The Pandora Spring/Summer 2018 previews continue today with a complete overview of the Pandora Rose releases for Spring & Mother’s Day 2018. :D There are new bracelet designs, some pretty florals and a cute bunny or two to look forward to!Pandora Rose Spring 2018

The first half of this collection will make its debut with the Spring collection on 15 March; the second with the Mother’s Day launch on 12 April. Read on for a full preview!

Pandora Rose Spring 2018 preview

The Pandora Rose release offers some of the the brand’s only floral designs for spring this year – first up, we have Rose versions of the  Magnolia Blooms clip and charm, which came out in silver last year. The clip is priced at $75 USD.

The charm will retail for $65 USD.

The Wildflower Meadow charm matches the purple pieces coming out with the regular Spring collection, but it has pink and yellow stones instead. I love the little ladybird dangle at the base of the charm, and would love a proper charm version of it! It’s priced at $75 USD.Pandora ROse Spring 2018

There’s a matching spacer, retailing for $45 USD.Pandora ROse Spring 2018 Wildflower MeadowHistorically, Pandora Rose pieces have always been quite decorative or abstract in design, but recently they’ve started introducing some character charms – we had some Christmas gifts and trees last winter. For Spring, they’re introducing the Cute Bunny, with pink enamel ears and CZ eyes. I think I’d have preferred it without the CZ eyes, but I like the concept at least! It’s priced at $55 USD.Pandora Rose Spring 2018 cute bunnyI already previewed the silver version of the Bella Bot, but it will also be coming out in Rose. It’s $75 USD.
Pandora Rose Spring 2018 collection

The Happy Rose dangle, retailing for $65 USD, matches the I Love You pendant that came out for Valentine’s Day – it’s nice to have a version with a more general appeal.

Pandora rose spring 2018 happy

Next, we have three new Rose bracelets! First up is an all-Rose bangle, retailing for $150 USD.

Pandora rose spring 2018 bangle

Next, we have a Rose version of the new Sliding Bracelet, which will also be available in silver. From this image, you can see how charms are addd to the bracelet – it unclips where the two different chains meet. It’s priced at $150 USD.

Our final bracelet is not a charm bracelet – this is a Rose version of the Signature Open Bangle, priced at $180 USD.
Pandora rose spring 2018 open bangle

The Enchanted Crown ring features blush & orchid pink crystals, retailing at $100 USD.

Pandora Rose Spring 2018 collection The Signature Hearts ring is plain Rose, and a little cheaper at $60 USD.
Pandora Rose Spring 2018 collectionThe Wildflower Meadow has a lot going on, with butterfly wings, dragonflies and a cluster of pretty flowers. It’s priced at $90 USD.Pandora ROse Spring 2018 Wildflower Meadow ring

The Wildflower Meadow earrings, retailing for $150 USD, are pricey but great statement pieces:Pandora Rose Spring 2018 collectionFinally for Spring, the Enchanted Crowns will be $65 USD.pandora rose spring 2018

Pandora Rose Mother’s Day 2018 Preview

There will also be a selection of Rose jewellery coming out for Mother’s Day on 12 April. 

Starting with the charms, it’s interesting to see our first Rose two-tone beads, too. I’d be up for rose gold two-tone pieces, but I’d prefer them to be solid rose gold rather than Pandora Rose two-tone, if that makes sense. The Heart Highlights is priced at $45 USD.

pandora rose heart highlights 2018

The Part of My Heart marries the Rose colour with purple tones, retailing for $65 USD.


Pink and Pandora Rose always go beautifully together, and I like the colour combo in the Pattern of Love dangle, which will retail for $65 USD.

The Arcs of Love clip is priced at $55 USD.

Some of my favourite pieces from this launch are based around a filigree hearts motif. This works really beautifully, particularly in the Rose finish. The Hearts Filigree features a large clear CZ at its centre, although it looks quite pinkish here – I guess it’s the Rose metal showing through beneath it! It’s priced at $90 USD.

Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 hearts filigree

The Harmonious Hearts dangle is rather pretty, and will retail for $45 USD.

Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 collection Harmonious Hearts

The Harmonious Hearts pacifier offers a baby-themed twist on this design, priced at $45 USD.

Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 collection

I can’t quite work out whether I like this new Rose-y take on the Radiant Hearts button design. On the one hand, the blend of Rose and luminous lilac seems a curious combination, but I think it might be one of those charms that looks pretty in person. It’s pricey at $95 USD.

pandora rose mother's day 2018 radiant hearts

The next two designs are more explicitly Mother’s Day-related: the Mother & Daughter Hearts is $90 USD.Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 mother daughter heart

The Mother Heart is $55 USD.

The Harmonious Hearts Chime is a very pretty design indeed. I do wonder about the ‘chime’ aspect though – I’m guessing it doesn’t actually make a noise ? It’s very expensive though, so I can only imagine that it’s very large in person!

Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 collection Harmonious Hearts necklace preview

It’s great to have Rose options for the Floating Lockets to go with the Rose petites that came out last year. This locket comes on a 60cm chain, and will be available to buy for $180 USD.

Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 floating locket

There will be a matching Floating Locket charm as well, retailing for $90 USD.

Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 floating locket charm

The Bright Hearts earrings also offer this new combination of the Rose metal with purple stones. You’ll be able to purchase them for $75 USD.

pandora rose mother's day 2018 earringsNext, we have a series of ‘Wish’ rings. The Shining Wish is $45 USD.Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 rings

The Beaded Wish is also $45 USD:Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 ringsWhereas the Shimmering Wish ring is more pricey at $55 USD, due to the extra CZs.Pandora Rose Mother's Day 2018 rings

My Comment

There’s a nice mix of decorative and character designs – I don’t think any are for me, as I’ve just finished a Rose bracelet design, but I do very much like the Harmonious Hearts pieces, the Hearts Filigree charm and the Patterns of Love charm, too. The other problem that it’s all so pricey! Nevertheless, it’s fun to see that Pandora seem to be testing the waters with Rose a little, experimenting with some character designs  and increasing the amount of Rose they release each season.

What do you think of this latest set of Rose jewellery?

99 Comments on Pandora Rose Spring 2018 preview

  1. I’m really loving the Harmonious Hearts design! I have not seen this design yet. It looks like a classic charm that Pandora would do…now to do it in silver! As a SA, I’m so happy with what is coming out this year. To me, there does seem to be a range of different charms for various age groups. It’s not all CZ and decorative with no substance, like we’ve had the past few releases.

    • They are doing the charm in silver as well ☺️ not the necklace, though. I’m also really pleased with what we’ve seen so far this year, and I’m not surprised to hear that you’re more enthused from a selling point of view as well. :D

    • I would like some more two tone charms and surprised Pandora hasn’t released gold pieces for those who want to continue collecting gold ones. It would be dissapointing for gold bead collectors. I am guessing that they want to put more energy into upcoming gold plated line instead?

      • They did introduce at least a few real gold charms in 2017. My guess is that Shine will replace these entirely. They’ve already retired the 14k silicone clip.

        • They said in a statement on Facebook that they were not planning on discontinuing the 14kt range, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see..

    • Me too but I don’t think it’s going to happen. How wonderful if they rereleased some oldies, as they’ve done for Chinese NewYear.

  2. Aw i wish there was a silver bunny, I don’t collect Rose! He looks a bit scary in the photo with those big eyes – my cats look like that when they are going to pounce on me! But I bet he looks really cute in real life. I am glad there is a nice selection for people who like the Rose pieces.

    • Wow! LOVE the rose gold bunny! He’s the cutest bunny ever! I also love the rose gold “girl” with the pink bow! I can’t wait to get them! The new Easter harms are adorable too! I’m so excited!

    • I echo your thoughts about the bunny. He likely is much cuter in person, but in this photo, with the big CZ eyes, he looks as though he just discovered that he is auditioning for Fatal Attraction!

      • Tamara,

        I am home sick today with a cold, I read this comment and laughed so hard I nearly coughed up my lung! OMG auditioning for Fatal Attraction! He does look like he sees that pot of boiling water.I too hope he looks cuter in person but either way I just might have to get this charm and start a movie themed bracelet because of your fabulous observation.

        Lisa K

        • Hi Lisa, Sending you “feel better” wishes from Toronto. Love the idea of a non-Disney movie-themed bracelet.

    • Lol, I’ve had rabbits, both giant and dwarf, and they do not make that face. That’s a cat face with bunny ears. It’s actually awful if you’ve ever had bunnies.

