Today’s post brings my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all the details on what’s coming up for March 2015! This is a very exciting month for Pandora fans, as the brand’s Spring 2015 collections are due out on the 12th – including an absolutely stunning update for the Pandora Disney line. Additionally, Pandora collectors in North America will have a fab opportunity to acquire their favourite pieces from the new collections, as the North American bracelet promo is imminent too! As I said – it’s a very exciting month! ^^


Today’s post features all this month’s key dates, plus lots of extra live shots, campaign images and other juicy tidbits on the upcoming collections! <3

Pandora Spring 2015 Release

The biggest event of the month for Pandora fans worldwide is the launch of the rather beautiful Spring 2015 collection! It’s entitled The Magic of Nature, and is set for a global release on the 12th of March. It features lots of beautiful floral enamel pieces, plus some wonderfully quirky hobby and travel charms. You can see some high quality images of the new Spring charms here, and of the collection’s accompanying jewellery in my separate preview here.

pandora spring 2015
Image by Pandora Thailand

I have a few new lovely live shots to share with you, too! I’m especially loving the look of the new Guard my Heart dangle. There are still no good pictures of the Graduate Owl, though, which is the one I really want to see :(

This video is also great – it’s from a Pandora Spring preview in Brazil, and it goes into close-up detail on lots of the new jewellery!

Pandora Essence Spring 2015 Release

The Pandora Essence collection is also seeing new pieces launch on the 12th of March, with an additional range of pavé and silver beads. These have received a fairly muted response from fans – although I’m not sure whether it’s because people aren’t as invested in the Essence range overall, or whether this Spring collection hasn’t really hit the mark. I think a new safety chain for the Essence range is what would really grab my attention, at least!

pandora essence spring 2015 preview

In any case, if you want a better look at the new Essence charms, my preview post has been updated with HQ stock photos and some new campaign images. ^^

pandora essence spring 2015 preview

Pandora Disney Spring 2015 Release

In addition to the regular Pandora releases for Spring 2015, the rather spectacular Pandora Disney Spring 2015 collection will also be making its debut on the 12th of March! Unfortunately for international fans, the Disney collections from Pandora remain exclusive to North America and will not be available elsewhere. :(

The collection for Pandora retailers features a beautiful array of Disney Princess-inspired charms, plus some appearances from the Winnie the Pooh characters and, of course, Mickey and Minnie themselves. :D There will also be a much smaller set of jewellery which will be sold exclusively at Disney Parks locations, and will not be available at regular Pandora stores – this is also set to launch on the 12th.

pandora disney spring 2015 collection

I have a few more campaign shots of the Disney Spring 2015 collection, which offer a little inspiration as to how you might style the new Disney pieces!

pandora spring disney 2015pandora disney spring 2015 collection

pandora disney spring 2015 collection

pandora disney spring 2015 collection

Free bracelet promo for North America

It’s one of the biggest Pandora events of the year: the free bracelet promo for the US and Canada is set to run this month from the 19th until the 22nd of March! There’s a fabulous range of free bracelets up for grabs:

  • spend $100 USD ($125 CAD) and receive your choice of the Pandora silver barrel clasp bracelet, the Pandora silver bangle or the Pandora Essence bracelet
  • spend $500 USD ($550 CAD) and receive the Pandora two-tone bracelet
  • spend $3,000 USD ($3,300 CAD) and receive the 14kt gold Pandora barrel clasp bracelet

pandora march 2015 free bracelet promo

The bracelet promo will also include the new Pandora Heart-Clasp bracelet and the gorgeous two-tone Pandora Rose bracelet. :D It really is a fab opportunity for you to try something new, or to just stock up on some tried-and-tested favourites. There’s a ton of gorgeous new pieces out for Spring, so it shouldn’t be too hard to hit any of those spends, haha.

My Comment

In my opinion, Pandora have an incredibly strong set of launches for Spring 2015, what with the gorgeous flowers for Spring and the Disney Princesses for North America – and I am more excited for this month’s releases than I have been for a collection launch in some time. I am also tentatively making plans to take part in the North American bracelet promo, too, as I actually need Eeyore from the Disney Spring 2015 collection – amongst other things, haha!

