*UPDATE – a full preview of the Spring 2015 collection is now available!* Following on from my initial Spring teaser, I’ve now discovered some sneak peeks of a couple of the new charms due to be released with the Pandora Spring 2015 collection! These images come from a Pandora event held in South Africa, where a lucky attendee managed to snap some pictures of the new Spring 2015 catalogue.

pandora spring 2015 collection
Image by Zebra Square SA

Pandora’s spring collections are usually available in March, with a follow-up Mother’s Day collection released in April. The following pictures are shared with the kind permission of Neofundi, so please don’t reproduce them without crediting them!

Pandora Spring 2015 Sneak Peeks

Most exciting perhaps is the reveal of some new Spring 2015 murano glass charms! They feature white petal detailing, with gorgeous green and brown stem detailing.

pandora spring 2015
Image by @neofundi

Next up, we have this new pavé charm, featuring an interlocking design. It kind of reminds me of a volleyball, but in a cute way. ;)

pandora spring 2015 preview
Image by neofundi

Finally, there’s a further sneak peek at some of the rings being released this spring, featuring abstract hexagonal cubic zirconia designs.

pandora spring 2015
Image by neofundi

My Comment

I know that Pandora keep producing floral glass at the moment, but I do like the freshness of the muranos shown here, the pretty crispness of the green and the white together. I’d like to see them in person! The classic white campaign images shown in the lookbook also appeal to me, as I’d love some pieces to complement my Darling Daisy clip from Spring 2014.

What do you think of these sneak peeks?

21 Comments on Pandora Spring 2015 Sneak Peeks

  1. I think the glass bead is a good improvement for Pandora. its rather pretty. However, i think Pandora should be more creative with their glass like Elfbeads

    • I like it, too! I imagine that the stem effect will look really pretty in person. It’s hard to see in these shots.
      As for Elfbeads, I can’t agree more! Their glasswork is stunning and I am constantly tempted to start a bracelet with some of their beads. However I’m a little afraid that adding more brands into the mix would be kind of disastrous for my bank account haha. ;) It would be great if Pandora could take some lessons from them, though, and be a little more adventurous.

  2. Wow those muranos are beautiful! Yay pandora!! Now let’s hope some polished silver, enamel and two tone follow…… Pleeeaaassseeee ????

  3. I think the glass is more like Trollbeads, who pride themselves on the intricateness of their glass designs. I think it’s a big step in the right direction for Pandora, as these glass beads are very pretty and will go nicely with Pandora silver beads. I’ve taken the plunge into Elfbeads recently. Very nice, but very different than Pandora.I can’t wait to see the rest of the spring collection!

    • Hi, I’ve was going to purchase an Elfbead glass to go with my Pandora shortly. Do the Elfbead glass look nice on the Pandora, or are the styles too different? I’ve not seen an Elfbead in person yet, but the images and the colours are just so captivating.

      • I just purchased an Elfbeads bracelet. Pandora charms are not compatible with it, does anybody know if Elfbeads charms fit on a Pandora chain bracelet?

      • Hi, I am a Pandora and Elfbeads collector, I just wanted to reassure that all my Pandora charms fit fine on the Elfbeads bracelet, it is actually pretty thin and was made to even accomodate the smaller cored Trollbeads! And all of the Elfbeads I have fit fine on my Pandora bracelets (chain, bangle, leather), they are designed to be compatible.

    • I completely agree – this murano looks gorgeous. Pandora are definitely getting more creative with their glass, I absolutely love the depth of colour in the new winter muranos for example. Hopefully more pictures will be available soon! :D
      Elfbeads is one of the few other brands that seriously tempts me, but so far I’m holding strong, haha.

  4. The murano glass is beautiful reminds me of troll beads, that I definitly on my wish list I bet my mum would love that to as her bracelet is a green theme.

  5. How come I didn’t see the charm on the bangle of the third photo through the review of Spring 2015? I was quite expecting to see that one. @@

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