I previously published a sneak peek at some of the pieces coming out with the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 collection next year, and today’s post brings a picture I’ve been given of an additional LE pavé heart charm that will be accompanying the Valentine’s Day release! Pandora are increasingly featuring special limited edition charms or bracelets with their collections, so it’s not too much of a surprise to see a special Valentine’s charm.

I don’t have an official date for the Valentine’s Day 2015 release yet, but Valentine’s collections are typically released around mid-January.

The Charm

The charm embodies a typically romantic theme, featuring a silver heart with pink cubic zirconia detailing. It is a limited edition piece and is set to retail for $75 in the US. It will be accompanied in North America, at least, by a cute heart-shaped box, as pictured here.

pandora limited edition valentine's day 2015

I don’t know whether other regions will offer the box – it would be nice, as they do make a limited edition piece feel more special!

I always enjoy the fun of limited edition charms and bracelets, so I do like that they are introducing more into each collection. While I’m not sure that this piece is entirely to my taste, I suspect that it is one of those which will look really striking in person – much like the Sparkling Butterfly from Spring 2014. :)

What do you think of this LE piece for Valentine’s Day?

18 Comments on Sneak Peek: Pandora Valentine’s Day 2015 Limited Edition Charm

  1. No no no…. No.

    This reminds me of the butterfly like you said, and also the new star coming up in the Christmas release. I don’t like this design at all.

    I’m sure there are lots of people who will love it.

    I’m seeing a LOT of CZ encrusted charms lately, I’d like to see more silver, more two tone, more safety chains!

    • I’ll admit that I don’t really like it from this picture. :/ it seems to have been fairly polarising from the reaction online. But I do think it might look nicer in person.
      I couldn’t agree more – especially regarding the safety chains! I need at least…. Three more new designs haha.

  2. I think it’s kinda cute. I love the majority of hearts Pandora has put out and I think I would wear this one just on its own for V-Day. It would look really nice on a bangle and ohhhhhhhh I just thought it would look so awesome on the new two tone bangle! Pink and gold so girly and pretty lol But I am dreaming cause I doubt I will be able to control myself and save for that lol. Do you know if there are any rumors about a Rose gold bangle coming out? That would be more affordable I think. Thanks for this sneak peek!

    • Oh yes I absolutely love pink and gold together! My favourite bracelet is probably my pink and two tone theme. As you say it’s wonderfully girly haha. It’s funny that you mention a two tone rose gold bangle – I just found a picture of one that I’ll probably publish soon. I don’t really have any info on it yet but I suspect that it will be solid rose gold and cost the same amount as the yellow gold version :/ you’re welcome!

  3. Meh. More pink. It’s pretty, but pink is really not my thing. The heart theme is one Pandora seems to like to revisit continually and for multiple occasions. They must sell well, but…. Yawn….How about a non-dangle cupid by the designer of the new lion charm? Or a unique rose design. I’d love to see the designer of the Mystic Floral and Heart Padlock design something beautiful and unique for Valentine’s Day next year. So far, I haven’t seen anything out of the Vday releases that I would send an email hubby-hint on.

    • Haha, pink is definitely my thing – however I don’t think this particular charm is. Hearts obviously sell very well for them as you say, so I doubt they’ll go anywhere soon. Valentines day releases from pandora tend to be very safe and conventional, as I think they know they’re pretty much guaranteed to sell, although it would be amazing to see something a bit different – the autumn collection offers so many interesting and fresh ideas I think!

  4. Instant love even though I’m not a fan of bling. But I have the butterfly and want the star so I guess the chunky aesthetic must appeal to me!

  5. This charm is pretty…..sparkly and feminine…..and would look great with either a love and romance theme, a pink theme or a fairytale theme. It will be on my wish to purchase list as the shape and colour should hold its own against the silver and gold charms already owned in my theme bracelets.

    • Ah I like the idea of adding it to a fairy tale theme – I think this would contrast very nicely with the more classic looking fairy-tale charms! I’d love to see it with some two-tone pieces, too.

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