Today’s post casts an eye over the Pandora Summer 2018 collection, which launched worldwide back at the end of May. With bright colours, festival themes and the odd tassel, it offers a mix of novelty, seasonal charms and more classic beads that have a more timeless style to them.

PANDORA summer 2018 collection

I never covered this launch due to issues that cropped up during my agreed preview schedule with Pandora. Since coming back to the blog, however, I asked you guys whether you’d be interested in hearing my belated thoughts on these Summer charms and bracelets, and it was nice to hear that some of you would! It also seemed kind of therapeutic to finally be posting it! ^^

So, read on for my review of the Pandora Summer 2018 charms! ??♥️

Pandora Summer 2018 collection overview

There are two main themes to this collection – party in paradise and Pandora festival – with bright cartoon-like burgers, taxis and emojis on the one hand, and feathers, dreamcatchers and calmer colours on the other.

This first set of charms features brighter decorative beads, continuing the rainbow motif found in the Spring 2018 collection. My favourite of these is the Rainbow Mosaic, which uses mother of pearl to create a beautiful iridescent effect that has a little more subtlety than the pavé. I have to say, I am not at all sure how I feel about tassels. I like the colours they chose a lot, but they seem kind of impermanent somehow, and I can’t quite imagine incorporating them into any of my bracelet designs. Did anyone buy any and, if so, how did you end using them? :)

Pandora Summer 2018 tassels rainbows

Obviously, as a compulsive caffeine drinker and lover of all pink things, the Drink to Go was top of my Summer 2018 wishlist! ^^ Of the others, I did think the Popcorn charm a rather funny little bead to start with, but after seeing it in a pretty picture from @mypandoracharms, I suddenly realised how cute it was! I keep thinking that it might be rather fun to do a mini carnival/theme park theme bracelet, with the Popcorn, some silver animals and perhaps some Disney parks beads. I don’t quite think I’m brave enough to put the retired Clown on it though :SPandora Summer 2018 collection carnival festival party

For me, the charms on the bottom are fun, but a bit on the novelty side, and they wouldn’t really fit neatly anywhere in my existing collection.

I couldn’t really think of a hook or overall name for this collage – I just liked the look of all the beads together. ^^ They’re all from the ‘festival’ theme. I did like the teal Shape of Love charm from these stock images initially, but seeing one in store, the colour didn’t seem quite as solid and vibrant as I would have hoped. Perhaps it was just a poor example, though. The Dreamcatcher is my other favourite from this selection, and the Compass Rose is pretty, but the colour isn’t really one that fits in with any works-in-progress in my collection.

Pandora Summer 2018 festivalThe Spiritual Feather also gets top marks from me! It’s plain silver, affordable, and so nicely detailed. It’s a great alternative for anyone who missed out on the Indsamling silver Feather charm back in the day, which has become a very rare and expensive bead.

Pandora Summer 2018 collection previewThe bracelets for this season are all leather. There are two different styles – the first being four colours of a double wrap leather bracelet, and the other a leather version of the new sliding bracelet. For me, the tan brown leather sliding bracelet is by far my favourite – I absolutely love the contrast of the softer brown leather against the silver tassels! I haven’t bought any leathers for a long time, but I was really quite tempted by this one. Pandora Summer 2018 collection

The next set of charms are marked as being regional exclusives in the North American launch guide.

Pandora Summer 2018 collection preview

My favourite of these is the absolutely beautiful pack of Playing Cards. How perfect for a Las Vegas bracelet, or an Alice in Wonderland theme? You could put it with the White Rabbit and the 2016 Club charm, which always reminded me of a playing suit with its pretty beaded detailing.

The other charms are more obviously landmark/tourist based:

Pandora Summer 2018 preview

Pandora Summer 2018 Love Puerto Rico

I absolutely love what they have done with the enamel detailing in this gorgeously coloured Love Canada bead – the veining of the leaf looks stunning in darker enamel. This is marked as being a Canadian exclusive in the North American launch guide.

