Today I’m continuing my festive features with an overview of my Pandora Christmas charms collection! :D Christmas and the holidays are obviously a big season for Pandora, and consequently their range of holiday and winter charms is amazing, with a variety of styles and colours to choose from. Whether you want colour, two-tone or some classic silver designs, you’re almost guaranteed to find something you’ll like!

pandora christmas bracelet

I don’t wear a Christmas bracelet, and so these charms are spread out across my bracelet designs. As you will see, too, I also don’t really go for bright pops of festive colour, although they look great in other people’s designs – for myself I get the more classic-looking charms that can be worn all year round. However, I am very tempted by the Christmas Bear from this year’s Christmas collection – so that tendency might be broken! ;)

Having said that, last year I did create a Christmas bracelet design that I would love to own. I love the festive look of the blue pavés, and the touch of gold… I’d still love to make this design!

pandora christmas bracelet design


The two-tone Sleigh is one of Pandora’s more recent offerings, one which features such pretty, delicate detailing. The style offers perhaps a more sophisticated style than the original sleigh design, with a candy-cane, teddy bear and large present slotted on its back. The only caveat with this one is the way it faces on the bracelet – I’d like it better if it sat side on, like the original sleigh. As it is, you do miss some of the details when you wear it on a full Pandora bracelet.

pandora christmas 2014

The Drummer charm is a Pandora classic, representing the popular Christmas song A Little Drummer Boy. I love the simplicity of this design; we didn’t see many charms in this kind of style debut this year, and I’m sad to see the originals retire.

pandora christmas 2014

When my OH and I were at university together, we had a tradition of going to the city’s Christmas market every year. The Carousel charm is a perfect reminder of this, conjuring up the fun and excitement in the run-up to the holidays. It has the word, ‘MERRY-GO-ROUND’ written on its base – another cute detail!

pandora christmas 2014


The Stocking charm is just perfect in its detailing: you can see a little candy cane, a teddy, a toy trumpet and a little doll peeking out of the top. It’s adorable – simple, but so cute!

pandora christmas 2014

The 2013 BF charm, Let It Snow, often crops up on Christmas bracelets! It’s possibly more of a winter piece, but it’s perfect for adding a little sparkle to a festive design.

pandora christmas 2014


So far, the Christmas Ornament dangle is my only festive indulgence this year. It’s a really beautiful charm, and offers a subtler Christmas look. It would look great on a Winter Wonderland themed bracelet, too, perhaps with  a couple of the gorgeous light blue looking glass muranos.


For me, the Gingerbread Man is the perfect example of enamel done right. I love the little heart detailing on his middle, too. I do lots of baking in the run-up to Christmas, so this charm was perfect for me!

pandora christmas 2014

The Mittens are another cute, featuring some adorable pink enamel hearts. They’re not overly festive, too, if you just want to create a cute winter design.

pandora christmas 2014

The Reindeer charm is one of my most-loved festive charms. I was so excited for the Winter 2013 collection, which featured so many cute winter pieces  – this Reindeer was my day-one purchase!  However, it does have quite a significant drawback – this dangle is one of the worst offenders for snagging on clothing! It seems a shame, as it’s certainly the season for knitwear and, of course, Christmas jumpers.

pandora christmas 2014


There are such a wide range of Christmas charms available from Pandora, and if you’re interested in adding a little holiday cheer to your bracelet, you should definitely look them over! If you’re in the UK, you can have a gander at the Pandora Christmas charms collection at John Greed Jewellery.

pandora christmas charms collage

I think my Christmas dangles are possibly the cutest of all Pandora’s Christmas range. The Mittens, the Reindeer, the Gingerbread Man – they’re all just lovely. I wasn’t as in love with this year’s Christmas selection, but I do have a few favourites including the Ornament and the Christmas Bear.

Do you own any holiday charms? Or do you wear a Christmas-themed bracelet? Which are your favourites?

15 Comments on Pandora Christmas Charms Showcase

  1. I love your photographs. I really like the xmas dangles, particularly the reindeer, but I’ve decided that I won’t be getting any more dangles bec they drag across the table when I use my mouse and that really annoys me. Shame!

    • Thank you, I’m so glad you liked them! The dangles are probably my favourite of the xmas charms (the Reindeer is just beautiful!), but you’re right, they’re not very practical when you actually try and wear them. :( My biggest bugbear is when they pull threads in clothes – some of the dangle charms are absolutely lethal!

    • I love the christmas charms. I have the silver bells from last year. If they catch on everything, you could always wear dangles on a pandora necklace :).

  2. Wow! Loveee all your Christmas charms my dear lovely!! I am sorry that I have been so hands full lately that I have yet to reply your messages on my IG :( Sincere apologies my dear :( xoxoxo I hope you will get the Christmas Bear soon :D He is very cute in person LOL! I cannot wait for you to update some beautiful bracelet designs of yours own your IG my dear!! Catch you soon!! muackkks! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

    • Aha don’t worry about it, I’ve been enjoying your pictures as always! <3 The Christmas Bear is actually on his way to me right now :D I'm not sure how I'll style him as I don't have much red in my collection, but I did absolutely love your combination of him with the beautiful Fascinating Aventurescent murano… so I might try that ^^ I'll try and update my IG soon – I'm waiting on the Black Friday charm and I'm going to experiment with some bracelet designs! Have a good week lovely and thanks for taking the time to comment. Hope life slows down for you soon! <3 xxxxxx

  3. I love the Christmas charms but I dont buy dangles at all. I find them impractical. My favourite Christmas charm is the sparkly Christmas tree. I bought it to remind me of the Chrismas cruise I went on last year.

    • I didn’t buy any dangles when I was building my first bracelet, but they’ve slowly crept into my collection and now I wear them on most of my bracelets. They can be a pain to wear sometimes, though! Ah, I absolutely love the pavé Christmas tree! <3 It's on my wish list for sure. They released so many beautiful charms last Christmas.

  4. Hi :) I was wondering what the markings were on the drum charm; it is retired now, but I really wanted to get it online. I have seen both s925 and 925. I know that charms before June of 2011 had the 925, but I’m confused why I’m seeing both on the same charm. If one is fake, I want to be sure I would be ordering a real one. Thank you so much!

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