Today’s post brings my first review from the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 collection, with a closer look at one of my favourite new pieces – the Pandora Rose Padlock bracelet! :D This is my first bracelet all in Rose, and I was so excited to have something quite new to style for this review. This particular bracelet is another of new style of padlock bracelets introduced this year, which offer a different way of wearing charms to the regular barrel clasps.

Read on for the usual close-up shots and styling inspiration!

Pandora Rose Signature Padlock Smooth bracelet* review

*(What a mouthful!)

It’s hard to convey just how beautifully vibrant the colour is in person. The shine of a new bracelet looks particularly good in a Rose finish. ^^ The little bit of sparkle at the clasp’s centre looks so pretty as a contrast against the pink-toned metal.

Pandora Rose Padlock bracelet review

This bracelet design comes in Shine and silver versions, as well – personally, the Rose is my favourite finish of the three options it comes in. The branding and the sparkle on the clasp don’t seem as bold, as they blend more into the beautiful Rose colour of the bracelet, which stops them from being such a focal point.

You open the clasp by pressing this little button on the side. To do it up, you then have to thread the lock through the hook at the end of the bracelet and clip it shut. This can be a bit fiddly, but I am getting the knack of it now and I can pretty much get it on and off myself without having to ask Greg 90% of the time, haha.

Pandora Pre-autumn 2018

The back of the clasp is polished and shiny, adorned only by the new Rose hallmark – ALE MET – which replaces the original ALE R. The ‘met’ stands for ‘metal’.Pandora Rose Padlock bracelet review

Unlike the silver counterpart pictured above, neither the Rose nor the Shine versions of this bracelet have threaded bracelet ends. This means that, when you wear it, the charms will slip right down over the thread and up against the clasp.

You could use the Rose safety chain, with its silicone grips, to prevent this, and also to ward against the clasp opening unexpectedly. However, I’m still not sure that I really like this look – if they did the longer safety chain lengths again, I might prefer it. Otherwise, you can just use two regular or silicone-lined clips to stop charms rolling on to the bracelet ends, which is what I think I’ll end up doing.

Pandora Rose Padlock bracelet review


I was so excited to style this bracelet, as this is my very first Pandora bracelet (leathers excluded) where the chain isn’t silver! So this was completely new for me. Here I’ve gone for an all-Rose look – ideally I’d have had another Love of my Life clip to go next to the Feather to complete this design. The Rose Sparkling Butterfly is a really lovely centrepiece.

Pandora Rose Padlock bracelet reviewThis is my second of the padlock-style bracelets, having got the Lock your Promise bracelet earlier this year. As many have noted, another plus point of these padlock bracelets is that the clasps are interchangeable – you can simply swap them between bracelets. Pandora are yet to sell the locks separately, but you think that they would do eventually. Consequently, as soon as I got this second one, I wanted to try it for this review to create a two-tone effect!Pandora Rose Padlock bracelet review

So, I went ahead and swapped them to see what I thought. I loved the look of the Rose clasp on the silver chain, which is unsurprising as we’re used to that two-tone effect. On the other hand, the pink CZs of the silver clasp didn’t go with the Rose chain particularly well, but I did like the plain silver side of the clasp with the Rose. A more delicate silver clasp would have worked better.

Pandora Rose Padlock bracelet review

This next image shows more how I will actually be wearing my bracelet! My lovely Mora Pandora bead is standing in for the openwork Libra charm, which will be replacing it.

Pandora Rose Padlock bracelet review

I’ve decided to go for a minimalist styling in the end, as the bracelet itself strikes me as being quite contemporary and decorative in style in a way that wouldn’t suit the more traditional combinations of character beads, muranos and clips. My bracelet is mainly going to be a showcase for the beautiful Rose Crown, while the Libra star sign bead and the ‘E’ initial offer a personal touch without making it overly cutesy.