Pandora Summer 2018 Love Canada

Pandora Summer 2018 Brazil charm

My Comment

Overall, for me, this is a Pandora Summer collection that offers something a little different. Past collections have often focused exclusively on ocean themes, and I like that they’ve brought in different ideas, different characters – the coffee cup, the ferris wheel, the whole festival idea. Nevertheless, I feel like some of the bright, primary colours are perhaps a bit casual or novelty for my particular tastes, and I find myself gravitating more to the silver-based, classic character beads. So far, I’ve obtained the Spiritual Dreamcatcher and Drink to Go charms, which I reviewed in an earlier post:

Since then I’ve also added the Spiritual Feather charm to my collection. Such a pretty bead! I’m wearing it on a black leather, which I like most stacked with my Pandora Rose bracelet:

Of the travel beads, I think the Canada one is very unusual and such a pretty shade of wine red – but then, I do love my enamel detailing! The Colour Wheel is rather fun, too, but I think I’d struggle to style those multi-coloured stones! Perhaps it would be good for a Disney design, which often incorporates lots of vibrant colour.

Did you like this year’s Summer collection? Which pieces did you buy?

78 Comments on Pandora Summer 2018 collection overview

  1. I didn’t buy any of these and have no plans to. None really fits my style, and the collection itself is quite disjointed.

  2. Hi Ellie,

    I cobined the blue tassel with the blue amulet and the spiritual feather on a neclace. it is really lovely togethe. I also have the dreamcatcher and the compass.

    My boyfriend and have booked or trip to America officialy yesterday! and guess wich cities we are going to visit! New York, Las Vegas and San Franciso so you know wich three beads i would like. If you look online the two dangels are sold out ( for the 3 past weeks already) so i hope that they are available in the stores over there.
    I told you in an earlier reply that we have the build a bracelet action here in the Netherlands. I was not planning to participate but i was to weak to resist defenitly after our travel plans. I bought the standerd bracelet in combination with the coffee cup of the summer collection and the little suitcase as a start of my America bracelet. Now we only have to whait 279 days before going!

    thanks for the post!

    • Hi Manon!!
      I did the same with the “build a bracelet promotion” ( in Germany) I was also too weak…I was saving my money for the autumn collection ?

    • Hi Manon!

      So excited for you! You will enjoy all three cities. And they all have something different to recommend them. You should get the airplane charm too! Safe travels.

    • Hi Manon, that’s a really fun combination! I like the idea of all those dangles hanging together. :)

      Hurray, that’s so exciting! :D Fingers crossed those dangles will be available when you go. They have 277 days to get them back in stock haha :) You have made a very cute start on your America bracelet, it’s only right that you get to add those beads to it too!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Ellie!!
    I like the tassel but I didn’t dare to buy it, honestly I also think the price is not really fair, there is only a bit of silver …?
    But I bought already the ❤️ pop corn, coffee to go, the feather and the dream catcher that was in promotion with the leather bracelet .

      • Oooh! I am so tempted by that one Diana! The US bracelet promo goes on for one more day and I keeping add it to my basket but not checking out ?

    • Hi Diana! No, I was a little wary of the tassels myself. I like the look of them in people’s stylings and campaign images, but I don’t think I’d personally go for one from Pandora. :) Love your picks, those are exactly my favourites from Summer too… I’m also quite tempted to go back and get the Popcorn bead myself! ^^

  4. I got the black slider bracelet, the 4 leaf clover dangle and the burger dangle for free in the recent 3 for 2 promo. The black bracelet looks stunning with just one plain silver charm, I love the black and white monochrome effect. The burger has gone on my ‘summer fun’ bracelet which has the orange flower Murano beads, deep cherry pink Murano beads and other deep pink and orange enamels, like the cocktail drink and others from the summer sale :-D, it’s even got Tigger and Eeyore on there too :-D.

    I love all the rainbow beads and want to put them all together on one bracelet but I need them to do a free bracelet promo so that I have a spare bracelet to put them all on ;-).

    • Great choices, how are you liking your slider bracelet? I have just ordered one in silver from the US, but am tempted to get a tan leather one, too. I am so intrigued by your Summer fun bracelet, I would love to see a photo somehow. It sounds like such a fun mix of oranges and pinks, always a really lovely and vibrant combo for Summer. I have an orange and Rose bracelet, which has some delicate pinks and whites mixed in – I call it my ‘sunset’ theme! :)

      Hopefully we’ll get a free bracelet promo at some point! :) That rainbow bracelet needs to happen!

