Today brings a little round-up of all Pandora jewellery news and promotions for February 2014. Read on for more information on the UK’s earlier Mother’s Day release and news from official Pandora previews of the Spring and Mother’s Day 2014 collections!

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UK Mother’s Day 2014 Collection

I was Pandora-shopping on Saturday, and my lovely SA told me that we can expect the UK Mother’s Day release on the 27th February. Of course, this is just what she told me verbally, but it certainly gives us an idea as to when we can expect it. *UPDATE* Release date is now confirmed as the 27th!

This will probably be just a mini-release, comprising of all the family-themed charms from the Mother’s Day collection (this is what happened last year). The other charms from the release will be released when the rest of world gets the Mother’s Day collection. However, I have no exact confirmation of which pieces precisely will debut in this early release.

Spring & Mother’s Day 2014 Collection Previews

Pandora have offered fashion bloggers in Vienna the chance to preview the new Spring collection. According to information from that official preview, the release date for the Spring collection will be the 13th of March, and it will be called Spring Paradise. This does contradict what has previously been reported; perhaps there is regional variation. The date given for the global release of the Mother’s Day collection has been reported to be the 10th of April. To see a full set of images from the event, see here! ♥

Image by Pandora
Image by Pandora
pandora spring 2014
Image by cutecitygirl
pandora spring 2014
Image by hellothanh
pandora spring 2014
Image by vickyliebtdich
pandora spring 2014
Image by chamyrocktes

Pandora Club Charm Release Date

pandora club charm 3

We have a little more news on the Pandora Club charm! The release date given by Pandora for the exclusive Club charm is the 13th of March – the same date as the date for the Spring 2014 collection’s debut. I’m surprised, as I would have thought they’d have wanted to give it an extra special individual release – but perhaps not. Not too long to wait now, though! We’re going to be spoiled in March. ^^


There are a number of Valentine’s Day promotions that are continuing into February.

  • Readers in the US have a number of Valentine’s gift sets for discounted prices, available until the 15th of February
  • Australian readers are being offered a hot pink leatherette jewellery box GWP until the 14th of February
  • Pandora in Germany are offering a discount on the Pandora bangle, available until the 14th of February
  • Pandora Malaysia are offering a free Pandora heart charm with spends of RM 888, available until the 16th of February.

For more information, see the Promotions page!

What are you most looking forward to for 2014? :)

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