JCK logo*UPDATED WITH MORE PICTURES!* More news is trickling out about the Pandora Autumn/Winter 2014 collection as the first pictures have begun to emerge from the JCK Las Vegas Show! There aren’t too many just yet, but I’m hoping that we will get more as the weekend wears on.

The JCK Show is a prestigious trade fair for the jewellery industry, which is held annually. It runs this year from the 30th of May until the 2nd of June. Pandora are a regular at this premier jewellery event for the US, and it’s exciting to get some glimpses of the new pieces!

Details leaked at the convention have also revealed the US titles of the Autumn and Winter 2014 collections. The Autumn collection will reportedly be entitled Discover Autumn’s Radiance, while the Winter collection will be called Light Up the Night. One live shot of some jewellery from the new collection leaked a few days ago, if you missed it!

Pandora at JCK Las Vegas

The Pandora stand at the fair went for a dramatic look, with dark, midnight-blue mood lighting. Models dressed as angels accompanied the jewellery.

In this close-up shot, we can see some of the new Autumn/Winter 2014 pieces – although the lighting makes it a little hard to see. You can see here some of the new pearl and floral rings debuting for the season; on the bangle, you can also make out two black and white enamel floral charms – this charm will also be debuting with the Fall 2014 collection!

pandora preview 2014
Image by Pandora Chinook

You can see some of the new rings in the following shot, too. It’s hard to make out anything new on the Essence bracelets.

pandora JCK Las Vegas
Image by Pandora WEM


Some amazing new pictures have emerged of some of the new jewellery (thanks, Sarah, for bringing this to my attention)! The new pictures detail statement rings, new midnight blue pieces and some citrine muranos.

In this picture, we can make out a couple of the new pieces. Front and centre is a new angel wing dangle, which is complemented by a dangling gold heart. To its right is a new pave charm, which features clear cubic zirconia and yellow cubic zirconia. To the left of the bracelet, you can make out a crown dangle – this appears to be a silver version of the Pandora Rose crown dangle. To the right of the bracelet, I think I can make out a silver bird pendant, too!

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers

In this image, you can see some of the new floral/leaf-themed pieces due out with the Autumn 2014 collection. To the left of the oval lights charm, there is an openwork charm that features a flower and leaf design; to its left is a new cubic zirconia spacer. Finally, to the left and right of the bracelet, you can also make out a new silver charm with pave leaf detailing.

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers

Next up, we have a shot of a new citrine/yellow faceted murano! There will also be a matching Pave Lights charm, as you can see on the bangle. You can also make out a new gold spacer on the bangle, alongside a new pendant of some kind.

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers

Now, this piece I’m intrigued by: a midnight blue leather bracelet! Now that the smooth triple leathers have been discontinued, I guess Pandora are returning to the original leather designs.

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers

In our last shot of the new Moments collection charms, we can see some charms from what I presume will be the Winter 2014 collection. Numerous star designs can be seen on this bracelet, alongside some midnight blue Fizzle/Effervescence muranos, which represent the night sky perfectly!

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers

In the next few shots, we can see some of the new rings debuting. There will be a floral-pearl collection – you can see the pendant from this collection in the background of the shot. You can see some of the rings from this collection in the foreground!

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers

This is a fairly sizeable statement ring, with very eye-catching cubic zirconia detailing.

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers

The theme for midnight blue jewellery continues, with statement necklaces and rings featuring a beautiful deep blue.

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers

Finally, we have a shot of the necklace that matches the Fall 2014 leaf jewellery that was leaked a few days ago!

Image by Bremer Jewelers
Image by Bremer Jewelers


There aren’t too many pictures circulating just yet but I just wanted to share the first ones with you now – it’s late here in England, and I’ll be updating this post in the morning, should more pictures have emerged. In the mean time, I just posted my last Spring 2014 review, which covers the adorable Bicycle dangle! ;) The post has now been updated with some new shots! I am loving what I am seeing, I have to say – I love many of the floral designs, and the little bird pendant looks very cute. I like midnight blue as a colour scheme, too!

