Today I’m continuing my previews of Pandora’s upcoming autumn/winter collections, with a look at Pandora’s jewellery collections for Winter 2014. This collection is set to debut on the 30th of October and will be called Light up the Night in the US. The jewellery collection features a number of new earrings, rings and necklaces, with varying styles and motifs.

To see the charms debuting with the Winter collection, check out my preview here. I also posted a sneak peek of the Autumn 2014 jewellery here – a full preview is upcoming!

pandora winter 2014 campaign 4

While this is a global release, I currently only have pricing for the US market – consequently all prices listed are in US dollars.

Pandora Winter 2014 Jewellery

There are three necklaces/pendants debuting with the collection: the Cosmic Stars and Sparkling Lace necklaces, which are bolder, statement pieces, and the Everlasting Grace pendant, a more delicate pendant charm that would look beautiful both on a necklace and a bracelet.

Prices are as follows: Cosmic Stars necklace – $125; Everlasting Grace pendant – $75; Sparkling Lace necklace – $150.

pandora winter 2014 pendants

We have matching earrings in the Cosmic Stars, Everlasting Grace and Sparkling Lace collections – however, the Midnight Stars earrings stand alone.

Prices are as follows: Midnight Stars earrings – $80; Cosmic Stars earrings – $50; Sparkling Lace earrings – $125; Everlasting Grace earrings – $115.

pandora winter 2014 earrings

There are six new rings being released for Winter 2014 – the Sparkling Lace ring is particularly striking for me, with a dramatic aesthetic that is a little unusual for Pandora.

Prices are as follows: Star Trail ring – $35; Sparkling Lace ring – $90; Everlasting Grace ring – $90; Cosmic Stars bands – $125; Cosmic Stars ring – $135.
pandora winter 2014 rings

My Comment

Overall, for me, this is a pretty collection of jewellery, one that complements the charms coming out for Winter 2014 nicely. It’s not especially original for the most part, but I do find the Sparkling Lace collection striking – it seems a little bit of a deviation from Pandora’s normal look, which is nice to see.

In terms of particular pieces, I very much like the Everlasting Grace collection – especially the pendant. I’m not as keen on the Cosmic Stars collection, but there is always the possibility that these initial stock images are not doing them justice!

What do you think of the Winter 2014 jewellery? Are you a fan of Pandora’s other jewellery pieces?

11 Comments on Preview: Pandora Winter 2014 Jewellery

  1. I try not to be negative but I feel like these are run of the mill pieces that don’t make me think Pandora, which I had associated with a really unique and beautiful statement. These are nice, but to me that is all they are, nice. I get upset because I only started collecting a year ago and I fell in love and was anticipating so much more nice pieces to buy, but, I fell in love with the old Pandora not this fancier run of the mill stuff. My 2 scents anyways, that I wish Pandora cared about.

    • I completely understand what you mean – it’s what I meant when I described them as not particularly original. They’re all pretty pieces, and I like them, but nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll admit that this doesn’t bother me as much personally, as I primarily collect the charms, but I can understand the frustration of people who prefer Pandora’s older styles. :(

  2. Yes, it looks simple but detailed enough to make it look elegant too LOL! Huh? Aren’t all these out in October? By the way, what’s the Late Summer collection releasing end of July please? I am confused :P hahaha! :D xoxoxo

  3. Hahahaha! I guess I have been playing Zombie vs Plants2 too much on the iPad mini, thus, I get confused easily!! :D :D Ooooo, I cannot wait to hear the good news from you end of this month!! :D Thanks sweetie pie! Got it now! :D xoxo xoxo :D

    • Aha, I know how addictive the iPad can be… I was sceptical when my oh got his, but now I think I use it more than he does :P
      Thank you! <3 fingers crossed it's good news ;) xxxx

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