*A full preview with high quality images and pricing is now available!* Following on from our new sneak peek at the Spring 2015 collection, this post features the upcoming Pandora Disney Spring 2015 collection! As mentioned before, Pandora in North America are hosting their retailers’ conference in the Bahamas, and some pictures from their presentation have leaked online – consequently we have an early look at the new Disney charms! I was previously told that this release would be a 50-piece collection, and there are 50 represented here – so as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any pieces still to be seen.

I previously reported that the new Pandora Disney collection for Spring 2015 was going to be Disney Princess-themed, and that is now confirmed! Readers should bear in mind that Pandora’s Disney collections are currently North American exclusives, and are not sold outside of the US and Canada. :( This collection should be due for release in mid-March. These images were shared on Facebook by Iris Crespo, so please do not reproduce without crediting.

Pandora Disney Spring 2015 Collection

Tapping into the popular Frozen trend, we have some Elsa and Anna princess charms. My favourite of these is the amazing snowflake pendant in the centre. The muranos also look gorgeous; it looks to me like there might be snowflake patterns in the glass?


The Snow White pieces feature bolder colours, with the classic red enamel apple motif. The Tinkerbell set is also cute, including a sweet murano to represent her iconic green dress.


Cinderella also gets a set, including an amazing pumpkin carriage. I imagine this will be expensive, as it features pavé detailing and a little gold crown – but it’s really cute!


Finally for princesses, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Ariel from The Little Mermaid also will have their own set of charms. The bright yellow and green aren’t particularly to my taste, but their crown dangles and the lovely seashell are pretty. I love the concept of Belle’s rose, but would have preferred it as a more elegant dangle.


Finally, we have a universal Disney princess crown.


There will also be some more Mickey and Minnie pieces, of course.


These will include Mickey and Minnie rings, earrings, pendants and a bracelet.


Most exciting of the Mickey and Minnie pieces for me is the appearance of another safety chain! The details are hard to make out, however, but I assume there will be Mickey and Minnie detailing on the hearts.


However, most exciting of all the Disney pieces for me is the appearance of two Winnie the Pooh charms! :D These feature Pooh and Eeyore.

pandora disney 2015 eeyore winnie the pooh

My Comment

This seems to me an improvement on the Disney 2014 collection, which only featured Mickey and Minnie designs – it’s fantastic to see some fan-favourites, such as the Winnie the Pooh characters and the Disney Princesses. I can appreciate the perspective of those who think this collection is a bit childish in tone; but I do think that Disney itself is full of fun and colour, and that it’s probably inevitable that a collection based on their work is going to reflect that.

For the first time, it’s really disappointing to me that the Disney collection isn’t available in the UK and I will definitely be enlisting help to get hold of that adorable Eeyore charm. I also have my eye on a couple of the princess charms, including the Frozen snowflake and muranos!

What do you think of these new Disney charms?

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  1. I would love to have some of these Disney pieces. I can’t believe we aren’t getting them in the UK. They would be massive! I love the Stars and Stripes mouse ears. Such a shame I won’t be getting hold of any. Walt Disney World is our special place :-)

    • You’re right, it is a big shame! Apparently it’s because of licensing issues – in Europe, Chamilia still hold the rights to distribute Disney jewellery and Disney have only permitted Pandora to sell their charms in North America. :( I can only hope that they will make it here eventually as you’re right – they would be so popular! I’d love to get the Eeyore charm, the Frozen snowflake and muranos, and maybe the Cinderella carriage.

    • Can’t you just ebay them? That is how I got all of my Disney Park Exclusives. I didn’t discover Pandora until after they were all gone.

    • Icurrently offer the ability to have these and other disney items shipped to the UK and other countries all over the world. Check me out at http://www.yourpersonalpixie.com or on Facebook at facebook.co/ disneyworldpersonalpixieshopper. I don’t charge outrageous fees like ebay, I just charge a small service fee of 20% of your order total as a pick up fee to cover my time and expenses. I would be happy to assist any international customers interested in these charms.