  5. I got the dreamcatcher, the coffee cup and the blue and orange double leather bracelets from the summer collection. I would have loved to have seen a fuschia pink leather bracelet, that would have been amazing!! I love to match up different colour leather bracelets to my charms, it seems like Pandora only release them in summer now! I’m sure they used to be more frequent! Lovely choice in charms Ellie :)

    • Fabulous choices :D there was a honeysuckle pink leather a couple of years ago that is quite fuchsia in colour – that’s not in the new leather style though. You’re right, they have done leathers at other times of year – dark navy blue for Autumn, or pearly white for Mother’s Day. Pink for BCA, too. They seem to have found a core rhythm in releasing them as fun summer pieces, though. Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Hi Ellie!

    I loved the Summer Collection. Hippie, festival, boho took me back to my younger years, and I celebrated my inner “wild child” with a mini design for one of my bangles. I purchased the dreamcatcher for the center, next two of the mosaics, on for each side, next the color wheel and popcorn, and for each end the open your heart multi-colored clips. This is my “dreamy” fair bracelet, complete with ferris wheel and kettle corn! I am going the purchase the spiritual feather to go with my cross, bible, and the new ohm charm I the Autumn collection.

    I purchase both colors of the shape of love hearts, the blues, which remind me of turquoise, are on a bracelet with the compass rose, the new spinning dangle charm, and a vibrant blue and turquoise sea horse that isn’t Pandora. It was a gift and I now have a place to put it. I am saving the orange hearts to go with my harvest motif.

    The tassels weren’t for me. But one of our sales ladies in the store wears a tassel with a couple of other dangles on the open your heart necklace. She babies it so the tassel won’t get fuzzy. It’s cute though. And it inspired me to purchase that necklace. I have all three colors of the love pod dangles on mine. I also got the “station” beaded necklace, and I love it.

    To make a long story longer, I also purchased the pizza and pasta charms for my bff bracelet. My bff gave me the burger and fries as an impulse gift, so I added the friendship star, the car, the shopping bag, and the red droplets and hearts to go with the red of the burger and fries charm. DEB in the new letters rounds out this design. It’s quirky and cute.

    Thanks for the belated preview. It’s always fun to see what everyone does with new charms. I love what you’ve done with yours! The turquoise Murano is perfect with the dreamcatcher, and I love the feather on the black leather. I prefer the braided ones to the smooth leather of the new ones. I need that drink to go… so many lovely charms to collect!

    • Hi Deborah! Ah, you picked such fun things! A ‘fair’ bracelet is a lovely idea, I’m still quite tempted to do something similar. I had thought that I was safe until Autumn, but I do like the popcorn charm a lot! I do not believe that I’ve ever had a wild side at all, haha, but I love the sound of yours expressed in jewellery.

      Haha, I also love your phrase of ‘babying’ your jewellery. I do baby my Rose bracelets a little, I guess. And bangles when they’re new. ^^ I did see a tassel on display in store that looked a little frazzled. I wonder how well they wear.

      Interesting that you prefer the older leathers! I think I do, too, but I saw the tan leather in store yesterday and was a bit ?. So I am considering doing the promo again, haha. I told Greg to tell me all the reasons why I shouldn’t but he just said, if you can and you want to, why don’t you? Which was sweet, but unhelpful, aha! We’ll see. Thanks for the lovely long comment Deborah, always a pleasure to read you!

  7. So, I DID get the teal Shape of Love bead! I am wearing it on my turquoise Pandora friendship bracelet. It’s a perfect colour match, and it looks really pretty. I’m happy with the bead colour – it’s not overly “vibrant” but it intrigued me. Mine is a little bit translucent, I can ALMOST see through it.

    I felt the same about the tassels – I had a look at them in person, and they just felt too “delicate”. I had considered a teal one to wear on a long necklace chain, but I know me and I would find a way to wreck it. I just would.. lol.

    I had quickly passed over the Drink to Go bead (I was super focussed on the Shape of Love), and now that you’ve highlighted it, I’m going to go get one today!!! I feel the same as you – coffee + pink enamel= how could I pass this up?!!!