      • Lol, yes he semms to be on “attack mode”. I also can recognise my cat’s expression when he is mad at me! Or when he sees birds through the window and the hunter in him is triggered! ?

        • Or scared. And if you’ve ever heard a rabbit scream when it’s scared, you never want to hear it again. It’s devastating. I could never wear that charm. And then imagine if an eye stone fell out. :-0 At least then it could be used for Halloween too.

    • Haha, I suspect that it’s mainly the fault of the stock image… I would have preferred oxidised plain eyes, like with the new mouse bead, but maybe it’ll look cuter in person!

  3. I actually love quite a few pieces especially the new Rose bangle and cuff!!
    Will these be released in Australia at the same time as well????

  4. Hi Ellie!

    Feels like we are spending a lot of time together these days…which is a good thing!

    I am really happy to see an all Rose bangle, and I am intrigued to see the sliding bracelet, both in silver and rose.

    I really like the new bunny. She looks like she has been startled, perhaps by being discovered running around before Easter Sunday! Lol! It’s amazing what they can do with facial expressions on their character beads.

    I also like Bella, but I haven’t decided whether to get her in Rose or silver. I won’t finish the tech bracelet design until I go play in the store.

    Others that will find a place on my wish list include the Pattern of Love dangle, the Harmonious Chime, and the Hearts Filigree.

    The Radiant Heart looks pretty, but I want to see it in person. Also, I’m afraid the Wildflower Meadow may have too much going on. I like it but it may be hard to style. I do like the spacers though.

    I’m excited to see everything in person.

    Thanks for the lovely preview.

    • P.S. I’m really excited to see your review of the bunny. You did such a great job of photographing Panda bottom I’m looking forward to seeing the “Cotton Tail”!!

    • Hi Deborah! Haha, yes, lots of posts from me lately. :) I’m finding blogging quite therapeutic at the moment! It is nice to come home and spend some time here.

      I very much like your bunny theory, lol! ^^ I think facial expressions can be so hard to do on these little miniature beads. It’s so easy to miss and end up with something vaguely demonic. I suspect (hope) that this little bunny will look a lot cuter in person. The CZ eyes probably don’t look all that great in the stock photo.

      Glad that there’s lots that jumps out at you. I don’t need any of this – which is a very good thing as my Spring wish list is so long – but I like a lot of it! Thanks for commenting, as always. <3

  5. I like the color of the radiant hearts with the pandora rose a lot. Too rich for my blood, but the purple hues look stunning with the rose IMO (from the pics). I’m loving the harmonious hearts line! Beautiful and totally my style. I only have one Pandora rose charm so these will have to go on a wish list for now so I can catch up haha.

    • I think the Harmonious Hearts are lovely as well! I don’t have any use for them currently, but they are really pretty. :D

  6. Thanks Ellie for this great post. Lucky for me I do not collect Pandora rose jewelry. It means more savings toward two tone charms from Rue LaLa. ?
    I am also wondering if Pandora will continue offering real gold jewelry for collectors like us.?

    Old is gold.

    • We’ll have to wait and see what happens on the 14kt gold front. I suspect it will largely rely on how Pandora Shine does…

  7. Hello ☺ you showed a few weeks ago a big preview for spring with Pictures you need to delete later. There was a gold round Charm or something like this for a necklace. If i am right there was written i love you on it. Do you know when this one will be released? ?

    • Hi Jacky! I think that that’s one of the beads from the Pandora Shine range. That range is making its debut on the 15 March with the Spring collection. That bead will either be out then or later in April.

  8. I like quite a few of the Mother’s Day release beads. I’m glad to see purple introduced into the Pandora Rose collection.

    I like the Heart Highlights dangle (for a silver bracelet), the Pattern of Love dangle, and the Radiant Hearts bead.The lilac and pink are pretty together. I also like the Hearts Filigree bead. Thanks for the update!

    • Yay, glad to hear that you like a few of these as well! I think the Hearts Filigree is particularly pretty. I don’t have any plans for more Rose at the moment though and the regular Spring collection will keep me busy!

  9. I enjoy go to Pandora shop to look at all new design for fun, but this release is not for me. I like classic two tone charm.

