So it definitely feels kind of weird alternating reviews of the summer charms with previews of holiday charms and collections, but information about the upcoming seasons has been trickling out – today’s post reveals Pandora’s holiday ornament this year! It has become tradition for Pandora to offer a special ornament every Christmas as a gift with purchase, and I’m happy to offer a sneak peek at this year’s.

2014 Christmas Ornament

This year’s ornament is once again a porcelain design – a cute sleigh with quilted detailing on its side. The back of the sleigh contains a little pouch, making it the ideal way to present some charms as a gift. A sleigh ornament was released previously in 2010, but it was a metal design, not porcelain.

pandora christmas ornament 2014

This GWP will certainly be available in the US and Canada, but I don’t have any further details as to spends or regional availability. However, last year’s ornament may offer a few hints in that way. It was available in the US & Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK, for varying spends.

My Comment

I like this design, and it seems to me an improvement, perhaps, on the previous metal version of it. I love the idea of getting this as a gift for someone and popping the charms in the pouch in the back. It’s a sweet way to make that holiday gift look even more special.

However, the spend in the UK last year to get the Christmas ornament was an exorbitant £175 – there’s no way that I’d ever spend that much money on a GWP! My fingers are crossed that, if it makes it to the UK this year, the spend will be more comparable to those of other regions.

What do you think of this year’s Christmas ornament? Do you have any ornaments from previous years?

22 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Christmas Ornament 2014

  1. I wasn’t a collector of Pandora last year so I’m not understanding. Do you have to spend a certain amount of Pandora merchandise in order to get the ornament?

    • Yes, that’s right. It’s a gift with purchase (GWP) promotion, meaning that if you spend a specified amount in one transaction in store, you’ll get a free gift. Every holiday season they offer a Christmas ornament such as this one. :) Sorry if I didn’t explain that well – I’ll update the post. ;)

  2. No it was probably just me. I’m not familiar with it cause I’m new to Pandora. So that’s not too bad then if you spend a certain amount you get the ornament for free.

    • Oh, good point, haha. We have two dogs, one of which is a Cocker Spaniel puppy (well, she’s ten months old now). I don’t think I’d have a porcelain ornament out around her either! ;)

  3. Wow! Thanks for updating this my dear sweetie!! xoxo The ornament looks cute though. Would be good if the pouch is an anti-tarnish pouch! LOL Not very keen on spending that much just for the ornament however, just like you, it’s a sweet way to be gifted to someone for Christmas! :D You stayed up so late just to update this post? Mad :P Please rest enough and stay beautiful always :D xoxo

    • Hmm, good point – I don’t know if it’s anti-tarnish! It would be good if it was, as I’ve had a couple of charms given to me that have obviously been sat in their boxes for a while and have needed a good polish! ;)
      Yeah, the spend last year was crazy high! I have no idea why they decided to make it so much. :( It’s a shame, as they’re so cute. ^^
      Lol, you got me! It wasn’t that late, though… and there’s something quite nice about waking up the next morning and seeing what reaction (if any) a post has got. ;) You too, sweetie! xxxx

  4. Would be so cute to give this as a gift like you said and surprise someone with it on a table or fireplace with the little Santa charm in the front seat lol That would make a Pandora-holic real happy.

  5. I’m hoping to get a Pandora ornament even if I have to go on e-bay and get an older one.

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  7. While the ornament is very cute, having to spend $150 Cdn to get it is rather high in my opinion. The promotion for a free bracelet was less expensive at $125. So for an ornament, to me, this seems like a lot. Now, if it came with the new BF charm or any charm, I’d consider it.

    • It’s very high! :/ But then the spend for the UK last year was £175 ($316 CAD!), which was absolutely ridiculous, so I really hope that, if they offer it here this year, it’ll be a little lower. I think you’re right, however – I’d love to be able to collect these ornaments, but they’re not desirable enough on their own to merit the high spends.

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