Today brings a quick promo alert as Pandora UK are beginning a 3-for-2 offer on all charms and bracelets tomorrow! The sale will run until 6 August and includes all full-price charms and bracelets (sale items are not included). You can get the offer either in store or online!

Pandora 2018 promotions UK

I have to admit, I’m rather tempted – I was very good about not adding too much new Pandora to my collection during my time off, but I recently got a new Rose bracelet:

and I’m considering two of these Rose clips to go on it! I’d also like the heart clip from Spring 2018 to finish off my engagement bangle design:

Are you tempted by anything?

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  1. Did they ever bring out the pod rings in the UK? I’d like to use the 3 for 2 for them?

  2. Hi Ellie! That’s a great sale for you guys. I love your new Rose bracelet. I’ve been eyeing it myself. And the new O crown (remember, no bows or crowns for me! ?). The Rose clips would look really nice I think.

    I too bought the E. It’s in between the D and the B on my shopping and lunching bracelet. All the new food charms are there, with my BFF charm in the center. I now have a place for the Pandora shopping bag!

    I have the enchanted heart clips and love them. They are, however, really big. I’m sure you’ve seen them. I ended up with the small tassel, blue ripples, and the chandelier droplet spacers on a bangle with these clips. The clips are really statement pieces. I’m not saying don’t use them, but they tend to overwhelm the other charms they are styled with.

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I’ll look forward to the next US promo.

    • Hi Deborah! Thank you! :D My thinking is that the Rose clips would look nice with the beads I’d want from Autumn even if I did decide against putting pink with my Pre-Autumn Rose bracelet in the end, so they’re a good buy either way! The Enchanted Heart clip is big, I know, but I think I’ll pop into store on my lunch hour (if the store’s not too busy) to see how it looks before trying it. I started a new job last month and it’s smack bang in the centre of town which means that Pandora shopping on my lunch hour is finally a reality :D

      Thanks for commenting!

      • That’s good news and bad news about the Pandora store in such close proximity!?

        That’s actually what I was trying to suggest. Try them before you get them and see if they work. I had this whole enchanted theme going last Spring, but I ended up not using them on that bracelet. Which meant I ended up doing two different bracelets with the Spring collection. They are really beautiful, so I hope they work for you!

        • Haha I know! Greg lives in fear ?

          As it turns out, I loved the Enchanted Heart clip and went for that. The Rose clips in the heart shape were too bulky at the bracelet ends, I felt, and the pink detracted from the contemporary look. So I went for the plain cz Shining Elegance instead. Very happy! ?

  3. Yay, finally a promo for us :-). Disappointed that the sale items aren’t included as that’s what I mainly want but there are a few other things I want so I’ll probably just add the sale items to make up the P&P ;-). Roll on tomorrow :-D.

    • Ah at least there are a few other things you’re after! I’d also have liked to include some sale beads, but I do quite want those three clips so never mind. ^^

    • Sale items are included from The Jewel Hut. Their prices for Pandora are higher than buying from Pandora itself though- Even their sales prices are higher, one charm that was in the sale from the Estore was £12 and it’s in the sale for £20 on The Jewel Hut!

  4. Hello, Ellie. This Enchanted Heart clip is wonderful. I would like to know when the post will be released with the jewelry (earrings, rings and necklaces) from the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection? Thanks.

      • Great, I’m really looking forward to getting to know the rest of the Pandora Autumn 2018 collection. I love your blog and your posts, all great and very useful. Thank you, Ellie

  5. Hi Ellie! Oh, I love a 3 for 2 sale. It’s a good time to pick up more expensive charms. Happy for those of you in the UK. Hopefully, one will work it’s way to the US soon. Love your new bracelet and charms! The Rose clips would make a nice addition, I think. I’m anxious to see what the Rose Autumn release has to offer. Happy shopping!

    • Hi Emily! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you in the US, it is a fun promo! I’m looking forward to going and picking some things out tomorrow, so long as there isn’t a big queue. :D Hopefully the Rose clips will look nice!

  6. Been waiting for this.. do you know if yiu can mix and match bracelets and charms or has to be 3 of either.. or both ?

  7. Hi Ellie, it’s great to see a Mora Pandora update come into my email and that too about a promotion! :) Do you know if this promotion is going on in the Republic of Ireland too? I may be able to catch the tail end of it as I am traveling. I like your new bracelet! The Enchanted heart clips look lovely, the intricate detail on them is great. I need a new bracelet ha ha!

    • Hi Pauline! Yes, I saw a store in ROI advertising this sale too, so it looks like it’s included. :) Thanks, I’m rather in love with the Rose finish, it’s just so pretty. Hope you get yourself a new bracelet soon too haha!

  8. Hi Ellie,

    Reading through the comments and noticed you mentioned starting a new job, Congratulations! Certainly a lot of changes for you this summer.
    I am still waiting for my local store to get there fall stock in or perhaps it is in and they just haven’t gotten it out.
    I love your bracelet! Either clip you are contemplating would work, my preference is for the rise Arcs if Love clip.
    It is super hot here today, can’t think. So you are catching a break from my long winded

    Lisa K

    • HI Lisa! Thank you, it’s been a very good move so far, and one of my friends from my previous job also moved over with me, which was even nicer! :)

      The Rose clips would be for the Rose bracelet, the Enchanted Heart clip would be for the engagement bangle. But I will try both in store I think and have a couple of back up ideas if I don’t like either of them!

      It’s sooo hot here as well Lisa! We are not used to it in the UK. Offices across the country are filled with perspiring, bewildered people getting nothing done ? Thanks for commenting despite the heat haha!

  9. Ooh, this could end badly for my bank account! :) I’ve had my eye on the mesh bracelet for a while now so this may be the perfect time to get it. Does it include Disney &/or shine by any chance?
    I’ve noticed on Pandora’s social media, people complaining about prices increasing by £5-10 on some items- pandora have responded to this saying they have done it to have one global price in all of their stores.

    • Ooh yes I love the mesh bracelet! You should definitely consider getting that one ^^ Ah that’s a good question – I haven’t seen the full TOCs, so I can’t answer it currently. I haven’t heard that that’s the case, but I can’t say for sure.

      Yes, the prices did go up. :/ I don’t think I understand the global price reasoning,, as Australia’s RRPs are still so much cheaper than ours in the UK aren’t they? It’s funny as some of them came down quite recently too, there’s been a bit of RRP juggling!

  10. Ellie just wanted to say how very happy it makes me when an email from you pops up. And I am certain I am not alone in that ?

  11. Ellie, your rose gold bracelet is lovely. I have yet to get any of the new detachable lock design ones. I got the Patterns of love bangle in Spring when it was gift with purchase and so far haven’t worn it since been busy finishing off some of my other bracelets. Congrats on your new job and engagement. So good to see you posting again.

  12. Can’t believe it! I have been waiting for this promo since last year. :D It did come earlier than I expected, it happened in September-October last year. I just bought lots of charms on the sale, so I feel a bit bad to spend money on Pandora again, but hey-ho, this promo is once a year only. :)

    I am so happy that they included bracelets too, but I also have a feeling that this year we might not going to have a free bracelet promo then because they sort of combined two promos to one?!

    Anyhow, I prepare my list and once I finish my shift on Tuesday, will go and buy a few things from my wishlist. :)

  13. FYI: Canadian Mora Pandora peeps.
    I was randomly checking Pandora Canada website as still trying get the Dreamcatcher charm as seems to be sold out all the time. Pandora having a 30% off promo right now for select charms. Hopefully, some on sale are ones on my wish list.

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