      • Could you please tell me how much it would cost in total for the lovely Eeyore charm Many Thanks Rachel x

        • They have not yet released prices or a release date for this collection but I will be happy to assist you when it comes out. Send me an email at orders@yourpersonalpixie.com and I will add you to my waiting list and notify everyone via my Facebook feed when this information is available.

  2. I love the dresses to represent the princesses! The Cinderella carriage is simply exquisite. I cannot wait! And the universal crown. Wow. And the safety chain is nice too, not too over the top. I’m a huge Eeyore fan, so I’m really excited to see that one in person. The picture makes the face and eyes look funny. I hope it’s just shadows. All in all I am very pleased.

    • Yes, me too! I don’t really like humanoid faces on charms, as they often look a bit odd, so for me the dresses work perfectly. I was also a little perturbed by Eeyore’s face on a closer look, but I hope it’s just the picture quality. I really want him as he sits in just the same way that my puppy does when she’s interested in something, so he’s a lovely representation of her too, haha.
      I’m also really pleased with this selection and I’ll most probably be trying to get hold of a couple!

      • I’m sure someone (?) will be able to help you out! I was so creeped out with the Camillia princesses that I was worried Pandora would do the same. Thank goodness they didn’t!

        • Aha, I’m sure I’ll manage to get my hands on some somehow. ;) Oh gosh, yes, the Chamilia ones were absolutely hideous. I’m not sure how they managed to get that so wrong!

  3. I love some of these Disney charms and it’s really disappointing that we won’t be getting them in Australia.I’ll just have to be satisfied looking at the pictures that you post?

    • I know, it’s very frustrating! :( We won’t be getting them in the UK either. I’m hoping that I will be able to get hold of a couple though. I will certainly post as many pictures as I can! ;)

  4. I love them, they are so cute! I want to get the apple because it would be perfect for my red themed bracelet. I’ve already been to Disneyland Paris and Japan, but will wait until I go to the next Disney Park before I get the Mickey face charm so it will have more meaning.

    • Yay, me too – this is more what I was hoping for when they first announced the collaboration between Pandora and Disney! :D Yes, it’s a shame that they’re only available at Disneyland in the US though – I was at Disneyland Paris last summer and it would have been great to be able to buy one of this range there. Hopefully it’ll happen eventually!

  5. I adore these charms! And I’m also in the UK so I’m going to miss out too :( My parents are going to NY in March so I’m hoping these charms will be out by then so they can get me one or two! Do you think they’ll be available by then?

    Also does anyone know what the small picture is on the Belle rose charm? I can’t make it out!

    • Oh that’s exciting – it depends when in March your parents are going. These should be out in mid-March, my guess would be around the 12th. Hope they manage to get some for you! :D
      I think that the picture on the Belle charm is the stem of the rose. :)

      • Ohh the stem, that makes sense haha thank you! And they’re going on the 12th so I’m either going to be very lucky or very unlucky :’) I love your blog by the way! I have only just began my pandora collection this month and I only have 2 charms so far so I keep checking your blog for hints and ideas haha :)

        • Aha, let’s hope you’re lucky as that would be too cruel haha – if not, the US Disney store does ship the Pandora Disney range internationally (albeit at pretty astronomical shipping costs)!
          Ooh welcome to the rather addictive world of Pandora! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog :D

  6. In a word: POOH!!! Old buddy, old pal! Pooh and Eeyore will be the two I buy for myself, though we have an abundance of girls in our family with Pandora bracelets, and I think there are several here that they’d like. My oldest daughter has always loved Mickey since she was small, and might like the safety chain.

    This is closer to what I was hoping for with the first release of Disney Pandora charms. I see several that look nearly identical to what Chamilia has had out, but I’ll be purchasing anyway.