    • Oh good, I’m glad you love yours! Perhaps it’s a question of hunting through the beads until you find the right one. I so love the colour from the stock image. The one I saw was almost patchy in shade.

      Aha, I’m also a wrecker of things – notoriously so in my family. If I love it and use it a lot, then it inevitably ends up a little sorry and worse for wear. My Pandora is pretty resilient, as I have a lot of bracelets that see a fair bit of rotation, but phone cases, phones themselves, mugs, bags, shoes… all end up a little battered, haha. So I would also not deem myself tassel-safe, haha.

      Oh yay!! That’s so fun, I hope you managed to get one :D It’s such a cute bead!

  8. Not at all tempted by the charms, but the sliding bracelets I have been tempted by-they look ideal for only using a few beads.

  9. Hooray, so excited when I got my email that you posted your summer 2018 review/preview. I was so curious to hear your thoughts!

    I loved that this collection was different from previous summer collections. It’s great to see Pandora getting creative with new ideas, themes and designs. While the majority of the summer collection wasn’t on my wishlist, I was happy to see these items appeal to other interests and styles.

    My top favourites were very similar to you: loved the drink to go, popcorn (you’re so sweet to mention me, thank you! I had to do a double take) and I just purchased the tan sliding leather bracelet. I also rubbing the ferris wheel is so cute. Also makes me think of the Disney Park/ Mickey’s Fun Wheel. Both are so different, but neat to see another ferris wheel option. It would be neat if they did some type of roller coaster charm, haha.

    You have gotten me to appreciate that little feather charm. I may have to add it to my wishlist! Dream catcher is so beautiful, I just don’t have a proper bracelet home…yet. ????

    Wonderful review and preview. So happy you did this!

    • Hi Emily! Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :) Your pictures of the Popcorn have definitely made me add it to my wishlist, I’ve been debating whether or not to do the bracelet promo again so that I can get it. I think I have decided not to for now, but I will definitely be back to get the Popcorn bead at some point, haha. Aw, a roller coaster charm is such a cute idea! Pandora are doing a little train for Christmas this year, where the carriage is connected to the main train bead – you could definitely do a little pair of rollercoaster carriages like that.

      Thanks for commenting <3

  10. I bought the popcorn charm as I love going to the cinema, just put it by itself on the half bangle. Also bought the dream catcher to wear on a necklace. Then the feather, turquoise tassel, turquoise heart clips and one other, I’m not at home and can’t remember!! But I love it for festivals. Also just come to Italy and bought a gondola, colosseum and pizza for an Italian theme, still tempted to buy the pasta charm too. Thanks for your reviews Ellie.

    • Aw, the Popcorn charm is really cute! I’m very tempted after seeing some lovely pics of it on social media. ^^ I’m glad you managed to find some beads on holiday, too, that’s always something I look forward to. Even if they are things I can buy at home, there’s just something very fun about buying Pandora as a holiday souvenir. Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Will you be reviewing the new Disney charms? We’re at DLP at the moment and, apart from the Peter Pan one (which we’ve bought) , the other three look quite odd.

    • Yes, that’s another catch-up I’m planning! I want to do the Disney charms and the LovePods, too. :) Hope you’re having a lovely time at DLP!

  12. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks so much for going a head with this review, this collection is very eclectic,and that’s not a criticism as I was able to select a few from each theme or grouping. This is the most money I spent on a summer collection to date. I bought the coffee cup & popcorn to go with my favorite things to do with friends & loved ones. Hanging out in coffee shops going to movies or curling up on the couch with popcorn anytime of year are my favourite past times. I used my chai life bead purchased from my NYC trip as the focal bead and put the popcorn & coffe cup on eitherside and I was quite pleased with the outcome. Inyially I thought the popcorn would have to be the centre piece. The popcorn bead is amazing. The little pearl & silver popcorn pieces are lovely & I am grateful they didn’t make it look like the burger and fries.
    Next I purchased the two amulets & the two shape of love muranos. The orange colour is the nicest of the two, the blue is more subdued and I can see a faint yellowis tinge due to the core. Both look great paired with the opposite coloured amulet on my brown leather bracelet
    or on a bangle. Like you I passed on the tassel, too pricy for one and I thought might look ratty after a few years.
    As for the bracelets, they looked lovely but I didn’t like the texture, so I dug out my original leather versions and used those instead. I have the dream catcher and compass on back order from my local shop in shop. The compass for my travel bracelet and the dream catcher for my necklace.
    The deck of cards, I have yet to see in person. I am considering it for my Bond theme bracelet.
    I’m so glad you like the enamel Love Canada bead, it is lovely in person, the leaf veining turned out well. I managed to get one in time for Canada Day. This charm is large and thick in size so I used it as a focal charm. I’m not sure it is quite the exclusive it is advertised as being.
    Ellie, This collection really worked for me, not so much for my bank account though.
    Thanks again for putting out this review. Summer is still in full swing so why not celebrate that!

