The Pandora Fascinating Aventurescent murano has created quite a buzz in the community in the last month or so. Originally due out with the Winter 2014 collection, this murano instead saw only a very limited release due to production issues. Pandora have now stated that the murano has been pulled entirely, and will not be released at all. Consequently, demand for the few that made it out to stores has been high and I’m thrilled to have acquired one from Australia!

Today’s post will give a little update on the status of the murano and share some live pictures of the beautiful glittering effect. I’m sorry that this review has come a little later than I intended, but the murano has only just arrived!

pandora aventurescent

This is a charm of many names: it’s the Fascinating Aventurescent in the US, Stardust in the UK and Midnight Faceted murano in Australia, just for example!


Pandora have now stated this murano is discontinued, meaning that they will not be producing any more. As far as I know, it only made it to stores in the US, Australia and Singapore – once these stores sell out, the murano will no longer be available. Consequently, it’s safe to assume that these will become somewhat hard to find in the future! It’s a real shame, as initially I was hoping that the issues would be resolved, and that we would be getting them here in the UK. :( However there have apparently been difficulties in production, including sourcing the materials at a reasonable cost.

pandora winter 2014

The other issue is one with the copper glitter inside the glass. If there is copper at the surface of the glass, it has the potential to chip off and leave a tiny pinprick hole. This is not a particularly major issue, but it may have contributed to Pandora’s decision to abandon this design. My murano only has two of these holes in it, so I’m not too worried by it – yet, haha.

The charm

The murano glass is a dark navy blue and contains copper flecks, which give it a brilliant, cosmic glitter in the light. It really does look like a distant constellation of stars. I also like the fact that the murano has the old, fatter silver core, too – it just makes it feel more substantial, without detracting from the prettiness of the glass.

pandora midnight stardust murano

In some lights, the murano does look almost matte black – especially in photos, actually! The shimmering effect is somewhat dependent on how the light catches it.

pandora winter 2014

However, if you hold it up to the light (excuse the fingers in this next shot), the sparkle is just stunning.

pandora stardust murano winter 2014

Additionally, it seems to me that some parts of the murano contain more copper flecks – some sides of it don’t sparkle quite so amazingly. I think this is possibly down to further production issues. Nevertheless, the overall effect is amazing.


Of course, my first instinct was to pair it with the Midnight Effervescence/Fizzle murano, which also debuted with the Winter 2014 collection. Surely a match made in heaven!

pandora stardust midnight murano

I got out my white muranos again and put together another variation on my navy and white cosmic theme for Winter 2014. I love the contrast between the white and the dark in these designs; it adds to the dramatic starry look.


However, I also thought that the murano might look good with the Pandora Rose collection, due to the presence of copper flecks in its glass. In actuality, the murano doesn’t look that coppery in person, but it still makes a striking combination!



This is a beautiful murano, and I think the name ‘Stardust’ suits it best. The constellation effect is lovely in person, and it matches the Midnight Effervescence murano perfectly. It’s a shame, however, that there are some quality control issues with it – the pinpricks aren’t so noticeable, but it would be good to have a more consistent shimmer throughout the murano. Overall I am thrilled with it, however, and I’m so glad to have managed to acquire one!

Is this murano on your wish list? Have you managed to get one? If so, how are you wearing it?

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  1. Interesting! I didn’t notice this murano, until I saw your photos, it’s looks lovely! Do you by any chance know if the Marble Arch store still has this in stock? If not, I will get my sister to check in Sydney for me

    • Oh it is really lovely in person! the glitter effect is so pretty – I’ve not seen a Pandora murano like it. Unfortunately it never made it to the UK, so Marble Arch won’t have it in stock. :/ might be worth checking Sydney though, as a lot of stores in Australia did receive stock! Hope you find one.

      • My sister messaged me today and she got the bead! She said that it was the very last one (from the store)!! The sales assistant told her that the beads sold out very quickly. For all your Sydney-siders looking for the glass bead, my sister was told that there are 3 Fascinating Aventurescent Murano at the Burwood store, and a few left in Penrith, and that’s it, she was told.
        Yay!!!! Its $59 dollars Australian.

        • Yay, that’s so exciting!! How lucky that you snapped up the last one. :D Let me know what you think of it when you see it in person, the sparkle is such a fun effect.
          Thanks for the info, too! Hopefully someone else can do the same as you and snap one up.

