Today’s post starts of the week with my next Pandora Spring 2018 review, offering a closer look at the Iridescent Rainbow murano! This was one of the first pieces leaked from the Spring collection, and it instantly caught my attention. It eventually became a little eclipsed by the beauty of the Enchanted Garden Glass from the same collection, but with its delicate use of colour and cheerful detailing, it’s definitely worthy of attention.

Read on for close-up shots and some styling inspiration!

Pandora Iridescent Rainbow Glass murano review

One of the things that I love most about this bead is its vibrant use of colour, capturing the spectrum of a cheerful spring sky without being too primary and brash in tone. The colours aren’t quite full rainbow – we have pastel green, blue, yellow, light purple and dark purple – but this creates a more subtle effect that is easier to style and none the less pretty.

However, I had to go through a few beads to find this nice one – when I first went to purchase this, the store I visited only had one left. I didn’t buy it, as the rainbow was very small and not all the stripes were complete. I sound like a broken record, I know, but again, this is one to choose in store. As Pandora’s murano designs grow more complex, the variation in detail becomes even greater!

As you can see from the profile view, the glass itself is clear, with the colour wrapped around the core.797013

The colour is beautifully vibrant in person, and it varies according to the light, appearing a deeper or a lighter blue. The contrast of the white cloud against it is stunning, and the flecks of glitter in the glass really bring this out.

The murano has the smaller silver core with branding on just the one side, which reveals more of the glass design from sideways on. I love how you can see the clouds and rainbows drifting through the glass from this view!


My first design I’ve called In the clouds, putting the Rainbow murano with soft white glass beads that bring out its cloud detailing.

The Heart of Freedom, with its pretty bird motif, fits in with the idea of soaring and blue skies really nicely. The Birthday Blooms are mainly there for complementary colours, but also to give the idea of these vibrant blue skies over pretty spring meadows, etc.

This is how I’ll be wearing my Rainbow murano, however – on my happiness themed bracelet. The blue is not an exact match for the Blue Blooms, which is quite a bit lighter in shade, but they complement each other really well and work nicely together.

The Rainbow murano goes really beautifully with the US exclusive So Many Reasons to be Happy dangle, which is probably my favourite engraved piece that Pandora has done so far.

I also had an idea for a ‘pot of gold’ bracelet, but I didn’t really have the right pieces. But I love the idea of using this rainbow murano, the Treasure chest, some clover beads, and some beautiful two-tone charms to convey this idea. And the little Gnome/Leprechaun would be great if you have him!


What I like about the two Spring 2018 glass beads is that both capture a scene, tell a story – this one shows clouds drifting past a lovely summer sky, just like the Enchanted Garden Glass shows little bumblebees among the flowers. Both are truly lovely in their execution. I’m sorry not to see more muranos for Summer, but I hope that Pandora will experiment with more for Autumn 2018. :)

Have you bought this glass bead, or is it on your wish list? How would you style it?

24 Comments on Review: Iridescent Rainbow murano from Pandora Spring 2018

  1. What a brilliant idea to combine it with the hot air balloon charm. This is why l love your reviews. My balloon charm has been gathering dust but now I know how to wear it.

  2. Hi Ellie!

    Love your designs. I especially like the one where you paired it with the white looking glass Muranos.

    This was one piece that I didn’t like from the stock images, but fell in love with in the store. The bead’s color is so vibrant. I haven’t purchased it yet, but it found a place on my wish list.

    Thanks for the review.

  3. Hi ellie does rainbow murano charm can match with pink field (pink bloom) murano?
    What do u thinK? Can u match it to see?
    Coz im about to make pink n blue theme bracelet. Myb in the middle i put together dingle butterfly?
    Now i have pink bloom but not match with ariel charm. Emmm. N i wanna buy teal n pink shimmer murano late this month for GWP. HEHE

  4. Hi Ellie,

    Lovely review. This murano isn’t on my wish list since I have so many must haves already and I opted for two of the enchanted garden glass muranos. The iridescent rainbow is a vibrant murano,and I think you’ve done a beautiful job styling it, your clouds design is my favorite. Executing this murano successfully would take a lot of skill by the glass makers so I’m nit surprised by the variations. I did have a look at this murano the other day in my local shop in shop when picking up the enamel balloon with mice dangle and according to the SA who helped me this rainbow murano has done well. I agree this murano tells a story and I am glad Pandora is producing more of these themed charms.