The more I hear about the new collections from Autumn/Winter 2014, the more excited I am getting! Are you looking forward to Pandora’s new collections?

36 Comments on Pandora Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection at the JCK Las Vegas Show

  1. Hmmm…I hope to see more of the Fall collection. Not really excited just yet as am already swamped with so many charms recently! Hahaha! xoxo

    • I’m hearing some good things about it, so I’m already quite excited :P some of what I’ve seen I like as well! Aha, I know you are – they’re looking so lovely, too! You are building up an enviable collection <3 xxxx

  2. I was afraid that the autumn/winter collection would be the same style like the summer collection – which I am really not a fan of. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what I’ve seen so far! So now I am really really excited!! :-)

    • Haha, me too – I am really excited by what I’m hearing/seeing! I’ve still bought things from the Spring and Summer collections, but they grew on me rather than instantly grabbing my attention. Hopefully this collection will have some must-haves for me! <3

    • There will be some leaf charms in the Autumn collection – I’ve not seen any that match the leaf designs that were previously leaked, but there will be some beautiful (in my opinion) floral designs that incorporate leaf motifs. You can see some of them in the updated pictures, albeit not very well. :)

  3. Some more photos have leaked on to Facebook, looks like a dangle angel wing, some cobalt blue muranos….

  4. That dangle in the photo with gold looks like a leaf pattern.
    I’m liking quite a few! Definitely the angel wing pendant, the new spacers look great – I hope there are a few colours to choose from, I’m guessing only a couple to start with though! The silver charm with a pace leaf detail looks good…And the blue leather looks nice! I don’t have anything blue currently (apart from one enamel baby blue colour) and I can see myself indulging in the leather and a few charms to compliment it. ?

    • I thought that, too. And yes, maybe a lion’s head… Definitely a crown of some kind! Kind of strange looking, but I’m intrigued haha.
      Me too! :D I really, really like the look of the bird dangle – it looks like a little hummingbird or something. My other favourite is one that you can’t see too clearly in the picture – it’s in the first shot from Bremer. To the right of the bracelet, there’s a padlock in the shape of a heart – it has floral detailing up it. I’ve seen a stock image of it and I love it! I wish there was a better shot.
      I’d really love to see the leather in person – that could be really pretty! I’d try for that in the UK October leather promo.

  5. Omg unlike the spring and summer collection where I only liked one or two pieces I think I’m totally in love with the autumn/winter collection as a whole! Can’t wait to see them in person.

    • Haha, I’m also really liking the look of lots of these – I love the idea of midnight blue, and what we can see of the little hummingbird dangle, especially. Some of the floral pieces look very pretty, too… I’m super jealous of everyone who got to go and see it all! ;)

  6. Loving the yellow murano charm. Looks like the November birthstone which is all my 3 sons birthstone …. Perfect lol

  7. Ahh! I’m going to have to start saving starting now! The collection looks lovely so far! AND looks like they have new gold charms! Also I am in LOVE with the leaf necklace show in the last pic!! It is definitely on my wishlist and will be my first Pandora necklace if I get it. =)

    • Me too! I love it when I see new pieces that I instantly love – the little bird dangle, some of the floral pieces, the blue leather… I really like the leaf jewellery pieces, too! I have some stock images of them coming up later today, too. :)

  8. Also loving the silver crown dangle!

    By the way, do you know this collection will be released? =)

    • I’m afraid I don’t have any concrete dates – I’ve heard September for the Autumn pieces, and I would imagine the Winter collection would be released either late October or early November. :)

  9. Hahaha! Bingo!! I love my username Sunshine because I truly love YELLOW like the Pikachu and the Minions!! Hahaha! You truly have eagle eyes :D xoxo Anyhow, I truly wish Pandora can produce a fizzle murano in Yellow though. The faceted one does not seem appealing to me. Still subject to having a look in person though :D

    • Aha, I think it very much suits you! <3 I didn't like the faceted muranos when they first came out, as I was afraid that they looked a bit plasticky, if you know what I mean. ;) However, I was converted when I saw them in person – I now have two! Maybe you'll like it in person! ^^ A matching Fizzle murano would be lovely too, though. xxxx

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