If you’re in the UK, you can purchase this bracelet and the rest of the Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018 collection from authorised stockist John Greed:


I am so smitten with this bracelet! I can’t stop looking at how pretty the colour is when it’s on my wrist. It’s pricey, but beautiful and lovely for a special occasion – it’s perfect for showcasing a particular bead or couple of beads, such as for graduation or an anniversary, for example. I still don’t see these padlock style bracelets as being a replacement for the regular charm bracelet, as my inclination is not to fill them up with beads in the same way, but much like a Pandora bangle or leather, they look great with a mini styling.

What do you think of the padlock bracelets? Have you bought one?

39 Comments on Review: Rose Signature Padlock bracelet from Pandora Pre-Autumn 2018

  1. Ohhhh, lovely! ??
    I haven’t got a padlock bracelet yet, as I find it difficult to style ( charms?, no charms?, padlock falling up on your hand or dangling down?) But it looks gorgeous with your mini designs and the more modern charms.

    • Haha, there are definitely padlock considerations when you first buy one of these. My first inclination was not to put any charms on it at all, but I find that I’m happy with very minimalist stylings – just a few charms and then a couple of clips either side of the padlock. Thanks Marie! :D

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Another great review! I have the padlock bangle with the heart clasp and I do love it. It takes me a while to get it done up on my own, usually gave to get hubby to help. So it was a relief to read that you had to get help with it, appreciate the validation. The bangle isn’t as flexible and I have try and squeeze it together first, the beauty of the bangle is you don’t need a safety chain. I guess you could lose the lock if it came undone, I wonder if the moments bracelet is easier to work with for maneuvering the padlock.
    I have a nice little collection of early rose pieces, to date I haven’t invested in the rose bracelet. I admit it looks lovely and agree with your comment about it being a contemporary design, your minimalist approach works very well. In fact the signature padlock with the CZ’s works all on its own. It would look so elegant with an sundress, evening dress paired with pears or a simple chain. Love the rose O with the new letters, you’ve done a great job showcasing them both.
    Stopped by my local store, still no joy on the new release. I try not to buy online, prefer to keep business local, plus nothing beats going into toe shop and chatting with the gals.
    I might order one charm, perhaps the O. We’ll see.

    All the best.

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you! Yes, I’ve given up a couple of times in frustration and got Greg to help me, but I’ve sort of almost got the knack of it now! Takes a fair bit of fiddling around though, and it’s easier when you have clips on it so that the charms aren’t in the way while you’re doing it. I definitely think you can wear this alone, and it might even be preferable that way – but I am a charm magpie and I always like to put a couple on my bracelets if I can. ^^

      A shame that you haven’t seen the new release yet! I think it’s great that you want to wait and support your local, though. It’s nice to have that relationship. :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. It’s beautiful but too expensive for me :'(, maybe in a few years if it goes in the sale ;-). It reminds me of the old Victorian rose gold charm bracelets with a contemporary twist. I love it with the O crown charm but I’d want that to stay still, I think it would annoy me if it slid around so I’d want to figure some way of keeping it still without adding something distracting :-/.

    Bought a few things this morning in the 3 for 2 promo but I had to put in 2 separate orders as it took off the cheapest 2 charms when it should have taken one of the dearer ones off :-O. The e-store should look into sorting that as now they are going to have to pay P&P for 2 orders instead of one :-O, but it saved me money so it had to be done!

    • It is rather pricey this one, but so pretty when you actually get to see it in person! All the Rose ones are, really. Hm, you could possibly put the Rose Crown on an open bangle and keep it place with those little silver stoppers, which are quite unobtrusive? I’ll try that when I review the Rose Crown :)

      Ah yes, they will try and make the cheapest charms free! Good thinking doing two separate orders :D what did you get?

  4. Hi Ellie, I haven’t bought any of the padlock bracelets. Not sure if i want one. I really like the look of the rose mesh bracelet so hopefully I’ll get that one day. I do love your mora heart with the o and letter. It’s really you!! Something no one else will have. It’s been wonderful having your blog popping up again. Thanks!!