On a personal note, I was excited and just wanted to share – I just started my own Pandora Disney collection, thanks to the help of a friend! I got the Minnie Pavé Clip (so, so cute in person!), the adorable Mickey All Around spacer and the Minnie Cupcake – my favourites from Pandora’s first Disney collection! :D I’ve added them to my pink and red heart-clasp bracelet. This is making me even more excited for the upcoming Disney release. ^^


What are you most looking forward to for March? What pieces are you planning to get, and will you be taking part in the bracelet promo?

89 Comments on Pandora News Round-Up for March 2015

  1. Is there any news on when the pandora rose collection will be released in the uk? There’s so many rose gold pieces I want to buy :)

    • Hi Charlotte! I’ve not heard anything official, but rumour has it that it’s due out in the summer :) I’ll update the blog when I hear more! I’m getting rather impatient for it to launch here too, I’d love to be able see the whole collection in person. The pieces I own really are lovely!

  2. Thank you for this! Would you happen to know if the Disney online store will also carry the new park release charms, and when? They have been out of the originals for some time. TIA!

    • Yes, according to the Disney Parks blog, the online store will be restocked on the 12th of March with the new lines. I imagine they will sell out very very quickly though, so I’d advise getting in there early! :) I’m certainly going to try for the Parks safety chain if I can. Hope that helps! <3

  3. Hi,

    I am excited over the disney too. However I am in singapore and won’t get to see the Collection in person. Will be getting the Cinderalla wish and tinker bell signature from a forum. Resisting to buy more. Hehe.

    • Hi there! I’m also in love with the Disney charms and I can’t wait for them to launch so we can see more pictures! However it is frustrating that we won’t be able to see the charms in person, as it makes trying to decide which ones to get so much harder :( Glad to hear that you’ll be able to get hold of some, though! <3 I love your choices, there are so many pretty pieces – I keep changing my mind, but I think that Eeyore and the Cinderella Coach are my absolute must-haves. ^^ And like you, I'm trying to draw the line there haha!

      • Please share with us your pix of the newcharms when ready. I really enjoyed admiring them.

        If I have more budget I would buy Cinderella pumpkin coach too but I saving the budget for the disney parks exclusive. Hoping to buy mickey’s fun wheel, the safety chain and cinderalla’s castle. I see a big hole in pocket already if my orders go through.

        • Of course, I can’t wait to review them :D Ah that’s a good wish list – I’m hoping to get the safety chain and the Cinderella castle as well when they go live on the Disney store website. The shipping costs to the UK are astronomical but it seems less of a hassle to do it that way. :) Lol I see a similar hole in mine… it’s getting every bigger, haha.

  4. I am soooo excited about the bracelet promo!! been waiting for some news about it. but its better than i thought, thinking the freebie would only be a leather bracelet. definitely participating, i would like a dual tone bracelet but idk about spending so much! >.<

    • Yay, it is an absolutely amazing promo! We don’t get anything half so good in the UK. I’m getting help with the promo from a very kind friend overseas and I’m debating doing the two-tone bracelet; it is a lot of money to put down in one go but it is such a great deal! :o So I understand your dilemma, haha.

  5. Thank you for the new pictures and the video link, I love reading your blogs. It’s made me more excited for the new releases and can’t wait to see them in person. I like the heart clasp bracelet you’ve got, I’m still debating on whether to purchase one.
    I would love to see the disney charms in person, just a shame there not available in the UK. Is ebay the best place to pick up disney charms to buy?
    Can’t wait for the 12th March, then I’m looking forward to the rest of the Mother’s Day releases in April.

    • You’re very welcome, it’s so nice to hear that you enjoyed them – thank you :D And yes, I love the heart clasp bracelet! I originally found it quite hard to do up, which was a bit frustrating, but it has since loosened up a lot and now it’s fine. :D It’s really very pretty.
      Mm, it is quite difficult not being able to see them all in person – with these pieces in particular, it would be really helpful to see and try them before you buy. Especially with the glow-in-the-dark muranos. Erm, eBay can be a bit tricky as there are so many fakes and dubious sellers on there. I doubt that there will be any good fakes of these pieces for a while yet but it’s good to be careful. If I were you, I’d try joining a Facebook selling site such as Pandora’s Tribe – there are often kind ladies who are willing to help out with the Disney charms. If not, I’d also try checking out the Disney Store online on the 12th – apparently they will be stocking most of the new Pandora Disney lines! However if you do find a listing on eBay, you’re more than welcome to email me if you want me to check it out for you too :)

      • Thank you for the information. Unfortunately I haven’t got a facebook account, so can’t access Pandora’s Tribe. Does anyone have an email address for them? or does anyone know anyone who could help me with getting the disney charms and the bracelet promo that’s going to be available in US? Thanks.

