Today’s post brings an updated preview of Pandora’s Winter 2014 collection! While I did previously publish an overview of the collection back in June, I have acquired some fab HQ stock images of the upcoming collection. I’ve found that they reveal little details about the charms that I missed from the initial pictures  – the depth of colour in the muranos, the use of different colour enamels in the Christmas Bear, or the sparkle in the red enamel in the Letter to Santa.

pandora winter 2014 campaign 2

The Winter 2014 collection is set to be released on the 30th of October – please look through the Winter 2014 tag for some great live shots of the upcoming pieces. Also, if you’d like to use these images, it would be wonderful if you could credit the blog. :)


The Winter 2014 collection will also feature a limited edition pavé clasp bangle – this time featuring a star design in clear cubic zirconia. This will retail for $75 USD or $85 CAD.

pandora Limited edition christmas bangle

The two-tone bangle has been released early in North America so as to coincide with their free bracelet promotion, but for the rest of the world, this gorgeous piece will be available with the Winter 2014 collection. It is set to cost £275 or $325 USD.

pandora two-tone bangle winter 2014


The gold version of the Galaxy openwork is just breathtaking – the contrast between the cubic zirconia and the gold is lovely. But at $325, I can dream! It is a shame, too, that there is no diamond option for gold lovers.

pandora galaxy gold winter 2014

Having said that, the silver version of the Galaxy is as lovely, and a lot more affordable at $50.

pandora galaxy silver winter 2014

In contrast, I love the cuter look of the Twinkling Night clip, which is priced at $55. It reminds me of an illustration in a children’s bedtime story book, if that makes any sense at all. ^^ pandora twinkling night winter 2014

The Wishing Star is one of the collection’s more dramatic pieces, with a bold starry design. It is correspondingly expensive at $75 USD.pandora wishing star winter 2014

The Follow the Stars pavé balls are available in both pink and blue, and will retail for $70 USD.pandora follow the stars pink winter 2014 pandora follow the stars blue winter 2014

The Night Sky openwork features two-tone and cubic zirconia detailing, but I particularly love the colour of the sparkly blue enamel stars. This will cost $65 USD.pandora night sky winter 2014While it may be one of the more simple designs, the Starry Heart charm is one of my favourites from the collection. Beautiful in its simplicity, it is also refreshingly affordable at $25 USD. This will be a shop-in-shop exclusive in North America.

pandora starry heart winter 2014

The Moon and Star pendants are also favourites of mine. I just love the cool colours, and they’d look absolutely beautiful worn together. These will be $65 USD.

pandora moon & stars winter 2014

pandora moon & stars blue winter 2014


In contrast, we have a selection of Christmas charms that are a lot more cutesy and feature a suitably-festive use of bright enamel detailing.

The Christmas Ornament is a more elegant design, with a beautiful cubic zirconia ribbon and some snowflake detailing. This is one of my favourites from the collection, but as it is similar to the upcoming Black Friday charm, I think I will probably opt for that instead. The Ornament will cost $60.

pandora christmas 2014

The Christmas Bear is reminiscent of the previous Bear My Heart design, but with the festive additions of a delightful Father Christmas hat and a little green enamel scarf. He’s one of my favourites from the Christmas selection and, if I didn’t already own the Bear My Heart, I think he’d probably be coming home with me this year. This will be $45 USD.

pandora christmas bear winter 2014

The Letter to Santa is another design that has really grown on me. I love the concept, and the enamel detailing is subtle enough that you could get away with wearing this one all year round. It’s priced at $40 USD.

pandora letter to santa winter 2014

We have another Father Christmas design for Winter 2014 – the Jolly Santa. I haven’t liked the previous two Santa designs from Pandora, as the faces haven’t looked quite right to me, but this one is much prettier. This will retail for $50.

pandora christmas 2014

The Happy Snowman features some heavy enamel detailing, creating a pretty contrast between the white and red enamel. Its little hat, perched at a suitably jaunty angle, is adorably detailed in silver. This will cost $50 USD.

