Today brings an updated look at the Mother’s Day 2014 gift sets for the US market. Yesterday, I posted an alert on the blog’s Facebook page, with images of the limited edition porcelain boxes that would be accompanying the gift sets. Today I’ve decided just to create a new post to showcase the boxes, as a great new live shot has emerged of them!

The gift sets include a bracelet starter set, and the two new limited edition pieces debuting with the Mother’s Day collection. Each gift set will come with a limited edition porcelain box:

Forever in my Heart gift set

The Forever in my Heart gift set
The Forever in my Heart gift set

The Forever in my Heart bracelet gift set will be available for $200 ($230 CAD) in a porcelain box, representing a saving of $50 USD. This will include two of the clear Cosmic clips, the Mother’s Heart charm and the barrel clasp Pandora silver bracelet.

pandora mother's day 2014 gift set forever in my heart

Circle of Love gift set

The limited edition Circle of Love bangle will be available for $75 in a porcelain box:

pandora mother's day 2014 gift set circle of love

Vintage Heart gift set

The Vintage Heart charm will retail for $85 USD ($95 CAD) and come in a smaller porcelain charm box:

pandora mother's day 2014 gift set vintage

Live Shot

You can see the boxes clearly in this great picture taken by the staff at Pandora White Oaks:

Image by pandorawhiteoaks
Image by pandorawhiteoaks

No shot of the inside yet, though! We now have a shot of the insides of all three boxes:

Image by pandorawhiteoaks
Image by pandorawhiteoaks


My Comment

The Pandora US marketing team certainly know how to make their limited edition pieces seem more special. The boxes make a great incentive to pick up these limited edition pieces – not what we really needed one, anyway! ;)

Will you be getting one of these gift sets?

11 Comments on Update on the boxes for the US Mother’s Day 2014 gift sets

    • It’s funny, because the US and Canada usually get the same promos and deals, but I’ve not heard any prices quoted for Canada with these. If I get an update on that, I’ll let you know. :)

      • Thanks I actually called a few stores only one has them they said is $95 Cad and it comes with box didn’t ask details but I don’t know if it could be the porcelain box or the paper box that you have posted from the previous post.

        • @bonnie, thanks for the info! The US & Canada share the same Pandora head office, so they usually get all the same promotions and packaging. I would think that it was the porcelain box they were referring to – the paper packaging was from Australia, as far as I’m aware.

  1. Great to know!!! Thanks a lot for the info definitely looking forward to get them!!! Can’t wait to see how the inside of the box looks like.

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