Exciting news for fans of the Pandora Essence collection, as today’s post reveals what’s upcoming for Pandora Essence in autumn and winter 2014! The collection will feature twelve new Essence charms: four in two tone; four in silver; and four in coloured stones. All the charms will feature new core values, unlike the Pandora Essence Zodiac collection that was just released for Summer 2014.

I would expect these, or some of them at least, to be released in September with the Pandora Autumn/Fall 2014 collection – however, I don’t have confirmation as to the release dates just yet. The collection will reportedly debut on the 28th of August.

Pandora Essence Fall/Winter 2014

First up, we have confirmation of the rumours circulating about gold Essence charms! These charms are technically two tone, as the cores remain silver. These will, consequently, come with a higher price tag – they will range up to $190 USD.

Three of the charms are reproductions of existing silver designs in gold: the Creativity charm is a replica of the silver Freedom charm; the Sensitivity charm is a replica of the silver Wisdom charm; the Dignity charm is a reproduction of the silver Joy charm. The Intuition charm, however, represents an all-new design detailed in gold.

pandora essence 2014 two tone

Next up, we have four new silver additions to the line. The Spirituality charm reminds me of the Intricate Lace charm that debuted with the Pandora Moments Sumer 2014 collection!

pandora essence 2014 silver

Finally, we have a selection of Essence charms made from various stones. The Belief charm is reportedly snowflake obsidian; the Caring charm is rose quartz; the Optimism charm is lemon quartz; the Patience charm is blue lace agate.


Pricing – UPDATED

I now have pricing in USD, alongside some proper stock images – click on the images to scroll through the gallery! The two tone charms range from $150 to $190 USD dollars, while the silver charms start from as low as $35.

My Comment

Personally, I find this a stronger offering from Pandora Essence than the Zodiac charms released for Summer 2014. I’ve been curious to see how they’d build on the core values that they released in the original Pandora Essence collection, and I think these represent a solid twelve.

The development of two tone charms also expands the scope of the range, and I would love to see what the stone charms look like in person!

What do you think of the upcoming charms for Pandora Essence? Are any going on your wish list?

14 Comments on Preview: Pandora Essence Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

  1. Yayyy! I’m so excited about the gold essence charms! I don’t
    have an essence bracelet yet But I was debating on getting one.
    These two tone charms and the beautiful new silver charms
    have convinced me!! My favorite design is the spirituality charm.

    I can’t wait to see the Fall/Winter collection of the charms for the
    original bracelet! As always, thank you for your blog. We
    Pandora fans always look forward to your posts! I know I definitely
    get excited when I check my email and see a new post! :)

    • I am personally impressed by these shots – I think it’s definitely what the Essence collection needed! The two tone charms are beautiful, and the Spirituality charm is one of my favourites, too, haha.
      I’ve just updated the JCK Las Vegas post with some more shots of the Moments charms – I think they’re looking pretty special!
      Thank you so much! <3 It's so nice to hear that you enjoy reading it – I love running the blog haha.

  2. Great site
    Love Essence collection. This is what I think Pandora was missing from the collection.
    The two tones look amazing. Any idea on price?
    I think I will need another bracelet :)

  3. I like these! A nice new mix of colour and material! Loving the spiritual one, that’s a must have for me.

    • Aha, I always have a knack for liking the expensive ones, too ;) I’d think, on a serious note, that the most expensive would be the design with the Dignity charm with the cubic zirconia, but I could be wrong!

  4. Hey,
    Personally, I don’t like duotone charms or charms with a facet surface. I prefer silver sleek charms and smooth stone ones. Hence I only like the silver ones and caring one of the newest collection, luckily I really like the zodiac signs so I can still collect the zodiac signs of my family to fill up my second essence bracelet. They will look great alongside the joy charm I received for mother’s day ;-).
    Kind regards,

    • Hi! What I like about this collection is that it offers such a variety of textures and colours – at least the silver charms and the Caring charm still appeal to you. :) I think that there’s at least something for everyone, perhaps. I love how you’re using the Zodiac charms – it’s cute that they can represent your whole family! :D

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