pandora christmas 2014

Next up is the Christmas Pudding charm, priced at $50. My OH mentioned that he thought Pandora needed one of these last year, and they have executed it very nicely – although the bright use of enamel might prove a little limiting.

pandora christmas 2014

The Carolers charm is a plain silver design, something that is becoming a rarity in Pandora’s latest collections. It will cost $40.

pandora christmas 2014

Next up, we have another version of the existing Pandora present charm. While previous versions featured red and pink enamel, the Sparkling Surprise has cubic zirconia decoration. Note, however, that on this version of the charm there is no tag (there were issues with the tags falling off previous versions of this charm). It will cost $65.pandora christmas 2014

This cute openwork charm is again a plain silver design, and features Santa’s Elves surrounded by presents. It will cost $45.pandora christmas 2014

The silver Silent Night charm, which retails for $40, will be a Jared’s exclusive in the US and features various aspects of the Nativity scene.pandora christmas 2014


These first two muranos are a highlight of the collection for me, and I can’t wait to see them in person. The Fascinating Aventurescent has a beautiful dark blue glass, flecked with iridescent colours that conjure up the perfect image of a night sky. It will cost $50.

pandora winter 2014

The Midnight Effervescence is another charm that I am really looking forward to seeing in person! The high-res picture reveals some beautiful turquoise flecks against the dark glass, and I’d love to see what the effect looks like in the light. This will be $45.

pandora winter 2014

Next up, we have more new colours of the Effervescence/Fizzle muranos in red and blue. These will be $45 or £35.pandora winter 2014 pandora winter 2014

The Cathedral Rose has a pretty vintage feel to it, with some delicate blue enamel detailing. This will be a concept store exclusive and is set to cost $50.
pandora winter 2014The Winter 2014 collection will see a blue version of the Inspiration Within spacer, which would be great for adding a hint of festive colour to a bracelet design. It will cost $30.
pandora winter 2014

The Spread the Love openwork is another two-tone design, featuring pretty gold hearts inset in silver ones. This is set to be exclusive to Jared’s in the US, but will be available as normal in all other regions. It will cost $75.pandora winter 2014

The Sparkling Bloom charm is another gold option, again with cubic zirconia detailing. It will cost $375.

pandora sparkling bloom winter 2014

Finally, the Everlasting Grace has a beautiful delicacy that is rather unique in this collection. The softness of the pearl strikes me as rather celestial, and conjures up a different side of Christmas I think. It is set to cost $75.

pandora everlasting grace winter 2014

My Comment

I think this is an absolutely lovely collection, with a nice balance between decorative star designs and fun Christmas pieces. It may not hit quite the heights of last year’s winter collection, which had some absolutely delighful pieces, but there is plenty to love here, too. My favourites are the Galaxy and Starry Heart from the starry charms, and I adore the Christmas Bear and the Letter to Santa. Oh, and the muranos – as I said, lots to love! ;)

My one criticism would be the lack of plain silver charms – most of these charms feature some form of cubic zirconia or enamel detailing, and I know many fans would like to see more plain silver pieces. However, in a recent interview with Professional Jeweller, one of Pandora’s CEOs cited Pandora’s increased use of enamel and stones in their work as a sign of improvement in skill and design. So, clearly the people in charge do not see this particular issue in the same way.

Which pieces are you most looking forward to from this collection? Are you planning on getting anything?

21 Comments on Preview: Pandora Winter 2014 Collection HQ Images

    • No, I’m afraid not! :( I’m hoping that they have some new Halloween designs in the pipeline for next year. It seems silly to retire the original Halloween designs and not produce new ones – they always seemed popular here in the UK at least!

      • Exactly! Halloween is a fun celebration. Was hoping they might have a black cat! But i manage to get the ghost charm last year as a symbol of my love for horror movies :-D

        • Oh I’d love a black cat! There are so many amazing Halloween designs, they could do – an openwork spider’s web would be great as well. Ah, the ghost is very cute! I need to get him before he retires :D

  1. I really like the spacers and the clip. I know exactly what you mean when you say it reminds you of illustrations in a children’s book. The snowman is a tad frightful IMHO in the same way that some people find clowns scary. :) He will not be coming home with me. A few others I like but will need to see in person.

