A full preview of the Pandora Autumn 2014 charm collection is now available here – however, scroll down for a sneak peek of the accompanying jewellery. The Pandora previews continue today, with some stock images from the upcoming Pandora Autumn 2014 collection (even though the pictures will say ‘Autumn/Winter’, this is just the Autumn collection)! The collection features lots of beautiful flower and leaf designs for Autumn, while including all Pandora’s traditional motifs of love and cute animals.

The Fall 2014 collection is due to be released on the 28th of August, and will be entitled Discover Autumn’s Radiance in the US.

I will stress that these pictures do not represent all the pieces that will be coming out for Autumn 2014 – these are only a portion of the upcoming collection. You can see other pieces that are coming out in the live shots uncovered at the JCK Las Vegas jewellery convention.

Charms & Bracelets

There are a lot of  floral/leaf designs included in the upcoming collections, including my favourite of the pieces leaked so far – the heart padlock, decorated with floral detailing. <3

There are also citrine/amber versions of the faceted muranos and pavé lights series. We may also note two clips: one matches the leaf jewellery designs that were already leaked in live shots!

pandora autumn fall winter 2014 floral

Of course, no Pandora collection would be complete without some romantically-themed charms. The In My Heart charm gets a makeover with a synthetic ruby, and there are matching ‘Hope’ and ‘Faith’ pavé balls to match the ‘Love’ one that debuted with the Valentine’s Day 2014 collection.

Most striking, perhaps, is the two-tone angel wing – I can imagine a bracelet design featuring two of them opposite each other, to make a set of angel wings.

pandora autumn fall winter 2014 love

There will also be a number of animal charms released – we get another dog charm, with a cubic zirconia in its collar. Most striking perhaps, is charm featuring a penguin and its baby – it is detailed almost entirely in black and white enamel.

pandora autumn fall winter 2014 animals

These represent a couple of charms for music and skiing enthusiasts. The spacer doesn’t quite fit here, but I added it in at the last minute, haha. pandora autumn fall winter 2014 hobbies

Finally for charms, we have a peek at a couple of new offerings for Pandora’s gold range. These again are purely decorative; the gold charm on the right features cubic zirconia detailing. pandora autumn fall winter 2014 gold

We also have a new bracelet debuting for the Moments collection – a midnight-blue version of the leather bracelets! I don’t know whether this will also come in single and triple wrap, too.pandora autumn fall winter 2014 bracelet

Other Jewellery

Finally, we have a selection of rings, earrings and necklaces due out with the Pandora Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. These include the Shimmering Leaf collection, as featured in various live shots, a set of pearl/floral designs and some beautiful pieces in a deep blue.

pandora autumn fall winter 2014 rings pandora autumn fall winter 2014 EARRINGS pandora autumn fall winter 2014 necklaces

My Comment

While there is a lot of cubic zirconia detailing once again, I think that, overall, there is a good mix of styles here – although I would like to see more plain silver charms offered, rather than those featuring either cubic zirconia or even enamel. However, I am completely head over heels with the padlock heart floral charm – it’s so unusual, and very beautiful. I also love the openwork floral/leaf designs, and I’d love to make a semi-autumnal bracelet featuring some of them.

I also really like the accompanying jewellery pieces – especially the floral/pearl design, which has a delicate prettiness.

What do you think of the jewellery featured here? Are  any going on your wish list?

15 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Fall 2014 Collection

  1. I was reworking with my two tone bracelet which has many oldie but goodies and I really miss the amount of gold the older two tones have. Makes me happy I went mad and collected those when I did. Although im doubtful I really hope they shape up. That being said I do see some rings I love. Can’t wait to see other charms in the collection. Thanks for the sneak peek.

    • I completely understand – not all of this is to my taste, either, although I do really like quite a few of the new designs. However, I hope that Pandora will perhaps tone down the cubic zirconia and enamel in future collections – there’s a virtue in the simplicity of the original silver and two tone designs, I think. And you’re very welcome!

  2. Which one is the padlock heart floral charm? I still can’t see it! Lol

    I like a lot of the silver ones with flowers and the new clips and the blue leather! Oh and of course the angel wing!
    Haha! The summer collection is like a break for my bank balance!

    • It’s in the first picture, top row, third along! It’s an openwork. :)
      I really like these new floral designs! I think that I’m going to do a floral/autumnal design on my Pandora Rose bracelet, and some of these would be perfect.
      Haha, I liked the Summer collection much more in person, but I’ve only got the Lucky Penny and the Windmill. I like it, but it’s hard to fit teal and orange into my collection. I think I can work with the upcoming collections more! ;)

      • Oh! I didn’t realise that was a heart!

        I think that would look lovely on your bangle!

        I am yet I see the summer collection in person, still time to change my mind lol.

        • I’m pretty sure that it is! Oh yes, good idea. <3

          Haha, I think it's a lot prettier in person… you'll have to see what you think!

  3. The collection is beautiful! But they are unfortunately, not the type that i was looking forward to. I wished they had more charms that had a ‘meaning’ to them – rather than just purely decorative – which most of the upcoming autumn charms seem to be!

    • I do understand; while I love many of the decorative pieces, the charms I get most excited about are the ones that represent something! However, I think there will be some more ‘charm’ charms, which aren’t just decorative. :)

  4. Citrine is an interesting choice for fall I think. Kinda apt and yet not so predictable.

    I really like some of the floral / decoratives – first three on the top line and then the Shimmering Vine / Leaves one on the bottom of course. I think the stand out piece for me so far is still that set – particularly the ring. I know it’s not super original but what is these days?

    /hugs for Ellie <3


    • Yes, I think it works – autumnal, but quite nice and vibrant at the same time! There’s also the midnight blue, which I would think is a pretty safe choice that would have more universal appeal.
      For me, the must-have is the floral heart padlock – it’s like Pandora just combined their two favourite motifs, haha. ;) I do also really like the Shimmering Leaves collection – however, like you say, it does remind me a lot of other jewellery pieces, including ones I already own!

  5. do you have any prices for this collection yet along with prices for the fall essence release? thanks for all the info it helps me plan purchases!

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