        • Ah okay! Unfortunately you can’t email them directly as the page is just a forum for individual sellers – there’s not one contact for everyone. :( I usually get help through people on the Facebook pages, but there are personal shopper sites you can try, such as or
          They buy US exclusive items and ship them out internationally – they might be able to help with the bracelet promo. I’ve not tried them myself but I’ve heard good things about them. They charge a 20% fee though.
          Oh and btw, I (finally) have the GBP pricing for the Spring collection:

  6. I can’t wait until someone has a picture of the Disney muranos glowing in the dark!!! This is actually a cool feature to me; I would love to have one to wear around the Disney parks at night. But I don’t want to invest in one until I actually can see that it glows in a beautiful way. If it looked weird I would probably get one of the new small faceted glass beads instead. (Do you have a live shot of the small faceted glass beads on a bracelet?)

    • Yes me too! I’m still slightly concerned that they will be a little like glowsticks, haha, as that’s not something that I’d want. Someone who had seen the effect in person described it as like fireflies, which sounds beautiful though. So hopefully the effect will be rather lovely – I love your plan to wear them at the Disney parks! ^^

    • Haha, not to worry! There are also a few live shots of the pink one in these posts here:
      The pink ones are particularly beautiful, I think:

  7. An exciting month for pandora lovers, resisting buying any more pandora until I see the spring collection. I’m really over excited for the disney collection, also the U.S. have all the good stuff bracelet promo disney. :)

    • Me too – I’m on a strict Pandora ban until the 12th, haha. I can’t wait to get that little ladybird! Yes, it’s true; there’s a lot of fab Pandora stuff for North America at the moment. It’s hard not to feel a little left out! ;) At least there are lots of kind people willing to help out. :) And hopefully Pandora Rose at least will be out here later this year, I’m very excited for that too!

  8. I can’t wait for the free promo; I already have a Pandora bracelet and bangle, so I’m going for the essence bracelet this time. I want belief, and for the regular charms the let it go heart, and possibly the snowflake dangle, mountain dog, and guard my heart dangle.

    • I don’t blame you, it’s such a good offer! And it’s a great opportunity to try something new, I’m sure you’ll love the Essence range. It took me a while to get mine, but now I have one I wear it all the time! :) I love your choices (although you can’t really go wrong with the new collections I think!); the Guard my Heart in particular is adorable. <3

  9. Graduate owl is shown at 4:29 on the video. Pretty good view of it. Thanks, this was an exciting post.

  10. I am a huge Pandora fan and just recently got the Pandora Rose bracelet as a gift from my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I am extremely excited for the new collections this month. I am a huge fan of Belle so I cannot wait for the new disney collection! I will be purchasing Belle’s enchanted rose and Belle’s dress. I am also really excited about the promo in getting a free bracelet when you spend a certain amount. I would really love to get a bracelet for my sister so I plan on participating in the promo. Quick question, will the heart clasp bracelet be an option for the $100 limit in the promo?

    • Hi Maria! Oh that’s lovely, the Pandora Rose line is so beautiful. There are some really pretty new Rose pieces coming out in April, too. :)
      Ooh that’s so exciting! I’m hoping to get some help with the Disney charms too and I think I’m going for Eeyore and Cinderella’s Coach. :D But it’s tough to choose which ones, as this collection has so many fun pieces. Belle’s Rose is particularly beautiful!
      You should check with your store to see what exactly they will be offering, but Pandora’s guidelines say that the heart-clasp bracelet will be available for the $100 spend, yes. Hope that helps!

  11. Another great review. Even though I’m not into all the Disney princess charms I’m interested in the ladybug which I think is very cute. I noticed that you have the Christmas bear charm, do you have problems with it spinning ?

