Today’s post brings a preview of the jewellery for the Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 collection. Some of them are just exquisite! There’s no official release date for this collection yet, but last year it was released mid-April globally. The UK usually gets at least some of the Mother’s Day collection early, as our Mother’s Day falls earlier in the year, usually in March.


This is a great statement pendant, a perfect piece for an elegant evening out.

pandora mother's day 2014


There are a number of new rings coming out for Mother’s Day. The Her Majesty’s collection gets a ring in pink.

spring-collection-pandora-2014_157853_big The new Shimmering Lace collection gets a beautiful statement ring, reminiscent of the Vintage Lace collection from Autumn / Fall 2013.pandora mother's day 2014

The bow series will have accompanying rings both in silver and in gold.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157858_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157854_big

This gorgeous ring will have an accompanying charm and clip with the Mother’s Day 2014 collection.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157857_bigNext, we have another addition to the Legacy series, this time in pink.

With a little flash of gold, this two tone ring is very sweet.


Next, we have two cubic zirconia rings.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157861_big spring-collection-pandora-2014_157860_big


The Legacy series gets a matching pink set of earrings.

spring-collection-pandora-2014_157862_big We also get some cute pink enamel rose studs.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157863_big

These earrings are possibly my favourite in the Bow set of jewellery – they’re adorable!


These pavé earrings, on the other hand, are extremely elegant – they remind me of the Vintage series in style.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157865_big Finally, we have some pretty two tone earrings, with a recurring heart motif.spring-collection-pandora-2014_157866_big

My Comment

I particularly love the pink enamel rose jewellery – I love all things flowers and pink, and it reminds me of the Spring 2013 collection, which was probably my favourite Pandora release ever! This, as far as I’m aware, is set to have a matching charm and clip; I just don’t have images for those as of yet.

So, are you smitten? Which pieces are going on your wish list? :)

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