    • Aha I knew you’d be excited! The Winnie the Pooh charms were the highlight for me too, although I’ll be grabbing Eeyore for myself. It’s great to see a new safety chain at long last, too!
      Exactly my feeling. I was quite disappointed not to see a greater variety of characters last time, and this is much more like it! :D

  7. Ariel and Belle!!! Yes!!!! The princesses I wanted! And a mickey ring, bracelet, earrings AND safety chain?! That will compete my Mickey Mouse bracelet. You have made my day love!! Oh I cannot wait to see these in person.

    Yes, once again, another great post! Thank You!

  8. I love the muranos but I’m not sure about the dress dangles since I’m 43 and I think they are geared mostly towards younger children lol. I love the Mickey and Minnie faces though

    • The muranos are lovely, particularly the Frozen ones! I’d love to see some live shots of those. I really like the dress dangles as a concept, as they nicely dodge the hurdle of trying to represent the princesses’ faces accurately – however I can totally understand that they’re a bit bright haha. I’m more interested in the silver charms and murano glass as well!

  9. Well, I know what I’ll be getting this spring, as the foo foo hearts, flowers and butterflies are nothing that I “need”. I do confess, I recently purchased a Chamilia Pooh head charm and Hunny Pot that have not arrived yet, as I was impatient for Pooh Bear, and didn’t see Pandora doing this any time soon. I’ve only seen photographs of the Pooh charm so far, and they look quite similar, but I’ll likely buy Pandora’s also. I’m wondering if they’ll work on a bracelet together, though I’m pretty sure Pandora would consider this a sin, lol. I have a leather Pandora one that is about to be vacated. Though they would also look very cute on a red one also. I didn’t see a single charm in the regular spring line that interested me, but these make me happy. I’ll be getting my Pooh and Pandora fix all at once. :-)

    • Haha I don’t buy other brands of charms – or, at least, I haven’t yet, purely because I feel like I need some place to stop. ;) I just googled the Chamilia Pooh charm and they look quite different to me – so I think wearing them together would work – and a red leather would be absolutely perfect for Winnie the Pooh, I love that idea!
      I actually have two or three charms from Spring that I’m interested in, which is the perfect amount really! I’m also prepared to like more of the flower/butterfly stuff in person, although it doesn’t interest me as much as the character charms.

  10. I love and want everything, I wish for it to come to the uk but for now I will have to keep biding on ebay not that I’ve won anything yet. ??

  11. I love it. Can’t wait to get some of them. I didn’t notice at first that there was a different tiara for each princess. I thought it was the same one over and over.

    I don’t care for the mickey ones though which is sad because I bought every one they had i the last collection. I am a huge Mickey fan.

    • Yes, I noticed that! I wonder if they’re based on the actual tiaras they wore in the films.
      Oh, that’s a shame. It would be good to see the safety chain in closer detail, it seems to me that that could make a really nice complement to the 2014 Mickey charms? :) I assume it has a Mickey silhouette on it somewhere!

  12. You may be amused to learn that I found out about your blog in a Pandora store in Toronto Canada. The staff and I were exclaiming over the new Disney charms and saying “How does she get that stuff??”
    When I heard about the first Disney charms I thought, “Well there’s a collection I won’t be “needing” to buy anything from.” And I was wrong. The moment I saw the Mickey and Minnie charms I was hooked by the nostalgia. And it’s no different this time. So yes a few more things just went on my wishlist. Sadly they never spend very long in that location. Pretty soon they’re on a bracelet and on my arm.
    To each his/her own they say so while the princess items may not rock my world I see nothing wrong in dangling a princess dress or two at any age if that’s what rocks yours. I’m almost 62 and I wear Mickey and Minnie with pride and pleasure.
    Keep up the great work, M-P!

