Special edition or rare Pandora bracelets are less common than limited edition charms, but there have still been a few released over the years! These tend to be either in celebration of holidays, or to raise awareness for charity.

Pandora BCA awareness bracelets

Pandora Matte Pink Leather Bracelet

The most common version of the pink leather bracelet is the metallic pink shade, which is still available today. However, there was also a matte pink leather released, which has quite a different, darker finish to it. It came in both a single and a double wrap.


These were released in honour of BCA awareness, and were often packaged with the HTF Lucerne pieces.

Australian Pink Triple Wrap Smooth Leather Bracelet

Pandora Australia Limited Edition Pink Bracelet

The smooth pink triple leather bracelet was released exclusively in Australia in October 2013, in support of breast cancer charity efforts. It came bundled with the Key to my Heart charm.

Pandora BCA Bangle

The limited edition Breast Cancer awareness Pandora bangle came out in certain countries at the end of 2015, including Europe and Australia, but never made it to the UK or North America. It is now retired.

pandora autumn 2015

Pandora Mother’s Day limited edition bangles

Every year since 2014, Pandora have released a limited edition bangle in celebration of Mother’s Day. This often came with a special box as part of a gift set.

The first bangle in the series was the Circle of Love bangle, with its pink pavé clasp. This one is reasonably sought after these days.

pandora mother's day 2014

The Always in my Heart bangle is probably the most sought after of the Mother’s Day bangles, with its pretty pavé heart clasp. It was also the first bangle to feature an engraved slogan, a common feature of almost all subsequent holiday and Mother’s Day bangles.

pandora mother's day always in my heart bangle

The Wishful Hearts bangle was the offering for 2016, but its family-related slogan limits its versatility a little.

pandora mother's day 2016

The Loving limited edition bangle offered a more contemporary look, with Pandora branding on its clasp.

Pandora Mother's Day 2017 collection

The 2018 Mother’s Day bangle has been one of the most popular, featuring Pandora’s new interchangeable lock concept. It does have another family-related slogan, though – Love makes a family.

Pandora holiday limited edition bangles

Much like the Mother’s Day limited editions, Pandora release a special bangle every year in October/November time in celebration of the holidays.

This tradition began with the Pavé Star bangle back in 2014. It has no inscription on it, and is a perfect bangle for a mini festive design!

pandora Limited edition christmas bangle

The Dainty Bow bangle followed in 2015, and also has no inscription.

pandora winter 2015 bow bangle

This snowflake-themed bangle from Christmas 2016 bears the words Unique as you are, referring to the idea that no snowflake is the same.

Pandora Winter 2016 Holiday Preview Black Friday Bangle

The Heart of Winter 2017 bangle is engraved with the words You melt my heart. 


Teal Triple Wrap Smooth Leather Bracelet

pandora teal triple wrap

This bracelet was released in Summer 2013, but was retired in January 2014. It reportedly suffered production issues where the leather flaked very easily.