    Lisa K

    • Hi Lisa! Wow, that’s quite an accolade for this year’s Summer collection. ^^ I have to say, three beads is quite good going for me and Summer, too. And I was tempted to buy more, too, and still might. I’d like to add the Popcorn and the Playing Cards to my collection, at some point. I love that the popcorn and coffee cup charms represent not only relaxing times but times with loved ones for you. When I look at the coffee cup, I do think specifically of times spent with my OH wandering around in new cities together. ^^

      I’m with Deborah, a Bond-themed bracelet sounds like so much fun! I think the playing cards would be wonderful for that.

      I do love the Canada bead! I’m a sucker for enamel detailing in that style – they also used it to similar effect on the Lion Dance charm. It’s just so rich and pretty. I don’t believe it’s sold elsewhere, though?

      Glad you enjoyed the collection so much! While some charms were misses for me, I have to say that I do like the greater number of character beads and new concepts they put out this time around. So nice to have a change from the ocean beads. I always used to get a couple of Summer muranos, but it’s nice to have actually bought something else for once! Thanks for commenting <3

      • Ellie,

        My Bond Bracelet to date, has a crown for Queen & Country, a CZ martini glass, a gold anchor for the Navy, a letter Q and a Chamilia martinis shaker (the old one silver with Swarvski accents) . The deck of cards would symbolize Flemmings first Bond Novel Casino Royale.

        If you would like the new Love Canada – Canada Maple leaf let me know I would be happy to get one for you.

        Lisa K.

        • Lisa, how about an M too! I hope you don’t mind me copying you. I think the Bond theme is beyond cool.

        • Hi Debbie,

          I don’t mind at all! In fact the M is a great idea, with the new letters Pandora released a new set of letters that I love, I’m considering updating my Q. If you got any more suggestions I would love to hear them. The gadgets and locations are so much fun to watch. My husband was named after Sean Connery, after they saw him in A Bond movie.

          Lisa K

        • Yes, Casino Royale is exactly where my mind went when you said about the cards and the bracelet!

          Ah, I actually already have a Maple Leaf charm on its way to me from Canada so I am all set – but thank you so much for offering! :)

  13. The southwest theme with the feathers and the dream catcher, and both hearts turquoise and orange are my loves. The compass I had to have for travel bracelet or my southwest theme for all those travel memories. Doing my boxer luv bracelet using those hearts with his name and the new CZ initials. Still considering the turquoise clips. Great uses to change out charms using those open bangles keeps it easy and quick. So many ideas for these. The popcorn is nice and really wanted red stripes but the pink goes with this darl’n pearls. The pink on the cofffee to go gets me, but might give in. The pasta is still waiting in my head. Not sure I like it. Might be a good sale item choice. My foodie bracelet or shopping bracelet. I still need all 3 love pod dangles.

    Ellie thanks for the summer last review and good timing for freebie bracelet sale. Yes, luv your idea of the bracelet with the feather. I cannot do that long dangle at the end of it. I’m too small to carry it off. But it is great for so many of you.