  10. Thanks for the update, Ellie. I like the lilac and rose gold combo. I think in real life that colours will work well together. I also like the filigree heart charm as quite pretty with Cz coming through beneath and wondering if Cz is less pink toned IRL. All new rose gold pieces are very pricey and Pandora might want to consider that real gold jewelry can be bought on sale at close to Pandora rose gold prices. Only the really committed Pandora collectors willing to pay up for rose gold plated jewellery. I am passing for now. I will hold off for promos or Rue La La to update their stock as can’t justify cost.

    • You’re welcome! I do suspect that the stock images enhance the colours in a way that isn’t quite reflective of the true colours, so I’ll be interested to see them in person. Rue La La is a great way to buy, if you have the patience to wait for charms to make their way there! I often succumb to temptation and buy new beads on release as well though!

  11. Hi Ellie,

    Luckily for me i don’t collect rose Pandora because spendings will be really out if control.

    I do really like the harts filigree so i really hope they also release it in silver. The bunny look a bit creepy with those cz eyes but maybe it looks beter in person.

    I’m really looking foreward to the rest of the mothersday collection preview. I heard there will be a cake slice which would go really nice with the the teacup and theapot. Do you no anything about that?

    Thanks so much for your preview.

    • Hi Manon! Yes, I’ve posted the cake slice in my latest preview :) it has ‘congrats’ written on it so it’s a bit more specific than the teapot and teacup charms, but it is pretty and it has the same shade of enamel, too.

      Thanks for commenting!

  12. Hi Ellie,
    Nothing for me as I haven’t bought into rose… at least yet!?
    There are some gorgeous pieces, thought. The Wildflower and Wish rings are real temptations. However there’s soooo much in my wish list for silver spring pieces that I won’t even consider anything else. Btw, do you know if all the charms above have a silver counterpart?.
    Thank you for showing us what lies ahead!

    • Hi Marie! No, they don’t all have a silver counterpart. Quite a few of these of these are Rose exclusive designs. Whether they do release them in all silver at some point in the future I don’t know!

      You’re welcome – thanks for commenting ! :)

  13. Most of these charms are just repeats of the silver line, but overall, I think rose gold plating is more forgiving of bad or tedious designs than silver is; it also accepts enameling and CZ better. I wonder if that’s why Pandora wants a gold plate line. Gold is also more forgiving than silver. With silver, being a neutral metal, the design, the detail and craftsmanship really count; not so much for metals that stand-alone.

    • You are right; the silver must be more finely crafted with details picked out with oxidation, which pandora has been increasingly unwilling to do. I think, on the whole, that pandora is really becoming a fashion jewelry line, which is said for us long time collectors.

  14. Hi Ellie,

    Thank you so much for putting together the preview! The bunny look so cute! I wish it was made in silver and without the eyes! I hope that now Pandora is monitoring what you post on your blog they can also take a look at the comment section of your blogposts and make changes to their products so that real lovers of Pandora can reignite their love for Pandora!

    The only charm I’m interested in throughout the post is the Harmonious Hearts dangle, it looks plan and simple yet sophiscticaed which is why I prefer Pandora over other brands!

    Hope they come out with more like these!

    Loooking forward to them having Promotions soon for the Spring collection and your posts! Ur an angel!!

    <3 Cindy!!

    • Hi Cindy! I agree that the bunny would be sweeter without the CZs for eyes (gemstones for eyes always look a bit dead to me) but I don’t mind it in Rose! The Harmonious Hearts dangle is really pretty, but I do also really like the Hearts Filigree bead as well. I don’t have any new Rose designs in mind however, but think this is a nice release for Rose overall.

      Haha, you are very welcome – thank you for commenting! :)

  15. Hi Ellie, not really into anything here. However i am interested in the silver & rose sliding bracelet. Although i love my full bracelets, wearing them to work is not comfortable when writing and typing. Charms on the under side of the wrist also get scratched easily. Perhaps the sliding bracelet will be more comfortable to wear with all the charms facing upwards and thinner adjustable cords below where wrist rest.

    • It is tricky wearing a full bracelet at work sometimes! If my bracelet is getting in the way, I do take it off sometimes and just put it on the desk by me. I was trying to do that the other day and accidentally dropped it on to the desk with such a clatter, which was rather embarrassing haha. But I love wearing them too much to not wear them to work. I spend so much time there that I would hardly ever wear them if I didn’t!