    • Thanks Linda! :D The Ladybird is top of my list too, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a day one purchase along with the pink primrose charm. ^^ Can’t wait!
      Yep, he spends most of his time upside down, haha. A lot of my charms do that, though, so I don’t tend to notice it too much.

  12. Thanks for sharing the video. I really like the apple and the owl but alas I have no reason to wear either on my bracelet.

  13. Is the castle I seen in the Cinderella theme bracelet in the upcoming collection? Cos I only seen dangling ones.. Not like the one in this pic.. Would prefer the latter

  14. Thank you for another great post:)Will you be doing a review on any of the Disney glow in the dark Muranos in the near future?I took your advice and have requested to join Pandora’s Tribe but haven’t heard back yet:( Fingers crossed!

    • I would really like to be able to review one but I’m not entirely sure which Disney pieces I’ll be getting yet… Eeyore and the Cinderella Coach are definitely on my list, but I’m still deciding if I want one of the muranos and which colours are prettiest! If I do, it’ll probably be April before I actually get my paws on them to review. :) I’m considering the lovely green Tinkerbell murano and the Frozen ones.
      Oh good, fingers crossed they approve you soon. They get a lot of requests so it can take a little while :)

  15. Am I the only one having a hard time deciding what charms to get? Pandora is coming out with so many charms this month and are really making it hard to choose. I am limiting myself to only 2 charms. Just hoping I am not the only one struggling to make a decision. I really wish I knew more people that shared my love for Pandora lol

    • Lol, you are definitely not alone! Whittling down my wish list for this season has been really hard – there are ten charms that I really want from Spring. :o And I’ve convinced myself that they are all ‘must-haves’! That’s not including the Disney collection, either – it’s terrible, haha. I do know a few people who like Pandora but certainly none who are dying to rush out and buy up the Spring collection like I am. ;)

  16. Hey Ellie, what do you think about the wildflower murano in the live shots and video? I think the murano looks ‘milky’. Not sure if I like it as much anymore … The jewellery box is lovely, I need to get one!

    • Hey Judie, yes it does look quite different in the live shots doesn’t it? Quite a lot cooler in tone and not quite so vibrant. I’m still looking forward to seeing it in person though; the lighting of the pictures might not be very flattering!
      The Pandora stackers boxes really are beautiful, but are sadly quite hard to get hold of :( The jewellery boxes by Stackers make a great alternative if you can’t find one of the official Pandora boxes though!

    • Officially, I think the answer is no – but individual stores are often happy to let you upgrade or to substitute different bracelets. I’d check with yours and see what they will do for you :)

      • is the heart clasp nicer or the essence bracelet? for the essence is the charm going to move here and there if the charm not full?


        • I don’t think either bracelet is nicer than the other – they’re both lovely! It really depends on whether you prefer the Essence or the Moments range :) The heart-clasp bracelet is gorgeous in person and makes a really nice twist on the regular Moments charm bracelet. But if you haven’t tried the Essence range yet, that’s also really pretty and very different to the regular Pandora line.
          The Essence charms are silicone-lined, so they won’t move around on the bracelet even if it’s not full :)

      • Thanks for the reply. May I know what is the smallest size for the bracelet?
        some website showing 16cm, some showing 17cm.

      • Hi,
        In US its run from 17cm onwards. I tried to get the 16cm but they dont have. anyone would want to help me get and exchange with me? as i am getting the free bracelet from the promo. I want to get it for my little girl..Any size to change with 16cm.


    • Hi Ellie,
      The only have the lobster that come with size 16cm.
      also i would like to ask if the rose gold clasp will turn colour after wear for sometime?


      • Hi Michelle! Oh right, I didn’t realise it was different in the US, sorry :(
        I’ve not had any problems with the Pandora Rose clasp after almost a year of wearing it – I just posted a review actually :)
        It may fade eventually but so far it has held up perfectly!