    • Aw, you seem to have found some nicely creative ways to use this collection ^^ I like that they used pink for the popcorn charm, as like you say, it goes so nicely with the pearls! I don’t even really like popcorn, but I do love the charm’s cute vintage aesthetic, so I would quite like to add it to my collection at some point. I expect that pasta charm will make it on sale at some point – most of the more unusual beads do – so you are probably safe to wait. ^^

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the post, and that it was good timing for the sale ^^ I almost talked myself into a few more purchases, haha, but I seem to have managed to hold off. Thanks for commenting! :)

  14. Not at all my style this collection, which is perfectly good with me, since there were many things I liked from Spring and I can hardly wait for Autumn. Only the coffee to go could find a place in my jewellery box to be paired with the rest of the Spring pieces, as they are so similar in colour and you can always enjoy a good coffee sitting in your garden/balcony. Probably not in that kind of recipient, but never mind, lol!
    All in all, too boho and uninteresting for me.
    Enjoy your summer babies, you all! ?

    • Forgot to mention that I got two Essencebeads, plus the lovely Crhistmas bear from last Winter. Now, I´m after some Christmassy discontinued charms that have pop up in the sales but I´m in two minds about ordering them from the spanish E-store or getting them in England next week.

      • Ooh that’s a fun decision! Do you have something else nice you could purchase when you’re in the UK if you bought those beads from the Spanish eStore?

        • Ooooh yes! There are too many nice things I’d like to get. I finally didn’t order from the Spanish E-store , as my holidays were approaching and I was’t sure if they would arrive before I went, so I decided that I’d go Pandora shopping in London. After all I always seem to bump into a Pandora store when I’m abroad. It’s not my fault, really. They just appear in front of me! ?

    • Yes, my initial idea for the Coffee Cup was that it would go on my Spring bracelet, but then I decided that I wanted it on my holiday bracelet as it reminded me so much of lovely times away. ^^ The pink does go nicely with the Spring charms though!

  15. Thank you for your review. I did like the new bracelets but after trying one on in the shop found them too difficult to do up with one hand. I did buy a compass bead and was thrilled to find the New York dangle available in Australia, which finished off a travel bracelet from a recent USA & Canada trip.
    The tassels are not for me. So I really didn’t spend very much this release. Wish there were more travel beads available in Australia. Thanks again

    • Ah, that’s a shame re the sliding bracelets – I’ll be interested to see how I get on with mine once it arrives! :) We don’t get many of the travel beads in the UK, either. We tend not to get any of the more out there charms – we didn’t get the pizza or pasta dangles from Pre-Autumn for example. I’m glad you got your Compass and New York beads, though – those are both lovely. Enjoy! <3

  16. Love your blog! I’ve read it for a long time, but never commented before. I used the free bracelet promo to get both the teal and the tan double bracelets – the clasp took a little bit to get used to, but once I figured it out I love them, there is a really pretty crystal detail on the side of the little button. I got the teal amulet, the dream catcher the compass rose dangle, the turquoise heart clip and then to be patriotic ?? I got the new Canada enamel charm and the older maple leaf charm with the red synthetic ruby for my Canada bracelet. I wanted the Symbol of peace charm, but it flips, so no. I would also like the popcorn charm, it looks so cute!

    • Hi Lori, it’s lovely to hear from you! I’m envious of your tan double leather. ^^ I so, so almost caved and went back to do the promo a second time to get the sliding version of it but managed to talky self out of it! The teal beads are also lovely picks – but again, I’m trying to be good and not to start too many new designs and stylings. There’s enough I want from Autumn without throwing spontaneous Summer purchases into the mix. ^^ Enjoy your new goodies!

  17. Thank you for going ahead with this review.

    I plan to buy the NYC dangle in the next promo to add to my travel bracelet even though I already have 5 NYC charms. I just can’t resist the yellow taxi for a pop a colour.

    I do like the compass but I don’t have a place for it in my bracelets.

    I hadn’t planned on buying the tassels until I saw some photos of someone wearing them next to some charms I already have. The combo looked great but I am concerned about the tassels looking tatty/frayed after wearing them for a while.

    I like the colours of the new full leather bracelets but the every photo I have seen the button looks twisted and bulky and I am wondering if they are uncomfortable to wear.

    Has any bought the tassels or full leather bracelets and had an issue with them?