    • Don’t like your chances. The next big Pandora release is the Shine gold plated collection on 16 March. Just got an email from Pandora promoting it.

      • I didn’t get that email! Would you be able to forward me it please if you get a moment Lozzie? I’d be curious to see what they’re saying about it :)

        • Hi Ellie. It came via the Pandora Club so I am sure you will get it today/tomorrow unless it’s limited to Australia. What email address do I forward it to please?

        • Actually Ellie if you google Pandora Shine, the sneak peak via the Pandora Club will come up straight away but can forward it tomorrow if you still need it.

  16. After seeing the spring collection in silver I thought I was safe–just not a lot there for me personally. Now I’m in trouble! I am definitely interested in all the new rose gold bracelet options and the HAPPY charm for sure! I’m also looking forward to the new floating locket. I really like that several charms are two-tone for those bracelets that are silver with the rose gold clasps. I agree with others about the lilac/rose gold combo–very pretty. Having some spacers with different shapes is really fun! I bought the heart ones in both silver and rose gold along with the ‘I LOVE YOU’ dangles in both. I guess I’d better get another job to help pay for this! Thanks, Ellie, I really appreciate all that you do to get the new things out there for us to see!

    • Oh lovely, I’m glad that you’re able to add a couple of beads to your wish list at least this season! Even if it is raising the prospects of a second job ? I am not quite sure yet about the Rose/lilac combo – I think I like it – but I will need to see it in person to make sure! Thanks for commenting, Sandy, it’s my pleasure to put out these previews! <3

  17. As always, thanks for the preview!
    I love the sliding bracelet and the chime necklace. Do you know the price of the last one?

      • I would hope so, that’s a lot more expensive than I was expecting!
        I’ll really have to see this one in store, but to be honest I’m not sure I’m willing to spend quite that much on a plated necklace. It does look very pretty, though!
        Thanks for the information <3

        • It is a lot, isn’t it? I was very surprised myself, and I’ll be interested to see it in person to see why it’s quite so much. You’re welcome!

  18. Well, it looks like about 8 new rose charms that have not been done in silver, so that’s great. The rabbit eyes will probably look fine in person, details on charm faces look much smaller in person, so it probably wont look weird. I will have to decide what i like when i see it all in person. The chime probably really does chime when you shake it. I’ve seen and had pendants like that before. It should have a round ball inside the cage of hearts with the chime inside it. I had a silver ball chime pendant [without the cage around it] about 25 years ago. It wasn’t pandora. So, its an old concept, but i really like their take on it with the cage of hearts around the chime ball. Im excited about the rose bangle, mother daughter charm and the floating locket in rose!

  19. Nothing for me here, though glad to see that pandora is trying to introduce some new pieces in with the old, and trying to appeal to a wider audience of different ages.

  20. Hi Ellie I love the little rabbit charm that would be great for an Easter design I love some of the rings and in whole the collection is very nice. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  21. Hi Ellie,,

    I have been dining out on your lovely string of posts. Today I am home with a cold. In between naps I had another look at this wonderful review and I must say there are some lovely pieces. First, the magnolia bloom, a clip I have in silver but must concede it is a far lovelier charm in rose gold. I haven’t purchased any rose gold in over 2 years, I guess I find it a little delicate for my taste. That being said I do sometimes where what I have or include a rose gold piece on a mixed bracelet from time to time but I am mindful of the wear and tear on the rose gold. How has yours held up, something tells me you wear yours more often than I do mine? I do have the polishing kit and store my rose gold in plastic baggies.
    Second, the harmonious hearts pendant is also nice a little reminiscent of the older pandora, silver pendants. I have my fingers crossed that some of the items will be released in silver as I notices some of the items like the mother heart originally came out in silver.
    Okay, about that bunny, well I have to give credit to Pandora for coming up with a new concept in the full bodied character design. The pink enamel works well with the rose gold, but if there is a silver version, one hopes that they will forego the enamel all together. I agree the cz eyes weren’t necessary. I am curious to see this little critter in person, I hope it has a cute cotton tail. If I am honest, I have to say it is a little creepy and I found Tamara’s comment about it looking as though it was auditioning for Fatal Attraction movie Hilarious!! My husband considers that to be the scariest movie of all times – a lot of men do. Anyway, if it is cuter in person, I just might purchase it for my Easter Bracelet and put it next to my OHM Bunny Reaper Charm to balance out the macabre moment and for that extra splash of colour.
    My local shop in shop started selling Rose Gold a little over a year ago so I will be sure to check out the new items when they are released. My plan, however, is to save most of my dollars for the Spring Release.

