Today I’m previewing all the accompanying jewellery for the Spring 2014 collection! We have some lovely accompanying pieces to the charms that are debuting for Spring 2014. There are also some other pieces that will debut later with the Mother’s Day collection, but I’ll preview those in a subsequent post. :) These pieces are due out on the 17th of March.

pandora spring 2014 oopsie daisy


We have two lovely white daisy rings to complement the new white daisy clip.

spring-collection-pandora-2014_157805_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157807_big

The butterfly pendant also gets a matching ring.

Next, we have three versions of cubic zirconia studded rings, with purple, pink and clear stones.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157810_big 1spring-collection-pandora-2014_157811_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157812_big

There are also two rings that remind me very much of the Glamorous Legacy rings that debuted with the Autumn/Fall 2013 collection.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157813_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157814_big

Finally, we have a ring that complements the Her Majesty’s spacers.

spring-collection-pandora-2014_157806_bigThere will also be a ring matching the Oopsie Daisy charmwhich was released last Autumn/Fall.

pandora spring 2014


We have a lovely pair of white daisy earrings to complement the new daisy clip.


The butterfly pendant has matching earrings.


Next, we have some two tone earrings that match the Oopsie Daisy charm that was released in Autumn / Fall 2013.


We have pink and purple murano drop earrings.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157818_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157819_big

Finally, there are some matching Legacy earrings.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157821_big


We have two new fabric cord bracelets, in this collection’s colours of pink and purple.

spring-collection-pandora-2014_157822_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157823_big

What do you think of the Spring jewellery collection? Are you tempted by any pieces? :)

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  1. Loving the pink spring bracelet! Was thinking of a leather one next but couldn’t decide on colour, but I think I’ll wait for this one instead. Really nice with a few open work charms from the new collection :)

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