    • Hi Leanne! The Rose Mesh bracelet is another really beautiful option. I’ve seen a few of them cropping up on social media. ^^ Well, John Greed have floated the idea of offering it to people more widely and we’re talking about whether that might be doable, so possibly more people might be able to have one? If not, it’s definitely something special that I will always treasure! ? thanks for your lovely comment!

  5. I really like your detailed review of this gorgeous new PR bracelet, Ellie. I love the way you have styled it as well! I haven’t purchased one yet , but have sold quite a few to customers who planned to wear it in a stack, with the lock hangong down on the top of their wrist., and without charms. I will refer future customers to this enthusiastic post for ideas about styling with charms. I am now thinking about buying the Shine version, thanks to your post!

    • Yes I can just see that, it’s a lovely bracelet in its own right or for stacking. But as I said above, I do love my charms and I don’t like to leave a bracelet unadorned where I can help it. Thank you so much for the kind comment, Sarah, it really brightened my day! ?

  6. The heart shape padlock was on sale in my local store during last month’s sale. I gave it a go and found that it was really hard for me to get it on. So… did not end up getting it. However its pretty, even prettier in rose gold. Till i’m confident in getting it on independently, I will most likely be admiring from afar.

    • Ah, well, you definitely have to get the knack for it… I still find it trickier than a regular barrel clasp, but I can put mine on myself now. :) The first time you try it on will utterly bamboozle you though haha.

  7. I am afraid it is for the younger crowd. I like to keep with a simple look. Easy on and off works better these days! Loved your review Ellie!
    Pandora is lucky to have your blog and they should hire you, LOL! You spend a lot of time and turn out very professional reviews. No one does it better! Can’t wait for the Fall promotions.

    • Easy and off works better for me too in general! ^^ But I have started to get the knack of this bracelet too. Haha, you are too kind, but I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy the reviews, though. They are really fun to do :D

  8. Hi Ellie!

    I love, love, love your New Rose signature padlock bracelet! I agree that the logo is less intrusive on the Rose. I think it holds true for the Shine as well. Both of them are on my wish list…

    I have the flourishing hearts bangle bracelet, and I too had “fun” getting the hang of closing it. I was wearing it plain with the heart on top, but then I saw this picture on Pinterest (I really should stay off that app!) of a spacer, Murano, charm, and clip on each side, with the Spacer being closest to the lock. To put it on I slide my charms to the center and close it with the lock on top so the charms don’t fall off since the style is “backwards”. Then I move the charms to the top on each side. To remove it I reverse the process.

    I have my opulent hearts and my Rapunzel Muranos on it now with purple shining elegance clips.

    I like the idea of just the new “O” on these bracelets. I also have been experimenting with some tri-tone designs, especially with the love pod pendants. I plan to put all three on the open your heart necklace; I still need to purchase the Shine one.

    Thanks for the review! I always enjoy your perspective on the new styles.

    • Hi Deborah! Thank you :D I never did get the Flourishing Hearts bangle, but I do regret that. It’s a nice little design, limited edition, and it had a cute box… what I was thinking? ? I like the idea of that design for the bangle, that is really nicely balanced. I did play a little bit with having just one charm and clip either side of the lock, I think, but that sounds like a good way to build up having more beads on the bracelet. Your purple design sounds stunning! It would be lovely to see it, but I can just picture it anyhow. ^^

      Thanks for the nice long comment Deborah! Glad you enjoyed the review. :)

  9. I don’t think I’ll get a padlock style bracelet, but it sure is pretty in the Rose finish. I’ve come to really like Pandora Rose (mixed with silver, for the two tone effect). I definitely like the simplicity of your styling which allows the Rose gold bracelet to really stand out.