    Ellie, you have made my sick day at home a little brighter. Thanks for your blog and your time.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Firstly, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling poorly. I hope that you are on the mend now, or that you will be very very soon if not :)

      I largely agree with you re the bunny – I like the concept, but feel like the stock image makes it look a bit wild. It may well look a lot cuter in person though. I don’t mind the enamel ears, I think they’re quite cute – it’s just the CZ eyes that don’t really do it for me. The silver mouse is much sweeter with its oxidised eyes. I had not seen the Ohm beads bunny reaper bead – what a funny bead! It sure puts the potential creepiness of this one in perspective ?

      My Pandora Rose has held up very well. I have worn my original bracelet a lot, and it’s 4 years old now. I don’t wear it every day by any means, but it gets worn regularly. I’ve heard from other people that theirs has started to tarnish or that it hasn’t worn well, but mine looks pretty much perfect. And I’m not just saying that! The Smooth Heart started to show scratches and went dull quite quickly, but the rest of it looks lovely. I have certainly not had any bad experiences with Rose so far.

      Again, I hope that you are feeling better, and I’m so glad that the post offered you a little bit of distraction! Thank you for commenting :)

  22. I don’t really like rose gold. It’s either silver or gold but some of the Rose gold items are very cute. When will you be updating the promo section for the upcoming month ? ?

  23. Hi Ellie. I am yet to dip into Pandora rose. There are some nice new designs here but not enough to tempt me into Pandora Rose just yet. Thanks for the update.

    • Hi Lozzie! It is quite a commitment with Rose, as I feel like it’s hard to buy just one Rose charm – you kind of need to be doing a whole design based around that colour. Perhaps they’ll get you next time ^^

  24. Australia is getting the gold plated
    Version of jewlery on the 15 March
    Is this available world wide are
    They still going to have the real
    Gold anymore ?? Does anyone
    Know regards kylie

    • Yes this will be available worldwide :) I don’t know what the future of the 14 kt gold lines is yet, we will have to wait and see…

  25. Hi Ellie,

    I like quite a few charms from these Rose releases and I’m warming up to the all Rose bracelets. Kudos to Pandora for introducing some character charms to the Rose line. I’ll probably end up with the Cute Bunny at some point despite her startled look. I hope she has a cotton tail! Bella is cute, but I have no idea how I’d style her. The lilac is stunning mixed with the Rose and the Radiant Hearts are must haves for me. I also like the Pattern of Love dangle in pink. I was quite surprised to see the pink Cosmic Stars clip being retired. It’s only been around for about three months! Priced at $100 each it probably didn’t sell well. I have quite a wish list, but I’m planning to get the Enchanted Teapot, cup, mouse and snail first. Do you have any news regarding a March sale for the US? I’m hearing rumors. Thanks for these amazing previews. I’m excited to see everything in person!

    • Hi Emily! Haha yes, I do wonder what the back of the rabbit is like. I imagine it does have a tail ^^ I think you’re probably right about the Cosmic Stars clip. Some of the pavé Rose beads are just so expensive! There definitely seems to have been a shift back to affordability this season.

      I’ve heard that there will be a spend & save promo in March for the US from a couple of sources but I do not have dates yet :) thanks for commenting!

  26. While stopping by the Pandora store today on our weekly mall stroll for the steps my husband saw the Rose and commented that he really liked it. I guess it was the first time he really noticed it.

    I am wondering though, I tend to have a lot of acid in my system and historically have stayed away from plated jewelry because it turns on me pretty quickly. Ellie I noticed you said you don’t have problems with it but I’m wondering if anyone else might have a problem with acid tarnishing plated jewelry and how the Rose has held up for you. Since Rose is more expensive than the silver I don’t want to spend the extra bucks if it is going to turn on me.

  27. I love Pandora Rose. I was hoping for a rose version of the mesh bracelet this time. Do you know if they plan to make one? I think it would be really pretty. What’s the next promo for the UK?

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