Today brings some exciting news, with some additional stock and live images from the upcoming Spring and Mother’s Day Pandora collections for 2014 – including some never-before-seen charms. I’ve included all the new images here for reference, but I will update my original collection preview posts with the new charms (although probably tomorrow now, it’s really late here!). I’ve decided just to leave the posts as they are and, when I receive all the official stock images, I’ll re-post all the pictures in a proper preview.

The Spring 2014 collection is due to arrive on the 17th of March, while the Mother’s Day collection will see a later release date of April 2014. The UK will probably receive the Mother’s Day collection a little earlier, seeing as our Mother’s Day falls earlier in the year.

pandora mother's day 2014


In the first of the newly revealed charms for Spring 2014, we have an updated version of the Dice charm. This version features cubic zirconia – a bit more sparkly than the old version.

pandora 2014 dice

The Equestrian charm is for the horse lovers amongst you. It features some cute hearts around the base too.

pandora 2014 equestrian

You’ve seen the My Sweet Pet charm before, but this stock image features the back of it too – it has ‘My Sweet Pet’ written on it.pandora spring 2014

There are also a series of new initial pendants debuting for Spring 2014. These are studded with cubic zirconia. Thanks to Marina Vekshina for sourcing me this image. ^^

pandora spring 2014

Mother’s Day

This Sweet Mother charm features the soft pink enamel aesthetic that characterises the Mother’s Day 2014 collection. It also has a line of cubic zirconia on its base. It has an item code of 791285CZ.

pandora mother's day 2014

The Happy Anniversary charm offers a splash of gold for two-tone lovers, and features the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ in italic script.

pandora 2014 happy anniversary

Next, we have three versions of the Cosmic Stars clips, one in multi-coloured cubic zirconia, one with purple cubic zirconia, and one with just clear cubics.

pandora mother's day 2014

pandora spring 2014pandora mother's day 2014

We have some charms that really appeal to my personal taste – I love pink and I love flowers. ;) The first is the Rose Garden charm, featuring some softly-coloured pink enamel roses.

pandora 2014 rose garden Second comes a complementary Rose Garden Clip.

pandora rose garden clip

Finally, you’ve also seen these two charms before, but these stock images offer a look at the back of the charms. In addition to the little hand and the cubic zirconia, they have ‘It’s a Girl/Boy’ written on them.pandora 2014 it's a girl

pandora 2014 it's a boy

Missing Charms

I have not been able to find stock images for some charms that I know will be arriving with the Spring and Mother’s Day collections. Instead, I’ll list them here:


  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Artist’s Palette (although I have a live shot, just below)
  • Home, Sweet Home (a little charm of a house)

Mother’s Day

  • Dangle charms with the numbers ’30’ and ’40’ on them
  • Birthday bouquet charm with ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it

Live Shots

Pandora have begun showcasing some of the upcoming 2014 collections to fashion journalists, and some images have been circulating of the upcoming charms.

Firstly, we have an image of the upcoming Artist’s Palette charm for Spring 2014. I haven’t managed to source a stock image of this one yet, but it looks surprisingly cute in the live shot!

pandora artist's palette

Secondly, we have a great shot of some of the new alphabet pendants for Spring 2014, arranged into the word ‘SPRING’.

Image by chilexons
Image by chilexons

Finally, we have a collection of images from Instagram user Lujanotova. In it, we can see some of the beautiful rings arriving for Spring and Mother’s Day. We can also see some of the charms, including the Shimmering Lace, Cosmic clips and the Floral Brilliance.

Image by Lujanotova
Image by Lujanotova


I’m sorry that these previews are coming in so piecemeal a fashion, but I can’t seem to find one single source that has every single charm from both collections. ;) Once I have pictures of all the charms, I’ll do another full preview.

Also, stay tuned for some more pictures from the Summer 2014 collection tomorrow! :)

What do you think of this additional preview? Are there any more charms that you like? Let me know! :)

4 Comments on More images of Pandora Spring and Mother’s Day 2014, plus some live shots!

    • Haha, my thoughts exactly – my complete dearth of artistic ability used to drive my art teacher to distraction, but the palette charm looks very cute in that picture ;)

  1. I just got the artist palette it is stunning ( I am artistic so means a lot ) however I would say dont miss this even though its not your theme or meaningful to you as its adorable. One of my new favs!

    • Aw, that’s great that you got it! And how nice that it’s so meaningful to you personally, too.
      As for me, I am extremely tempted, as it’s one of my favourites from the collection; I write a lot, so I thought I could get it to represent creativity, perhaps? There’s not really a good charm for writers. I’m sure I could find a way to fit the Palette in if I tried. ;)

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