and the Beast Bangle? Given your comments about styling this one with the large lock, I wonder how you style the B&B with the engraving on one side. Thanks

  13. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the detailed review of the Lock Your Promise bracelet. How nice of your boyfriend to surprise you with this one. Until this review, I had not noticed the lock being quite large. I can definitely see this one being worn without charms for that reason. I do like using a minimal amount of charms on this bracelet, keeping the lock as a focal point as you’ve shown us with your styling. I decided to give it a wait thinking more locks would be coming out in future releases. I rather like the one for Mother’s Day. I’ll need to try one in store and make sure I don’t have a problem closing the lock. Years ago, there was a tool called bracelet buddy that helped with closing lobster clasp bracelets. Maybe one day Pandora will come out with something similar. Sometimes it takes me forever to do up the clasp. Thank goodness for Open End Bangles!

    • Hi Emily! It is really quite large in person, and I personally wouldn’t style it at all like a regular charm bracelet. :) I don’t think I have seen anyone who has, so far. The lock is tricky to do up on its own but nowhere near as hard as a regular lobster clasp. The bracelet buddy sounds like a good idea! I can never get my Tiffany beaded bracelet on by myself. ^^

  14. And I forgot to say, for any ladies have trouble clasping their bracelet, Trollbeads bracelet helper works for Pandora bracelets too. There are other bracelet helpers out there, I know, but I just have the Troll one, and it’s super.

      • And what’s funny is I didn’t read your above comment before posting on it. Lol. I use it every single day and LOVE it. It’s only 10.00 Canadian. I bought one for my daughter too, and she loves it. It’s a nice piece of wood, very good in the hand, and so easy to use. Of course it might not work on a very full bracelet, because you need some chain available, but I don’t wear full bracelets. It will for sure work wonderfully on the locket bracelet.

        • This sounds perfect and exactly what I need. I don’t fill up my bracelets anymore either. They wear so much better this way. If I have a lot of charms I want to wear together, I’ll stack a few bracelets.

    • Oh thanks Lola, I just looked up the bracelet helper and it looks really useful! Sometimes my bracelets are quite fiddly to do up, I will definitely get one of these. I’ve never seen them before.

      • I did try others, those roach clip things from Amazon, but they weren’t good in the hand, too flimsy. I have Essential Tremor, so what I’m holding sometimes has to be substantial or I just can’t manage it. The Troll helper is substantial compared to other helpers, and once you’ve pushed the chain into the slot, it stays there. It just works for me and I’m so happy with it. I have all kinds of aids for my tremor, but the Troll helper is the best.

  15. You’ve styled it beautifully, Ellie! I love the idea of clips at the end with charms that accentuate the lock! I really wanted this bracelet when it first came out but had to choose between the bracelet or the two tone key charm for Valentine’s Day and went with the latter, so now I need to wait to get this one! After I saw the new spring bracelet though, I wanted that one so it’ll be a hard decision what to get next! I love the lock on the Mother’s Day bangle too and could totally see getting both because I’d like to wear that silver filigree lock on a snake chain which is my preferred bracelet :)

    • Thank you so much! :) The two-tone key charm is one of the Valentine’s beads I did like, but after six years of collecting I have a lot of similar things so didn’t go for it. I’m sure you’ll have fun deciding what your next purchases will be however! I was quite tempted to get the Mother’s Day bangle (Even though I don’t like the inscription haha) just so that I could have both locks to wear with the snake chain bracelet. But I’ve not quite got to that point yet. ^^

  16. Hi Ellie I love you design with the Winnie the Pooh characters so cute, of course it’s on my wishlist. I like you comment that the reason you didn’t buy it was due to having to many bracelets lol.

    • Hi Nicola! Haha, thanks! I’m sure you’d find a cute way to wear this bracelet. ^^ My ‘too many bracelets’ syndrome won’t stop me getting the Wildflower Meadow bracelet from Spring either haha!

  17. Hi there ,
    Two thumbs up that the BF surprised you with this beauty. I must admit I find this to be only a few of the classy items released for Vday this year. I had absolutely no idea before your release that it is a detachable pendant but I think it’s wonderful I would totally wear it alone in a necklace. I also see what you mean now about it kind of being doUble-sided. It’s a nice alternative if you need a pave break ? oh spring can not get here fast enough.

    • Hi Alex! Yeah, I think you could totally just flip the lock round depending on whether you wanted a little sparkle or not. :) and if you got it engraved, it would be even more of a viable alternative! :)

  18. I’m glad you’ve found ways to wear it. It won’t be going on my list, probably because the lock is so big and pulls on the bracelet unevenly. I DO like that it looks like you can add charms from both sides!

  19. I love my bracelet but I am finding it difficult to clasp. I love it so much I will figure it out. I agree you need clips near the clasp. Not sure what direction I’m going to go with charms yet. Enjoy your blog.

    • I’m finding it a little easier as I get the knack of it more, but it’s definitely trickier! Enjoy styling your bracelet, and thanks for commenting! <3

  20. EXTREMELY interesting insights Ellie!! This item
    Is not on my wish list although I do think it’s pretty. Now I know that if I buy it to treat it more like a stand alone bracelet rather than a charm bracelet. Also I love the way you styled it!

    • Thanks Jahndra! <3 I definitely see it as a stand alone bracelet, more like a bangle. It looks really pretty in the right stack!

  21. Hi Ellie, thanks for the review of this bracelet. It looks lovely on you and you have styled it well. I was just thinking it would be great if Pandora did a a lock similar to the floral padlock charm they retired some time back. It’s great that charm s can go on either side! I am not sure I will buy the bracelet myself as a I have a heart padlock bracelet already but really enjoyed your review. Counting down to the Spring release YAY :)

  22. Love your review. Have you heard about the new shine collection? I’m in New Zealand. I got an email from local store they just launche the new collection. Any comment?

    • Thanks! ? I have been embargoed from talking about it By Pandora so far but have a review going up very soon :)

  23. I’m getting one of the lock bracelets for my anniversary from my boyfriend but concerned about loosing the clasp. I’m getting the floating locket heart one. The only idea i have is to put silicone stoppers either side of where the clip meets the left side of the bangle. Any other ideas? Considering soldering a ring to it to add a trollbeads style saftey chain to it
    Have heard from lots of girls that it opens

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