      • However, in exchange for getting me the bead, my sister made me buy her the Midnight Blue Crystal ring (little shit :)

  2. I’ve been looking for the Fascinating Aventurescent but with no luck. I’m dying to see it in person. In your opinion which murano would you choose if it was between the Fascinating Aventurescent or the Midnight Effervescence ?

    • Oh no, that’s a shame. I just looked online to see if any US retailers have it in stock still, but couldn’t see anything. :( Oooh that’s really tough. I think the Midnight Effervescence is still my favourite, as the depth and subtlety of the colour is really beautiful, but the Fascinating Aventurescent is a very close second.

  3. Hmm, I am in Australia. I haven’t actively looked for it yet. Might check my local stores next week and see if it;s in stock. I just bought the special edition “Poppy” murano last week and its gorgeous. I have just completed my first Pandora bracelet with is red and silver themed (hence the Poppy murano purchase). Might have to go with a blue theme for my next bracelet. This Murano would be a great start.

    • Ah, well, I hope you find one! Australia was apparently quite well-stocked with this murano, but people have been buying them up, so I don’t know how many are left. It would be great for a more elegant blue themed bracelet. Most of Pandora’s other blue muranos are quite bright, so this one offers something a bit different!
      The poppy murano is absolutely beautiful! I knew that I had to have one as soon as the first stock image came out. ^^ Love the sound of your bracelet, do you have any other muranos on there? I’m wearing mine on a red leather for now, which also looks really nice.

  4. Bonjour à toutes, j’habite en France et je suis très déçue de ne pas trouver le Murano “Aventurescent Fascinant” que je trouve magnifique, sublime !!!
    J’ai le Murano “minuit Effervescence (ou bleu de minuit Fizzle)”, ainsi que le “Galaxy”.
    Es ce que l’une d’entres vous seraient d’accord pour me l’envoyer, à mon adresse, par colis si vous le trouvez dans votre pays ?
    Merci de me répondre.

  5. Bonjour à toutes, j’habite en France et je suis très déçue de ne pas Trouver le Murano “Aventurescent Fascinant” que je trouve magnifique, sublime !!!
    J’ai le Murano “Effervescence minuit (ou bleu de minuit Fizzle)”, AINSI Que le “Galaxy”.
    Est Ce Que l’une d’entres vous seraient d’accord pour me l’expédier à mon adresse, par colis si vous le trouvez Dans votre pays?
    Merci de me Répondre.

    Hello all, I live in France and I am very disappointed not Find the Murano “Aventurescent Fascinating” that I find beautiful, sublime !!!
    I Murano “Effervescence midnight (or midnight blue Fizzle)” AND That the “Galaxy”.
    This is what one of among you would agree to ship it to me my address, per package if you find it in your country?
    Thank you Reply to me.

    • Hi! It is a gorgeous charm, and it goes beautifully with the Fizzle and the Galaxy :) I’m afraid that I don’t have access to any more, or I would gladly help you. Hopefully someone else can – if not, you should double-check on one of the Pandora selling pages on Facebook, which is where I got mine. Pandora’s Tribe is a good one :)
      Hope that helps,

  6. Hi Mora Pandora! I was lucky to acquire two of these being in Australia. A lot of the sales people just say it’s “limited edition” rather than saying there were manufacturing defects. Mine also have the pinprick holes. When I was choosing mine I noticed a big variation…some are thinner and therefore more sparkley and some are fatter. I went for the larger ones :)
    Also, just want to say thanks for updating your blog regularly and Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Liz! Yay, congrats on getting hold of some! Haha, I guess that labelling it as ‘limited edition’ is the better way to put in terms of sales ;) To be fair to them, I don’t think that the manufacturing defects are really significant – the little chips are not very noticeable. :) Ah, that’s interesting – mine’s a bit chunkier as well, and the glitter is not quite so evenly distributed – so that makes sense! It still looks beautiful in the light, but it would be interesting to be able to compare them all in person. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be coming to the UK any time soon!
      Thank you very much for reading and a very Merry Christmas to you, too!

    • Hi Nicola! I’ve never tried to buy Tiffany online, but as a rule I never trust outlet sites like that, they tend to be selling fakes. It’s definitely not an official site and it doesn’t look like they accept Paypal. I’d steer clear if I were you :)

  7. Anyone who managed to get the Fascinating Aventurescent was really lucky! I had two on order but as you note they never made it to Canada. I am very interested to see that the Midnight Effervescence is actually dark blue. In all the catalogue pictures it looked black so it didn’t really grab me. Now that I see it in your pictures though it has made its way straight onto my wishlist!

