I previously previewed all the charms arriving for Valentine’s Day 2014; today brings a preview of the jewellery debuting next week, with some lovely campaign images too. While the official launch date is next week, many stores have already received their stock for Valentine’s Day 2014. Check with your retailer to see if they have them! :)

The Jewellery

With the Valentine’s 2014 Collection, we see a number of rings debuting, alongside a gorgeous silver locket and a matching pair of heart earrings. Click on the image to enlarge it!

pandora valentines 2014 jewellery with brit

Campaign / Live Images

We can see the jewellery in action in the following live images from Pandora.

pandora valentines 3 pandora valentines 2 pandora valentines

My Comment

While Pandora have obviously stuck to the beaten track with this Valentine’s release, I think it’s really very pretty. The Twist of Fate ring in particular is gorgeous and, if I had enough room in my charm budget, I’d love to own the locket as well. ;)

I do think it’s a shame that all the stones Pandora uses are synthetic nowadays, but at least it keeps the jewellery affordable.

What do you think? Are you planning on acquiring any of these pieces? :) Let me know!

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