  17. Hi Ellie! I just love reading your blog. I am fairly new to the world of Pandora. I have been interested in Pandora for years and have always window shopped and researched the new collections and just recently I have bought a bracelet. The spring collection is just lovely! I went into my local jeweller yesterday and they were just putting the charms out on display. The little ladybug is just so cute. I have a very limited budget until next month, but I purchased the darling daisies clip and I think it is prettier in person than in the photo. The pink facets and the pink inspiration spacer are such a lovely, soft shade of pink that I think would look charming with many different colours in previous collections. I can’t wait to see your posts once you are off your Pandora ban! I am saving up for that beautiful ladybug, she is just too cute :)

    • Hi Stephanie! That’s lovely to hear, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it – and welcome to the incredibly addictive world of Pandora, haha! Ah, lucky you – I can’t wait to see the Spring pieces in person (our stores won’t sell them until the official release date on Thursday)! The Ladybug is absolutely top of my list, and the Darling Daisies clip is not far behind it actually :D My day one purchases will probably be the Ladybug, the pink Primrose charm and perhaps the Wild Flowers murano. Can’t wait! ^^
      I am so impressed with what I’ve seen of the Petite Facets so far, I think they’re just lovely. The colour of the pink one is particularly beautiful, such a pretty milky colour. My problem is that I don’t think that I have any bracelets that would go with either the purple or the pink shades :( Perhaps inspiration will strike when I see them in person!
      Thanks for commenting Stephanie! It was great to hear what you thought of the new pieces. <3

  18. Hi! I love your blog, it’s terrific. I have been diligently looking online for any info about the murano poppy rememberance bead, whether or not it will come to the US. This bead has become a quest for me. Any news if we are going to get it here? Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Kristen! Thanks, it’s so nice to hear that you’re enjoying it! :D I’ve not heard anything about a US release of this bead, unfortunately. :( So far, it’s been launched in Spain, Australia and the UK – I assume that it will make it over to you guys eventually, but there’s been no official confirmation on that yet. If I do hear otherwise I will let you know :)
      Sorry I don’t have better news!

  19. I love your blog. Im new to pandora, but i love all things girly ive only had my bracelet for about a month and im hooked. Im not sure if I started at the right time, I want some from the Disney collection, spring collection, mothers day collection (Im a mom) and the summer collection. i will also be participating in the bracelet promo. Seeeee i got it bad.

    • Hi! It’s lovely to hear that you’re enjoying the blog – welcome to very addictive world of Pandora! ^^ Lol you might be right about it being a difficult time to start – I’ve not been this excited for new Pandora collections in some time (and I usually get pretty excited anyway, haha!). There’s so much great stuff coming out that I don’t know where to start! The Disney and Spring collections are at the top of my list – I need Eeyore, some princess charms and lots of spring flowers! At least we’re all in the same boat ;)

      • Yes I want Eeyore and cinderella’s coach Anna and Elsa crown and snow whites apple.

        I also want the primrose, ladybug the stiletto and cocktail dangle I’m in big trouble. I started out with a theme now it’s half nature and going to be half disney lol With the free bangle I will probably do all pave since I won’t be getting many of those. Thanks for listening.

        • Ah I’m after Cinderella’s Coach too! It really is lovely. I’d also really like to try the new glow in the dark muranos, too, but it’s so hard deciding which colours to get! ^^
          Haha I totally understand, as I really do have half of the Spring collection on my wish list, it’s terrible ;) I think Disney and nature go well together haha – I’m planning on just mixing my Disney charms in with various bracelet designs. I never usually manage to stick to themes ^^ Pavé would look great on the bangle, they both have quite a modern, stylish feel to them :)

  20. I wanted to share what I have to give you an idea the s clips, mother and son dangle, queen b, Pandora shopping bag purple and clear twice as nice fancy spacers , love takes flight, and the butterfly garden

    • Sounds gorgeous! I love how all the nature charms work together :D you have a really nice mix of colours and textures on there already, so I don’t think the Disney charms will look out of place at all! The Snow White apple fits perfectly with the nature theme anyway, too :)

  21. I didn’t know where to post, but I’ve put some information about the disney charms on the disney spring 2015 full preview and prices page.

  22. I looove your site! I am from Greece and i descovered it by chance! Will disney collection spring 2015 be availble at Europe too ?

    • Hi Elen! Thank you, it’s so nice to hear that you enjoy it :D No I’m afraid that there are currently no plans to release the Disney collections outside of North America. Apparently it’s down to licensing and contractual issues :(

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