*UPDATE* A complete preview of the Summer 2014 collection with HQ images is now available here – this post is obsolete! Following on from my Spring and Mother’s Day previews from yesterday, today brings a fuller preview of the Pandora Summer 2014 collection. The collection features orange and teal as its colours – nice and bright for summer. The expected release date of this collection is scheduled for June 2014. I previously published a little sneak peak of the Summer collection – this post includes all those original images and some new ones!

I am still missing images of a couple of charms, but the majority are here – I’ve listed them at the end of this post. When I locate stock images for the missing four, I’ll update this post. :)

pandora summer 2014 turquoise


Pandora are also releasing a new series of symbol pendants for Summer 2014. All feature cubic zirconia detailing.

The lucky clover represents being Lucky in Love. 

pandora summer 2014 lucky in love The hand represents Protection.pandora summer 2014 friendship Obviously, this charm represents Peace. pandora summer 2014 peace The heart pendant represents Love. 
pandora summer 2014 love The horseshoe is a symbol of Luck, although it is traditionally meant to be an upturned horseshoe that brings luck.pandora summer 2014 luck Finally, the cross is a traditional symbol of Faith.pandora summer 2014 faith

Teal Charms

Complementing the flamingo, we have a new seahorse charm in turquoise. It also features blue CZ around the base, and blue enamel detailing on the charm itself.

pandora summer 2014

Next, we have another version of the Pavé Lights series – this time in teal. This seems to be a prerequisite of every new collection from Pandora!

pandora summer 2014 teal pavé

Finally, we have a geometric teal lights charm.pandora summer 2014 teal lights


Two orange muranos have been revealed. The first is a new shade of the Fascinating muranos series, with faceted glass.

pandora summer 2014

The second features more flowers, with white petals and yellow centres. This definitely has an exotic, holiday feel to it! It also reminds me of the retired. XL Orange murano.pandora summer 2014

Next, continuing the exotic holiday theme, we have a bejewelled flamingo, with pink cubic zirconia adorning the top of it.
pandora summer 2014


Next, we have a whimsical little windmill charm – a perfect representation of Holland.

pandora summer 2014 windmill

Finally, we have the Shimmering Lace charm, a pretty geometric offering for summer.summer 2014 pretty


Surprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be much jewellery debuting with this collection.

The only ring is this cubic zirconia one, similar in style to a number of rings in existing collections.

pandora summer 2014 ring

Next, we have two more versions of the cord bracelets, in this collection’s colours of teal and orange.

pandora summer 2014 teal cord bracelet

pandora summer 2014 orange cord bracelet

Missing Charms

  • Teal murano, with a geometric design
  • Pineapple charm, with cubic zirconia
  • A lucky penny dangle
  • Brazil map charm, similar to the new USA charm

My Comment

Summer releases never appeal to me quite as much as the prettier themes and hues of spring, but this is a bright and exotic release from Pandora, suiting the holiday feel of the summer season perfectly.

Furthermore, I suspect that this is just the first part of the summer release, and that there will be more charms arriving for summer 2014.

Are any of these charms going on your wish list? Let me know.

8 Comments on Preview: Pandora Summer 2014 collection

    • Hi Lynn,
      If you mean one that’s coming out with the Summer collection, then I’ve not heard of one. There was a charm called Sweet Pea (item no. 790260CZ), but that’s discontinued, I think.

  1. Thank you so much for the spring and summer previews of new Pandora charms! What a beautiful collection! I am so excited and can’t wait to purchase mine! I am a total Pandora addict! Keep up the great work keeping us posted on the new collections. You have cured my winter blues…thanks again!
    Kim T

    • No problem – I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog! <3 Thank you for taking the time to comment, it's great to hear what other people think of the new charms coming out.

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