    • Haha, that is amazing! I’ll admit that that did make me laugh a little, so thanks for sharing. ^^
      I completely agree with you – as you say, there’s definitely a really fun nostalgia value in these collections and it’s really fun to revisit something that meant so much to me when I was younger. I probably won’t get the dresses as they don’t fit with the Pandora pieces I currently have, but Eeyore will almost certainly be coming home with me! ;)
      Thanks for your lovely comment, and keep wearing your Disney charms with pride! :)

  13. I don’t think I’ll get any of these charms because although I watched Disney movies like crazy as a kid, I’ve never really felt the need to get Disney themed merchandise. That being said, I think that the princess dress dangles are such a cute & clever way to have charms depict the princesses without having to deal with the faces (I fully agree with others that the Chamilia ones were creepy).

    Also, even if they’re part of the Disney collection, it’s so nice to see Pandora release a large amount of glass charms. They’ve been discontinuing their glass charms like crazy, and releasing so few each collection, so I’m quite happy to see a fair amount being released in one go.

    • I’ve never really got any Disney merchandise either, with the exception of a cute Eeyore souvenir from my trip to Disneyland Paris last year. ^^ I absolutely loved Disney films when I was younger, though, and I still get nostalgic about them today. Consequently, I’m all up for having one or two Disney charms on my bracelet as part of a larger design – rather than a full-on Disney-themed bracelet! The Eeyore is a must for me, if he’s pretty in person. <3
      Oh yes, I completely agree! The murano designs are pretty universal in style, and I love the range of colours, too. Tinkerbell's mint green and the Frozen ones are particularly lovely, even if they will have 'DISNEY' stamped on them.

    • I’m afraid no US retailers can ship outside their region. :( Your best bet is to try one of the Facebook selling pages, such as Pandora’s Tribe – there are US ladies who are helping others to get the Disney pieces. :)

    • Let me know what you would like and I will get it for you. I am a huge Disney fan and I can’t see why we can’t share the love. I would hope if someone lived in the UK they would so the same for me.
      Let me know which one you want and we will work it out. angels444@excite.com
      Be Magical.

  14. I’m not sure if I missed this, but is this collection going to be parks-exclusive, or available in Pandora stores as well? Thanks!!

    • Hi Joanna, as far as I’m aware these charms will be sold in Pandora concept stores as well. I don’t think that they’re park exclusives :) if I hear otherwise I will update the post!

        • Hi Debbie, this collection will be available at Pandora stores and online Pandora retailers in North America. You should also be able to buy it from Disney locations which carry the Pandora line. :) Hope that helps!

    • I’m hearing conflicting things on the launch date for this collection – some sources say March the 12th, some later on in March. I’ll update the blog when I get confirmation!

  15. Sorry…Pandora concept stores are only on Disney property. ..so..Disney stores, disneystores.com, or the Pandora Web site? Thank you.

    • In Canada a “Concept Store” is a store that gets virtually all of the items available in Canada and (obviously) has nothing to do with a Disney property.

      I am sure that the Pandora store I visited in the Caesar’s Forum Shops in Las Vegas was a Concept store.

      • I have been bugging Pandora store, which is a concept store, to the point where they would kick me out , but I spend too much there. lol They are excited about getting the collection. They have not said anything about them being Park exclusives. Though the Manager said then she was at the convention she would try to find out any Disney Park Exclusives coming out also.

  16. I really like the princess charms but I can’t get them :'(
    Why are they going to be aviable just in the United States?

    • I know the feeling Luisa, it’s frustrating not to be able to walk into a store and buy them here in the UK :( apparently it’s down to licensing issues. Pandora only have permission to sell Disney-branded products in North America, I think. I’m hoping that this will be resolved eventually as it is a big shame!

  17. So I have a question, for each princess do you have to purchase this in a set or are they individual sale? Because from what im reading each princess has her own set, so im wondering if you purchase for example all the Ariel charms in a set or do you purchase each charm individually? Thanks :)

  18. Hi,
    Do you know if they will be sold at any Pandora retailers in the US? I’m from Brazil and the stores here said that collection will only be sold at Disney parks…

  19. Is there any way I could get hold of some Disney Pandora charms here in the uk? Any recommended retailers?
    Many thanks

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