    Lisa K

  5. I like your “in the cloud” design. I’m still not too sure about this murano. My head is telling me its a beautiful charm but my heart not feeling it. Haha…. Will give it a miss for now.

  6. For sure on my listt. I have an idea for a Alice in wonderland theme. I think the yellow in the white rabbit will match nicely. Love your posts. Thank you for all the work you put into these. I look forward to them everyday. Little nuggets of joy to start out our day!

  7. The Iridescent Rainbow murano is very much on my wish list! I purchased the blue bloom murano in the post Christmas sale, having no idea how to style it. The one I got is very bright and all my other charms (apart from my Christmas themed ones) are plain silver so it looked odd on its own. I wasn’t really fussed about it when I saw the stock photos of this but I saw it in store and it’s made it onto my ever growing want list.

  8. So many muranos, so few pennies. I do want the get this murano but when I looked at it in the store it just wasn’t pretty. I know once the spring purchase frenzy dies down some the store will keep them in stock a little longer and I might be able to find a nice one.

    Your stylings are very nice but my favorite is your favorite too. I look forward to getting it and putting a bracelet together for it. My problem is I don’t want to break up any of the bracelets I have so it means I have to buy more to create a bracelet for this murano. Oh the challenge of Pandora.

  9. I used in the cloud for my grandaughter’s Bracelet. I will add the popcorn, and the Ferris wheel later. She has the snail, the tea cup, in the cloud, the dangle rainbow, that darling mouse with the pink ears. It is a darling open bracelet for her and can’t wait til she sees it in May. So while “in the cloud” is not for me, it is wonderful for young people and teens.

  10. I like your review! I think this murano would be great for the day sky half of my day/night sky theme. It is a slow work in progress though so it will have to wait.

    And for what it’s worth I do NOT think this looks young or childish in any way, as some have suggested. I think if you like blue or bright colors and have some charms to go along with it, it would fit right in to anyone’s Pandora collection. Also how cute is that little heart popping out of the cloud? A detail that is not missed on me. Have a good one, Ellie!

    • Oh my goodness, I hadn’t noticed the heart in the cloud! Now I see them clearly on my bead now that you’ve pointed that out.

    • Hi Sarah!

      I agree that this Murano doesnt have to be childish. I thought it did in the stock images, but when I saw it in the store I fell in love with its vibrant color. I can envision many other ways to design with it. I could go for a Wizard of Oz thing, which I am contemplating for mine. Still need that retired witch for sooo many ideas!

      • Hi Deborah,
        I have seen a Pandora retired witch for sell on Facebook VIPandora for 75$CAN + shipping internationally. I believe it is still available.

        Just to reassure you I have purchased some two tone charms lately and I am very happy with the goods and service.

        Hope you can purchase one soon before it is gone.

  11. PS I bet the color of this murano will go nicely with many of the summer charms coming up! #thinkingahead

  12. I didn’t think I would like this murano based on the stock image, but I really liked it when I saw it in the store. Fortunately the store had 3, and one of them (just that one) I really liked. I like how bright and cheerful it is. It’s definitely a good choice for your happiness themed bracelet.

  13. Nice to see it styled with the blue field of flowers murano, this is the color that for some reason wasn’t released in the US. ?My hubbie tried twice to purchase it when he was traveling in Germany last month, he was in Frankfurt. The pandora store he went to was out of it, just my luck ? and then he went to the airport early and found out that that store had closed. The year before I was hoping he could buy it in Ireland but they didn’t get it there either. I really love muranos and I wish Pandora had more offerings. Makes me want to visit a store
    that carries trollbeads.

  14. Thanks Ellie for this beautiful review.

    I came back from Disney Springs with Dumbo, Alice sitting in a cup, and also the light pink murano with Mickey icon. I think this rainbow murano will be a superb addition to my new bracelet theme.???

    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Hi Ellie,
    Your blue happiness bracelet is my favorite too. The two muranos are perfect together.?

    Disney Springs did not have any Blue Blooms muranos.?
    I wonder if Jared Jewelry in Tampa Florida would have any. Perhaps I could ask my sister to get it for me during her stay.?

  16. The rainbow murano looks beautful with the So Many Reasons to Be Happy charm! I really like that charm, but it’s US exclusive. :(

  17. I bought rainbow murano along with some other charms a few days ago for GWP patterns of love bangle. The charm is a beautiful vibrant blue and so cheerful.

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