    • Yes, it’s a big shame, as it’s such a beautiful murano – although I am hearing rumours that they may be preparing a new version of the Aventurescent for re-release. Pandora UK have certainly indicated that is the case, so we’ll have to watch this space I guess!
      Yep, my Effervescence looks quite dark and inky in low light, but as soon as any light hits it, it shimmers over in a really lovely blue shade. :) I absolutely love it, it has such a depth of colour!

    • Well, in terms of UK money, it would have retailed for £35 had it been released – so I wouldn’t pay more than £50 max for one. I’m not sure how that translates to Australian money but I hope that helps… Feel free to email me if you want to share more details!

        • £70 for each one? That does sound like a lot to me, but I guess it depends on how much you would like one :) have you shopped around to see if you can find one cheaper anywhere?

        • Sorry for delay replying,
          yes have been all over net and these 2 on Ebay seem to be it.
          They are $130 AU each plus post which in today’s conversion = 70 GBP inc post.
          Will give these a miss, offered 50 GBP inc post each, would take both , but was refused so someone is being greedy.
          It’s a dealer and they are making a huge mark up now you can’t get them.
          Thank’s for reply.
          Did query where to get the 2 tone antique heart charm from you a while ago, got 1 new for $79AU posted, =38GBP, did well there.

        • Hi Anna, I think that you definitely made the right call – especially as news just hit yesterday that the Fascinating Aventurescents are seeing a limited release in the UK! Stores are being offered a one-time only shipment of the bead and they are retailing here for £35. So there should be a few more on the market and they shouldn’t be going for such high prices now! :)
          That’s a great deal on the Vintage Heart!! I paid retail for it when it came out which was £65 :o

        • I know! :( And then it turned up cheaper in the sales later. I probably should have waited, but it’s hard to tell with these LE pieces ^^

  8. The Pandora store I work in just received a batch of about twenty or so of these, after telling us that they were recalled and unavailable.

    • Ah that’s interesting – are you in the UK, Martin? Stores here have just received a one-off batch of what’s left of the Aventurescent muranos and they’re marketing them as a one-off limited edition piece, from what I understand :) It’s nice that the UK has got something exclusive for once!

    • Hi! Hugh Rice are absolutely legit – they are one of the UK’s authorised online retailers for Pandora. However, I don’t know where you are based, but the hitch is that they are only allowed to ship to the UK. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you Mora for such useful information.
        I’m from Viet Nam. In my country, all the Stardust charms are sold out. I do really love these charms so I had to search for retailers that have these charms available. I have a cousin living in the UK so I may ask him to order the charm for me. Thus, the hitch won’t be a problem ?
        Once again, I really appreciate your help!
        Have a nice day, Mora ?

        • You are very welcome! I’m so glad to hear that you’ll be able to get hold of one. It is truly a special charm! <3
          Have a nice day too! :)

  9. I had no idea there was going to be a limited release in the UK so was really surprised to see these in the Pandora store in Westfield. They are just as beautiful in real life so I ended up getting two of them.

  10. I had no idea there was a limited release in the UK and I just got one thanks to reading this! I fell in love with it last Xmas and was so disappointed that it was discontinued. It’s very beautiful – I can’t stop looking at it. Thanks again :-)

  11. Hi, i have been looking for aventurescent but i couldn’t get it, both Australia and Singapore.. Mind to ask anyone willing to let go? Sob sob sob…

    Btw Ellie, i saw the winter 2015 launch with one murano looks like aventurescent, what do you think about that? I didn’t get it in my trip to Aus last week as i still looking for aventurescent murano…

      • Hi Moji, after few months of hunting, I managed to find a authentic one from a Pandora lover. She let go because there is minor imperfection which I’m perfectly fine with the condition. I hope I can hunt for another one as I always like to pair my murano. I have been hunting around in different country but couldn’t find any… It is a shame that Pandora having production issue on this murano, it is amazing! I will bring 2015 winter stardust home with me soon before they are gone again.

  12. Hi,

    I love this charm but unfortunately, it is discontinued.

    Where can I find it and Do you want to sell any one of midnight stardust charm?

    Thank you <3

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