    • I love the clip as well – and that children’s book quality would make it perfect for a Christmas bracelet I think! I’ll be honest and say that I find the Snowman a little alarming too, haha. I think it’s the slight vacancy of his expression, it just seems a bit off to me.

  2. I too would like to see more plain silver charms. I wish that I could get one in particular that is only available in the essence series. The wisdom charm is perfect for my liking.

    • I think it’s becoming clear that plain silver is not really the look they’re primarily going for any more. :/ Oh yes, I love the Wisdom charm – it’s next on my list for my Essence bracelet actually! It would definitely look great on the Moments bracelet too – it would be nice if they made one for it.

  3. Thanks so much for all this detailed preview! It’s going to be hard to choose just a couple :) Do happen to have a preview of the Black Friday Ornament charm?

    • Yes, I know what you mean! :) I have a picture like these of the BF charm, but I can’t share it just yet. Sorry. :( As I described earlier to Janet, though, it is like the Christmas Ornament but the bauble itself is pavé with little shapes indented in it and the ribbon is plain silver.

  4. Fascinating Aventuresent! Absolutely love it. Is it confirmed just blue glass? It looks so similar to purple goldstone, which I am so fond of. I am pleased with Cathedral rose- I only saw it quite small in catalogues. In these new images it looks quite lovely, very vintage. I will definitely be buying both of these! I feel like I’d have to see the ‘spread the love’ in person- do you know how much it will be? Or perhaps the price isn’t announced yet?

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I love that they’re being a bit more experimental with the muranos. I actually don’t know – it could well be goldstone, but all I have is the image and the product code, which doesn’t give much away. :/ Yes, I thought the Cathedral Rose looked much more interesting in higher definition. As you say, so pretty and vintage-looking!
      Ah, sorry – I just completely missed that one out, haha! It’s going to be $75 USD. I’ve added that in now, thank you for pointing that out. ^^

    • I know what you mean about the fascinating aventurescent charm. It’s absolutely gorgeous & I’ve always thought it looks like blue goldstone. Which is possible since blue goldstone is just glass with cobalt crystals in it. I mentioned it on another website & a bunch of people told me it has copper flakes in it. Which is interesting since copper crystals are used to make the standard red goldstone. *shrugs* So who knows?

      I also love the starry heart charm. I love stars, hearts & openworks, so it’s exactly to my taste.

  5. Hi dear lovely!! xoxoxo Have you been good recently? LOL! Apologies for my long silence as I was too hands full at work. Worked last weekend and down with migraine on Sunday late afternoon just when I felt relieved I managed to resolve some work related issues, LOL! Oh wow! I am really looking forward to see the Carolers charm in person, it means a lot to me and I hope I don’t get disappointed like how the golden murano was (So meh, lol) I like the Letter to Santa as well as Starry Heart too :D Tee~hee!! Hope you are eating well and doing well my dear lovely friend. Hugs~ <3 <3 <3 xoxoxo :D

    • Yay it’s really nice to hear from you! :D I have, very much so thank you – just started a new masters course which is going well. Sorry to hear that you’ve been busy and that you were sick :( I hate migraines, they’re the worst! Hope you have it a little easier now.
      Aha, it was a shame that you didn’t like the golden murano! I’m sure the carollers will look pretty similar in real life :) the starry heart is a definite buy for me I think! Hope all is good with you too, lovely, and don’t work too hard! <3 xxxxxxxx

  6. I adore the little Christmas bear! I’ve never been a fan of the previous bears but this one looks like something I would want. Of course the pave star and the murano a are gorgeous too but I’m going to hold off so I can get the Mickey all around bead when the disney collection comes out. Do you know the prices for those yet?

    • I love him too! I did like the two-tone Bear My Heart, but I think if I could choose again I might well go for this one. ^^
      I don’t have them yet, but I’ve contacted my source to ask. :) With the post being down for a little while, I didn’t really follow the prices up – so, sorry about that!

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