    • Hi Lozzie, I got the full leather bracelets and so far my only issue is that the leather is stiff so the the thread side wants to face up. Once the leather softens I should be able to get the leather to face up. Also you should use a stopper to prevent the beads from all sliding off – the Arcs of Love works great because it has silicone inside so it doesn’t move – the slide for loop on the button side can be hard to move, so when I released the other end to get the bracelet off all my beads slid off, but I think it should be easier to move the leather loop when the leather softens. The button doesn’t seem bulky or uncomfortable to me, it mostly lies flat against my wrist, but it would be possible for it to get caught on something unlike the round clasp. I thought about getting the leather and silver bracelet, but I am not sure about those dangly loose ends.

      I don’t know about the tassels, I think they are too fragile, and won’t really stand up and according to a sales person, though they are not big sellers so you may never see them again if you don’t get them now! I am still wanting that peace charm to go on my Canada bracelet despite the flipping – I can’t go back to the Pandora store again ?

    • My pleasure! It was so nice to be able to do it, never mind however many months later. The NYC dangle is great fun, I hope the next promo rolls around soon so that you can get it! ^^

      I haven’t bought any, so can’t comment, but I also have concerns about the tassels! I saw a couple in a store display on Sunday looking a bit frazzled, and they can’t have been worn at all. As Lori says, though, they might become something of a Pandora rarity. Sometimes the more unusual beads can end up being the real collectors’ items. I think the Autumn 2013 pretzel goes for more money than you’d think nowadays. ^^

  18. Hi Ellie. I have the Cup to go only for summer collection. I really want to get the Dreamcatcher but it never arrived in Pandora concept stores here and sold out online everytime I check. I have never seen Dreamcatcher in person but it looks lovely and would go on my bracelet dedicated to my mispent early adulthood when I was invited into various Indegenou Indigenous communities by close friends. I had the Feather in my online Pandora store basket today but decided to wait for Dreamcatcher instead.

    The Compass is tempting as I have no sense of direction and would go beside the retired alarm clock which is on my wish list. I am spatially challenged in both space and time.

    The San Francisco dangle really appeals to me as visited there frequently and kne of my favorite cities in the world. I have the red enamel Canada charm and it is beautiful as deep red, larger size and can see the veining in maple leaf. It matches same hue as the faceted red heart bead. They are both on my everyday bracelet. I do wish the faceted heart beads are shinier as agree that seems a bit cloudy which is a little disappointing.

    I did the Freestyle promo by getting the Promise of Spring and You are so loved charms and Loving heart bangle. My first bracelet with an enamel clasp. Bangle is on 30% off sale and it counted towards the Freestyle promo!!! I picked the all silver heart clasp bangle as my free bracelet. So excited!!!

    • Hi Kelly! Aw, I hope the Dreamcatcher comes back in stock for you soon. It’s a really nice bead. Hopefully Pandora’s stock issues with it will level out soon – it seems widely available here without any problems. :) It’s cool that you have a story behind it as well!

      Aha, I am also spatially challenged ? I am useless at navigating, and am always banging into things. I regularly bang my hip going past the kitchen counter, and have to think very carefully about how to open a door when I’ve no free hands haha. I’m not sure there’s a charm for my kind of lack of spatial awareness yet though lol!

      Ah, the Canada bead sounds lovely!! A very generous friend is sending me one as an engagement present, and I am very excited to get it. It looks so pretty from pictures, and I am so pleased that you love yours. The enamelwork reminds me of the lovely Lion Dance. :)

      And yay for promo goodies! Enjoy, you got lovely things!! Thanks for sharing :D

  19. The Playing Cards Deck charm doesn’t seem to be available in Canada as looked through the Spring/Summer 2018 catalogue. ?

  20. I haven’t bought any of the summer collection beads, but I think I’ll get the drink to go at some point. I think the popcorn bead looks good in person, but I’m afraid it would flip a lot. I bet the color wheel, popcorn, and Bruno would look good together. Bruno, from the upcoming Autumn release, looks like one of those big stuffed animals you can win as a prize at a carnival. I like the compass and may get it if I can find something to go with it. And maybe I’d get the orange shape of love if I start another orange bracelet soon. I also like the rainbow mosaic bead. So even though I haven’t bought any summer beads yet, I probably will eventually!