    • Thanks, Judy! I don’t think I’d have gone for one necessarily either if I hadn’t got that first Valentine’s one from Greg earlier this year, but that actually reassured me that I can put it on myself… most of the time. ^^

  10. It’s a beauty. I like your final mini design as nicely balanced. My Rose gold Love of my life clip opened up on own and lost it after less than one month on my bracelet. Very sad and disappointed as received as Bday gift. I didn’t replace with another after reading reviews about that clip and others posted multiple losses with their LOMLrose clip charm repeatedly opening up even after exchanging or buying rep,acement one. Something about design fault for this charm. It has been only clip that I ever lost. I now always check buyer reviews on Pandora website before purchasing clips.

    • Oh no, that is gutting about your clip. That has never happened to me yet, but I’ve heard plenty of stories. :( My clip has never been problematic (I got it back in Spring 2015), but then I guess perhaps a widespread amount of a batch of that clip had issues? I can completely appreciate why you’d not want to buy that particular design again.

  11. Hi Ellie!!
    So glad you’re back! I have so missed your posts!
    I absolutely love your rose gold bracelet…i am a huge fan of this style of bracelet and also the bangles!
    I was wondering if maybe you had heard about why the floating heart locket bangle is so hard to come by? It is utterly killing me that I cannot get my hands on one!

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

    • Hi DeeDee! Haha, thank you! :D The Floating Locket bangle has unfortunately continued to be delayed due to those production issues… still no concrete release date so far as I’ve heard. It’s not in any of the catalogues for the AW18 collection, so I guess it’ll be next year, if it comes out at all.

      Have a lovely week ahead!

  12. Hi Ellie!

    Thanks for reviewing this lovely bracelet. It’s stunning!!! I’ve yet to add the padlock style to my collection given their closure, but this one might be worth the extra effort. Love the Crown O charm, especially in Rose, making it perfect for this beauty. I’ll definitely give this bracelet a closer look in store!

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

    • Hi Emily! Glad you like this one too! :) The problem with the padlock-style bracelets is that, while initially difficult, I personally have found that they definitely do get easier to do up with practice, but I do understand why people are hesitant to take that risk. This one is so gorgeous though! Thanks for commenting, and have a lovely week ahead!

  13. Hi Ellie! I wasn’t really considering any of the padlock bracelets before, but your Rose version is so gorgeous! I really love your “minimalist” styling. I am definitely interested in buying the “O” charms in all three finishes, and I like the new letter charms as well.

    For anyone in the US interested in the bracelet but not liking the cost, the US is holding a free bracelet promotion from August 9-13. The spend is $100 for a free bracelet valued at up to $65, but upgrades are allowed! The only thing excluded is Pandora Shine (of course). I’m definitely interested in doing this promo. I was going to get the Rose Mesh Bracelet, but I love this Rose padlock bracelet too!

    • Joanne,
      Thank you for posting about upcoming bracelet promo.
      I’m sure there is 1 or 2 that could make their way into my bag lol.

      • Hi Emily. I was wondering the same thing about the spend/save promo in September. I usually do a big spend during this promo and include purchases from the Autumn collection as well as a birthday/Christmas gifts for others, but I am tempted to do the upcoming bracelet promo in case we don’t get the usual September one.

    • Hi Joanne, Thanks for the heads up on bracelet Promo! Wonder if we’ll have the usual Spend/Save event in September. With so many high priced bracelets these days, I could sure use a good promo!

      • Hi Emily. I was wondering the same thing about the spend/save promo in September. I usually do a big spend during this promo and include purchases from the Autumn collection as well as a birthday/Christmas gifts for others, but I am tempted to do the upcoming bracelet promo in case we don’t get the usual September one.

    • Hi Joanne! Yay, thanks very much! The O bead is gorgeous, too, I’ve been photographing it for its own review and it’s certainly quite photogenic haha.

      Thanks for the heads-up, I had just heard about that as a friend of mine has the Pandora credit card so she gets access to the pre-sale soon. :) I am quite tempted to do it and get a couple of the Lovepods, which aren’t available here. Will look forward to hearing what you get! :D

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