    • Oh you should, it’s such a cute bead! The Popcorn does look like it would be a flipper (what a sentence!). But I really like it, so I think I will probably end up with it at some point anyway. I quite like the idea of doing a full Disney Parks themed bracelet, or perhaps a mini one with the Popcorn charm and a handful of my favourite Parks exclusive charms. :)

      I love your idea of Bruno as a carnival prize! What good thinking. ^^ I still think that I am going to use him as a fairytale bead, but perhaps if I review him, I’ll visit that idea. Thanks for commenting!

  21. The dreamcatcher bead is so beautiful. Looks good from all sides. I am using it on a black leather with two beads called Tropicana and two crazy clips. Five beads is perfect for double leather. Also bought the brown leather slider bracelet. I haven’t added beads to it. Seems perfect without any. Love the blog!!

    • That sounds perfect, a lovely all-silver design :) sometimes it’s nice to go for something a bit more stripped back! I am envious of your brown slider bracelet – I so almost bought one on the promo! It’s a beauty. :) Thanks for sharing! ^^

  22. Hi Ellie! I actually really love the boho/festival look of thai collection. I splurged on quite a few items during the recent free leather bracelet/rings/earrings promo we had here in the US. You should definitely go for the Tan Leather Sliding Bracelet, as the color is so pretty and goes with many kinds of charms, and I feel like the sliding clasp is more convenient than the typical clasp. On my bracelet, I currently have the Dreamcatcher (so hard to find), Orange Tassel, Orange Shape of Love, Rainbow Mosaic, and Spiritual Feather. I plan to add the Turquoise Tassel, Turquoise Shape of Love, Color Wheel, and Amulet. I also definitely “need” the To Go Cup to add to a different design I already have.

    • Hi Joanne! I decided against doing the promo again, as I need to save a little for Autumn, but I do love the brown leather bracelet and am sure that I’ll be back for it at some point ^^ I’m excited to try out the silver sliding version in the meantime! Your orange and rainbow styling sounds so pretty. And adding the teal will really make it pop! Thanks for sharing ^^

  23. I like many of the charms from this collection and love that they did something other than just another Ocean Theme! I’m sad to see some people completely write off this release but I guess more for me at Rue La La in the future haha. I will be purchasing at least the spiritual feather in a good promo. Hopefully more someday. A lot of these charms are much cuter in person than their stock photo. I saw the amulets and they were so little and different looking in person that I can’t get the turqoise color one out of my head for some reason. Maybe because it’s not a popular one – I like to be different than the masses sometime :)

    • The turquoise amulet is one of the many beads I bought from the summer collection. It is stunning! I’ve used it with some of the charms on a necklace and on the black leather sliding bracelet as well. You should go for it! ?

    • Yes, I completely agree with you! It was such a pleasant surprise to see some different character beads in this release. The amulets are much cuter in person, I wasn’t at all keen from the stock images, but nevertheless I can imagine that they well might be one of the beads you end up seeing at Rue La La in the future, haha. I’m glad you liked this collection too! ^^

  24. Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for posting your review. I brought a lot of this collection (as I mentioned on your last post about the festival line). I love it all. A lot of comments about the tassels! I love mine and wear them on a chain with other charms or on my bracelet mixed in or on my leather bracelet. I thought they would just last a few seasons but so far they look brand new so maybe they will last longer than I gave them credit. I love the pop of colour they give. I’ve been wearing all my new goodies and LOVE them all. The festival line is totally up my alley. I was rapped pandora brought it out.

      • Yeah! Ive been surprised at how well they have held up. Sometimes one might look a bit frazzled but I just smooth it down and it’s as new. The blue colour is beautiful ?

    • Hi Bec! It’s good to hear from a tassel fan, haha. I’m glad that you’ve found them durable so far. I like the festival line a lot too – the tassels aren’t quite my speed, but I love all the fun colours and the pretty silver feathers. Refreshingly different from the usual Pandora Summer releases! ^^ Enjoy your new pretties!

  25. Thanks for sharing those lovely designs. I used to be a big fan of Pandora, but now I am somehow get over it. hahaha. I feel their designs are more for young generation and always look the same style. They look cute for sure, just not my type anymore.

    Anyway, I love this post!

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